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Date of Scene: 25 August 2023
Location: China Basin, Old Gotham
Synopsis: Dick and Cass give Babs the business for running off to have fun without them.
Cast of Characters: Nightwing, Batgirl (Cain), Oracle

Nightwing has posed:
    << So she didn't tell you. >> Nightwing's voice was heard on the comms, even though he was only a handful of feet away from Batgirl They were both crouched on the edge of the Wayne Industries building just south of the docks, keeping their eyes peeled for the incoming Bonetti Foundation shipment. Normally they wouldn't need two people to keep posted up here on lookout, but the night had been quiet so far without anything requiring their attention.
    << Huh. >> Was the succinct thought that Nightwing had about their recently absent Oracle.
    He turned his head to the side and covered his ear with one hand, "She did this once before, but kept monitoring the comms, so here let's check."
    And what does he do to filter out possible eavesdroppers on the bat channel? Particularly those that are staggeringly tech savvy? He announces on the channel.
    << Yeah, I agree. BG. That first uniform was an eyesore. Purple sequins and gold boots. No idea what you were thinking. >>
    He then holds his head to the side, listening... waiting. He glances across the way to Cass and gives a small shrug.
    "Alright, she's definitely not listening in. So now I'm worried."
    With that he keys up the frequency used for required contact and monitoring, and somewhere distantly across the world... Babs' cellphone rings in a very particular way.
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
Batgirl, the newer one, was sitting on the nearby HVAC unit. She had her cape tucked under her bottom so it wouldn't go flying into the air everytime the fan came on in the machine. And though her mask had that portion stitched along bottom which joined it to the normal bat cowl, it didn't keep her from emoting. In fact, it was pretty good at showing her expressions. Which was helpful when she needed to be the Angry-Bat or the Brooding-Bat.

Right now she was the Surprised-Bat. Her brows had lifted at his mentioning of the costume. Then she dropped one lower while the other remained up, her lips twisting up on one side under the mask into a smirk.

She could speak, she just rarely chose to. And thus, she had to speak two words in this instance. "Pot. Kettle."

Then she continued to listen in to the comms as he switched. And she knew what he was doing thus changed her own frequency to that emergency channel and waited to see if he had any better luck there. If not, things were about to get far more complicated.
Oracle has posed:
There had been no reply. Even at the besmirching of the classic that was the ORIGINAL Batgirl outfit. She had put a lot of love in it after all. And sequins. So purple. Yet radio silence had been the name of the game.

The phone call though? That's a whole other thing. It does ring for a time, and perhaps almost when they are giving up is when someone picks up the phone, "This better be an emergency." is the familiar voice of one Barbara Gordon, redhead extraordinaire, wearer of gold boots and purple sequins.

Around her there are some sounds and ..., is she at a party? Did she leave to go on vacation? Anyone that knows her would say no but it's hard to deny the sound of silverware, the laughter, the soft music in the background.
Nightwing has posed:
    The voice she hears is a familiar one, her one time paramour and still good friend... albeit occasional pain in the ass. Dick Grayson tells her, "Hey, I have BG on the line with me. We're doing the Bonetti op. Holding the fort. But both of us were worried."
    There's a pause on the line, and Cassandra can see Nightwing touching a hand to his ear as he turns his head to the side, expression a touch hesitant. "Hopefully..."
    He lets that word hang out there for a moment, floating across the airwaves.
    "Now isn't too much of a bad time for you to talk?" She hears his voice lilt up a little at the end there and there is definitely a tinge of curiousity to the words considering that faint sound of music, the laughter, the hint of ice and drinks chilling in the background.
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
Cassandra noticed she was ignored on her comment which is par for the course at times. Thus she fell back into her happy silence, shifting off the unit to walk over toward the edge to get a view of the street below. No sign of their prey yet thus she settled down there in a crouch to continue keeping watch.

When contact was made, she turned her head sharply toward Nightwing, her eyesbrows again going high. Then she reached up to tap her earpiece, trying to determine if she was hearing things. She was quite positive she had to be because Barbara would not be at a party when they were on patrol unless they knew it ahead of time. Right? Right?!
Oracle has posed:
The voices are also a myriad of accents and languages. Chinese, English. Some Portuguese. And more. Wherever is she?! "I have to take this call." is heard being said to someone and then steps as the woman is walking away, "The Bonetti op. Thought that was ..." a beat, a couple of seconds passing, "Oh, today.." ooops. "One moment, please." she working quietly for a few moments. For even far away she is still Oracle. And the Internet reaches EVERYWHERE. Like sand does. "I have deployed a couple of drones for surveillance." she announces.

Of course that it's all evasive maneuvers to actually answer questions about what she was up to. "I am fine, and in no danger at all." why would she start by saying such a thing? "Following up on a case."
Nightwing has posed:
    Over the years and having known Babs for a good amount of time, if there is someone who is an expert on reading the young woman's voice and tone... it is Dick Grayson. And these words she chooses to say to him, the tone with which she offers them, combined with the background noise... she knows he's perhaps a bit onto her...
    Simply by the way he hesitates in responding. That silence on the comm channel grows longer and longer. All of three or four seconds. Then she hears his voice. And he says simply. "Alright."
    Another few seconds. "You've got things under control. And you know everything with us. What we'd be willing to do if needs be. We trust you. Call us if you need us."
    Another pause, then he repeats, that word again. "Alright?"
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
That has Cassandra's full attention now. She might not be able to see Barbara to read her body language but the fact she started a sentence with not being in danger told her the exact opposite.

And suddenly she was shaking her head negatively, at him just letting it go. For while Cassandra couldn't read Barbar with no visuals, she could read the man before her. She was able to tell that he was not as comfortable as he was claiming to be but he was trying to sort of get answers without being pushy. And that's where Cassandra came in.

"Where?" A flat question asked with no real emotion. But it was followed by a full sentence. "In case you need backup." Because though Cassandra had always had things under control, in her opinion, they had always insisted on knowing where she was when doing ops. Turnabout was fair play.
Oracle has posed:
There is silence on comms for a time. Did Babs expect a full-on interrogation out of her friends? Maybe. But the guilt-tripping was to be expected too. Just like Batman likes to do, stare them down with that disappointed look of his.

"Sure, I .., will.." some hesitation there until Cassandra's voice on comms. Direct and to the point. She lets out a sigh. "I am not in the States." so no backup, "I am at an island in the Pacific. From what I got from the closest satellite it's an unnamed island, belonging to some unknown billionaire. Remember that Lotus we found on that Chinatown tong? Turns out it's an invitation to a martial arts tournament. I am here posing as Snapdragon, you know, that bitch whose ass you kicked last year." this is to Cass of course.

"So yea, that's where I am."
Nightwing has posed:
    A small smile is shot toward Cass as Nightwing's eyebrows rise behind that mask. He takes a deep breath and Babs can likely hear it, maybe even hear that slight indrawn breath between his teeth that might almost sound like a hiss. A sound akin to what one makes when they touch something particular hot.
    "Ok, I wasn't exactly expecting that. So multi-part response here. First..." There's a slight tilt of his head given toward Cass as he answers. "We are both..." He takes a moment to gauge Cass' response but he feels reasonably comfortable in saying, "Pretty mad that we didn't get to go with you. Because... damn. Second..."
    His smile breaks out slightly, then he looks down and across the way at the docks, watching the steady flow of shipping as it drifts past the marker buoys.
    "That's quite a ways. Even if you sound the alarm we'd be..." A moment as he tilts his wrist to examine the data display on there, likely inputting some of the data and perhaps doing some cross-referencing as he considers. "Twenty two hours out unless there was a suitable relay station." A beat and then he adds, "Or we take something sub orbital."
    Then another beat before he adds, "Third. Why Snapdragon?"
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
At the revelation, Cassandra did not seem happy with what she heard either. Her surprise almost immediately shifted to disapproval behind that mask. Because going out of range without backup? They all would've taken turns telling Cassandra about her bad choices if /she/ did it. Yet here they were.

Second point did get a sharp nod from her. Because martial arts tournament? What the hell! Cassandra knew how good of a fighter she was. Unless she was just too unknown? After all, she was Batgirl. No one really knew Cassandra Cain very well and certainly not as a fighter. Outside her father.

Mention of where she was had her thinking the only way they could get there was call on others. Like the Justice League, which Batman and Nightwing were at least a part of. Maybe the Titans? Didn't they have some woman who could teleport in their group? Teleporting would be the fastest way.

And then Snapdragon. That did sort of change her expression slightly. Going very quickly neutral as she tried not to give anything away to Dick. "Redhead? Not well known?" were thoughts from Cassandra for the why. Then there was a smirk behind the mask. "Sucks." Because Snapdragon really did against someone of Bat-Crew levels. Even Damian could take her.
Oracle has posed:
"That one. Yes. Which speaking of..." And by that tone and pause here comes Babs' assignment to the rest of the class! "I need to figure out where she is. She -was- in Gotham, but has disappeared. Word on the street was presumed dead but I need to know what's going on." a beat, "I wouldn't want to be blindsided on this." more than she had already been in this reckless mission where indeed she hadn't taken much in terms of backup.

"Actually, can make twenty hours. There's a relay station." Yes, she had thought on it at least! "On hindsight I should had brought you both, this isn't as .., sinister as I was expecting. And second, do as I say, not as I do. Isn't that what Batman always says?" Oh no, she is becoming Batman!

"Hey, I think Bonetti's guys are getting on the move." she announces, most likely getting a read from the drones.
Nightwing has posed:
    With the revelation that their prey was on the move, Nightwing nods toward Cass and starts to rise up from his crouching posture on the edge of the building. << Good read, looks like we're going to have our work cut out for us. Stay safe, and good hunting. >>
    Those words are given curiously from the people who are about to leap into the fray with gangsters, while Babs is likely having mai tais, but still. It's a form of hunting. For now, however...
    Nightwing motions to Cass, gesturing toward the North edge. She has that approach, he'll take South. And somewhere they'll meet in the middle.