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Bad Vibrations
Date of Scene: 05 September 2023
Location: Midtown, Manhattan
Synopsis: The Shocker and Rhino attempt to rob the Diamond Exchange. Things do not go particularly well for them.
Cast of Characters: Spider-Man, Isis, Spider-Woman (Drew), Wonder Girl

Spider-Man has posed:
While the intense heat of summer has started to fade a little and the weekend afternoon skies are on the overcast side, it is still an otherwise pleasant day in New York City. So if the streets are quite as jam packed as they might be on a mid-afternoon weekday, they are still bustling enough as locals and visitors alike take in the sights, enjoy the nearby park and shop and run various other errands in the very heart of the city.

One of the many people out and about on the street at the moment is Peter Parker. While it might be a rather nice day to get in some webslinging, wherever possible he is doing his best to avoid attracting the notice of the local authorities, restricting his activities to after dark as much as possible.

For a change, Pete isn't looking for any trouble at all. It is business that brings him to this part of the city today, stepping out of a nearby camera shop and turning over his newly repaired camera in his hands, still giving it a once over. It was definitely not an expense he was counting on, but given how he makes his living -- arguably -- these days it is pretty important. So the camera gets a little extra share of scrutiny before he hangs it around his neck with a quiet sigh, turning his attention out towards the city with it's bustling sidewalks and busy streets.

It would be understandable if the dark haired man might have the feeling that fate just doesn't much care for him, given his various trials and tribulations. And while it might frequently take away from him, upon occasion it gives as well.

After a fashion.

He definitely needs to sell some shots to his own personal nemesis J. Jonah Jameson sooner rather then later if he is going to get his finances back into anything approaching decent order. Which is why the alarm that suddenly pierces the afternoon air from a block or so over is both welcome -- and not.

Right in the heart of the Diamond District. "You've got to be kidding me," Pete mutters quietly, starting to trot along the street, looking for the nearest quiet alley.
Isis has posed:
Adrianna Tomaz isn't from around the city and it isn't her usual hangout spot. However New York City is a big city and there is often a lot going on and some times she finds herself in the area. Today she was here, visiting the UN headquarters as the representative of Kahndaq, a small middle east nation neighboring Egypt. It was shortly after finishing up her business and leaving that she heard the alarm going off near by. She wasn't sure what it was, but it was loud and likely someone needed help.

Far less subtle than some as she didn't have to hide her identity, she took off into the sky, flying up high into the air to get a bird's eye view of the city as she flew towards where the alarms were going off.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica Drew has been decidedly absent from the streets of New York lately, either as herself or Spider-Woman. Not even burger runs have been happening -- which is when you know some not-cool stuff must be happening.

Quite apart from her outfit, which says all it needs to say about Jessica's mood. She's wearing fuzzy slippers, blue pants with pictures of puppies on them, and a pink hoodie that must be /way/ too hot for the weather, but says in big capital letters on the back: NOPE NOT TODAY

It's a mood.

Jess keeps the hoodie pulled up as she slouches her way down the street. She has been burgerless for ages. Like, forEVER. There's a specific burger place a street down she's been dreaming of, and it's there she's headed, when she spots a familiar face. Peter Parker.

Instead of waving, or being sociable, she kind of stops dead, turns in a super obvious and noticeable way, and hastily backtracks. She's practically running, breathless and sweaty under the hoodie, and looking for some relief from the heat, ducks into a fancy looking shop that looks like it would have the air conditioning running for its wealthy clientele.

It's not like she's looking for jewelry or anything. It's just that bad Spider luck that puts her right at the scene of the crime, so to speak, as the alarm blares.

"Well, shit."
Wonder Girl has posed:
There's usually a commute back and forth between her two usual haunts. Titans Tower in Nassau, a little ways out of the city and the Themysciran Embassy, nestled within Manhattan.

Which is handy since either way she has sisters at either destination.

Today it was visiting Diana, and having just come out of the building on foot and was just heading to do some possible shopping here and there.

Alas in her travels the sound of an alarm hits her ears. Sensitive hearing isn't fun sometimes. And she just changed clothes. Well it was just a red tee and jeans but they didn't have any of the family emblems, so she could at least look more street.

With a sweep of her arms and a pirouette that outfit changes to red leather pants and a black muscle top, white stars on red leather and a golden =W= across the woman's bust as she takes off to hop more than fly to the source of the racket.

"There we go!" she says to herself and starts to come in for a landing for a closer look.
Spider-Man has posed:
And the source of the alarm?

Of course it is a jewelery store, in this case the large and upscale Diamond Exchange. While the part of the shop facing the street is done with glass giving passersby on the street a good look at the elaborate displays of gemstones and jewelery, the store also is right up beside an alley where more practical brick replaces the plate glass and polished metal.

Or at least it did. Anyone peeking down the alley right at the moment will probably notice that instead of a solid, unbroken wall, there is a gapping hole in that brick as if some giant fist had simply punched through it like it was paper. The odd piece of brick or mortar still drops down from above and a cloud of dust billows up out of that hole, only slowly dissipating.

Under most normal circumstances the prestigious Diamond Exchange is accessible by appointment only and while they might consider making an exception for a prestigious Avenger, Jessica most definitely doesn't look like a prestigious anything right at the moment. However, the pair of immaculately dressed clerks and the clearly affluent couple they were sheparding around the shop don't even glance towards the door when Jess stumbles in, their eyes turned towards the back where the sounds of that recent demolition still reverberate throughout the shop.

Just as he is about to duck into the first alley he spots, Pete spots a familiar figure just ahead. A figure who promptly turns her back on him and ducks away. "Huh," he mutters quietly.

Sure, there's plenty of people who would just as soon have nothing to do with Spider-Man. He's pretty used to that. But usually Peter Parker isn't quite as unwelcome. More, so far as he knows he hasn't done anything that should make Jessica want to avoid him like the plague.

Then again, the day's early. No doubt he can accidently make her life worse in some fashion. Undoubtedly there are some goo monsters and pigeons nearby.

But he doesn't have too much time to worry about that right now. Darting behind a dumpster, he screws up his expression a little. "I do find all the finest changing areas in the city," he grumps, stripping off his clothes to reveal the Spider costume beneath.
Isis has posed:
Adrianna Tomaz likely stands out in her outfit, partly because it is a bit revealing which was nice in the warm weather, but also that it has an Egyptian style with gold and gems. She flies over a few blocks to find the source of the alarm going off. She looks around the area, making sure there is no one hurt, or any major issue. It seems the core problem is going on inside the building however.

She hovers in the air and floats around the building, looking it over from all sides until she notices the giant hole in the wall. Well that seems to be issue. She flies over and lands down on the ground right in front of it and looks inside.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Yeah. Jessica, even when she's /not/ dressed like she literally just rolled out of bed, or that she'd rather be there right now, is definitely not on the list of preferred clients. Maybe if Tony gave her one of his black credit cards. Really, it's better for everyone she doesn't know the Avenger's card serves as one also.

"It's supposed to be cooler in here, why is it so hot in here?" Jessica's mumbling. Probably has something to do with the giant hole in the wall at the back and the explosion that just happened, but Jessica is kind of caught up in trying to pull off her hoodie while keeping the t-shirt underneath from also being pulled off.

It's a whole event. She manages to sort out her wardrobe malfunction, and the white t-shirt that just has a picture of Grumpy Cat clearly contributes to her mood theme. Breathless and even more sweaty, Jessica squints towards one of the clerks, "Hey, can you turn up the-"

And yeah. Right. Alarm. People looking alarmed. It's clicking, slowly. So she just kind of backs away towards the door, hoping to ease on out before anything happens. Easy, right? No heroing today. Nope.
Wonder Girl has posed:
On one hand, it's not a bad jewelry store. On the other hand, her ex-thief cat burglar brain is just disappointed that they went for armed robbery.

So when she lands in front of the store, hair flowing, glowing golden lasso of lightning at her hips she peeks and tilts her head about.

"Hey, guys! I just wanna say that New York is probably the worst city for robbing places like this. At least you should have picked Gotham. yes I know it has Bats, but really any smart crook is going to plan around bat signals. This town is wall to wall heroes. Even Metropolis doesn't have the same hero population density." yes she's shouting over the alarms and screaming but hey. She's clearly doing a thing.

And so she goes with at least an attempt at de-escalation by threat of being jumped by multiple heroes. "So I'm gonna suggest coming out and surrendering. Let any hostages go, unload and drop the weapons. Otherwise you guys might get hurt super bad. And it won't stop the longer you wait."
Spider-Man has posed:
If there is any good news to report it would have to be the fact that it doesn't look like anyone is injured.


It probably helps that the only apparent source of the disturbance is limited to the alleyway running along side the jewelery shop. And for the most part people are giving it a wide berth, what with the clouds of dust billowing out of the mouth to that same alley.

Well, except Wonder Girl at the very least.

It is a very rationale, well reasoned argument. Who in their right mind tries to knock over a jewelery store in the middle of the day? In Midtown Manhatten of all places? There are definitely much better ways, much better times to contemplate that sort of crime.

So who would do such a thing?

Someone who thinks they can get away with it probably.

"No," comes the simple reply to Cassie's request. And an instant later a wall of pure, bibrational force falls, shooting back through that gap in the wall. A few more bricks fly loose along with a great deal of that lingering dust that has obscured the view of just what lies beyond. And all of it is directed straight back towards Wonder Girl, looking to slam her back into the far wall of the alley.

With the dust cleared it is possible to see through the gap in the wall, revealing that not only has the brick been blown apart, but the figure within has managed to punch straight through solid steel, entering the shops's vault. Which he appears to be looting now.

And the figure? He is dressed in a yellow and purple costume that appears to be well padded. Metal bands encircle his forearms, and run down over his wrists and hands be gripped in those glenched fists. The Shocker, then.

Recoiling from the renewed disturbance in the back of the shop, the young couple and the two clerks finally take notice of Jessica -- after almost stepping on her -- looking as if they're seeing something distasteful indeed. Snobbery at it's finest. "We don't have any scraps for you here. Shoo! Shoo! Can't you see what's going on?" one of those oh so polished clerks says, motioning at Jess as if trying to run off a stray animal.

She does have a grumpy cat on her t-shirt afterall. Maybe that's why.

Tugging on his mask, Pete emerges from the alley by flinging out a webline and starting to swing in the direction of the store. Almost at once a murmur races through the crowd.

"It's Spider-Man!" followed almost immediately by "He must be trying to rob the jewelery store!"

He so needs someone working public releations.

Suppressing his sigh, he spots Adrianna for just a moment, brow furrowing under that mask, but he's already late to the scene so Spidey just lets go of that webline at it's highest arc, flying through the air towards the alley opening.
Isis has posed:
Adrianna Tomaz is fearless in the face of some smoke and light debris. As one of the superheros that can take an explosions to her face, flying bricks isn't a major concern, though she can't see through smoke, so she waits a moment for it to clear. As she does, she will give diplomacy as a chance as well. "They are right, you should just give up right now while the damages are light. The crimes will be far more severe and the punishment far hasher if you do not turn yourself in now. You are already surrounded and there is no where to go."

Noticing other people moving around near by, she glances around. Even though the bank robber doesn't seem to be a major threat, she didn't really know the others around, some could be working with them? Though that doesn't seem to be the case at the moment.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Wait. Are they serious?

Jessica's kind of used to snobbery. She's not actually rich. Sure, she lives in a billionaire's mansion and eats billionaire-funded food and drink and has a literal AI butler that puts up with her, but... she's otherwise kind of a normal person.

Sort of.

"You're being robbed and you're worried that /I/ don't belong here?" Jessica draws herself up. It would be impressive, maybe, if she were in her uniform, but she's not. And that Grumpy Cat t-shirt, not to mention the frolicking puppies on her pants, really don't help with looking, well, respectable.

"Like, /for real/. /You/ shoo. Before you get hurt." Wait, that might come out wrong. Like Jessica's some kind of accomplice threatening innocent bystanders. "I didn't mean it like... fuck." Jess lets out a breathy sigh.

"Let's start over." She fixes her gaze on the wealthy couple. "Can I invite you to depart with all due haste to avoid any improprieties or associations with bad press?" She can do rich-people speak when she /tries/.
Wonder Girl has posed:
Exploding walls. At least it's not gunfire... yet. That's a pain to deal with when you have to not only deflect, but direct the ricochets where it won't hurt people.

Bricks and plaster and bits of wood. Not so much a problem as the cloud of dust and debris catches her in the face.

The other heroes showing up had gotten a smile and a nod, kind of proving what she said about the concentration of hero types.

Though when the dust clears, there's a little coffing and hacking of dust before she looks back at the Shocker in that padded costume. "Gah, I'm gonna need a sip of water." she says and makes a grossed out dry tongue expression before steading herself and picking bits of stray plaster out of her hair.

"Spider-Man doesn't wear yellow!" she yells out when she over hears the accusation. "This is a different guy!" there's another look over at Isis and then towards the crowds well over in a safer distance. "You guys know who he is?" then back to Herman. "You got a name. It's hard to keep track of everyone. We all have that problem I know. I'm Wonder Girl by the way. You might have at least heard of my sister." she says and steps on a brick, crushing it to powder under one of those wedge heels of her boot making her look not as short as she really is. The brick gone as easily as putting out a cigarette butt.

"My very leggy new associate here is right though. Last chance. Give it up. At worst it's the fashion police that come for you dressing like a couch."
Spider-Man has posed:
The interior of the vault looks to be in suitable disaray, twisted metal blown inward when the Shocker made his entrance. Likewise there is a smattering of broken bricks strewn about the floor as well. A number of the small compartments have been busted open and a half filled gym bag lays open in the middle of the room, glinting gold, silver and gemstones glittering there in the bottom of the bag.

It is a reasonably impressive display really, the way Wonder Girl shrugs off the Shocker's vibrations and instead just complains about the cloud of dust that has been blown in her face. But it doesn't seem to have disuaded Herman Schultz either as he simply lifts up his fists towards the blonde once more, ignoring Adrianna entirely for the moment. "Oh girlie, you have no idea what kind of mistake you're making. Why don't you toddle on off and buy yourself something pretty," he sneers, casually flipping a tiny diamond towards her in condescending fashion.

And the reason for the cedrtainty that he's not about to get trampled and beat down? THat would come from the rumbling steps that come from the far end of the alley way. Slow at first, but building quickly in rhythm, the ground practically shakes as a huge, hulking figure comes barrelling around the corner, straight towards the two women dressed as -- all things -- a Rhino. Even the horn on his head is levelled as if he intends to simply run them right through.

Inside the shop itself the unpleasant little confrontation with Jessica continues and when it seems like the dark haired woman is threatening them, the clerk recoils back. "I don't get paid enough to deal with crazy, homeless people," he complains, eyeing Jessica nervously. "The police will be here soon, the alarm will make sure of that. So if you take anything you'll so be locked up," he points out, ignoring her efforts to try and fix the situation as he hustles the couple out the front of the shop and into the chaotic street beyond.

Leaving Jess a dozen or so feet from the sound of the confrontation in the alley, the floor vibrating a little even under her feet.

Fleying through the air, Spidey lands on the wall right near the entrance to the alley way, just in time to watch Rhino rushing towards Cassie and Adrianna. "Woah boy, whoa!" he calls out, immediately raising his hands while still clinging to the wall with his feet, spraying out webbing to create a rather intricate web just a few feet beyond Wonder Girl.
Isis has posed:
Adrianna Tomaz smiles as she looks around at other people gathering. It is good to see so many heros, it shows that justice is striving in the world. She takes a moment to introduce herself, which should help avoid being targeted as a bank robber. Though she also looks towards the robber to show she shouldn't be ignored. "I am Isis, Queen of Kahndaq." She tilts her head as she looks down the allyway as the rumbling starts and some crazy man dressed like an idiot shows up.

It doesn't seem like reason is a thing that is going to solve the issue after all. Some times that is the case. Someone dare to charge at her, so she decides to charges straight back towards him with the intention of punching him in the face!
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"What? I am not homeless!" Jessica retorts, clearly upset by the implication. "I just CHOOSE to dress like I'm homeless," is yelled after the clerk, like she's trying to score some points.

"Whatever. Jerkface. I wouldn't want your crappy, glittery... sparkling..." she gets distracted a moment looking at a particularly find diamond necklace, which... let's face it, is completely out of her price range, "...crappy diamond anyway!" She's not convincing anyone. Fortunately there's no one to convince.

Once the couple and the jerkface clerk have cleared out, she follows suit, clutching her hoodie. Some part of her wants to put it back on outside, because she feels so exposed. She takess a deep breath. "You can do this, Jess." Self-motivation! She starts to pace past, trusting the clerk's word that the police are on the way.

...then she passes the alley, just in time to see Rhino charging down to the end of it.

"Ah, shit."

The math doesn't math. If it was a simple robbery, leaivng it to the police is the really smart play. But throwing a metahuman into the mix? That isn't cool. She stares up at the sky. "Didn't you read the hoodie? I said NOT TODAY!"

The world isn't listening to her, apparently. Begrudgingly, she pulls the hoodie on, pulls it over her head, and trots down the alley.
Wonder Girl has posed:
That man is determined. But then it's not like Cassie has done anything new to really impress Shocker that he hasn't seen before. There's another step towards Herman, briefly interrupted by the spray of web fluid near her feet.

"Oh hey, you okay with us doing this. I'm guessing he, and Rhino are your guys right? What's this dude's name anyway?" she asks with a smile to the webslinger while treating Shocker as something to talk about more than talk to.

"I'll try to not break him. I can't really speak for her majesty over there. But this guy. Good thing he's wearing padding." she states and levitates instead of just walking and moving closer towards Herman.

Then what happens is more a blink and miss it if one doesn't have the reflexes and reaction to track.

At some very super speeds she's practically behind Shocker with a hand on his shoulder and squeezing almost like a Vulcan neck pinch. "I'd normally just tie you up and be done with it but a suit like that I worry you might enjoy it when this is clearly not the time and place." that comes a little quieter but the inflection is that she really could make things worse for Herman if she wanted to.
Spider-Man has posed:
While Spidey might pour out that web fluid to create a barrier, it is at best a minor impediment to the Rhino. He might not be in Juggernaut's class, but he's still a pretty heavy hitter as far as these things go.

So it's no real surprise that costumed baddie simply tears through the webbing with barely a pause, some of it sticking to him but not really impeding him. He lowers his head a little more, intent of stabbing that horn right through Cassie...

...when he is abruptly brought up short by Isis' intervention, the woman zipping in front of him to throw that punch. And indeed, it is enough to stagger the man, sending him stumbling back several inches.

But it doesn't put him down. Shaking his head, the hulking mass of muscle and rhino costume lifts his gaze towards his attacker. "Stronger then you look," he mutters, swinging a big ham-fisted punch towards Isis.

For his part, Spider-Man walks along that wall rather casually, breaking off that stream of webbing only when Issi moves to intervene with Rhino. No need to get in her way. At Cassie's question, he peeks into the cap and finally spots the Shocker there. "Hey! It's Hermie! How's it going there Shocker ol' pal. You really got to get yourself a new line of work," he comments before turning his gaze back towards Wonder Girl. "Nah, have at it. Honestly, it's probably better. I'm not too popular with the authorities and if they should happen to show up..." he begins.

Sure enough, the sounds of approaching sirens begins to fill the air and it is almost possible to see Pete wince despite the mask he wears.

Turning towards the mouth of the alley, he spots Jess there, starting to walk past. "Hey! I thought it was you! What's up with running away from me?" he asks, a note of accusation in his voice. "I swear, there's no pigeons or goo-spitting creatures or anything this time. It's just Hermie and his pal from the savannah."

Spotting Spider-Man joining the fray beside Wonder Girl, it isn't exactly hard to see the Shocker's mind start churning. Still, he unleashes another blast of those vibrations, letting them slam around the blonde, cracking the brick wall behind her but not exactly having the effect he might have hoped on her. After a moment, he suddenly breaks off that attack and mutters, "Screw this," before snatching up the half-filled gym bag and turning to dash out of the vault and into the store proper, heading towards that same door Jess and the obnoxious clerk so recently vacated. "I got it, Rhino!" he calls back over his shoulder.

From the opposite direction of the sirens another sound fills the air, that of a cackling laugh. A broad, sweeping glider speeds over one of the nearby skyscrapers, swooping down into the valley of the street and racing just above the traffic as it steers itself towards the jewelery shop.
Isis has posed:
Adrianna Tomaz smiles, "You are not as weak as you look. Though I have to wonder about your choice of clothing." She keeps her attention on him as she hears the police sirens. "Sounds like the police are already here, you might as well give up. You can still surrender without getting a beat into the ground. It will save you some pain in the long wrong..." She is likely strong enough to block the attack, but she also extremely fast as well. So instead she dodges out of the way, and then returns a punch back, this time aiming it right into his gut!
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:

What's worse? Being forced into super-hero mode when you really aren't feeling it? Or awkwardly running into a person you might or might not be avoiding?

Jess is going with door number two. "Um. Oh! Hi!" the tone of Jessica's voice is /way too high/ to be normal, casual conversation as she pretends to surprise at Spider-Man's presence. "I totally wasn't running away, Idon'tknowwhatyoumean."

Her pants are practically on fire.

Fortunately there's suitable distraction, both in the form of approaching sirens, and the all-too-familiar, unsettling sight of that glider. "Ah, shit. Um. Run?" She says it with a kind of question mark, so it's probably not as forceful as it should be, at first hit. "INCOMING!" she yells, to those in the alley, before she turns to do the same.

Sorry, Peter! She's totally avoiding the probably incoming explosions or whatever that dude has planned. Totally not avoiding him. Nope!
Wonder Girl has posed:
There's another blast by Herman at Cassie though this time the most it does tor her is dust her down and get fid of a lot of that dirt. She'll likely still need a good drycleaner for her pants though. Even if they look painted on.

"Shocker, that tracks." she states with a chuckle as the man dashes off while she was briefly distracted by the blast. "Ugh, gonna have my ears ringing for a couple hours now!" she complains and starts back after him and the gym bag.

Now she said she did not want to do this, but the man is running and well with that gimp suit it's hard to tell. Not that she's judging, she is a Themysciran Amazon after all.

That lasso comes loose and is twirls ready to fling and encircle Shocker before pulling taught. "So, just a question Shocker. I expect that that suit is good for absorbing impacts of your own is it a power or tech?" that gets a look at Spider-Man and Shocker while she briefly also casts a glance to the other half of the criminal pairing. "Does it also insulate against electricity. How does it fair against being struck by lightning. Cause I can hear people actually in danger and I asked you to give up and I'm starting to get tetchy at you."

And with that there is a very deliberate crackle along that cord.
Spider-Man has posed:
"You think the police frighten me? That's cute."

Rhino does not apparently seem overly daunted by the imminent arrival of the authorities, though he does seem to be a little more frustrated by the fact that Isis seems to be able to avoid his own heavy blows, again staggering back as that shot to the gut sends him reeling several steps. "Freakin' costumed do-gooders," he gripes, glaring at the woman.

The Shocker actually manages to push open the front door to the Diamond Exchange and step out into the street before Wonder Girl catches up to him, tossing that lasso his way. Not facing her, he never sees it coming as it falls around him, though it might also not be apparent that it doesn't actually quite reach his padded costume either, that vibrational shield he projects around himself keeping it less that an inch away from that insulated costume that protects him from his own creation. "Screw you, you little blonde bit--" he starts to retort when that electric surge crackles along the length of the lasso. And while that padded costume might do quite well at keeping physical blows from striking home with the same impact as they might have, even that vibrational field can't entirely keep electricity at bay it would seem, a violent spasm running through Herman, making him shake, making his words cut off and that gym bag fall from his hand, dropping to his side.

If he was expecting a straight answer from Jessica, Pete certainly doesn't get it and as she instead suddenly scampers away, running down the street, Spidey crawls along the wall after her to the mouth of the alley to see exactly what's going on. "Hey! What's the problem?" he calls out after her.

Which is when he finally hears that mad laughter piped through the speakers in the bottom of the glider, the flying wing soaring in low towards the jewelery shop and the alley. "Not this again," he mutters.

Sure enough, as it swoops over head a grappling claw emerges from the bottom of it, seeking to snag the Shocker. Only the fact that the lasso doesn't actually quite touch him lets it find it's own purchase and jerk him out of that circle of electricity coursing through him. Even as it jerks Herman free, it begins to curve with surprising agility, angling towards the alley way.

He's not going to lose more of his old foes to this stupid glider. Not again. And as it starts to shoot past him and down the alley towards Isis and Rhino, Spider-Man lifts a hand to fire off his webline after it.

Which is when the glider begins to eject pumpkin shaped bombs in it's wake, explosions starting to rock that alley, smoke and gas filling the air with each burst.

Shooting a smirk at Isis, Rhino abruptly turns and starts to thunder back down the way he came. "Time for me to bug out babe," he says coarsely before leaping, seeking to grab hold of the glider as it sweeps just overhead, those bombs continuing to fall all around.
Isis has posed:
Adrianna Tomaz watches the glider fly by and the costume man grabs on to try to escape. Apparently they hadn't seen how she arrived however, otherwise they would already know she could fly. "You are not going to get away that easily!" She is also super quick, so they are not getting away. She launches up into the air and grabs onto Rhino's feet then pulls him down. As she pulls she tries to spin him through the air and slam him back down into the ground, if he chooses to hold onto the glider or lets go is up to him but at least one of them is going spiraling down to the ground.
Wonder Girl has posed:
The amount of electricity that can be channeled is often dependent on Cassie's emotional state. More specifically her temper. And Herman had to say something and call her something. There's banter and then there's throwing something like a B word at her.

Which just has enough time to let Shocker know what being electrically shocked can really feel like. Just as pumpkin bombs start dropping and the man in yellow gets snatched up.

Bullets and projectiles she can deflect, explosions not so much. "I am so done with this crap!" she groans and lifts off again and after the pair in the sky.

At least the Goblin brought his own rope to tow Shocker. Her own coiled back at her hips as she gives chase just shy of super sonic speeds. Not cool shattering glass and stuff as she gives chase.

Nimble as the glider is it's still tech and is relatively fragile. And hauling Rhino likely isn't helping, or being yanked on by Isis as Cassie just makes a grab at the engines keeping the glider aloft and just squeezes on it like tinfoil.

"You have two choices of two choices. Up or Down. Up we see how much cold you all can handle or the lack of air. Down. We also have hard and soft. Soft is a gentle landing in Rikers direct, hard is a crater or being left in orbit." Threats are still de-escalation but the sound of crunching metal and the two women might be the only things keeping the men air born is a pretty good argument.
Spider-Man has posed:
The explosions rock the alley, adding even more destruction to the surrounding buildings, the fire escape from the nearby building crumpling and collapsing down to land in a loud clatter while more debris rains down everywhere.

But it is the gas that is potentially troublesome to Spider-Man. While he can improvise a filter from his webbing with a little time, there is no telling exactly what effect this load out might have. Likewise, he doesn't have a lot of time with the explosions going off all around him. With little other choice, Spidey flings a webline towards the rooftop, scampering up it and out of the cloud of smoke to watch the duel in the skies above.

For a moment the Rhino clings to the bottom of the glider, seeking to hang on while he swings wildly at the pursuing, troublesome Isis. The unmanned craft sways, barely keeping in control as the hulking figure sends it off balance with each jerking motion but it manages to maintain it's flight.

At least until Wonder Girl keeps up with it.

As the blonde nears, the craft suddenly releases the Shockers, simply letting him drop. Still dazed, perhaps unconscious from the electrical shock, the criminal simply falls towards the ground below though before he has fallen more then a dozen feet the glider suddenly simply explodes it a bright, violent burst in mid-air, hurling all those nearby away.

On the rooftop, with the police of the scene, it is past time for Spidey to make his exit. But he's not about to let anyone fall to their bad end either. So as Rhino and Shocker -- and anyone else -- start to drop through the sky, those hands busy themselves, throwing out a web of weblines over the street, creating a rather sturdy looking net.

It should also, hopefully, keep anyone that falls into it nice and bound until the authorities can take them into custody. Bonus.
Isis has posed:
Adrianna Tomaz looks up at the explosion and everyone starts to fall back towards the ground. She glances down and notices all the webbing and it seems, like everyone should be safe. With no danger to the falling people she can focus on stopping her own fall, and avoid hitting any of the webbing or the ground. She moves with super human speed, fast enough that it almost seems like she teleports as she clears the debris and falling crowd, and appears higher up in the air.

From her safer position, hovering up over the mess she does a quick scan of the area to make sure that everyone is in fact okay, and there are no serious injuries, to the criminals, heros, or anyone who just happened to be around in the chaos.
Wonder Girl has posed:
Considering that she totally knew Spider-Man was about and probably watching from street level. Letting Shocker and Rhino fall and get snagged in webbing isn't too much of a worry. Keen Goddess senses.

Which also turns out to be annoying at the bright flashing of light in her blonde eyes.

She stays aloft fine but she's rubbing her eyes for a few moments.

Healing factor provided by divine ancestry or no it takes a moment to get her bearings and get her eyesight back in order.

Looking about for Isis, likely the taller woman is as okay as Cassie herself is she groan. "This is what happens when we gotta dial back our strength. Don't wanna kill anyone but damn it's either too much or not enough sometimes. But I think next time you can pop Rhino a little harder." she definitely won't be so gentle with these guys if there's a next time.

Two out of three isn't bad and she has an idea of what to expect next time she faces the Goblin.
Spider-Man has posed:
Sure enough, the falling crooks fall into the webbing nets, the lines holding even with the sizable bulk of the Rhino nestled there. And while the police might not have the easiest time in the world getting them down, they always manage well enough.

It also has the added benefit of giving Spider-Man a little more time to make his own discrete exit. Or at least as discrete as one can be when one is swinging out over the streets, racing away from a crime scene just ahead of the cops. By rights the fact that he helped to leave a pair of known crooks bound up and waiting should probably count for something.

But knowing Peter's luck, it surely won't.

Either way, Spider-Man is long gone by the time the squad cars finally pull up with their flashing lights, police officers fanning out to cordone off the area. Fortunately there does not appear to be any injuries and it doesn't take long for police barricades to go up to seal off the jewelery store and the alley.

A few of the cops even nod respectfully towards Isis and Wonder Girl. It's a pretty sure bet they wouldn't have been doing that to Spidey.

Still, not a bad afternoon all in all. Two more of his foes locked away beside the Scorpion. That just might call for a celebration.