15574/Ben, Jerry's, Booze and Catching Up

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Ben, Jerry's, Booze and Catching Up
Date of Scene: 07 September 2023
Location: Logan's Cabin.
Synopsis: Logan and Angelica catch up, while he offers a helping hand.
Cast of Characters: Wolverine, Firestar

Wolverine has posed:
Logan gets some text messages. It's the kind of messages he doesn't hope for, but kind of expected. The replies come pretty quickly, "Favorite Ice Cream?" "Meet me at the Cabin." "He's a dick." It's the protective side of Logan coming out at the end. He knows they're both adults, there is some form of mutual consent, but sometimes the right decision for everyone is still hard. At least one person comes away hurting in that situation. Logan's quick to get on the bike and grab ice cream, booze, chocolate and a cheap pizza that can be baked. The essentials to either eating to forget, eating your feelings, or crying into a bottle.

He'll be straight to the cabin after the store. move Everything that he does depends on if Angelica is there when he arrives. If she goes to the cabin right away, she'll beat him there. If Angelica takes her time, grabs things, cries into anything, then there's a chance Logan will get there first. He's a man on a mission in this situation.

There's a few things they can talk about, too. Some of it may not be good, but circumstances may force that situation skirt close to this one.
Firestar has posed:
She doesn't arrive straight away. She has to deal with the first day of class on top of everything else. She sends one message back with her favorite ice cream, Bourdeaux Cherry Chocolate. She also tells him she will be a minute.

She comes in through the air, flying does a lot for her when she is emotional and so she lets the power out. Still can't get beat that top speed, but she covers a lot of ocean and back before landing at his cabin. A back pack rests on one shoulder and she knocks in the door, all Firestar at the moment.
Wolverine has posed:
Logan has everything put away, but a bowl is already chilling in the fridge. The second she shows up, he'll ask. "Hug or ice cream?" Logan's at least supportive even if he's not exactly cordial. To him, that's not the issue. It's mending Angelica's broken heart as best he can. Honestly, it may not seem like much, but Logan is trying to give Angelica space. Allowing her to come to him in her own time how she wishes to.
Firestar has posed:
She sighs softly and replies,"Yes please." A hug is the start as she leans in to hug her mentor and friend,"He's not a complete dick. He had reasons, one of them is in the pocket of my backpack and the other is his family needed him at home."

She just stands there for a long time, trying not to cry and trying to keep it together. Trying.
Wolverine has posed:
?A nod comes from the man as Logan holds Angelica for a moment. "I know, but he ain't my favorite person even if he's sensible," and he wll let go. Then hand her a big bowl of the ice cream. Then he'll set down a can of whipped cream near her. "In case ya wanna get fancy wit' it," he says with a smirk and give sher a nod and moves to sit down. "We can talk. You can bitch. Or we can just drink. Yer call."
Firestar has posed:
?She takes the ice cream and smiles,"You're the best." She adds some whip and starts into the creamy goodness,"Drink after, must have ice cream." She takes off her mask and sets it aside.

She drops the backpack on a chair and says,"I will put on some normal clothes before the beer." She takes something from the front pouch of the backpack and offers it towards him. Once he takes it she gets more ice cream.

The metal card presents her as a probationary member of the Justice League,"I think this might have added to the stress. Not that he was angry so much as I think he just thought I would be out and gone all the time. I am half given up on the X-Men taking me in, so he might be right. I don't know."
Wolverine has posed:
A nod comes from Logan as he looks at her for a moment. He'll take a beer, twist open the top and takes ad rink. A moment later he's offered a card. Taking the card, Logan smirks, "Movin' up in the world. Don't tell the Hudsons. One of em' would be jealous," Logan gives a nod of approval.

Then there's a pause, "Alright. We're gonna settle that one. You. Me. Scott. N' Jean. I think there's a lot of crossed wires in there somewhere or asses I need t kick. Gonna give people the benefit of the doubt," he admits honestly.

He'll hand the card back to her. Another nod to her, "Just don't gloat to too many, yer gonna make some people jealous."
Firestar has posed:
"I haven't told Mac or Heather no." she agrees softly,"So far him, Vanessa, and now you." Another bite of ice cream and the joys of being hot throughout, no brain freeze.

She shakes her head and tells him softly,"I wouldn't worry about it." taking the card back and putting it into her backpack,"I am not going to. Between GIRL, Justice League, and potentially X-Force I am going to be full up. Add me going back to school and teaching here. I am pretty booked."

A soft chuckle as she adds,"Probably I won't tell too many others. Maybe Tabitha or Sam, maybe not. I am just happy. I met three of the most powerful beings on the planet and they decided they wanted me to come back."
Wolverine has posed:
"Well, I wanted to talk to ya about X-Force," Logan says honestly as he thinks of the words. "If ya stay on the team. I'll stay. If ya go, I'll go," Logan says honestly on that front.

"Betsy has a partnership that makes me distrust her. There's stories about Odin. How he had a vision of the end of the world n' everything he did from that point after was to prevent it. Sad thing is, everythng he did caused it," he shakes his head a litlte bit on that front. "To keep the end of the world from happenin' she's turnin' to two sources I don't trust. At all. In an ideal world, one of em', I'd cut into six pieces, bury them in a different continent, bury the piece in a wood box, coat that inside of the box wit' cement, seal it n' bury it," Logan's not going to mince words.

Coughing awkwardly, "Back to you. How do ya plan to be sane?" A quizzical look goes her way, "Too much work n' no play, makes ya go crazy. Yer crazy enough as it is. Think of how to fit in you time, trust me."
Firestar has posed:
After a little more ice cream and then she replies,"I don't know. I met Betsy a while back and it wasn't a bad start, but probably not great either." she admits,"I feel like I am missing something still, but I will figure it out." She pauses as he describes the wanting to dice one of them up and raises a brow,"Oh? Might I ask who that is?"

"I mean I want to be useful and I want to represent mutants. I don't think the other teams will do that, but really X-Force isn't representing anything."

"Sometimes I wonder if sanity even exists anymore. Traning we do together and what little time I have with Vanessa helps, but I don't know." She finishes the ice cream and grabs her backpack,"Anywhere I can change? I don't want to just wander around your cabin."
Wolverine has posed:
Logan gestures to the bedroom and hs bathroom. "Ya can change there," he says honeslty and waits for a moment. "I'll try to help ya find it. Don't know what I can do, but I'll do what I can to help ya find it."
Firestar has posed:
It doesn't take her long and she is back in a pair of cutoff jeans and an NYU t-shirt. Logan is among the few she can actually be normal around and not harm.

Her costume is secured in the backpack and she appears to be on a mission to locate a beer for sure,"I can't shake it that something is not up and up. When we figure it out we'll move on from there. So who's the mystery guy you want to cut up?"
Wolverine has posed:
"What do ya mean?" Logan asks curiously. A brow raises as he is looking at her curiously. The phrase could mean a few different thngs. He's asking for clarity.
Firestar has posed:
"I don't know." she admits,"Betsy seems decent enough, just a little intense. I just can't shake that I am missing something." She opens a beer and takes a long drink.

Shaking her head she admits,"Call it women's intuition or just not completly trusting of her yet. I think I heard a name that pricked my curiosity, but I can't remember the name right now."
Wolverine has posed:
"His name is Nathaniel Essex. Brilliant mind, but in a warped mind. I heard him talk. Reminds me of the kinda people that would inject metal into a man to see if it can bond to his bones," Logan starts to explain a little bit.

"Take Tony Stark, McCoy, blend em' together n' remove the morality," and he lets the image just simmer in Anglica's mind. "He's developin' somethin' fer the team. Some kinda tech. Warren's workin' on the base," he says just explaining what he knows, heard of, or believes is true.

"I know how ya feel. I feel like I'm missin' some details, too," Logan doesn't like that. He can't shake that feeling, "But if ya want someone to watch yer back, I got it. Ya just gotta watch mine, to," Logan says honestly on that front. It's a way that they could be there for each other.
Firestar has posed:
"Nathaniel Essex." she muses softly. Her eyes go distant and she tries to bring that,"I have heard that name." She nudges him lightly,"Hey. I am fond of the guy that got the metal bonded to his bones so...."

She listens to him explain the man's aspect,"A base is a good thing." she comments, though still trying to shake it out.

"I always have your back Logan. No matter what." she assures him,"Like I told Vanessa, if you call I will come running and bring Hell with me." She winks and takes another drink of the beer and then clinks her bottle against his.
Wolverine has posed:
"But are ya fond of the people that did it -to- him?" Logan asks. There's a difference between the test subject and the test administrators. "Big world of difference darlin'," he says honestly as he lets Angelica digest that one.

Logan nods. "Same," he says honestly and will hold hs beer outward. It's a wordless toast. "Stay here as long as ya need," he just wants Angelica to feel liek she has some form of safe space. A place she could cry or yell about what happened. Soemtimes people just need that.
Firestar has posed:
"Knowing they most likely caused you a great deal of pain, I'd entertain the opportunity to cause them the same." she assures him,"I can't imagine what that did to you and I don't want to try."

She leans against a table after the toast and she sighs,"Be careful my friend. I'll be sleeping in your rafters. It's hard to walk into the mansion, well a little."

Finishing the bottle, she tosses it to the trash before looking for another,"Like all relationships it's a 50/50 situation. Well maybe 33/33/33 situation. I don't know."
Wolverine has posed:
"Half expected that darlin'. Kinda normal to be upset even if yer bein' adults about that," he says honestly as he looks toward her intently for a moment. "I expected ya to stay here fer a bit. Just warn a guy f I should stay clear of the place, n' I'll give ya heads up when I'm comin'," he says just making sure she had privacy. Logan is trying to be accomodating.
Firestar has posed:
"You're the best. Better tell that girlfriend of yours so." she tells him with a hint of a smile before getting another bottle open,"I won't stay a real long time. I didn't tell Vanessa anything yet because I haven't seen her. We don't get a chance to catch each other a whole lot. Too much going on."
Wolverine has posed:
"Stay as long as ya need. I'll only start chargin' rent if ya hit a year or two n' ya ain't got a good reason fer it," Logan says, it's his way of saying take all the time you need.
Firestar has posed:
She takes a drink from the new beer and winks,"You're a prince Logan. I won't be telling anyone, but you are. I don't think a year will be in the cards, but it's good to know. I'll keep that in mind."