15581/Asking the hard questions.

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Asking the hard questions.
Date of Scene: 09 September 2023
Location: Rec Room - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Angelica went to the rec room to unwind. A disagreement of sorts made an encounter with Jean end poorly.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Phoenix

Firestar has posed:
Things are hectic. Between teaching here and starting college at NYU, Angelica has managed to draw attention from some others. She has a crest fallen look about her when she walks into the rec room. Something a little deeper than just hectic schedule.

She makes her way to the pool table and starts to set up a round for her,"How many people fail to understand your secrets?" she asks the table softly.
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey has just finished marking papers for the week and is relaxing at the tv, watching some sappy rom-com that seems to have her attention. A glass of red wine and popcorn sits on the table across from her and she occasionally chuckles at funny bits in the show.

When Angelica wanders in, sounding rather crestfallen, the ever empathic redhead glances over her shoulder at her, arching a concerned brow. "Angelica, are you alright?"
Firestar has posed:
Usually fairly perceptive, Angelica misses Jean being there despite the TV. She forces a little smile and shrugs,"Hangover and heartbreak. Bad combination."

Once the balls are racked, she removes the rack and walks to the other end of the table to settle in and break the balls apart.

"Jimmy is going back to his roots as it were and given recent commitments I can't. I am not sure he'd want me to anyway." she explains. From her back pocket she lays a metallic card on the table if Jean wants to look.

Settling down, she leans over the table a little and strikes the cue ball. The rack splits and the two corner balls drive into their respective corners. The eight ball rolls close, but doesn't quite make the pocket,"Maybe next time."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey blinks slowly, climbing to her feet. "Wait, you broke up with James?" it's not like she was privy to much information, but she had heard so,etching about Angelica, James and Vanessa in some sort of thing together. "Oh no, Angelica, I'm so sorry..May I ask what happened?"
Firestar has posed:
Walking around the table she shakes her head and indicates the card,"It was more or less mutual. Mostly because he didn't think I would have time for him anymore." She leans over and makes another shot, sinking another ball and sending the cue ball near her next shot, stopping where she wants it.

If Jean picks up the metal card she will find it has Firestar written on it and it indicates her as a probationary member of the Justice League.

"I haven't seen Vanessa since the break up, but she was only too happy to congratulate me. She worries, but that's fair."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey arches a brow at the card, frowning a bit even. "Wait a minute..So you are already juggling college, teaching here, a complicated relationship...And now you've decided to join another superhero group?"she seems just the slightest bit bothered by this, as evidenced in the noticeable tensing in her expression.
Firestar has posed:
Lining up her next shot, Angelica takes it and sinks it. The balls spins back to her. It isn't that she is some sort of shark, she is just aware of practical application of physics.

"The relationship just got a lot less complicated." she replies,"College and teaching are important to me, but so is helping people. I was told multiple times that I was going to be brought into the fold here, but it never materialized. I am not angry, I am just trying to make my way."

She takes the card back and puts it away,"I was invited to join another, but I am having my doubts about it. I heard a name potentially connected to it and I know I know the name, but I can't access records here as I am not an X-Man. So far I haven't been able to reach Heather Hudson for Alpha Flight to help me. Nathan Essex. The name gives me the bad vibes, but I can't say why."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey sighs and shakes her head, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Unfortunately that was Scott's call, not mine...I did suggest he recruit you and he was probably just busy but getting around to it. If you *really* wanted to join the Xmen, you should have made an appointment with him and let him know directly.."

Of course there are other factors at play and she arches a brow at mention of so,e other team, "I'm not sure what team you might be referring to. As far as I know, we're just the Xmen.." if someone went and created some weird offshoot team and tried to poach Xmen members, she is totally unaware of it..
rWhen Mr Sinister's name is mentionned, her frown deepens. "What of him..?"
Firestar has posed:
"Life gets in the way. I am not holding a grudge or anything. Dianna of Themscyra asked me to come to the Hall of Justice where she, Superman, and Batman recruited me. I wasn't looking for them. They actually asked me."

Moving around the table she shakes her head,"Maybe I should have asked about joining, but I was always under the impression it was something to be asked, not something to ask for." She shrugs and leans over to take another shot. This one doesn't quite go how she planned. She hits the ball in, but the cue gets caught on the edge of the pocket and spin away from the rest of the balls,"Not enough spin." she mutters.

She stands up and looks at Jean again,"Who is he? I hear he might be a part of things in the peripheral with the other team. For the record I was invited by Nadia Pym to join her think tank GIRL, but that's not exactly a team like the League or the X-Men. I am busy."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey sighs again, folding her arms, looking away as she tries to figure this mess out. "Unfortunately I cannot speak for Scott, if it was me, you would have been recruited a long time ago, and I had suggested you would make a good team member, but if you're already considering Justice League, on top of everything else, i doubt you would even have time anymore to be a member of Xmen.."

As for 'Nathaniel Essex' she draws a deep breath, looking back to her, "Nathaniel Essex, known better as Mister Sinister, raised Scott and tried to manipulate him, he created an evil clone of me, teamed up with Apocalypse and performed numerous heinous genetic experiments on countless people." she shrugs, "Oh, he claims he's a 'good guy' now, after meeting and falling in love with the literal son of the devil, one Lucifer, and he has been 'helpful' a handful of times...But I certainly would not be working with him on any official teams.."
Firestar has posed:
"Logan suggested it as well." she tells Jean,"I can't speak for Vanessa either, so I get it. Please understand I am not nursing a grudge. Things happened the way they happen. I am glad to stay on and teach the class, but if you want me to step down I can."

When she leans down to line up her shot, the next one goes /way/ wrong at the mention of the Mister Sinister,"I'm sorry. Mr. Sinister and who now?" Suddenly the game is lost,"It sounded like you said Sinister is in love with Lucifer." Nope. Game forgotten. She sets the stick down and admits,"I might not be the best church goer in the world, but Lucifer? Really?"
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey frowns, "I have no idea what's going on....But as for choosing to join Justice League rather than follow up with Scott.." she sighs, shaking her head, "Honestly there's no easy way to answer that question. I think The Xmen could have *really* used someone like you and it's a huge loss that we are losing you to the Justice League. It would seem childish and petty to dismiss you because you seemingly chose another team over the one that needed you more but that's neither here nor there now I suppose..And more than that, Well, I'm honestly not sure how you plan to juggle college, teaching classes here, being a member of Justice league and...Whatever else you are preoccupied with. That's the bottom line, Angelica."

As for Lucifer and Sinister she just peers at her with a cool expression,"What exactly are your associations with Sinister..?"
Firestar has posed:
"Decisions were made. I waited for a long time here. I am also getting a chance to put a positive spin on a mutant face in one of the oldest and most famous teams. Maybe it will be helpful for all of us and maybe they might help shed some positive light on the mutant situation and the X-Men. None of them seem to be fond of the anti-mutant crowd." Laying the cue on the table, Angelica replies,"I am aware I am stretching thin. That's why gave you the option to move me along. I have the year planned out, curriculum and lab alike. I want to help here, but I don't want friction."

A shake of her head and she tells Jean,"As for Sinister. I don't have associations with him. I heard the name Essex passed around and nobody mentioned the Sinister part. They certainly didn't mention a relationship with a devil. I am not about to be associated with that. They wanted a conscience for the team, but I am not a match for a devil or the devil, Sinister either."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey shrugs helplessly, "I'm not making that decision, Angelica, it's up to you. You want to be a teacher here, fine. Be present, put some effort into it. If some big name Superhero team means more to you then fine, dedicate yourself Justice League. I'm afraid that is the brutal truth."

She arches a brow at that last comment, eyes narrowed slightly. "So...Someone wanted to recruit you for yet another team on top of all of that?" she does not seem amused. Not at all. But apparently it's all out of her hands now.
Firestar has posed:
There is a blink and the coolest head looks a little put off,"I have been present thanks. I spent the entire summer prepping teaching this class. Everyone else was playing around and I was working. I worked moreso on the class than I did on the ones that I am taking now."

She shakes her head,"I am not turning down a membership with the League. I am sorry. I will leave my curriculum and have my room cleared out by tonight." It isn't often she gets accused and not often that her temper flares.

As she nears the exit, she tells Jean,"Someone else did yes. I had considered them, but knowing what I know now I won't. Thank you for the information and a place to stay this summer. I am sorry. Brutal truth goes both ways." Red heads have the fire. Jean knows that. Probably once she's cooled off she will come back, but for now there has been a lot on her plate beyond work. Jimmy left, her best friend is being set up, she just found out she almost worked with the devil...all compunded by the fact she was told to be present and the comment about the big superhero team.