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The people you meet...
Date of Scene: 09 September 2023
Location: McAnally's Pub
Synopsis: Harry was getting dinner at Mac's. Skye happened by and the two more or less got accquainted.
Cast of Characters: Harry Dresden, Quake

Harry Dresden has posed:
Sitting at the counter, Harry just received a plate with a steak sandwich. Next to the plate is one empty bottle of homebrew and one partial bottle,"Make two more for the bottomless pit and one for the owner of the apartment please." he asks of Mac, the guy behind the counter. He nods and starts to cook up more steak, though maybe not thrilled about who will be eating the art work food.

Harry takes a bite and sighs softly. He chews slowly and finally mutters,"Ahh sandwich. Where have you been?" he asks and goes for another bite.
Quake has posed:
Skye was out and about. She's made a promise to 'join the living' now that she's come to the conclusion that she and Clint weren't getting back together again. It's made a slight (re: big) change in her field work - she no longer had Clint as a partner. That was her own decision. not his. But as she had more special missions without him it really began to fall into a new routine.

Tonight was a Friday night, and seeing that she didn't have a place to call her own, she roamed around until she got bored and chose the nearest place: McAnally's.

Pulling open the doors, half laughing at the name, the first thing that she is aware of is the decor: The number 13. The second thing she noticed was her tummy rumbling.

"Great. Et tu Brutus?" Staring at her tummy. Still it looked clean enough? Walking over to the bar, she took a seat. "Whatever you've got on tap, and whatever he's having." 'He' is Harry, of course.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Glancing up when he hears the door, Harry studies the new arrival briefly. She should also see warnings against violence too. It sounds a lot more sinister than fighters will get kicked out.

When she settles into a seat, Harry looks her way and nods,"Good choice. Best steak you will find." Back to his food, he takes another bite and chases it with the home brew.
     There are a lot of people in there and most seem fairly normal, but for a trained agent's eye, some of them look like something all together different.
Quake has posed:
~Great.~ She thought. ~I've wandered into the Twilight Zone.~ Or worse: WAND.

Still it was busy. Just enough light to notice pretty much everything, but not so much that everyone was exposed. For a moment Skre rubbed her forearms as she looked around. "I see your standing rule. Good to know. After all, who wants to break up their sandwich with a fight? Did I order steak?" She chuckles. "Usually I make packets of Noodles."

Her beer arrives in short order. "Skaal!"

Of course she is backed almost into a corner spot at the bar, with a good angle looking at the front exit, and the back hallway. The only better place would be at that table over *there*.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Strange is the buzz word here. Harry nods when she makes the comment about the rule,"So far I haven't met anyone to try and challenge the rules. A wise choice." He takes a drink of the brew and sets it aside.

For the record, Mac's homebrew is room temperature, not cold. That might surprise a drinker, but that's how he presents it.

He points around to a few of the features of the room,"Magic is just about useless in here and aggression is alleged to be met with more force than the offender can generate."
Quake has posed:
"Good thing I don't use magic, huh?"

For her part, she's not a beer drinker (witness years of drinking frou-frou beers as a joke between her and Clint). Besides the best beer - dark beer - as served barely cool if you are buying in from as actual British pub. Mostly she holds in her hand to look like she is one of the patrons.

"Name's Skye, by the way." She grins. "And I'm not the kind of person who gets in fights." There are so many other ways to get back at people. She saves her fighting for the job. "Is it always this busy here?"
Harry Dresden has posed:
"Probably a good thing yes." he agrees.

He takes another bite of his sandwich and thanks the owner as three sandwiches arrive in a to go box. He indicates the building across the road and then offers a card to her,"Harry Dresden. Wizard and Private Investigator. My office is across the street."

He looks around the place and hmms,"It is Friday. The rest of the week can be a lot quieter, but Friday and Saturday night as well as Sunday afternoon can get busy." He nods to her and adds,"Probably a good thing you don't fight yes."
Quake has posed:
Of course, her sandwich arrived then too. Nodding thanks to Mac, she reaches across and takes Harry's card. "A wizard /and/ a private investigator? How do you reconcile those two professions? I mean, don't wizards make enough money by themselves?"

Quickly, she palms the card, and takes up half of her sandwich. "Me? I'm sorta an IT technowizard. Which means nothing compared to you. The wizard is just a joke, you know? A long time ago, when computers were new the technology was over most people's heads - probably still over. At least that's how I've heard."

Ok.. but it's only a little bit of a lie. For the first couple of years, until she got arrested by Interpol, most of the people working for SHIELD thought /that was/ her job. They were wrong.
Harry Dresden has posed:
"There isn't a lot of money in the wizard business. Most people see magic happen and still try to say it didn't." he replies,"Private Investigator is an acceptable means of income."

"From what I understand about computers, which is next to nothing, there are wizards within computer workers. Not wizards literal as most modern technology can't stand up to magic, mine especially."
Quake has posed:
Skye touches her nose with her index finger. "I would be one of those wizards amongst wizards. Though, you've got a point, not everyone can make a computer do what I can. Magic though? Goes over my head. Literally. It's almost a strange language that I can make neither heads nor tails of. Which bring me back to you. You can do magic. Well, you say you can, much like I say I work with computers."

A moments thought as she mows down on her sandwich, "What do you mean 'especially you?"
Harry Dresden has posed:
Finishing his sandwich, Harry puts some money on the bar for all the food. He finishes off his drink and listens to her talk about her abilties. When she asks avout what he means he shrugs.

"Magic is dangerous to technology. Some can work fine magics like a scalpel." he explains,"My power is more like a bomb. That, coupled with the fact my power is so deeply rooted in primal energy and bad things happen. I can burn up a television, unintentionally mind you, by just walking past it."
Quake has posed:
Skye puts the bit of her sandwich and thinks about that. "So.. You have a dial up telephone?" If. "And you read? All the time?"

Because, what else could he do in his spare time?

Mind you, it shouldn't take long to realize that she reads all day long for work, and goes home to.. you guessed it.. read some more. Except her words were on computer screens.
Harry Dresden has posed:
"Rotary dial phone, old VW bug, ice box, no television..." he replies. He smirks as he stands up to go,"Typewriter, no computer. It might cause you to break out in hives or something."

Bagging up his food, he nods to Skye,"It was nice meeting you, but I need to go and feed the fur terrors that live in my house."

Turning he heads out of the place. Sure enough, he crosses the street and unlocks the door to the office across the way.