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It's Fried Rice, you plick!
Date of Scene: 10 September 2023
Location: Hot Dumpling Restaurant, China Basin
Synopsis: What was intended to be a (currently) rare and quiet meal together for Helena and Jason turns into an attempted robbery. Helena single handedly takes care of the situation and then she and Jason have what might be the closest to an actual conversation about their lives, relationship, and who gets Jason's car if he ever dies. Again.
Cast of Characters: Red Hood, Huntress

Red Hood has posed:
Sneaking out like teenagers has been the way of it for Jason and Helena the past month or so. Not because they are or have parents to hide from, but then again Santo Casamento may as well be the angry father who doesn't approve of the likes of one Jason Todd. Even if he doesn't know that Todd happens to also be Red Hood.

Waiting for Helena in one of the back booths in Hot Dumpling, Jason waits for her to arrive while idly looking out across the restaurant and listening to the rapid fire conversation of the staff as they talk in Mandarin.
Huntress has posed:
Since that meeting on the rooftop, the Mafioso have been busy. There's been a couple of tit-for-tat retaliations, mostly indirectly targeting their businesses. The kind of action that could be deniable if one were called up in front of the Don of Dons.

Playing defensive, while not going on the /offense/ is difficult for Helena. She wants them all to burn. But promises were made, and so she's been working hard to keep tensions from boiling over within the Bertinelli family.

Some of that tension and tiredness must be apparent in Helena's posture when she strides in through the door. Slipping out of her own mansion is easy: more difficult when she's not wearing her costume and using any kind of zipline, but not difficult when she knows routines and weak spots.

Helena's wearing a figure-hugging black dress, a string of pearls, and flat shoes -- the one concession that allowed her to so readily slip past her own security. Her eyes skim the interior -- lighting on Jason with a subtle change of expression -- but she finishes the sweep before she sways towards his table. "It's so busy in here. Would you mind if we shared a table?"

It's not busy at all. Not enough to force them to share, anyway, so it's a flimsy kind of story.
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd sees her enter. How could he not? Even if he wasn't waiting for her, a woman showing up dressed like that and with those curves? He's not dead. Anymore.

Sitting in the booth, he wears a pale blue pinstriped Oxford shirt, the cuffs rolled up twice, black jeans and pristine white Adias sneakers. A leather jacket rests behind his back.

Watching her approach his booth and make that pitch, he considers just a moment. "Well. I'm not sure my girlfriend would approve. But as long as we're just sharing the booth and nothing questionable happens, I think it would be okay."
Huntress has posed:
"Your girlfriend?" Helena echoes, and there's really no need for her to act that jealousy as her dark gaze flickers over him. Her chin lifts, just a slight smile touching her lips. "Oh, I'm entirely trustworthy. Helena," she introduces herself, holding her hand out to him. It's an excuse, of course, letting that contact linger far beyond what would be deemed acceptable already.

Afterwards, Helena slides into the booth, setting her purse down on the top of the table, turning her interested gaze on her companion. "Just so we're clear, exactly what kind of questionable things would you need to avoid?"
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd causlly nods. "Yeah. Sorry to say I'm already taken. "She's gorgeous. A guy like me is lucky to have her. Actually you kind of remind me of her." The smile is small and impish as he shakes the hand. "Jason." His thumb strokes over the back of her hand.

He considers her last question. "Hmmm. I can get away with a lot I'm sure. Just need to try and avoid anything that would get me arrested, y'know? I'd have a hard time explaining that to her."
Huntress has posed:
"Oh. So she's an entirely law-abiding citizen?" Helena lifts a brow, smiling. "Well. That does leave a lot of leeway. Have you ordered yet?" She glances towards the staff, catching the nearest one's gaze.

"What do you recommend?"

Such a casual, innocuous question. Meanwhile, underneath the table, she slips off one of her shoes. The touch of her toes against his knee, sliding over his thigh, is unmistakable, but there's almost nothing of it in her expression. Just a tiny, satisfied curve of her mouth as she peruses the menu.
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd shakes his head, "Well I don't. Is anyone really entirely law abiding?" He smiles vaguely.

He feels those toes against his knee and thigh but he doesn't outwardly react. Yet.

"I like things spicy. Either the Szechuan meals, chicken pork or beef. Or General Tso's chicken or pork. If you like things more mild you can't go wrong with Sweet and Sour." He smiles, "For starters, Pot Stickers, Egg Drop soup, Egg or Spring rolls are great choices."

He has his menu laying on the table, right hand holding it. His left drops into his lap, finding that wayward foot to gently take hold of. He begins to slowly work his thumb against her arch, massaging and rubbing in slow circles.
Huntress has posed:
"I'll have you know I'm perfectly law abiding." Helena's chin lifts, but she can't quite make it look -- sound -- convincing. "For the most part. I pay my taxes." True. "I've paid a speeding fine or two." Or three -- but also true.

"Spicy sounds perfect. I'll go with the beef, and some egg rolls."

Well, there's a good counter-play. Helena lets out a solid breath that becomes a faint groan as his thumb hits a knot in the arch of her foot. She's really just not great at concealing her expression. "Your girlfriend is a /very/ lucky person, Jason."
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd appears unconvinced, "Mmm. But are you?" he asks suspiciously. "Everyone -says- they are.." He smiles as she follows up with her choice of meal. "Great. I think you'll like them." He considers, "I'm going to get the General Tso's and the Pot Stickers. They're great for sharing."

He takes her foot in both hands then and begins massaging with two thumbs, slowly working against that point of tension. "Well I'd like to think so. We haven't been dating that long but I think she's starting to realize the lengths I'll go to to make her and keep her happy. Pretty sure I'm just as lucky though. Even if she'd skin me alive if she caught us here, like this.." The smile is a little playful, maybe a little boyish. He's not used to admitting anything about his feelings but he is trying.

As the server comes over to take their order, he looks to Helena then orders for both of them, adding, "And a pot of tea for the both of us please."

As the server steps away, Jason gently lets go of Helena's foot. "I'll be right back. Need to go see a man about a thing" he says with a nod toward the restrooms.

A final pat to that foot then he slides out of the booth and heads toward the small hallway.
Huntress has posed:
"I suppose everyone has their moments of... slipping," Helena concedes, with a knowing smile. "I do try. But sometimes, especially in this city, it can feel like injustices are rife. I don't feel sympathy for criminals... but I understand, in some respects, why they turn to such a life." And just how easy it is, especially for one raised to a criminal family. It's a moment of genuine confession hidden within the faux moment, and it makes her, for a second, look deliberately away.

It's not a thing she wants to linger on, but fortunately the server arriving allows them a distraction, Helena watching Jason with avid, undisguised focus as he orders. "I think she'd understand," Helena says, finally. "But yes, she would still skin you alive," with a knowing laugh.

When Jason releases her foot, there's a faint twitch of her brows as if she wants to protest, and when he indicates his need for the bathroom, she concedes. She sure is watching him go, though.
Red Hood has posed:
As Jason disappears into the hallway, the front door opens and four new customers walkin. Two move up to the counter as if they were going to place a To Go order and the other two spread out to either side, hands tucked in their pockets.

After a brief, quiet, conversation, the owner of the restaurant shakes his head, "No. No! I will not pay you more!" He starts shouting further in rapid-fire Mandarin that the apparently not-customers shout right back at him while also moving to pull out guns. Someone in the know would recognize them as full auto Glocks with extended clips.

The other two are now looking at the few customers there are, one holding a riot shotgun, the last has a pistol.

So far they aren't paying Shoeless Bertinelli any mind. Which will probably be to there detriment.
Huntress has posed:
Well, this is unfortunate. What's a girl gotta do to have a clandestine outing with her boyfriend and some good egg rolls? Helena's gaze flickers to her purse. She has a gun in there, but being caught with that is absolutely going to immediately escalate things, and she's not wearing her costume.

Some part of her is tempted to say nothing -- do nothing. But however much she tries to convince herself she doesn't feel a civic duty, criminals that prey on the innocent absolutely hit the Huntress' naughty list.

The Italian woman eases to her feet, takes a couple of steps to the next table: "May I borrow this? My tea hasn't come out yet." She picks up the teapot and takes off the lip, before she turns towards the man with the shotgun, obliviously stumbling towards him. /Seemingly/ obvious, anyway -- the second she's in range she flips the hot water up into his face and closes fast.

In addition to being trained in crossbows and guns, Helena was the beneficiary of a very extensive education in various martial arts by two of Sicily's finest assassins. She strikes fast and deliberately, one hand shoving at the wrist holding the shotgun to guide it upwards while her other hand seeks to slam into the bad guy's throat.
Red Hood has posed:
What's worse - a girl's going to have to do this herself because her guy conveniently stepped out for "a minute". Men.

The plot works. Should it have? Well there is that saying about being lucky or good. Helena is clearly both.

As she throws the hot water on the Triad member with the shotgun, he howls. Except the two leading the group are in a full on argument in Mandarin with the owner who is yelling back. Give the owner credit he has much more backbone than most would when facing down a Triad collections team.

All that noise would have completely covered up Helena's actions if it weren't for the shotgun going off and blowing a hole in the ceiling tiles -- which earns a new string of Angry Mandarin aimed in her direction for destroying the ceiling. How inconsiderate!

Still the two in front try to grab for money from the register while the third member with a pistol turns to try and aim at the woman attacking his buddy. Helena clearly has training because she is both taking down Shotgun Guy and keeping his body positioned between herself and the guy with the pistol.

This extortion attempt seems like it could have gone better.
Huntress has posed:
Some part of Helena probably suspects this is all a set up. Maybe Jason even partnered with Batman to try and set up some good-guy scenario to get Huntress back on the right track. She absolutely wouldn't put it past Batman. Jason working with Batman though seems far less likely.

So maybe it's just bad timing.

"Oh, damn. I'm so clumsy, I'm sorry, here, let me-" Helena /shoves/ shotgun guy back into his buddy with the pistol, the twist of her wrist attempting to claim the shotgun from him as she does. And she's being yelled at by the shop owner. It's looking likely she wont get those egg rolls, and damn. She was looking forward to them.

Assuming she gets the shotgun, she's going to level it at the pair still hassling the owner. "I can't speak Mandarin, unfortunately. I assume he's telling you no, and that you need to leave, etcetera. I think that's a good idea."
Red Hood has posed:
That would be really underhanded of anyone to do, to set up an honest business man - terrify him even - with a pretend robbery just for the sake of urging Helena to to the right thing.

Her efforts to wrest away the shotgun succeed. Few men, even with the Triad, can weather a blow to the throat and manage to hold on to their weapon while trying to breathe again.

Number 3 guy isn't sure what to do. Helena just took down their heavy firepower and has the shotgun. His 9mm isn't going to do a lot against that hand cannon. Still he's trying be a good gang member but cowardace is beginning to win out.

The two yelling at the owner turn and their eyes grow large on seeing the large barrel aimed their way. Hands raised, the leader-est one of the group nods. "We'll go. This is a dangerous think you have done. The Traid doesn't forget." That should sound awfully familiar.

The three lower their weapons and carefully go to gather their downed companion and leave the small resaurant.

Just then, Jason comes out, frowning. He slows a step as he sees Helena holding a shotgun on three (and a half) men trying to get themselves gone quickly.

".. Ohhhkay. What did I miss?"

And right on cue, the owner turns to yell at Jason in Mandarin while pointing at Helena and then the ceiling and gesticulating wildly.

Holding his hands up in surrender, he listens and then replies back in flawless Mandarin, calmly and quietly. Somehow the situation begins to de-escalate until finally he looks to Helena.

"If we give him the shotgun to defend himself, he'll still make our lunch."

With a hopeful look, Jason watches Helena. "I'm really hungry.."
Huntress has posed:
/I don't forget./

"And neither do I." For a moment, Helena Bertinelli forgets she's not supposed to be the Mafia Donna. In this moment, there's a menace in her voice, a threat that says she can back up whatever punishment they can dream of and return it tenfold... and more than that, she /looks forward to it./

When you play the part for long enough, sometimes it's no longer playing.

Helena covers the triad figures until they leave, just as Jason returns... in time. Suspiciously in time. She gives him a sharp look, which only softens when he negotiates with the owner. "Throw in extra egg rolls and tell him he has a deal." She walks over and sets the shotgun on the counter.

"You have terrible timing, Jason Peter Todd."

Someone's in trouble!
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd looks like he's been totally flim-flammed here.

"Seriously. What happened. Uncle Benny isn't telling me, just that you shot a hole in the ceiling and I see you running some guys out of the place.." he blinks. "Shit. They were -Triad-?" he turns to converse with Uncle Benny again. The gestures the older man makes are the whole answer: Yes, dumbass, they were Triad!

Sighing quietly, he speaks quietly to Benny again and the man seems to calm down. Looking to Helena then back he nods.

"Okay. You stay" he jabs a thumb at Helena. "You too. Because she did good job. AND put hole in roof!!" that part still seems to be a sticking point.

Jason nods, "Thanks Uncle Benny.."

Moving to the booth again, he looks at Helena. "What? I can't control the call of nature." He pauses then frowns, "Wait. You think I put you up to all of this?"
Huntress has posed:
"It was a choice between a hole in the roof or in one of your customers," Helena replies to Uncle Benny, scowling briefly. Good thing Jason's being the nice one here, soothing Benny.

She paces Jason towards the booth, hesitates. "I don't know. A war with the Triad would be a good distraction."

The only person that thinks a war with the Chinese Mafia is a /good/ distraction surely Helena Bertinelli. The fact that she even considers he might make such a distraction probably says a whole lot about herself and her own insecurities.

It wars on her face for a second, before she expels a breath. "No, I don't. Sorry. Just... timing." Helena sinks down into the booth, flexing her hand she struck at the man with.
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd settles in and leans across the table, seeking to take her hands in his. "Well I'm glad that you don't." He will try to meet her gaze, "Because it is the truth. I didn't have anything to do with it. And Benny is just upset. Less about the hole and more that the Triad is so persistent in trying to strong arm him. He's scared." She knows how that goes. Chinese or Italian, getting 'protection' money methods really aren't so different.

"But he isn't going to call GCPD. He has the shotgun. He's.. mostly happy. Let's try to make the best of this? We could get it to go and get out of here if you'd like? Head to a park? Whatever sounds best?"
Huntress has posed:
When he takes her hands, there's a slight wince. "It's the cost of doing business." Helena says it, albeit with a grimace. She doesn't agree with it -- but it's the nature of life in Gotham. And the 'protection' does, at least in the Cosa Nostra's case, provide them cover from other potential criminals. It's not a pleasant ecosystem, at all. But it is what it is.

"Unless you make this your regular hangout, Benny's going to need that shotgun. Maybe more than the shotgun."

When Jason suggests leaving, Helena's brow creases. "Are you kidding? I want my egg rolls. They better be off the charts good, though." The threat doesn't have any weight to it, though.
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd strokes her hands gently with this thumbs. "Sure. It doesn't make it right."

He nods. "This is the sort of thing that needs to stop all over the city. Thankfully there are People who are working on that." A nod to their alter egos as it were.

"I eat here often but no one could be here every day. But you're right. More than a shotgun will be needed. Someone will have to visit those guys and make sure they stop coming around.

"I didn't mean leave without the food.." he laughs. "But things have calmed down and it looks like Benny's getting it all ready now anyway."
Huntress has posed:
"I don't think this is something we can stop." As their alter egos, as it were. It makes Helena frown, that awareness. She wonders if Batman ever just sits in a random restaurant and has this happen to him. She guesses not.

"If that's your way of asking me out on a date to go ruffle some feathers, you know I can't say no to that." Even as difficult as it might be to arrange given the circumstances right now.

When Jason clarifies he means /with the food/, Helena seems to relent. "Good. Because you were about to get stabbed in some part of you with a chopstick. I'm starving." Her gaze falls down to where his hands fold over hers. "Thank you." She doesn't say what for, but it's heartfelt nonetheless.
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd nods. "Maybe not. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Or they shouldn't." THe vigilantes. "I'd be all for that sort of outing together. Best date idea yet. But the timing will have to work for obvious reasons."

Then the food is brought over and with a last gentle squeeze of her hands Jason leans back. "You're welcome. Always." It doesn't matter for what.

As the food is set down, Benny mutters again in Mandarin and then heads back into the kitchen.

Jason laughs quietly. "Thanks Uncle Benny."

He grabs his chopsticks and slips them out of the paper wrapper to prepare for an attack on the pot stickers.
Huntress has posed:
Helena's breath rushes out of her. "Yeah. We should still try. And it's not like I have a day job anymore, so-" technically untrue. Given her criminal enterprise is a twenty-four seven operation.

She's watching Benny more than the food when he delivers it.

"He said something like 'don't bring that girl of yours back again', didn't he?" Helena guesses, not very seriously, as she grabs a set of chopsticks for herself and immediately starts in on the egg rolls, pulling them all towards her.
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd doesn't try to stop her from claiming the egg rolls. Not after she single handedly saved the restaurant (and their lunch) from being robbed. He'll just have some pot stickers and his spicy General Tso's.

After nibbling one of them, he slides it toward her, "Want to try one? They're basically pork dumplings."

Looking back to Benny he laughs. "No. Uh. That's actually not what he said.." he shakes his head, "Uncle Benny likes you. You've got fire and spirit. He told me I should marry you so you can protect me from getting my ass kicked by the Triad or anyone else...."
Huntress has posed:
Are they sharing now? As if warily wondering if this is a trap, Helena takes one of the pot stickers, and makes a surprised noise. "All right. They're pretty good. Not as good as the egg rolls, but I guess you can have one... or two."

He better be quick, though, because she's working her way exclusively through them while they're still hot and crispy.

When Jason relays what Uncle Benny said, Helena glances after the man, and smiling a knowing smile, merely says, "Uncle Benny is a wise soul. And kind, to assume I'd actually protect you."
Red Hood has posed:
"You'll break Uncle Benny's heart if you don't. I'm his favorite." That is a bald faced lie if ever there was one.

Taking the remainder of his pot stickers back, he shakes his head, "It's okay. I don't want to mooch if you like them that much." He smiles and winks before going back to stuffing his face. Between bites he looks up, "Her majesty is doing really well with her kittens. They're getting fat. And mobile." The last part sounds like a dangerous development. But at least Jason didn't call her The Pope this time? Maybe he's decided the cat is more Royalty than Divinity.
Huntress has posed:
"I think /I/ might be the favorite now. I gave him a shotgun and saved his business," Helena counters swiftly. "And I'm way better looking."

That he lets her keep her prized egg rolls earns him a bright smile as she finishes off another.

It takes Helena a moment to realize he's talking about the cat. "You upgraded her title." Or downgraded it, considering. "Yeah, mobile kittens means you're in real trouble soon. If you disappear off the face of the earth I'll assume one of them fell down a drain and you had to go after them, and got eaten by a sewer crocodile. I'll make sure to drop by to feed the cats who will take over your place."
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd shrugs, "Eh. Uncle Benny likes women who are big enough to break him in half." It's matter of fact like he's spoken on this topic with the man before. Or heard the man voice his opinion anyway. "I'm the one that loves a woman with dangerous curves." A woman. Not in general. He chose those words carefully.

"Yeah. She's to terrifying to be holy. So I'm going to call her Catherine The Great. Or just Cat." Which still works for the full name.

"If I fall down a drain and get eaten by a crocodile, the whole place is wired to implode" Is he serious? Given the almost casual way he says it, it could go either way.

"They're kind of cute. At least when they're not escaping. I've put trackers on each of them already." The voice of experience.
Huntress has posed:
"I probably couldn't break him in half," Helena concedes, with a faux disappointment that vanishes into amusement as he continues. For a moment, she sets her chin on her hand, elbow planted on the table, as she regards Jason. "Ah, yes. This girlfriend of yours. The more I hear about her, the more I admire her."

"Catherine the Great.. who caused a great upheaval in Russia. Appropriate." When she learns Jason's wired his place, Helena looks genuinely horrified. "What? No. You'll destroy the car." A beat. "And the cats." Priorities.

His admission he's put trackers on them makes Helena laugh, as she finishes off the last egg roll. Then something seems to occur to her, eyes narrowing in a sudden suspicion. "Did you put a tracker on me?"
Red Hood has posed:
"He's a wild one I bet" Jason agrees.

"She's one of a kind, it's true. She makes me happy. When she isn't frustrating the hell out of me or driving me insane. So I guess it's pretty serious." He quiets a moment to take some bites of his meal before it gets cold.

"She's a good mother so far. Pretty sure she'll make her mark on history yet." Then a shrug, "If I can't have the car no one can." That's his final answer. Probably.

He looks up from stabbing a bite of spicy chicken and rice. "You?" He meets her gaze and says simply, "Not that you're aware of." And that is for the best, no doubt. Just not for his health and safety. But he certainly does love to tease her. The fire in her eyes is magical.
Huntress has posed:
"Oh. Serious, is it?" Helena keeps her tone light, but there's some fragility there. Some care, like she's not sure how far she wants to press -- like she's not sure about the answers she wants, or doesn't want to hear. "You know what they say-" and she switches to Sicilian briefly, before translating, "No one is attracted to someone who they do not resemble." She gives a brief smile. "Then again, they also say that in war, hunting and love you suffer a thousand pains for one pleasure."

That feels kind of apt, given all they've gone through lately.

Helena clears her throat pointedly. "Seems to me if you're serious about this girl of yours, you should make sure she gets to keep some part of you. The car seems like an apt choice."

The Italian woman gives him a weighted look. Kind of like she's debating whether to haul him over the table or kick him. "If I find one, you'll regret it," she promises, probably without real heat despite her tone, as she pulls the other dish towards her.
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd considers this, "Seems like it could be. I'll have to see what she wants too. It's not just up to me." He's not that dumb. Listening to the sayings he considers. "Well they also say opposites attract. Though so far we do seem to have far mor in common than not. I think that's a good thing really." He pauses to take a drink.

"Pleasure's always good. Pain? It's just pleasure taken too far. Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment" he considers with a shrug.

"A part of me? I'm pretty sure my car is just a possession" he counters with a shrug. "Anyone can buy, sell, or build a car. I'd think she'd want something more" he pauses to consider the right word and shrugs, picking the one he can think of that is the closest, ".. lasting. Or something. I'm not really good at this stuff, I'm just trying. It scares the hell out of me that I'm going to do or say the wrong thing and realize it was just a cruel dream." He jabs at his food with his fork pensively.

"There are a lot of things I regret" he adds simply then adds, "But there aren't any on you."
Huntress has posed:
/Could be,/ he says, and Helena's eyes narrow. "It seems like you just tore up most of the city for her, even if it was the opposite of what she wanted, and that you're very lucky she forgives you." A beat. "That she did says its serious for her, too." It's much easier to admit it in the third person, unsurprisingly.

"You are definitely a glutton for punishment." The words seem to lighten Helena's mood, easing away from something too serious, for a moment. But that doesn't last long.

Helena sets down her chopsticks, dark eyes watching Jason as he pensively plays with his food. "You love that car," she says, plainly. "And it means a lot to you. It's saved your life more than once, arguably. Maybe hers too. It's more than just a car, or a possession. It /is/ a part of you." She reaches over the table, fingertips touching the back of his hand. "But if you want to get her some nice jewelry, too, I bet she wouldn't object." A beat. "Maybe not even if it had a tracker in it."

Apparently it's okay if she /knows/ about it. She gets why the want is there. Her position and situation is precarious right now, and anything she can do to ease Jason's mind is well -- surprisingly okay with her.
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd snorts quietly. "I'm lucky she forgives me, yes. But the same goes for her too, honestly. Both of us did some pretty egregious things. Betrayed trust. But we both seem to understand why the other did what they did. So I believe we're in a good place. It was pretty difficult for a while though."

He puts the fork down and turns his hand in an effort to catch her fingers.

"She just wants the car. If I put it in my will to go to her? The moment I sign it, there'll be a pair of cement shoes in my size just waiting so she can get it.." there's a wickedly playful glint in those blue eyes. "But even that risk is worth it. She's worth it. And jewelry." What girl isn't?

"Maybe if there's time after we finish here, I can get your thoughts on the best sort of jewelry to get her. She's pretty great. A good friend. Like you."
Huntress has posed:
"You hurt each other." Helena agrees with that, her voice softening. "She thought it was for the best. She'll never admit she was wrong." A beat. "But she's glad you're back together. That you're both in a good place."

It's not hard to catch her fingers. Dark eyes flicker down to where that contact is made, and Helena breathes out a slow breath. It turns into a quick laugh at his descriptive cement shoes end. "Hopefully she'd at least start with the horse's head as warning before escalating straight to the cement shoes." Her dark eyes are amused. "She might not say it, but I think you mean more to her than the car." She considers for a moment. "For now. But you're right, it's not an unreasonable fear." Her smile deepens, a teasing affection in the expression.

She hums faintly. Tempted. /Really/ tempted. "I'd love to. But there's a place I'm going to be expected." She catches her bottom lip in her teeth. "Raincheck?"
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd nods. "Sometimes the best thing is just admitting we need help." It's quiet. One could argue it's surprisingly insightful from someone so short fuzed and impulsive.

He strokes the back of her hand. "I don't know. She's got a temper." Also joking. Then he plays along. "I knew it. She's really just after the car." He sighs. "Oh well. I guess that's better than nothing." A smirk.

"She's got a really great ass, by the way. Have you -seen- it?" A low whistle plays this observation up even more.

He nods. "That's fine. Schedules are tight these days. I'm pretty sure I can figure out some things she'll appreciate." Things, not just singular.

"Raincheck." He squeezes her fingers lightly. "We should probably finish our food before it gets cold. It's not quite as good then."
Huntress has posed:
Admitted in a soft voice: "It's also the hardest thing." Asking for help. At least it is for Helena, and she's pretty sure it is for him, too. They are used to working alone, not relying on anyone else. Having done so both to Jason, and more recently to Batman is still an uncomfortable thing she has yet to adjust to.

"She might just be after the car," Helena concedes, with a deeper smile. "But that's the thrill of it, isn't it? Not quite knowing?" The whistle and the compliment receive a hushed laugh. "No. But when I leave, you can tell me later how it compares."

Things. Her eyes glitter with anticipation. She's not a greedy person, though it's fair to say she does indulge in the finer things in life. Mostly in food and wine; the most jewelry she usually wears is a gold cross around her neck. Then again, things with /meaning/ are another story.

"Why do you think I ate the egg rolls first?" Helena says, with a knowing smile, as she tucks into the rest of the meal.
Red Hood has posed:
"Because you didn't want me to eat them."

That's more the truth than any fear of them getting cold, he's sure of it.

"It is a pretty nice car. Some day it will need to find a new owner that appreciates it. I suppose it could be her as much as anyone. She probably has more right to it anyway."

He finally circles back to the beginning of her comment, "It is hard. But the best things always are. That's why I'm invested in making things work."
Huntress has posed:
"That," Helena's forced to concede between bites, "/And/ they taste best when they're hot and crispy." But probably mostly, yes, so she could claim them all.

"I think she'd love it. She'll be hell on the gear box, but she would love it." A moment's hesitation. "She'd probably understand if you wanted to give it to one of your family." While Helena's aware Jason isn't close with the Batfamily, they're still 'family', and in her own family rules it would be unthinkable to give away such a gift outside the family.

"Sounds like you're doing all right. Keep plying her with egg rolls, and I think you two have a bright future together." She is both joking and not.
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd uh huh's.. unconvinced about the egg rolls but amused all the same.

"Yeah. I'm afraid of what she'll do to the gears" he admits with trepidation. "But everyone has to start somewhere."

He sits back to consider her comment about giving it to family. "Nah. What family I have, already has their own hot rods to baby." He looks out the window before adding, "She's as much family as anyone at this point. It'd be doing right by her and the car if I did leave it for her. Yeah." Mind made up it seams.

"As long as Uncle Benny lets me back in, I'll guarantee it" he adds with a smile.