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First guest
Date of Scene: 11 September 2023
Location: Angelica Jones' Apartment, Morrisania
Synopsis: Logan came to visit Angelica at her new place. They had a good talk and then he made sure she didn't have to worry about rent for a while.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Wolverine

Firestar has posed:
Leaving a message for Logan, she gives him the new address and an open invitation whenver he is in the neighborhood. Currently she is arranging things and getting unpacked. She has the place more or less under control though it is clear she is still working at it.

A small glass of Evan Williams sits on the counter and it is half full. She's far from drunk, but she is trying to relax a little bit. Too many things coming at her at once right now.
Wolverine has posed:
Logan will look over the buliding, the place and even take some pamphlets. He wll make his way up to her room. There's a knock. Logan will always knock the first time on a carte blanche invte. He wants to be sure he got the right place. Then he'llw ait for the door to open up and be allowed inside.
Firestar has posed:
She moves to the door and looks through the peep hole. A smile and she opens it,"Hey. You found me." she offers lightly,"Come it. It isn't much, but I think it will do. You want a drink?" She tries to be a hostess anyway and is clearly glad to see him.
Wolverine has posed:
"Yeah, whateve ryou got," and then Logan will look about the place nce inside. "There's a story to ths," he says but doesn't press anything more than that. Jus tpointing out that tere is a story here. He knwos it, but won't ask until she's ready to speak it.
Firestar has posed:
She goes to the cabinet, opens it, frowns, closes it, and opens another. She gets a glass and pours him some from the open Evan Williams bottle. Capping it again she comes back and gives him the glass,"There is yes." she agrees and motions towards the couch as she takes her glass in hand as well,"A lot of story. I'll tell you if you have the time."
Wolverine has posed:
"You can tell me or we can drink," Logan offers for a moment. It's just him being supportive to Angelica. Not rocking the boat too much, but letting her come into the situation how he wshes to rather than forcing Angelica to do so.
Firestar has posed:
Taking a seat, Angelica shrugs,"I went in to ask about Essex since I couldn't access any of the computers. Jean asked questions, I asked questions, and we both got answers."

"I know where I stand with X-Force now and told Betsy I wanted out since I wasn't aware of Lucifer or his son or whatever. Sinister either. She agreed and we talked about it a while."

She holds up the metal card and tells Logan,"Jean didn't like this at all. We had some words and she implied some things that were out of line. My temper popped a little and I told her I'd leave. She told me to be present if I was staying and I told her I had been nothing but present all summer getting things ready."
Wolverine has posed:
Logan looks toward Angelica as he waits for her to explain it all. "So, that's why yer here?" he asks softly. That's something he just takes in for a moment. "So, what are ya gonna do to survive? Didn't ya just add some stress to yer plate," Logan asks honestly on that front.

"Would ya ever cme back?" It's just a question coming out. Logan has has own concerns regarding this. The ocean blue eyes watch Angelica.
Firestar has posed:
"Yeah this's where I landed." she replies,"Heather's gonna send some money, I have some savings, and I have several people wanting tutoring help at NYU. It helps when you're the expert without the degree. I've never been so popular."

"I have a lot of new stress yes, but stepping from X-Force and away from teaching at Xavier's lightened the load considerably. School, Justice League, and the think tank GIRL is all I have to worry about for now. Making extra money on campus to keep eating and living the minimalistic life."

She is quiet for a moment and shakes her head,"I don't know. I didn't appreciate being told to be present when I haven't left that place all summer except to go help Heather." she admits,"Never say never, but that was petty, presumptuous, and a little hurtful. I've been hurt worse, but not by someone I actually looked up to."
Wolverine has posed:
"Well, I think you n' her may wanna talk at a later date. Right now -both- of ya need time to cool off," Logan's going to be honest on that one. Thinking of it as a time out more than anything else.

"I ain't sayin' what was said was right. I'm just sayin' this is a hell of a misunderstandin' to be solved another day when everyone's thinkin' clearly. This is the best for everyone right now.

"I know this may not seem like it, but I'm proud of ya. Not 'bout the fight. Just doin' this on yer own. It'll harden ya a little. Don't need much of that. Still, what ya did ain't easy. I respect ya Firecracker," he will actually hold his arms open for a hug thinking she might need it. Logan knows Angelica may be low on moral support right now. He still has her back.
Firestar has posed:
"I'll talk to her again. Probably not there and not here, but I will talk to her." she tells him,"I am cooling off. Redheads are dangerous after all." A wink for him and a little smile.

"Things were volatile for sure. We probably both said more than we should have." she admits,"Maybe shifting to I can leave wasn't necessary, but I did and here I am."

She shrugs and when he says he is proud her lip quivers just a little. Saying he respects her gets a little moisture to the eye area and when he offers her a hug she is only too willing to accept that, hugging him tight.
Wolverine has posed:
"Known fer a long time redheads can be a lotta things. 'Dangerous' is one of 'em," he says honestly on that one. Even give a small wink. Then the talk goes serious.

"I know. I know it was hard," Logan says softly. It's his permission to cry. He's telling her that it's okay. Everything from love life problems, work problems, living problems, Angelica had it all at the moment. He knows anyone would be rattled by this. Logan is trying to help unwind the tight spring known as Angelica.
Firestar has posed:
She laughs softly inspite of herself at the mention of dangrous red heads,"Don't you forget it." she quips softly.

The flood gates finally open and she does cry for a while. Things are pretty tense right now, but she is managing to take some of the pressure off. Still, it's all riding on her mind and she's finally just letting it go like she should have a long time ago. The spring won't unwind fast, but it is loosening.
Wolverine has posed:
Logan will stay there for as long as need be. Be the shoulder for every tear because sometimes even the person acting like the strongest person iin the room needs to break down. He'll stay there for as long as necessary. Even pass out in a chair f need be. Angelica doesn't have many people watching out for her, but she does have one. An angry man that will be snoring in that chair.
Wolverine has posed:
Epilogue: When Angelica goes to pay rent there's a credit in her account of 33,000 dollars. That's around two to three years worth of rent waiting.

When she goes down to talk to the office staff about it. They kind of scramble, one will say, "The individual in question told us not to give names. Simply said, 'Santa Claus.'"

Someone will add, "That's a pretty grumpy looking Santa. He's going to scare so many children at the mall this year."

Then the first person will turn back to Angelica, "When your lease is up, are you looking to upgrade your room?"