15593/A night on a new town!

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A night on a new town!
Date of Scene: 12 September 2023
Location: The Bronze, Sunnydale
Synopsis: Adam meets Willow at The Bronze and asks her on a date, she says yes!
Cast of Characters: Black Ranger (Park), Willow Rosenberg

Black Ranger (Park) has posed:
Who says you can't mix business with pleasure, that's what Adam thought as he strolled around Sunny Dale. He'd been sent here to help Tommy, but tonight he was out and about on his own, eventually winding up at The Bronze. Shrugging Adam walked in, tonight he wears a tight black t-shirt that shows his muscles, black jeans and sneakers. Adam heads to the bar smiling he orders his first drink.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Willow wasn't at the Bronze these days. With her jobs, schooling, heroing, and sleep! That did leave her many hours to lay back and just hang out. But today was a Monday, and she thought to herself, if she took a booth at the back, she could listen to the tunes, AND do her homework.

At least she told herself that was the plan.

Her feet were clad in Birkenstocks, at odds with a new skirt and shirt in black (very untypical for Willow, who normally wore tie-dyed flowerchild sort of skirts and a top to go with it). Of course she still had her satchel with her computer, and the books she had to read. And a virgin iced tea (because homework and alcohol would only end up bad..).
Black Ranger (Park) has posed:
Adam Park spying Willow he smiles grabbing his beer he walks over to the booth. "Hey...Willow right?" He asks with a shy sort of smile. "May I join you?" Adam takes a sip and waits for the response as he looks around the place. "Interesting vibe this place has." He says with a shrug glancing over his shoulder a bit.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
*blink blink*

Oh! She remembers. Throwing on a smile, she moves over in the booth. "Adam, right? You are friends with Tommy!" As though she had met Tommy ages ago instead of the very same night. "I was just going to study." Of course, when she thinks about that, she realizes that people at the Bronze weren't there to study - usually they are there to dance or to vibe with the beat. "Yay, you saved me?"

At least she tried to be more normal?

"The Bronze kinda has bits and pieces of music. Sometimes they get bands in. My friend Oz played here once. Dingoes Ate My Baby? Have you heard of them? Anyways, they were pretty good. Sit down. I'm presuming that you and Tommy aren't from around here."

Whether they are from a part of North America, or the outer solar system isn't guessed at.
Black Ranger (Park) has posed:
Adam Park chuckles and takes a seat. "Yes it's Adam, and yes I'm friends with Tommy, we've known and worked together for years. Same Sensei and all." Adam says with a playful smile. "Can I get you a drink?" Adam asks. "Oh I saved you, does that make me a hero now?" Adam's laugh is joyous and light hearted. "Nope haven't heard of that band, and no were not from here as In Sunny Dale, were from a place called Angel Grove, it's in Canada."
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"I know there! My other friend Kara went to school there. I went to the P.N.E. a couple of years ago with her and her boyfriend at the time." The PNE stands for Pacific National Exhibition, and for two weeks at the end of summer the fairgrounds are open to the west coast of Canada's biggest fair in the year. "I know, Canada is a big place, so I won't ask you do you know of her!"

Willow giggles at that.

"So if Tommy is setting up a dojo here, does that mean you two are relocating?" She holds up her drink to inform him that right now she has a drink.
Black Ranger (Park) has posed:
Adam Park chuckles and nods his head. "Ah well you know of Angel Grove that's awesome. Nice place isn't it?" He asks her but shakes his head back and forth at the question of relocating. "No we won't be relocating our job needs us at home." He says easily. "Well be here to set it up, and start the training and once we get people trained up enough, we will then leave them in charge of the day to day most likely. But we will be here to check in periodically."
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"Oh." At that, Willow looks saddened. "Well, I guess we could visit you there." When she has time! And Buffy could take a day off from patrolling. "I'm still at school. My Master's actually. Probably going to take another year - possibly two to finish, and then I don't know what to do. I suppose I could work at X-Corp. I work for them now. Just.."

It is a /good/ job, but.. And it's the 'but' that makes her think that there must be something else for her.
Black Ranger (Park) has posed:
Adam Park smiles and laughs. "Yes well we can also visit you here. I kind of like this place and the company's been rather pleasant too." He teases giving Willow a once over with a bit of a blush. "So...it's a good job but...what? I was actually debating the college thing or perhaps becoming a cop." Adam shrugs his shoulders. "I'm 22 and still figuring things out you know?"
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"Well, you have to be careful - some folks take advantage of you." Especially if you are like Willow. She doesn't mention that, though.

"There are some great schools out here. And, of course, along the west coast. What would you be interested in?"

The 'but' still hangs over her, as she thinks. "I'm the only non-mutant in the company. That's one thing. There's only so much I can do without being one. I see what skills one person has, and I look for a match - either inside the Corporation, or without. And other than that, I use the other time that I have doing research. It's not bad, and I can put my comp-sci skills to work, but I don't really get to be on the edge of my degrees at that job. I kinda like theoretical mathematics. Right now? It's lacking."
Black Ranger (Park) has posed:
Adam Park nods his head and takes a sip. "Me well...I like music, play a bit actually, but law enforcement would give me a way to put my mind and body to work protecting people." He says thoughtfully. "Though in that spectrum there's also being an attorney." Adam says tapping his chin in thought. "My dad was military that just never seemed a good fit for me though you know?" Her response has him nodding. "You need to do something that you enjoy, something you can take pride in you know? Though what do I know I'm a shy introvert." Adam laughs. "Though in truth I'd like to hang out with and get to know you more, youre...interesting and kind."
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Willow cant her head at that. "Interesting? Buffy is interesting. I'm just a geek with some very unusual bents that I sometimes blurt out!" With that, she laughs. "I do make a good chocolate cookie though, even if I say so myself!"

She nods at his choices. "You don't feel like a soldier. But sometimes the shyest people find their voice there. So what do I know! An attorney sounds good. I could see you doing that. Or a cop.. no! Someone who works for something like the FBI. Then you could do a little of both."

"It's not that I don't care about my work, it's just.. work? You know? I have things that keep me busier than my job. Things that make a difference."
Black Ranger (Park) has posed:
Adam Park smiles and chuckles. "Oh an FBI profiler could be fun!" He chuckles. "No you're definitely interesting, interesting enough that I want to get to know you better." He says with a massive blush. "Well umm...can I take you out sometime?" He asks looking away and taking a sip. "Focus on the things that make a difference Willow."
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"Me?" Willow squeaks a bit. "You know..Well, I'm assuming you mean a date date" Right? I don't date only men, you realize that. I mean I am happy to be a friend, regardless. You're kind of a neat person too. And don't worry about me taking the time to look out for the real important things in life. Sometimes I worry that I that worry too much about them."
Black Ranger (Park) has posed:
Adam Park smiles and looks at Willow taking a sip. "That's fine Willow, I do mean a date date, I don't mind that you don't date only men. I'm not the jealous type." He laughs and rubs the back of his neck.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
With that, Willow grins. "Okay, with that out of the with, yes. I would like to go on a date with you. But, unfortunately, I've got to finish my school work. Tommy has my particulars. Get them from him. Tell him, Willow said yes."

And with her satchel grabbed up, she waves at him, and is gone.