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White Knight and Black Widow
Date of Scene: 12 September 2023
Location: Genghis Connie's - Restaurant
Synopsis: White knighting goes wrong.
Cast of Characters: Phobos, Black Widow (Romanoff)

Phobos has posed:
    The main room in Genghis Connie's was alive with activity on a late Friday night. The delivery side of the house was busy busy busy with all of the orders going out and the three different delviery boys they had working for them. Then on top of that they had a packed house to such a degree that even the tall top tables were filled with people standing there using the wooden platforms to eat as people milled around and meandered. Sometimes in the background orders would be shouted, other times there was the jangle of the front door bell.
    It might have been hectic. But the Chinese food was worth it.
    "Szechuan Crispy Chicken is like... General Tso's sort of, but you know, crispy and fried." The words were heard as the couple walked into the front room, the tall blond young man lifted a hand in greeting as Connie was calling over with a hand on the receiver of the phone.
    "Sit anywhere you find, we'll be right with you!"
    Which had Alexander turning back to Natasha, "Good with some shrimp tempura too."
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"So, it's General Tso's without the sauce? Or basically Chinese fried chicken nuggets? Because that is what you are making it sound like."

Natasha couldn't resist teasing. Admittedly, she'd never tried Szechuan Crispy Chicken. She had tried General Tso's, which was also usually fried but not really crispy anymore because of the sauce. Unless it was super fresh and then it still didn't last through the entire meal before it was soggy. Still yummy but the crispy disappeared.

At the mention of taking a seat, she waved to Connie then turned to lead the way over to a table that was just coming open. It would require the table to be cleared but at least they would have a seat.

Natasha was dressed comfortably. A pair of leggings with an oversized t-shirt tossed over a tank top, leaving a shoulder partially bare as the larger shirt hung a bit to the side. She'd fit in well in the 80s and yet it still fit in modern times. Her hair was still slightly damp as she'd taken a shower before they headed out, but should be completely dry soon. They'd sparred a bit before coming out. Which would explain the shiner and the bruise on her arm just barely visible under the sleeve of the shirt on the opposite side from the bare shoulder.
Phobos has posed:
    "Pretty much, but spicier." Alexander's voice raised to be heard a little more over the rumble of the Friday night crowd. He stepped to the side and gave a nod toward one of the available high top tables, sure they wouldn't be able to sit down but it's better to get food and stand, than not get food and never sit.
    Alex was wearing loose clothes since they had been training. He had those white basketball sneakers on that he often wore when going to the gym or working out. He also had those grey sweat shorts that really he should have thrown out by now since both of the pockets had holes in them. But they had a side benefit that whenever he wore them, Natasha would end up having to pay the bill. And finally on his broad chest he had a black t-shirt with an image of a bloodthirsty hobbit with a wicked looking dagger and the caption simply being, 'The Ballad of Killbo Fraggins' underneath.
    Once they sidled up to the table one of the servers /whoooshed/ by and placed some ice waters on their table, but Alex was still talking. "Hey, don't you dare impugn chicken nuggets. They're like what olives were to the ancient Greeks. Ubiquitous." He admonished her with a faux stern tone of voice.
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"How did I impugn them? I asked a simple question. Is this spicy chicken just the Chinese version of Spicy Chicken Nuggets from somewhere like Wendy's? I don't know if McDonald's has a spicy nugget." Natasha considered, not remembering the last time she went to a McDonalds. "Though I think Big Belly Burgers has spicy nuggets."

She gave a little shrug and grinned at him. To be honest, she could've taken time to put on makeup but why? With what she did for a living and as an Avenger, it wasn't like she didn't get a bruise nor and then. The good news is Natasha had the serum running in her system that helped heal all that stuff super fast. By tomorrow, the bruises would be gone completely. Unlike him, it took more than a minute or two for hers. Show off.

"I happen to like chicken nuggets. Just not those we got from the grocery store that time. If I wanted that much breading, I'd make a sandwich."
Phobos has posed:
    The hustle and bustle in the restaurant was steady, and the volume of the crowd changed. Sometimes the words would carry, sometimes they wouldn't. Though Connie's voice was often heard as she was the one yelling for which orders to go out. Each time she shouted it caused the crowd to hunker down a little and endure, then once she was done they resumed their conversations.
    "Do they have chicken nuggets in Russia?" Alexander asks out of nowhere, though he's smiling as he does so. It's that smile she knows so well, one of them when he's asking a question with feigned innocence, playing up that way he comes across as a bit simple of manner.
    But then he's leaning on the table and frowns. "Here, c'mere. Let me look at that shiner."
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"Of course we had chicken nuggets. We had McDonald's and the Levi jeans," she said, slipping easily into that thick Russian accent while speaking English. "Though we had to get them on the black market for much time. Was ...how you say? Worth it."

Then she chuckled and leaned forward a bit on the table. "It's fine. Doesn't even hurt. I suspect you were holding back," she teased back in her normal American accent. She dropped her gaze to the table top then peeked at him through her lashes. "I expect a rematch later today. At least an hour after lunch though. Don't want return on chicken nuggets."
Phobos has posed:
    She can see that subtle look on his face, another she recognizes as she slips into that Russian accent. It's a look that's almost akin to a purr, something very mrowl in those pale hazel eyes of his.
    Alexander lifts a hand to her cheek and looks into her irises, smiling a little crookedly. His features twist into a hint of a growl as she suggests she wants a rematch later then he shakes his head as he cups her cheek as if so gentle. "Not my fault you make me hit you. It's what you get for all that back talk you give me. Impugning all the things." He bites his lower lip and then points at her with his other hand.
    "And you keep sassing and you get more later." As he says that he lightly 'pats' her cheek.
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"Oh no! The bad man is going to beat me!" Natasha teased back as she turned her head slightly at the little pat, as though it was more than it was. There was obviously no noise from it because there was literally no impact. Nor did she snap her head to the side like one would if it were a real slap with some strength behind it. It was just a little turn of her head to the opposite side, letting his hand fall off her cheek as she turned back to stare into his eyes.

Her voice was low as she replied. "You know you like it. The sassing. And the rematches. And all the things. Though if I knew it was that easy to rile you up, I'd have impugned chicken nuggets long ago."

She reached out to pick up her glass of water, to take a sip. The best thing? They used real water. Or at least it was filtered. Too many people just used tap water and it was just too nasty to drink. Connie and Jin allowed no such nonsense in their place.
Phobos has posed:
    A smirk was given as Alexander rolled his eyes, but that's the moment when the waitress comes over to take their orders as quick as she can. And to that end Alexander is all ready as he turns to her, "I'll have a #17, a #47, and don't listen to what she has to say, she'll have a #17 too." Since she's going to enjoy those Szechuan Crispy Chicken bits whether she likes it or not.
    Then the waitress looks over at her and takes Natasha's order. Once things are settled and she's gone, Alexander casually gives her a boot under the table, more playful than anything as he leans upon the table. "Also it's unfair of you to use that accent when we're out and about. Just plain rude."
    There's a beat, then he asks with a slight smile, "Is there anything I could do that would be the equivalent of that for you?"
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"Apparently I'm having a #17," Natasha muttered, giving Alexander the side eye then focusing back on the waitress. "And a #6 please." Because if she was going to have chicken nuggies, they were going to involve General Tso's sauce too!

There had been no need for any sort of menus. They already knew what they liked so they had ordered from memory. Thus was the testament to how good the food was, that they knew it that well. It wasn't as though they only ordered the same thing everytime either. They each sort of jumped around the menu. Interestingly, this had been a place she had never visited until she'd gotten with Alexander. He had introduced her and, for that, she was very thankful.

"That'll do it for me. Unless you want some potstickers to start?" She glanced at him for input then shrugged before he could even answer. She added them for the server. "Some potstickers to start as well, please. Thanks."

As the server moved away, she looked back to Alexander as he called her on the accent. Then she had to consider his next question. "There is but you can't do it in public." A pause, pursing of her lips. "Well not here in public. You could probably somewhere like a beach." Then she grinned as she let him in on it. "Drives me nuts watching you take you shirt off already. But makes me crazy when you do so and your pants are a little low. Even just one side. Hell, one side might be even better. And that perfect little glimpse of your Adonis belt." And then she paused and had to laugh, quickly covering her mouth as she'd never /thought/ about what that V-shaped muscle was named. "I refuse to ever call it that again in my life now," she added between laughs.
Phobos has posed:
    Once the waitress was off, Alexander was back to leaning on the table and smiling across it to the woman before him, his nose crinkling slightly as he reaches over and grabs a pair of chopsticks, sliding them out of their paper sleeve and snapping them apart, taking the moment to lightly brush them together to ensure there are no splinters.
    The next instant one of the other servers comes by with a pot of tea and two cups, turning them over on the table for the couple then almost just as quickly hurrying off. He starts to pour some of the tea for her, then for himself. "Oh is that so?"
    His eyebrows rise as she suggests that he can't indulge here. But then she reveals more of it. And when she speaks that name his eyebrows rise as his smile widens, "Adonis belt. I learned something new today." He sets the tea pot down and then takes up his cup. He lifts it to her, "To a lovely weekend."
    He offers to clink the cup and then adds, "And I was not holding back, next time you half ass it like you did today, I'll knock yer ass out." As he says that he nods to that black eye of hers.
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"I mean it's technically an abdominal muscle but that's the term it is most often called. But considering your family tree..." She paused. A flash of mischief in her green eyes warned him before she continued. "Bush? Either way. I don't think we want to give them any say so over any body part names. From now on it's the V of Temptation. On you at least." She smirked then reached for her own cup but paused before the clink.

"I wasn't half..." Then she paused again. Nat tilted her head slightly and there was that distancing of her gaze as she considered. "Shit. I was, wasn't I?" And she frowned. A glance down to her cup and she finally raised it and clicked it with his cup.

"You really should have. I totally deserved it."
Phobos has posed:
    "That's right," Alexander says, "Keep it up and I'll show you the back of my hand, missy." The young Olympian says as he bites his lower lip and motions at her with the cup of tea, as if oh so admonishing her for her slackerly ways. But then he lets the grin slide onto his lips as he takes a sip, that flicker in his pale hazel eyes a warm thing as he gently nudges her foot with his under that tall table.
    Though a table down there's a clink of one of those ceramic cups of tea, the scrape of a fork being set down. A large man with a bodybuilder's physique, a shaved head, and a stern face turns away from his table and from the other two men that are standing around it with him. One of the other men reaches out and grabs the shoulder of the first man, "C'mon, Phil, don't let it ruin stuff. It's not worth it."
    Though the one man so called Phil shrugs that hand off his shoulder as he turns, and already there's anger in the man's eyes. "Hey... hey kid." He steps over to that table and rest his hands on the edge of it, leaning _over_ it and his broad shoulders hunching as he turns to just glare at Alexander, "You think that's cool?"
    He's breathing deeply, heavily, anger palpable in his manner but it's the anger of a man trying to control it. "Think it's cool to hit a woman? Fuck her up? Makes you tough?"
    But the reaction from the younger SHIELD agent is likely not what the man was expecting. Usually in these situations the target of his ire tends to... wilt a little. When a three hundred pound man looms large he's used to people giving ground. But Alexander's eyes widen slightly as he looks between each of the large man's irises, as if looking deep into them, trying to ascertain whatever might be going on behind them. He doesn't smile, knowing that to some a smile in such a circumstance would trigger some reprisal. Yet his response, especially when seen by someone who knows him so well like Natasha, is a dangerous thing. For he eases simply into that way he has, showing no hint of fear, but also little hint... of humanity. When he says.
    "I don't think that's what makes me tough."
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
What the hell?!

Out just having a fun date with her boyfriend, fiance, husband, whatever one wanted to call him because in her mind they were married. Just not in the eyes of the courts and thus not legally so. Out with her Alexander and having a good time and this bozo felt like he needed to get into their business!

When he first started to get up and she saw the stir of motion a little behind Alexander, she hadn't really thought much of it. Just sipped her tea. But then the guy made a beeline and focused on Alexander before opening his big mouth.

At first? She actually was slightly amused. Natasha was not above stirring things up for entertainment. Though generally, it never worked when she tried to get Alexander dragged into a fight at a pub or the like. Instead, she usually ended up disappointed on that front. But this wasn't a pub. It was a nice place she intended to continue eating at so this was not something she wanted to encourage.

But what really cinched it was when she saw Alexander's reaction. Or lack of. And she knew that tone. She reached out a hand quickly, putting it on top of Alexander's in a reassuring way. Or perhaps to the onlookers, a sign of solidarity. Only, a lot of the people in here were regulars. And a lot of them knew the pair. In addition to many knowing who she really was but they thankfully gave them space.

"Phil. Walk away." Her words were simple, a hint of command to them.
Phobos has posed:
    Alexander's response to the hand on his from Natasha, it was a simple thing. It was him just turning his head to the side and him subtly flaring his fingers as if to say silently that he was doing nothing, had no intention of doing anything... it had him looking away from the shaven headed Phil.
    Though Phil turned his attention toward her, "Look, lady. I've dealt with this shit before. I hate it. You get some abuser who slaps around his old lady, then you confront the coward and beat his ass down, she starts screaming for you to stop hitting the piece of shit even though he deserves it." Phil shakes his head, then wipes a hand down his face as if trying to clear it as he looks at the petite redhead next to him. "Always the bitches who make it so these low-lifes can do what they do. So fuckin' face it, this dont' concern you. If you have a brain you'll leave this fucker while he's in the hospital. You got that?"
    That's when he turns back to Alexander who weirdly enough isn't looking at him. He's looking at Natasha.
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"First, women are not bitches."

And her hand was moved away from Alexander's. She met his gaze but since he was behaving, no need to keep the hand there. Not that it would've really stopped him but she was hyper aware of his reaction knowing him as well as she did."No matter their choices. And since you cannot know why they make those choices, perhaps you shouldn't try speaking on their behalf."

And as she was speaking, she moved the teapot to the far side of the table away from Phil. For reasons.

"Second, I am guessing you have some experience with domestic violence at some point in your life, thus it being a trigger for you. And for that, I'm sympathetic to your feelings. But you need to ask questions before you jump to conclusions. For that is not the situation here.

"And third. Even if that was the situation here, you call the police. Let them look into it. Handle it. Offer resources to the person being abused. Which may or may not be the woman, for the record. You do not take matters into your own hands to beat anyone up because that makes you no better than the alleged abusers. You are beating someone up for what you believe is a righteous reason. Just as they do.

"Now. If you would like to sit down and share a cup of tea, I'd be glad to explain how very wrong you have this situation."
Phobos has posed:
    "Fuckin' women," Phil says as he shakes his head and then turns to away from Natasha. It's around about the point where she says 'Now'... that he moves.
    Which is when he goes to grab Alexander's shoulder with one heavy hand as he says, "Outside fuckwit..."
    Only for that hand he was reaching with is grabbed, the wrist twisted abruptly with the pinky cracking against the back of his hand with a resonant /SNAP/ as Alexander gains control and then suddenly _slams_ the man's head down into the tall top table, Phil's cheek smacking right down onto the wooden platform... right where the teapot had been but a moment ago.
    The large man's arm is fully extended, shoulder locked as Alexander is _leaning_ into the man's arm and chest, holding him there with his wrist a fraction of an inch from snapping, and his shoulder perfectly aligned for an easy dislocation. He's held there, for Natasha to finish speaking to.
    Though behind Alexander, Phil's friends have already gotten up and look like they're about to intervene.
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
There is a faint sigh from Natasha as she shakes her head. Why don't they ever listen? It's there, written in her expression without her having to say the words.

And as Phil's friends stand up, Natasha glances their direction. "I recommend you stay at your table. And feel free to continue listening, as you obviously were doing before your friend decided to try to White Knight for me."

And she hopped off her high seat at the table because of course she did since she was short and her feet wouldn't reach the floor on that thing! She kept her eyes on his friends but her words were for the man being held in Alexander's more than capable grip.

It was easy to be heard since the restaurant had fallen silent. Even Connie put the person on hold on the telephone.

"Phil, we seem to have gotten started on the wrong foot here. My name is Natasha. The man holding you currently is my life partner." There, that seemed a good way to put it. "Now, since you didn't take the time to ask, yes, we are very happy and no, there is no domestic violence in our household. We both happen to be avid martial artists. We love to spar and do so every day. Today, we happened to do so before deciding to come grab some dinner." She paused and looked over at the big man. "See where this is going, Phil?"

She gave a terse nod. "Yeah, you assumed something and you know what that assume word means. That whole cliche saying people use. It's true, despite being cliche. See, we sparred. I was half-assing. Because usually I'm very, very good. I like to think better than him, in truth. But in the process, he got in a good hit and some good holds. Thus the bruise and the black eye I am now sporting. I already told him a few minutes ago that I demand a rematch after lunch. Once our food settles," she added.

"While I do appreciate you feeling like you are doing good, you really should learn to ask questions first before taking actions you might regret. Or actions that you might not regret, since you feel they are justified. Because you might just be beating someone up that doesn't deserve it."

And she looked at Phil now but was keeping an eye on his friends. "Do you have any other questions? And if not, are you going to behave so you can be released? Because I'm going to warn you right now, if he lets you go and you do try something, you'll have to worry about me getting involved and no one wants that."
Phobos has posed:
    Phil isn't silent while this is going on, but after a twist of his wrist he at least lowers the volume a little. For he started off with a howl as he felt his pinky break. Likely not done out of vindictiveness, and more just that was how his hand was bent and as the twist was made... well that finger got in the way.
    So he roared with anger at the pain, and then tried to strain against the grip, sputtering a little as Alexander just redoubled his grip, leverage, pressure, and even gravity were making his life unpleasant. Alexander was just the fulcrum. He then fell quiet, seething, but quiet as Natasha spoke to him in that matter-of-fact way.
    Behind them, Phil's friends looked at each other, then back at the debacle. For now they seemed inclined to let it go, not moving to step in as it was clear that at least Phil wasn't actively being beaten down. As Natasha speaks to him, she can see one of the bodybuilder's eyes peering up and to the side trying to fully look at the Black Widow, though he can only partially see her. After she finishes speaking he finally says...
    "Fucking broke my finger."
    The waitress, like most of the rest of the restaurant had been about to bring them their food. She had her tray and some of the items at the ready but she was frozen. It was then that Alexander spoke.
    "Think we'll need that to go."
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"That didn't actually answer my question, Phil. Will you behave if you are let go? And if you would like, I can call the police. Because I know Connie has cameras and with you grabbing him first, pretty sure that what he did to you was because he feared for his own safety. After all, you had already expressed that you intended violence against him. Means, opportunity, and intent. Those are the three things that have to be proven, by the way, for someone to be in fear for their physical safety."

And Natasha gave a nod to the waitress. "To go, please. We'll let everyone enjoy the rest of their meals in peace and I am so sorry for the interruption. I'm sure Phil is sorry too."

She gave an apologetic look to Connie who was already bustling to start getting to-go containers for them.

Then she leaned over close to Phil and this time her voice was a whisper against his ear. "Black Widows don't need white knights."

Then she stepped back and waited for him to make his own decision. After all, she didn't wear a mask. She was a known figure but maybe hearing it would put two and two together for poor Phil.
Phobos has posed:
    Whatever it was that turned him, the whisper, the situation, the broken finger... it did turn him. She could see it in his body language, could read it in him as the energy just sort of let go in his body as his arms, his chest relaxed. He eased down into the table and she knew what his answer was even before he said it.
    "Alright. Alright!" He started off quietly, then louder, not to intimidate but more to make it clear. Then under his breath he murmured, "Fuck sake."
    He took a deep breath, "Alright, I mighta... over-reacted. I'm... fuckin' sorry." Phil scowled and then said, "Just let me up, gotta go to the damn hospital."
    As if his day was ruined and his disappointment had no end.
    Though, with a slight glance at Natasha, Alexander made sure she was alright with him doing so... then he let the man up. Slowly.
    Phil got back up, standing straight as he winced and held his injured hand. He looked between the two and it was perhaps only in that moment that it got through fully as he murmured a quiet, "Sorry."
    He turned and said nothing to his friends, just headed out the door.
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"Thank you, Phil," Natasha replied seriously. Nothing smart assed or the like. She appreciated that he was getting the idea and realized that one should think before acting.

"Connie, we'll take care of our friends' bills as well," Natasha offered as she watched him head for the door, glancing to the table of his other friends. And with that, she moved over to the counter where the register was. Pulling out her card from the pocket of her leggings and offering it to Connie as well. Jin was busily putting boxes into oversized brown paper bags for them. Two bags at that. Then he set them on the counter and gave her a brief smile before heading back into the kitchen where he preferred to stay hidden.

The card was run for all the bills in question then Nat tucked the card away and looked over to Alexander as she grabbed one of the bags, leaving the other for him.
Phobos has posed:
    It was a clean extraction, though there was a hint of lag to it, just to give poor Phil enough time and distance so he wouldn't have to see them departing or have to deal too much with the aftermath. Alexander followed her out of the restaurant, holding the other bag as he stepped with her down the sidewalk, moving away from the path the other fella likely took even though it was slightly out of their way.
    The young Olympian strolled along beside her and took a deep breath, then sighed a little as he leaned over and kissed the top of her head gently, just an affectionate thing. "I prolly coulda handled that better." He admits, those pale eyes of his distanced and thoughtful in that small moment as they strolled along the sidewalk at night.
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
As they walked, Natasha eyed that bag. She'd not wanted to start another fuss at the counter but she would be having a chat with Connie later. It felt far too heavy for four items that they had ordered. And that was just the bag she was holding. What was in the one Alexander had?

At his words, she glanced up at him as she slid her free hand into his, keeping the bag on the opposite side away from him. "You handled it fine. He shouldn't have touched you. I had moved the teapot anticipating me doing that," she admitted with a half-shrug. "So you just beat me to it."

She fell silent. "Hopefully we got through to him though to think before acting. Use his words."
Phobos has posed:
    "Ehn," Alexander makes that non-commital noise, though his hand takes hers, fingers interlacing as they stroll. He glances down at their hands as if to make sure it was real, then he shakes his head a little. "I get the vibe from him that... his behavior probably comes from his own... life whatever. You know?"
    The younger SHIELD agent chews on his lower lip thoughtfully, then tilts his head to the side, "But also got that slight... dunno how to describe it, the vibe of his anxiety and fear in that moment it was thin, as if he was exhilirated too. Dilutes the stream of it. I think on some level he gets a thrill from... whatever that was."
    He shakes his head and then readjusts his grip on the bag. "Socially sanctioned violence maybe?"
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"Might have had that in his childhood, watched his mother in an abusive relationship? Or someone else he was close to in his life. Hell, maybe he even was an abuser at some point and saw the light?" Unlikely as that sounded, it was possible perhaps.

She considered the fact that the man's emotional state at that moment. "Like we've talked about before with vigilantes? How you feel they sometimes do it because it's a way to do violence, which is frowned upon, but in a way that is more socially acceptable? Like beating up criminals. Or white knighting for women they think need their help?"

She thought about that a moment then gave a brief nod, a dip of the chin really. "It's possible. His outlet of sorts? Instead of finding a more healthy manner. And because he is white knighting, he likely gets some sort of social approval for what he does?"
Phobos has posed:
    "Yah, or social media craziness. Mob mentality, people love a cause because they get to be all righteously indignant when really at the core they just want an excuse to behave badly." Alexander looks down the street thoughtfully, then glances the other way, as if considering the chance they might be being followed.
    He looks back and then opens his bag a little and says, "We got something tempura-ish, I don't think these are our bags." He sniffs at the opening of his and then looks sideways at her. "I'm surprised at your restraint, by the way. I mean how long have you been trying to get me into a bar fight?"
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"Probably. Along with a half dozen other meals that we didn't order. I think Connie and Jin were trying to make up for things since we are such good customers," Natasha admitted. "The other diners might be waiting a little longer for their meals."

But then she gave a little laugh. "If it had been a bar? I would've just sat there. Maybe even egged it on by crying a little. But nah, not at Connie's place. If he hadn't listened, I likely would've done it myself. It's why I moved the teapot." Because she fully intended to faceplant poor Phil into the table. "I just didn't expect him to lay hands on you. You moved so fast!" And a little nudge as she bumped her elbow against his arm. "I'm going to need to stop half-assing it or you're going to whoop me with moves like that."
Phobos has posed:
    "Mmmhmm," Alexander says with that slight smug look to him as he strolls. "You think you're tricking me, but I can tell you're just building me up so when we fight next time you're going to savor my tears all the more." He lightly nudges her hip with his as they stroll along, just that small companionable touch as they walk.
    "If it had been a bar we'd likely still be back there and you'd be laughing maniacally in Russian." His lip twist as he invokes that meme, in so many ways he's a creature of his generation, despite that occasional hint of something other.
    Another glance is given over his shoulder as he takes a deep breath. "Mmm, I still feel guilty though for breaking that guy's finger."
Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"It was an accident. If you'd done it on purpose, then you should feel guilty. Just happened to have his hand hit the table at a bad angle. He'll be fine. If you want, I'll be sure that we get his hospital bills." Then she reconsidered. "Or at least you do."

But she was curious about something and had to circle back to it. There was a smile as Natasha asked, "And how precisely does one laugh in Russian? Is that sort of like that character from the Bullwinkle cartoons?" Oh dear. Now she's shown her age. Does he even know who Bullwinkle is?!
Phobos has posed:
    Alexander laughs and shakes his head, "It's a... stupid meme thing. I'll show you when we get back." He slips an arm around her shoulder as they continue to walk along on the way home.