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The View From The Top
Date of Scene: 16 September 2023
Location: Arboretum, Watchtower
Synopsis: Diana takes new League member Firestar up to the Watchtower for a welcome tour and some conversation. Welcome!
Cast of Characters: Wonder Woman, Firestar

Wonder Woman has posed:
Since Firestar was invited, and agreed, to join the Justice League there have been some formalities that needed to happen from an organizational perspective. As those have finally been completed and her access set for the Hall of Justice and Watchtower, Diana invited the newest member to meet up on the space station for a tour and orientation to its facilities.

Diana had met her at the Themysciran Embassy and then showed how to use the teleportation function of the station - which has now almost instantly relocated both of them to the Arboretum. With a smile, Diana looks to her companion. "Take a moment. It can be a little disorienting the first few times. It always feels like the first drop of a roller coaster to me" she offers with a laugh.
Firestar has posed:
Patience. Something Angelica has had to have in life so it is not difficult for her to make her way through all the formalities. It is a lot easier when it is clear that things are getting done and not just held up in red tape or forgotten.

The Embassy is never a disappointment and she is almost giddy meeting Diana again. Well not giddy, but at least she knows where her voice is now and she is able to have a conversation with the other woman.

The transporter doesn't bother her...well the idea anyway. When it actually takes place, she is a little shaky on her feet, knees buckling a little. Rather than fall, she merely floats off the floor for a moment, touching her temple and she nods,"I can see what you mean. Wow. That was something."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince nods and smiles. "That you can fly will help you adapt too. You're already used to much of that interaction with your inner ear."

Taking a step back, Diana looks around the large space they arrived in. "This is the Arboretum. It helps with feeling grounded while stationed up here. Everything is metal.." in other words artificial ".. and just having this space to surrounded with living, breathing plants and trees even hundreds of miles above the surface of Earth? Well." Her smile probably says more than her words. It is probably her favorite place on all of the station.

"It is a wonderful place to think or find inspiration. The view" she gestures toward the large windows that offer amazing views of the planet silently passing underneath the station's orbit. ".. is truly beyond words."
Firestar has posed:
Once she gets her bearings, Angelica lowers herself to the floor again,"I will never forget the first time I flew. I was glad I wasn't afraid of heights." she muses.

Now that things have settled down in her head and body, she look around the Arboretum. Her beath catches for a moment and she looks all around, assessing all the trees in the room,"Redwoods?" she muses softly,"This is amazing."

When Diana gestures to the window, Angelica is at a loss for for words. She looks at the view and her breath finally remembers to go again,"This is amazing." she admits softly and glances to Diana,"So you can come up here pretty much whenever?"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince nods knowingly. "Oh yes. I think... hope, perhaps, that nature and the gods have a measure on mercy when gifting someone with the ability to fly that they are not inherently afraid of heights. Otherwise I imagine it would be very hard to build confidence. Not impossible of course."

Moving over beside Firestar, she smiles. "Yes. That" she pauses a moment to study the current view of the planet, "is the eastern coast of Africa, Somalia and Ethiopia passing to our lower left. It looks like this orbit will take us across Northwestern India and Pakistan the Himalayas and then over central Russia. It is fascinating, really. From up here there are no borders. No dotted lines. Just one living planet. It is perspective changing for me. A thing of wonder and beauty."

She nods, "We can come up here when we wish as members of the League, yes. But also everyone is scheduled to take a rotation staying up here and helping with monitoring duties and other things to help the League keep aware and hopefully ahead of developing emergencies around the planet."
Firestar has posed:
"I remember when Spidey told me the first time he jumped from street level to halfway up a building. Good thing I wasn't afraid of heigths. It's always stuck with me since."

She looks down on the planet and hmms softly,"It is amazing for sure. No lines. I never thought about that even though it should b obvious."

Looking around and considering her words, Angelica nods,"Put me into the rotation. I don't mind taking my turn. Maybe someone should be here the first time or two just to make sure I don't crash the station back on the planet." She smiles at her own self depreciation, but it is what it is.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles. "There are many heroes who remain, mmm, grounded as it were. But for those who can fly it would be terrible to be afraid of heights, yes." It would be a cruel joke of fate otherwise.

She smiles. "I believe you are, yes. There will also be training. It won't simply be putting you into the deep end without any support" she reassures. "The station operates autonomously as far as maintaining its orbit. We just monitor the planet for any emergencies or situations that the League can step in and assist with."
Firestar has posed:
A nod in agreement to the fear of heights,"That would be the worst." she agrees. She smiles when Diana agrees with her,"Thanks. That means a lot." she tells her with a nod,"It's been a minute for real support. Outside the personal life of course, but you get what I am saying I think."

Listening to the description of the operations she nods,"I am glad to hear that. I'd hate to have to try and figure out how to fly it for sure." she admits,"That and I am not the best swimmer in the world." A playful wink in regard to the deep end,"I'm looking forawrd to meeting other members too. Nothing against you, Superman, or Batman. I just want to get to know people. I know Dinah as well of course."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles and nods. "I do" she affirms.

Looking around, she offers a laugh, "Swimming can be relaxing. Or work. I think most of us prefer just to enjoy getting our feet wet and then warming in the sun"

Gesturing, she leads the way toward the exit of the Arboretum to show the rest of the tower.

"From the Central Hub, on this level is a full kitchen - sorry, Galley" she corrects herself. "And a full gym to keep fit and active. They're both open all hours for anyone who wants to use them."
Firestar has posed:
A nod when Diana affirms and she walks along. A smile follows speaking about the swimming and she replies,"That's me, get some water on me and then let the sun warm it off while I read or even sleep a little."

She pauses and something clicks in her mind,"I know my suit protects people and things from radiation, but to work out or things like that I will have to take it off. Is there anywhere on the station that I might have to be mindful of? I don't think I could hurt anything, but being too caerful is what I am notorious for."

She does look around as Diana indicates so she can mark their location for later,"Admittedly another reason I don't swim a lot. When I do it is usually either alone or with people that have the power to heal faster than average. It sort of limits things. Swimming or relationship wise. Fortunately I have someone that does heal quick, but you know."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince considers that question. "I do not believe so. Superman or Batman could tell you for certain. If there were then there is a solution we can come to that will resolve it" she reassures confidently. The Tower can teleport members from the Earth's surface up and back again. Protecting from radiation shouldn't be too problematic.

Considering Firestar's comments, she nods. "I can imagine that would be difficult. I am happy to know that you do have someone. Being alone is a difficult thing for anyone."

Moving along with Angelica, Diana leads the way to another level, "There is a pool on this level. A full medical center, a trophy room - which, well, is more about momentos or awards the League has garnered. The next level has the Monitoring center, a Hall of Justice up here for meetings. And then there is a hangar and workshop for creating or repairs as needed. The station has a few space worthy craft but also has room for Batman's craft, my jet and more as needed."

She slows to face Angelica again, "It'll take a little while to learn your way around but I have found if you consider it by each level it is a little easier to pick up."
Firestar has posed:
"I will catch one of them soon then. Just to be sure." she comments to making sure she can't fry a system by accident." She smiles thoughtfully and admits,"The teleporter is going to take a little getting used to for sure." she admits,"Hopefully things are safe for me to be here. I really like it. That and I want to be useful."

She makes mental notes on every place that Diana points out, trying to get a feel for everything all at once. She smiles tells her,"I know a few memory techniques to make it easier to file each location. Hopefully in a visit or two I will have it." She looks around, considering the Hall and the hangar as she does,"I'll file it that way. One level at a time. This place is beyond amazing Diana. Thank you. For taking me around, but for speaking on my behalf too. I cant thank you enough for that. I know you all are taking a little bit of a gamble on a general unknown. I intend to do you all proud." She smiles a little and adds,"Even Batman, though I suspect that might be easier said than done."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles warmly. "Angelica, you are welcome of course. However your own actions and reputation are what earned your place with the League. We only ask that the members do their best to uphold the values of the League. We have no doubts you can fulfill your role within the League and we are grateful that you wish to join us and contribute."

Laughing softly, she nods. "Batman is a difficult person to please. But remember. You are here because we know you can handle it. He agreed with your membership as well. Take that to heart. It is meaningful."
Firestar has posed:
This is a lot to take in, so much of her life has changed recently. She left behind things familiar, but necessary. She also left behind something that would have drawn bad press her direction even with all good intents. For her part, this tour has put her at ease and made her so much more comfortable with things.

She smiles and assures Diana,"I will do everything I can no matter what. My friends up in Canada would tell you I am overly intelligent, but not smart enough to know when I am beat."

She listens to Diana talking about Batman and takes things to heart indeed. She offers a smile and she nods,"I will do that. I will keep things you said today in mind."

While she isn't clingy by any means, she does spend as much time as Diana has to offer, learning and listening. She trades stories where it might fit in, but mostly just remains starstruck by the whole operation of the Watchtower.