15611/But It's Not Halloween Yet!

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But It's Not Halloween Yet!
Date of Scene: 18 September 2023
Location: The night time streets of Gotham City
Synopsis: In the wake of a dimensional incursion of demons in Gotham's streets, Wanda Maximoff and Zatanna Zatara bond over banishing those demons to somewhere worse than Gotham. Also, one of Gotham's streets winds up in far better condition than the rest. Take that, Gotham Public Works!
Cast of Characters: Scarlet Witch, Zatanna Zatara

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Despite common public opinion, Gotham City is not 'Such a disaster area that you wouldn't notice if the gates of Hell opened up on Main Street'. Or perhaps it is. After all, the series of portals torn into reality were in fact from the Dark Dimension, and they weren't on Main Street, they were on Lafayette Ave, just west of the theatre district. Surely there were many stories of bravery and sacrifice as the citizens of Gotham fled from mind-rending terrors from beyond the stars. Or, perhaps some gangsters in color coordinated suits fought off some of the Mindless Ones before the professionals turned up.

Now, as the sounds of battle and terror have faded, there's the faint sound of car alarms, sirens, the hissing of broken water mains... all the classic hallmarks of a city turned into a warzone now only moments recovered from the terror and excitement.

And floating above it all, a tiara of rippling, flickering scarlet energy on her brow is Wanda Maximoff, in a snug bodysuit of scarlet, with a neckline that's not so daring as to be 'plunging', and a billowing cape that seems to ripple and shift with its own will, black heels with straps crisscrossing up her calves... she's practically wearing a cheap Halloween take on one of her own costumes, lips pressed in a thin and thoughtful line, glancing about for a certain top hatted magician of no small fame. "...Miss Zatara? Are you well? Are you... still in this reality?!"

She pauses for a long moment, "I hope you are so I can tell you I have a newfound respect for your effortless ability to dress up on stage and not feel self-conscious!"
Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Some would say that this city is horrible, and that no one should live here.

But that wouldn't be the commish. Obviously it wouldn't be. That would be ridiculous.

Zatanna is currently seated on top of a late-model vehicle. By on top, we do mean ON TOP - she's sitting on the roof, her backside firmly pressed onto a moon roof. The vehicle is empty, and the vehicle itself is completely filled with a familiar sort of foam, where duelling magicks converted a runaway battery fire into so much vinegar and baking soda. And indeed, it was SO MUCH.

"Huh?" Zatanna says. "Oh," she continues, picking the top hat off her knee. She focuses on Wanda for a moment, closes her eyes... and opens them again! With a big sunny smile! As she pops her top hat back into proper form and puts it on her head, she says, "That is /so/ kind of you. I mean I appreciated your quick thinking there yourself. I was afraid they were really going to open the Way, but you just -- did the --" She wiggles her fingers. "Thing, and the entire circle fell apart. At that point it was all over but the crying."

"Speaking of crying," Zatanna mutters, looking around, "You did get that one tear-eater, right?"
Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda floats down slowly, from 'higher than the street lights' to 'Not going to mention the baking soda volcano Zatanna's perched on'. Because Wanda is polite, and all too aware one does not critique a fellow magic user's fast thinking to neutralize a battery fire. It's just how things are done.

She laughs softly and sighs out, offering a small smile that might almost have a ghost of sadness to it... but then again, Ms. Maximoff is Eastern European and 'adding a subtle undertone of sadness at the world' is sort of reflexive to her it seems.

Wanda's fingers flex, wrists roll, an entire little symphony of arcane gestures, and her attempt at a new costume disappears in a flare of scarlet to leave her in a maroon turtleneck and dark slacks with sensibly but slightly heeled leather boots as she touches down on the street and sighs out, "Oh! Yes. He... fell... into a portal to a vast and empty desert world." She frowns thoughtfully, "I suppose he may endure, if he can eat his own tears... provided he can do it literally, yes?" She shrugs lightly and sighs out.

And then she's smiling again, less hidden sadness and more of a playful spark in her eyes, "I must admit, this is one of those times where your stage magic is a far more enjoyable experience to be involved with."
Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Zatanna doesn't want to think about it much either. At least it's like, a childhood memory, right?

"Oh, nice," Zatanna remarks with a smile at Wanda's demonstration of her own evocation of an ordinary clothing trousseau. She straightens up and walks down the front of the car, managing it just fine despite the heels. "I suppose it's tragic, in a way; I think he was dragged along. But then again," Zatanna shrugs a shoulder, "I won't be crying over it."

So to speak.

"Oh, really?" Zatanna remarks as she adjusts her gloves while fully dismounting from the car. "I'd say the stage tricks are a lot safer... even the ones with the loaded guns. I'm going to take a minute here to save Gotham a few million dollars, but do you come to Gotham often? There's a great little cafe about three blocks north, and I think most of the devastation was focused to the east, so..."
Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda heaves out a soft little sigh and places her hands in her pockets for a moment, like she's checking to make sure she magicked up her car keys properly or something. At least until Zatanna's reaching the final steps of the car hood when she reaches out to offer a hand primly like she's part of that mentioned stage show.

After all, it's only polite to offer a hand to the star of stage and spells. She laughs softly and shakes her head, "I'm afraid I don't. Well, I visit Gotham as much as I do Marrakesh, Tokyo, ...Toledo. I visit as often as I detect magicks gone awry or dimensional incursions." She heaves out a sigh and shakes her head, "It rarely involves meeting someone so delightful to share coffee with... so I am going to take advantage of the opportunity this time. And perhaps I can visit more often! Do you get up to New York terribly often? You'd be shocked how stir crazy I can go wandering around the Avengers mansion when there's nothing going on." She pauses for a single, pregnant moment. "Well, perhaps you wouldn't be shocked. I /am/ somewhat known for previous... instances of various types of crazy."
Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Zatanna accepts the hand and steps down. She looks at Wanda as she gives an example, though it takes until 'Toledo' for Zatanna to twig to it being negative -- as in, not coming to Gotham that often. She laughs brightly. "Well, aren't you sweet! What do you prefer me to call you?" Zatanna continues, as she steps around and examines the scene of the (attempted) crimes.

Her fingers lace together. "Getting bored? In New York City? I'm shocked to hear it. Though it's a lot more boring now, isn't it? My father told me stories of how it used to be. And now --"

She shrugs one shoulder. "I guess it's safer."

Zatanna then sweeps one hand. "Enogeb, selohtop! Riaper, daor!" Light radiates out as the road begins to reassemble itself! There is a smell much like a fresh road crew in action. Zatanna steps back a step or two. "The Avengers Mansion... that's in Midtown, ish, right?"
Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda lets out a soft little laugh, just a touch ruefully as she falls into step beside her fellow magician, "Oh! Wanda. Just call me Wanda. And... I suppose there is nothing that stops me from wandering the city, but going out alone always seems so... depressing. And there is, of course, the risk of someone attempting to attack me for some slight they feel the Avengers did to them, or because they want to steal my magic or..." She shrugs helplessly, clearly not wanting to go down the list.

"Though I do occasionally sneak off to a donut shop in Mutant Town... they have these amazing cinnamon twists and..." She trails off as Zatanna Does Her Thing, and suddenly Gotham's road works department has less work to do.

"...That is remarkably efficient." She bobs her head and laughs softly, "Oh, yes, it's in Central Park actually. I suppose part of why I rarely leave is I have my own balcony and the park view is amazing." She glances sidelong and gestures, "And now, I believe we deserve coffee and pastries. And I insist you let me pay."
Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"I understand the feeling," Zatanna says with a sigh. "I don't have many free nights, but if you want to get a drink, just let me know." A coffee AND a drink! So forward!

"This way," Zatanna says as the road more or less finishes reassembling itself. (The hydrant's still busted. That's fire department. At least the flow is slower.)

"Thank you! I have a lot of experience. It's difficult with some complex things, but the road? I can handle the road. -- And certainly, that's so kind of you..."

("Do the Avengers have a credit card?")