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Zatanna Zatara (Scenesys ID: 154)
"First rule of magic, babe: nothing is what it seems."
Full Name: Zatanna Zatara
Gender: Female
Species: Magician
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Magician
Citizenship: American
Residence: Shadowcrest, Caernarvon (Avalon, Blüdhaven)
Education: Sunnydale High, Eldritch Tomes
Status: Dropped
Groups: Justice League, Mystic Arts-OOC, JL Dark, Gotham-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 33 Actual Age: 33
Date of Birth 20 May 1998 Actor: Alexandra Daddario
Height: 171 cm (5'7") Weight: 60 kg (132 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Paint it Black" by Ciara

"Raise Hell" by Dorothy
"Witchcraft" by Frank Sinatra


Turn on the Spotlights and prepare the stage for you are about to see the most amazing magic show on Earth. Hailing from the dark streets of Bludhaven, Tonight's headliner has traveled across the world to bring you the most fantastic feats, the most dazzling stunts and extreme mystical feats ever seen. This amazing woman is the daughter of the Great Zatara and a member of the Justice League. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, The Divine Diviner, the Illustrious Illusionist, The Mistress of Magic, ZATANNA ZATARA!

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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Zatanna Zatara stands about 5'7" and is of Italian heritage, generally speaking, with long black hair and blue eyes. Her face is expressive and she tends to wear a lot of black, but not exactly in a gothic or depressed way. There is about a fifty percent chance she's wearing black tie from the waist up and fishnets and high heels from the waist down, especially if she's been working lately.


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It is only fitting that Zatanna Zatara started life as the outcome of a wild romantic fling. Giovanni Zatara, traveling magician and professional skeptic, fell in love with Sindella nearly on first sight, the pair having a wild romantic relationship that produced a single child. After Zatanna was born, Sindella revealed to Giovanni that she was in fact a member of the Homo-Magi, an offshoot of humanity who held innate magical powers. When Giovanni refused to believe her, she disappeared from his life, leaving him to parent their child alone. Giovanni taught his daught in the skills of stage magic, but as she grew older, it became clearer and clearer that she was indeed gifted in the real, add-a-K magick Sindella had told him of. Giovanni implored her to keep her gifts a secret, using stage magic as a cover. But you try not using seemingly all-powerful magic that just come naturally to you.

As Zatanna grew older, she became a primary part of her father's act. In her late teens, her father mysteriously disappeared, potentially to find Zatanna's mother. Alone and unsure what to do, Zatanna took over her father's act, becoming the Mistress of Magic! Her act became a sensation overnight, in no small part due to Zatanna's striking looks and flair for the razzle-dazzle. She even made residence in Shadowcrest, her father's ancestral home.

Zatanna eventually began to wonder if she could find her parents, and went on a worldwide search for them. This ended up ending in failure, but in the process she encountered many of the superheroes of the world. Inspired by their example, she decided to use her gifts for more than simply showcraft. She became a member of Justice League, acting as their expert of the mystic arts. Between protecting the world from supernatural forces, searching for her parents fate and performing stage show across the country, Zatanna Zatara certainly keeps herself busy. And looks great doing it.


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Zatanna's exterior demeanor is effusive, friendly, and comfortable with everyone and just about any situation. This is not entirely false either, though it lays on top of anxiety over personal failure and tension over attachment issues along with fear of abandonment. Occult exercises and discipline keep these rabbits in their respective hats for the most part, but they've certainly not stopped hopping.


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Zatanna does divination through tarot. It is only a focus; she can use any deck of cards or even read other sorts of omens to get insight in to the future. This does not require any sort of incantation on Zatanna's part.

Elemental Conjuring:
Zatanna can create, command, and dismiss the four traditional elements of hermetic mysticism (air, earth, water and fire) as well as light and shadow. These are relatively simple for her to do, although really large manifestations (a big fireball as opposed to a cigarette-lighter flame) take focus and are quite harder.

Zatanna can heal injuries on living things with great speed. This can't repair really complicated or involved matters, or diseases which can't be summarized as "remove the affected organ." (It does work very well on poisoning.) It IS very good at repairing traumatic injuries or - ew - reattaching severed limbs. However, it can't resurrect the dead (though it might save those on the VERGE of actually for-real dying). It is also real hard, especially if the injuries are complex.

Zatanna has great natural talent with magic and has followed in her father's footsteps, expressing her magic through the carefully chosen form of reversed phrasing. (She can, in dire extremis, gain additional power by writing spells in her own blood instead. For obvious reasons, she does not do this often.) She is capable of a wide variety of effects, limited in large part by her self confidence and the inner reserves of strength that she has. Each of these other entries has a general estimate of how 'hard' these effects are. Simpler magic like telepathy, cosmetic changes to her appearance, and small illusions can be done with thoughts and gestures, but her magic is far more potent if she speaks her spells.

Zatanna can read surface thoughts relatively easily and can explore, alter and review memories with more difficulty and effort. Memory alteration is explicitly and specifically only going to be done with consent when it involves PCs or "named" NPCs - it is also not very easy to do, especially if she is doing more than "Oh, no, you didn't see Batman's cowl fall off just now" or "forget this extremely traumatic and horrible thing which just happened, dear victim."

Occult Sense:
Zatanna can sense the flow of magic and occult energies around her - which in practice mostly lets her spot enchantments, get conveniently timed ominous feelings about imminent doom, and tell who's faking.

Zatanna can move objects around with the power... OF MAGIC! Her spells don't have sufficient fine control to do advanced tricks such as rending the interior of a person, although she can do these effects in other ways. She can also use it to levitate herself, others, or objects - even fly, although rapid controlled flight is extremely fatiguing for her. (A quick levitation over a gap in the floor or to the roof of a six-story building isn't so much of a problem.)

Zatanna can use her spells to take her, and often some friends as well, to other locations. This is usually rather hard, if easier on her than flying (after all, teleporting only has to work once, while flying is an ongoing effort) - especially if she's crossing dimensions, not just zooping a wounded person across town. It is much easier if it is very short range, such as swapping places with someone.

Time Trickery:
Zatanna can, with immense difficulty, reverse time (a little) or speed time up (this is easier) in an area. This tends to cause problems and messes so she does it with a light touch, but sometimes you REALLY NEED to rewind the last two seconds for, say, the glass vial full of deadly poison. (OOC Note: This ability must have staff approval to be used in scene.)

Traditional Magicy Stuff:
Zatanna can conjure various ethereal, demonic, celestial etc. entities, although this is an extended effort and she knows very well that it is often way, WAY more trouble than it is worth. However, sometimes you can need the advice. She also knows how to levy bindings or banishments, which are significantly more swift.


Zatanna can change the form of physical matter with relative ease - much more ease than creating things completely from scratch! This works best on inanimate objects, and can even give them some degree of animation - doors that swing open and shut - but a more common sort of use is changing clothes or transforming incoming bullets into paper airplanes. It can also apply to living things, although the traditional "turn someone into a newt" trick is actually very difficult and would require active effort on her part to maintain it for more than a short, if illustrative, interval.


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Escape Artist:
Zatanna knows how to worm her way out of most tied-up situations, although this doesn't mean she can neccessarily do so in a great big hurry. This is helped greatly by magic when it's not a performance thing. Of course, sometimes you don't have magic.

"When magic fails, resort to fists," Zatara always said. Zatanna has had solid basic training in how to throw a punch, throw a throw, and roll away when being thrown or punched, although she is not going to win any advanced martial arts tournaments anytime soon.

Zatanna speaks fluent Italian and passable Spanish, along with Latin and ancient Greek (though the latter two, mostly from reading ancient tomes.)

Zatanna has made a thorough study of the notes and tomes her father collected, who in turn benefitted from the inheritance of his own forebears, including luminaries like Nicholas Flamel and Leonardo da Vinci. (Stylish!) As a result, she knows a heck of a lot about occult theory and lore, although her awareness is biased towards European sources and may not include some of the deeper, more recondite sources.

Zatanna knows the ins and outs of how to work an audience and read a crowd's mood. While this is connected to her traditional magic act, it can also just as easily work for spoken word, managing a group, drawing and managing attention, and similar factors.


Zatanna is a professional stage magician and is, irrespective of her occult and sorcerous talents, able to present convincing and compelling illusions. Her own particular emerging talent is the modification of chamber and cabaret illusions for online viewers, although, of course, the fixed camera makes a lot of things WAY easier.


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Cash Flow:
Zatanna has the equivalent of a small dentist's practice in terms of day to day cash flow between her performances, royalties, and occasional other activities. Also, her expenses are low, because her house has somehow escaped the notice of the local tax board. Anyway, it's not eternally generous income, but she isn't going hungry and has some to share around. This may step up if she ever gets around to finishing 'Hex Appeal,' a planned book project.

Fame (Moderate):
Between being a really good stage magician and being an attractive woman who likes to wear fishnet stockings, Zatanna has subcultural fandom. This will not neccessarily come up all the time, but magic nerds and frequent casino-goers will recognize her. She's even appeared on TV a few times doing shows about magic.


The family house of the Zatara line, which is currently Zatanna's property. This building is mystically shielded from scryers and outsiders, ranging from hostile mages to the county tax assessor, and cannot be found by those without occult talent unless they can think of some kind of way around this - for instance, following Zatanna in, or tricking their way into an invitation. Shadowcrest holds her father's library (which has works dating back to the 14th century) and her magic is easier there, making it an excellent site for ritual workings... sometimes.


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A Matter of Identity:
Zatanna cannot simply say "Dnif eht tolp's dab yug" or "ekat em ot Namtab" and get anywhere. While her spoken cues are often allusionary ("taht yug htiw eht ecaf") she has to have a good handle on the identity of who or what she's 'aiming' at if the spell has any sort of a target. An example: "Ekat em ot Namrepus's emoh" would not take her to Krypton or the Kent family home. It might take her to the Fortress of Solitude if she was aware of it, or else to Metropolis. It also might not work at all.

Image of Oneself:
Self-Esteem and confidence are at the core of Zatanna's magic. She has some deep-rooted image issues which cause her to seek the approval of others to bolster herself. It's part of why she wears revealing clothes and how she motivates herself. She's largely overcome her willingness to be manipulated for approval but she still acts out to get it. If she is unsure of her ability it will often fail her.

It's Fine. This Is Fine:
Zatanna tends to deal with problems by forging ahead and doing things that may be ill advised in order to avoid succumbing to a fear and anxiety about failures. This is something like hubris, but it's more driven by a desire to avoid tension about failure than to challenge the gods themselves.

My Seven Evil Exes:
Maybe not literally seven, but Zatanna has had a complicated love life and at least one ex-lover with whom she is really on the outs. People who she has dated may plague her at almost any time. Most of them would be a social conflict. Worse, she might be tempted to take some of them back.

Ordinary At the Core:
Other than her magic (and that is a huge caveat) Zatanna is essentially a completely normal human woman. Her magic can raise many potent defenses, but she has to raise them; she can move quickly, but not with lightning speed; she can stanch her wounds, but she has to stanch them herself.

Words Are Power:

Zatanna's most powerful magical arts require her to speak - or, in extremis, write the words in her own blood - and as such, if she is silenced or gagged she's reduced to a shadow of herself.


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But It's Not Halloween Yet! September 18th, 2023 In the wake of a dimensional incursion of demons in Gotham's streets, Wanda Maximoff and Zatanna Zatara bond over banishing those demons to somewhere worse than Gotham. Also, one of Gotham's streets winds up in far better condition than the rest. Take that, Gotham Public Works!
THE MARY JANES: Club Evolution August 11th, 2023 The Mary Janes play live at Club Evolution in Mutant Town and nothing blows up except their name recognition!! Lots of socializing and fangirling. Gwen scares off Cain and Harley knocks out a bouncer.
Never Read Randoms Spells Aloud July 19th, 2023 Zatanna and Wonder Girl clean up after someone learned that you should never read spells aloud if you don't know what they do. Mindless One Violence ensued. The cat survived.
A Little Cheating July 5th, 2023 Trying to solve a crime with no logical answer, Batwoman turns to the only good source for puzzling out the illogical: the Princess of Prestidigitation herself, Zatanna Zatara! In casual momjeans mode!
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Inaugural Meeting of the Gotham Fashion Police May 2nd, 2023 Dick gets a haircut.
The Casting of a Spell April 26th, 2023 Dick comes to Zatanna and asks her for a small favor, then the two catch up.
Cricket in Times Square April 25th, 2023 At the unveiling of a controversial exhibit, the artist Randall Q. Bara is attacked and murdered in front of the attending audience by a white haired tween-aged boy.
Trading Notes April 25th, 2023 Harry and Zatanna had an evening of talking shop with someone that actually understood the talk.
Warlocks and Magicians April 25th, 2023 Summary needed
Sorcerer's Apprentice April 24th, 2023 Sabrina has a little trouble with her teleportation and ends up at Shadowcrest. Zatanna tries imparting some advice.
Reflecting in the Watchtower April 12th, 2023 Diana and Zatanna take time to enjoy the view of Earth from the Watchtower and catching up with each other.
A Lucky Find April 8th, 2023 Clark Kent asked Harry to be on the look out for Zatanna. Fortune favored him with a chance meeting at The Magic Box.
Center of Magical Activity! April 8th, 2023 Summary needed
Unmasked! March 24th, 2023 An elegant masquerade turns to chaos as masked thugs steal a powerful,gemstone, using a bomb tied Selina as a decoy!
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The Cursed Shield - Batman brings in a big gun April 17th, 2021 Batman recruits Zatanna to investigate the origins of the magical shield he came into possession of.
After the Show March 30th, 2021 Emma catches one of Zatanna's shows. Makes an offer she can't refuse.
Abracadiknapped March 28th, 2021 Blackout learns that Zatanna has real magic.
Auld Lang Syne 2027 January 1st, 2020 Zatanna and Venom ring in the new year
The Greatest Street December 13th, 2019 Buffy and Brian enjoy a walk through, or would that be on, Danny the Street

OOC Note: Zatanna did not appear in the scene. She was present to emit Danny the Street
Coventry Murders: Clean-Up November 27th, 2019 Zatanna comes to be certain all the demons are gone. Information is shared and Lucifer has some explaining to do.
Coventry Murder: A Trail November 7th, 2019 The search for Gaulichu continues. Jason, Zachary, Zatanna, and Lucifer make headway.
Knightfall: Not a Magic Trick November 6th, 2019 Batman (Dick) seeks out Zatanna to help with several problems.
Age of Darkness: Rao Ascendent October 29th, 2019 The Heroes come to the last resting place of Superman to find answers, and after a pitched battle with villains, instead find only more questions! Where is Superman?
Age of Darkness: Tim is continuing research on Superman. October 18th, 2019 And the plot thickens.
Age of Darkness: Aftermath October 18th, 2019 Green Lantern and Zatanna meet at Superman's Memorial and discuss recent events. Zatanna puts up a protection spell to protect Superman's Memorial, and the two discuss happenings.
Age of Darkness: Celebration of Life October 12th, 2019 It was the Memorial Celebration for Superman, and it was a sombre event for everyone to be a part of.
Following the Magic October 9th, 2019 Lucifer and Zatanna make inquiries at the Sanctum in New York.
House Where Nobody Lives September 24th, 2019 The Zatara cousins talk for the first time in a long time.
Prelude to Age of Darkness September 23rd, 2019 Superman gets taken over by Yuga Khan in an attempt to control the Man of Steel, and it is only through the heroic efforts of Zatanna, Flash, and Ghost Rider that they stave off the Apokolips...this time.
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Afterparty July 29th, 2019 Summary needed
The Entertainment Budget July 11th, 2019 Silver and Zatanna enjoy a night out at Club Mjolnir wherein they discuss fame, family, fascinations.
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Astral Flux: A Fistful of Dollars September 15th, 2018 Emma hosts a card game at the Hellfire Club to determine the winner of her bet with John. Everyone but Zatanna cheats. Emma wins.. because Illyana lets her?
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Germination: I've Got News for You July 21st, 2018 John Constantine visits the Hall of Justice. He drops some knowledge and doesn't loot the trophy room... this time.
Gotham City - Murder Circles July 12th, 2018 Summary needed
Hello! July 10th, 2018 Diana and Zatanna talk about recent events, as well as letting Zatanna stay in a room at the Embassy for a spell (pun intended).
Meanwhile, back in Sunnydale... July 9th, 2018 Summary needed
Counting Chicken Eggs June 14th, 2018 Summary needed
What Happens at Shadowcrest Stays at Shadowcrest May 24th, 2018 Summary needed
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