15628/Even Demigodesses Need to Study.

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Even Demigodesses Need to Study.
Date of Scene: 24 September 2023
Location: Living Quarters, Titans Tower
Synopsis: Cassie needs a study break. America provides the distraction!
Cast of Characters: Wonder Girl, Miss America

Wonder Girl has posed:
Despite being a superhero, a demigoddess and daughter of Zeus, the youngest sister of one of the most famous ones at that, Cassie Sandsmark still seems to be stuck in education mode.

But that's what happens when you are going for your own masters degree on the way to being a doctor of archeology.

Evidence of this being the blonde having numerous text books piled up on a coffee table in the main living area, some of those lo-fi beats to study to playing on the sound system. Way better than what she has in her room and maybe just maybe a better chance to get a distraction from studying out here than in her own room.

The blonde herself in a comfy if very tight blue denim miniskirt and a light red sweater with hints of a lavender blouse's collar and cuffs peeking out. Some black leather ankle boots with a wedgeheel matching a plain black leather belt around her tiny waist.

"Damn professors making me research things that aren't ancient Greek. Nooo, Here Cassandra, you can do your papers on Skara Brae. So you don't cheat by asking your family for details." it's grumbling, but she still gets to working.

If she doesn't she might never get let on a real dig ever again. She liked it, even if she had a tendency to swipe stuff for resale.
Miss America has posed:
Training. It's an inevitable part of life if you want to improve yourself, whether it be in body, mind or spirit.

America Chavez never really bothered much with scholastic pursuits after she ran from outer-dimensional paradise of a home. She made do with what she learned on the Utopian Parallel... and what she learned through experience, from world to world, from history to history. It's pretty surprising how much knowledge you can accumulate via osmosis when it's a practical necessity. But formal training for the mind? Not for her.

The body, on the other hand...

"Isn't the whole point of all this school shit to learn something?"

That low voice rolls in just behind Cassandra as she grumbles through her Scottish suffering. The source soon makes itself known as America meanders out into the living room from the vague direction of the Titans' training facilities, dressed in what likely amounts to workout gear: a red sports bra, striped in white down its middle, a pair of ankle-length dark blue leggings lined with blue stars along the outside of the legs, and, of course, a pair of star-spangled sneakers; her curly hair has been pulled back and bound up in a stricter ponytail, likely to accommodate the shield-bearing, white baseball cap she wears.

Look, she might be a mooch, but you find a better place to train than a super tower full of people who're actually kind of alright (America for 'pretty cool').

She's largely quiet after that initial observation, instead opting to lean in to pluck one of those books up and crack it open, peering at the contents with a bland, hooded stare.

"What the hell is a Skara Brae?"
Wonder Girl has posed:
Cassie had only fleetingly met America here and there, mostly because heroes had gotten together for those big world ending deals. So down time hanging out was rare. Even Cassie had things to do like get that basic degree, learn to be an Amazon and all that.

But America seemed cool, and that style rocked, not hard to impress when the blonde wore similar colors to match her sister. And Diana did that to seem friendlier to America, the nation.

"It is when you haven't already learned a bunch of stuff already. When you're just in it for the paper it kinda gets tedious. I grew up on dig sites, Mom's in the business. I'm in it kinda to make up mostly for the whole ripping things off in my misspent youth." she explains as she looks up and over to the much taller Utopian woman.

"Think I need to get things in museums more than private collections. Plus I'm immortal. If I lose my keys I may need the skills to find them if one of those societal collapses actually stick for a few thousand years." she adds playfully.

"Skara Brae is an ancient Scottish settlement on an island off the mainland. Heh mainland when it's an island itself."
Miss America has posed:
If nothing else, America has a dominant theme in her fashion sense and she sticks with it. That's real commitment!

Hoop earings jingle gently as the tall Utopian tilts her head Cassie-wards. Dark brows lift fractionally in inscrutable tandem as the blonde explains a bit about her aspirations. She doesn't say much, but at least, that expression that touches upon tan features doesn't really look all that judgmental as Cassie delves into the mistakes she made and/or crimes she committed when she was younger. America Chavez isn't an easy read, but if nothing else -- it's pretty easy to tell when she's judging you.

"Huh," is all she says, as if accepting that explanation at face value. Her attention returns to the book, flipping through the contents as Cassie speaks. A little snort flares past her nostrils as the blonde talks about lost keys.

"No amount of college training's gonna help you there, Wonder Girl," is her teasing rejoinder, before she lapses back into comfortable silence once more. Cassie explains the mystery of Skara Brae, just as America turns to a picture of those well-maintained ruins.

"All land's just islands," she remarks, with that effortlessly flat tone of hers that makes it terminally impossible to tell if she's messing with someone or not. She closes the book, and wonders:

"There something you're hoping to find out there with that fancy paper slip once you get it?"

Something she wants to discover for herself?
Wonder Girl has posed:
As for getting over that whole former criminal life, it just takes work and time. Handsa combing her blonde hair back down behind her shoulders while red star shaped earring dangle from her own lobes. "It's more me showing I'm willing to do the work. Instead of just tagging along, and then yoinking something. There's also the whole being a doctor or archeology. I can carry a whip outside the bedroom or the Themysciran embassy. Not just a lasso." she explains, half joking with a playful tone to her voice.

"So with paper and being a good girl, people won't just say no if I turn up. Hell, it nearly destroyed my Mom's rep in the field too. So it's not just my benefit." she explains .

"Of course this is all still kind of academic. Gotta actually pass and get into my doctoral course. Not there yet. Isn't like I need the money. Well maybe a little. Skintight jeans are a pain to replace and have altered to fit the star spangled style." A problem both women often have to put up with. "Even that spinning magical girl clothes change trick I got from my sisters I still need to get the clothes to change back and forth from!"
Miss America has posed:
There's also the whole being a doctor of archaeology. I can carry a whip outside the bedroom or the Themysciran embassy.

America Chavez affixes Cassie Sandsmark with a blank-faced stare of understated bafflement.

"What, that some kinda archaeology thing?" she asks, blandly.

Does she -- does she not know about Indiana Jones--?

It's so hard to tell when she's just fucking with someone--

Rather than wait for an answer, America smoothly leans over, setting that book back down. When she rises back up, her hands plant on her hips as she overlooks the assemblage of academic material with a critical eye. This isn't to say she's not listening to what Cassie has to say; she is, intently, if the thoughtful turn to her expression is any indication.

And if there's any lingering doubt that she is...

Cassie gets to around the point where she laments about the difficulties of getting star-spangled customizations to her jeans when America, still looking at the piles of books, extends a fist outward to the blonde.

Offered in a fistbump of solidarity.

"Alright," she begins. "You need a study buddy?" She sounds very serious about this, even if it's an open question just how much she could contribute to Cassie's efforts. Except--

"Picked up a few tips here and there about studying and all that crap. Could help." A second passes. She arches a brow. "In exchange you tell me about this spinning magical girl clothes change thing. Deal?"
Wonder Girl has posed:
"Inside joke in the field." Cassandra states with a mock crack of an air whip and the sound effect to go with it. "But for now it's totally just whipping for fun. I have the lasso for anything else mobility might need." she explains with a wink.

That's probably way more influence Themyscira has exerted on the woman since she met her father's side of the family.

"I'm always good for study partners. If the process can be streamlined I'm all for it!" she accepts the offer and picks herself up from the sofa, setting a few more books out of the way.

Once on her feet she shifts over to a wider area of the living space shared by the titans.

"Now remember, I can get away with it since magical girl demigoddess." she states, standing in her street clothes, the miniskirt and twinset minus pearl necklace.

Arms rise into a T pose before one bends towards her chest. Then she rolls those hips, moving with the curves as she twirls on the spot.

It takes a couple spins but soon her clothes change. Red leatherpants, silver starts down each thigh, black muscle top with a highneck and a zipper A golden =W= on her bust bisected by a zipper running up to her neck with a wide ring pull. And a black leather belt and boots not too different from what she wears now. Just more block heel than solid wedge.

As she stops twirling she grins at America. "Tada! Now, wanna go grab a burger or something? I could eat!"