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America Chavez (Scenesys ID: 236)
"We save the world every day we choose to and we crap all over it every day we don't."
Full Name: America Chavez
Gender: Female
Species: Utopian
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Utopian Parallel
Residence: Anywhere
Education: Self-Taught
Status: Dropped
Groups: Titans
Other Information
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 4 July 2006 Actor:
Height: 183 cm (6'0") Weight: 74.84 kg (165 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "X Gon' Give It To Ya" by DMX
"I Will Not Lose" by Killer Mike


For most people, America Chavez is probably just another teenaged hero with attitude, albeit one with a frightening amount of power who has been alarmingly off the grid until very recently; the truth, of course, is something much different. An adventurer from a world outside the bounds of space and time, America has spent most of her life hopping from universe to universe, living life on her own and on her own terms. Terminally blunt and prone towards the more physical end of the conflict resolution spectrum, America primarily acts at the street level to help the people most in need in this world. Though often possessed of a calm, almost bored demeanor, America has very little tolerance for criminals and liars and a fiery (read: super violent) temper. But one thing is certain -- America has never met a problem she can't punch her way through.

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America Chavez is a statuesque young woman with cinnamon-colored skin and long, wavy brown hair. Evidently of Hispanic descent, she has attractive features and has an athletic build that, coupled with her six feet of height, make her an easy standout in any crowd. Her eyes, however, tend to be the first thing some people notice- they are intense and earnest, and their intensity seldom dims. When she glances at someone, she seems to imply that whatever they have to say had better be worth her attention.

Her wardrobe never seems to fall within what one might call 'superhero chic', in the realm of fashion. Chavez prefers to wear street clothing that is comfortable and provides ease of movement- jeans, shorts, hoodies, shirts, sneakers or boots- the common thematic element that ties them all together being a general red-white-and-blue, star-spangled motif. Presently she is wearing a red-white-and-blue jacket over a blue shirt, which features a white star over her chest, and black jeans with white stars traveling down the sides. Red-and-white sneakers complete the combo.


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America Chavez's Earth has no designation or title. Instead, America was born in the Utopian Parallel, a dimension that exists outside the conventional bounds of time and space created by the magical entity known as the Demiurge.

An idyllic world, America was raised by her mothers, both superheroes and defenders of the Parallel, to treasure and preserve a sense of justice, to do what was right. They were lessons that would leave an indelible mark on the young Chavez, that would burn all the deeper when her mothers sacrificed themselves to save the Utopian Parallel from certain destruction: a breach into their hallowed space from the Multiverse, causing an outpouring of blackholes that attempted to drag the parallel into the conventional space and time of the Multiverse, that would result in absolute obliteration.

It was only thanks to her parents giving their lives to seal the black holes away that the Parallel was ultimately saved. Her mothers were celebrated as heroes, Chavez praised as the child of the great heroes. But all Chavez really knew was that she lost her parents, and missed them terribly.

And so, wanting to prove herself as a great hero like her parents and knowing the Parallel would never require one again, six year old America ran away from home, breaking the boundaries between worlds to slip into the main multiverse of worlds. Traveling from dimension to dimension, learning how to fight, how to survive, Chavez grew into a fine adventurer and eventually a hero proper, adopting the name of Miss America.

America's travels eventually brought her to this world. And here the young woman has stayed since, even after the events of the incursions and the reconstitution of the Multiverse -- meeting many, and taking part in countless adventures and missions for the sake of the world and the multiverse at large.

Mostly through kicking ass.

Kicking a lot of ass.


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When it comes right down to it, America Chavez is not an overly complicated person. It's a simplicity that she values highly in almost all her dealings: though cool and calm even under the most severe of pressures, America can be blunt, never one to hesitate to speak her mind no matter what the consequences might be. This lends itself to a fundamentally honest and direct personality that disdains subterfuge and deceit; America hides nothing, and if she has to, in the end she tends not to lie about it -- just keep tightlipped.

America is the type of person who would kick in the front door during a stealth mission.

Despite her penchant for a fiery temper and her tendency to default towards aggressive (violent) solutions to problems and conflicts, Chavez has a strong sense of justice and doing the right thing. She never forgets when someone wrongs her, holds a grudge that goes for miles, and looks out for everyone she can; she is protective of friends, and has committed herself whole-heartedly on the path of superheroism. That she follows a path of justice that might be different than most is no skin off her back -- at the end of the day, Miss America has always been one to fearlessly forge her own path.


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A "nearly indestructible superwoman," America Chavez is able to withstand most conventional methods of harm and even more exotic and technologically advanced kinds. With her superhuman durability, bullets bounce off her harmlessly, fire does little but warm her, and even anti-tank shells at best tend to bruise her. She is capable of surviving unaided and without need for oxygen in the most extreme of environments, up to and including the absolute vacuum of space and harsher still, and she while she is not completely indestructible, it takes a lot to truly injure her. America can take a punch just about as well as she can give one. Which is saying something.

America is able to fly under her own power, and does so quite often when not keeping her powers or identity a secret. Her flight ability allows her to travel at different speeds. While she has never officially been clocked at her top speed, she has flown fast enough that her velocity allowed her to almost literally 'squish' a Frost Giant that she landed on. When going this fast she's merely a blur of colors, though still capable of being seen with the naked eye, moving around 500-600 miles per hour.

Thanks to her connection to the multiversal, cosmic entity known as the Demiurge, America Chavez is capable of crossing the boundaries of spacetime through use of spatial portals shaped like a five-pointed star. These portals can be placed practically anywhere, and are initially sealed with a wall of extradimensional hard-light; opening the portals up requires impact of sufficient force. The size and placement of these vary depending upon America's need, and she's experienced enough in their use that she can make them large enough to transport an entire space ship through them, or small enough to fit the size of eye, and everywhere in between.

These portals can be used towards a variety of ends, the most obvious of which being conventional teleportation. America can cross vast distances within the bounds of conventional space, and can take others with her. She has also used these portals as something akin to stepping disks, both to help stop her uncontrolled momentum and to use as springboards in environments like space.

Perhaps the greatest capacity of these portals, however, is their absolute command over the boundaries of space: America is capable of accessing different dimensions such as the Negative Zone or the Superflow, the Asgardian Realms, and so on -- but even moreso, of bypassing the dimensional boundaries between universes, allowing her to traverse the greater multiverse and visit alternative realities.

Because of her innate ties to spacetime, America is also capable of sensing interdimensional fluctuations besides her own, and closing holes in space-time just as much as she is capable of making them, depending on just how large the rift actually is.

NOTE: Because of their nature, America's reality-hopping abilities are restricted to significant plot events.

America Chavez is fast. Very very fast. Though her upper limits have not been measured, America can cross vast distances in a matter of moments -- and is fast enough that beings capable of moving and perceiving the world at light-speed still perceive her in - albeit slower - motion where most people should rightly look completely still.


"A nearly indestructible superwoman who can throw tanks to the moon," America Chavez possesses immense superhuman strength. She is a powerhouse in the same vein of heroes like Wonder Woman or other similar titans of strength, able to perform feats like exerting enough physical power to literally punch her way through an event horizon. The laws of physics can kiss her ass. Her words.


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America Chavez can speak both English and Spanish fluently.

America's spent the vast majority of her life traveling through realities, saving various worlds in need from disaster. The accumulated experience of traveling through not just universes but the boundaries between them has given her a not-too-shabby working knowledge of the cosmos and some of the bigger players within it. Because she is who she is, it's not exactly information she's willing to share with most people, but suffice to say, America has a better working knowledge of the greater world out there than many.

America Chavez has spent a good chunk of her life fending for herself, surviving on her own. In many, many, many different universes. With many, many, many weird and scary threats and environments, most of which tend to hate you. America is an adept survivalist and, most importantly, despite her stubborn streak is very adaptable to different environments, cultures, and situations, able to meke out even the most meager existence if she has to.


Between her mothers' training before their death, and the years of surviving on her own as an interdimensional adventurer through many strange and frankly hostile realities, America has developed a very strong penchant for hand-to-hand combat. Her style is simple and efficient, favoring direct and overpowering blows that aim to overwhelm her enemies. It might not be graceful, but it doesn't lack in finesse -- and it certainly is very effective.


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America Chavez hasn't had a very easy life, and she's seen a lot of different, horrible things. Combined with her straightforward and rough personality and inability to tolerate things she thinks is wrong, she can have rather explosive bouts of anger that can get rather violent, rather fast. Safe to say, for as calm - if blunt - as she normally is, it's not a good idea to get on her bad side.

America can be bullheaded and endlessly stubborn. She also normally has a very specific and very physical way of dealing with problems: punch it until it stops being a problem. Chavez's ability to tackle issues that cannot be directly and physically overcome, while not non-existent, is very, very far from her strong suit...and combined with her temper, her oftentimes reckless behavior can sometimes get her into more trouble than she expected.

America Chavez has dedicated her life to protecting people, saving people, helping people -- helping them from some of the biggest threats in existence. She abandoned a very literal paradise just to do that, believing a utopia couldn't use her help as much as the less perfect realities could. She did this as a child, while destitute, with no understanding of the world outside her own's extraspatial borders, and she remains committed to it to this day. America Chavez -has- to be the one helping. She (oftentimes) views accepting the help of others as a personal failing on her part, and thus will often refuse outside aid or downplay her own problems or outright dismiss and ignore concerns for her well-being. America has been on her own for a long, long time -- and it is extremely difficult for her to truly open herself up and work with others, and even if not for the reasons one might think, it can still make for a marked disadvantage on those occasions where she actually -does- bite off more than she can chew.

No matter how you slice it, America comes off as something of a mystery despite her painfully blunt personality type. She plays a lot of things close to the vest, rarely explains herself, and, in general, is just about as secretive as you can get. Combined with the fact that she is more or less a complete unknown in this world with no presence or history to speak of until recently, America can make for a very suspicious individual -- and even beyond that, her general refusal to explain herself or really trust others can be to her detriment, sometimes.


America Chavez hails from the Utopian Parallel, a world that's only superficially like any Earth in the conventional multiverse. While she has been in Earth-616 for an extended amount of time, she is still not a native to the universe and is out of place with its people and cultures.


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