15635/A Perfectly Normal Meeting

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A Perfectly Normal Meeting
Date of Scene: 27 September 2023
Location: New York
Synopsis: Diana tries to improve children's lives, and Vampirella is selfish enough to just shoot her shot.
Cast of Characters: Wonder Woman, Vampirella

Wonder Woman has posed:
As a part of being an ambassador to the UN for the nation of Themyscira, Diana has sought to reach out and help educate others on what the United Nations does. And does not.

Today she was spending time at a school in New York City. Dressed in a white suit with a blue blouse, her hair has been pulled up into a stylish bun. While she isn't wearing her iconic tiara, her equally iconic bracers can be glimpsed from inside her suit jacket.

Spending the morning speaking to various classes, the afternoon saw her speaking with the last of the classes. It was the most interesting of the day. If only because of the teacher. There was a wisdom or experience in those eyes that Diana rarely sees. The questions of the kids, her presentation was largely the same. Still. The teacher was drawing her attention through it all.
Vampirella has posed:
A UN ambassador is visiting the rathole elementary school Ella Normandy works in. We will agree to ignore for now that Ella Normandy does not exist; careful applications of hypnosis in the right places have convinced the only individuals who have access to her file that she does exist, and that's good enough for now. We will also not question why a UN ambassador is visiting elementary school students: Wonder Woman does a lot of things other UN ambassadors do not. Except maybe for the guy from Kahndaq, the guy with the goofy ears.

Ella Normandy teaches first graders. She likes the kids well enough, though she privately thinks of them as fart-dispensers. They're inner city kids, the kind who mostly get written off as little trash that broke off from the bigger pieces of trash that were their parents. She's dressed more or less like a human, but very oddly for an elementary school teacher: white blouse and white jacket over black slacks. Who wears that much white around kids? It's like throwing money away.

Vampirella has warned the kids to be on their best behavior ("or else she'll tie you up with her lasso and make you tell the last time you peed the bed," which prompted a hail of giggles from the students: Ella can teach basic grammar and arithmetic, but she's not the world's best disciplinarian). The whole time Diana was giving her speech, though, the kids were well-behaved, and Vampirella was lounging against a wall at the back of the classroom near the cubbies where they store their jackets and backpacks. Everything about her body language looked releaxed, her face pleasantly neutral like a store clerk pretending not to pay attention to a couple deciding whether they really want to splurge for the extended warantee or not. Even her eyes are dull and sheepish, like the rest of the herd. But her mind is working afire, not out of any particular fear, just what she thinks is perfectly reasonable caution:

Wonder Woman has the potential to do a lot of damage to Vampirella. Therefore, watch and be ready.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles and patiently answers all of the questions the children ask and ask again. Yes she is a Princess. Also an Amazon. No they aren't related to the company you can order things from on the internet. Yes she is an Ambassador. Yes she knows Batmman and Superman.

It.. is a visit like the others from the rest of the day. But it is in Diana's very nature to be patient and nurturing. Leading by example. Slowly she steers the questions and topic back to the United Nations and a First Grade level description of what happens and why it is so important for their young world perspectives.

At the end, as with the other classes Diana patiently poses for pictures and signs autographs for every child that wishes to have one. Then, finally, the end of day bell rings and it is time for the children to head home.

Pausing to gather her things, Diana looks to Ella and smiles. "Your children adore you."
Vampirella has posed:
"Ella Normandy" smiles a little, a cynical half-smirk you'd expect from a battle-scarred veteran rather than a girl who barely looks old enough to have her qualifications. "I guess so," she agrees, though she isn't thinking at all about whether they adore her: she's thinking about whether they're her kids.

Maybe they are.

Vampirella shakes it off. Contemplation was never her strong suit. She smiles a tad more genuinely up at the Amazon and asks, "So how was it, soldier? Did you accomplish your mission, do you think?"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles and nods, "They do, Ms. Normandy. I could see it in their eyes. And despite the apprehension I sense from you, I think that they are indeed yours. It is a wonderous thing, to be able to influence young minds and help them begin their journey into a lifetime of learning and understanding."

Considering the question she smiles. "I am not currently a soldier. My role is more that of a teacher myself. A nurturer. A guide or advisor to those who would be willing to listen. Sadly that is not as many as I might hope, usually."

"But I enjoyed the day. And the questions. Questions are natural. They are a sign that others are thinking and engaged. How.. was it for you?"
Vampirella has posed:
There's probably no point arguing about the universality of soldierhood with a woman who can probably hold a county up over her head if you put it on a strong enough plate. So, Vampirella doesn't. "It was informative," she says. Her arms are not exactly folded.

"So this paradise of yours. You think you can recreate it here despite all the conditions being different? Isn't it like a mother trying to have the same daughter twice?"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince listens and smiles as she places the remaining hand outs back into a folder and then into her briefcase. The USB drive from her presentation is also put away and the case is closted.

"We do not intend to recreate our nation in the rest of the world Ms. Normandy. We do wish to show that living peaceably, with patience and compassion, is entirely possible. Not that it is easy. Just that it is possible and a worthy path do endeavour to follow. I am not so naive as to believe that every person who hears of this will wish to follow the same ideals. But if the ideals are not shared - what ideals will they hear instead? Those who want to sew strife and dischord are very vocal about their views. Without others speaking up? How are the undecided or unknowing to realize there are other, hopefully better, choices that can be made?"

Picking up her briefcase, Diana smiles again. "I don't mean to preach. That is not my point. Everyone must choose. I believe there is a song from a popular folk artist of the last century. It says 'You have got to serve someone. It might be a devil or it might be a lord. But you have to serve.' That is my desire - to help others realize that a lack of choice, or inaction, is still a choice. And it can have unpleasant consequences. Just as making a decision and standing for something will. Is it not better to make that stand for what one believes than to let others stand unopposed?"
Vampirella has posed:
'Mizz Nor-man-deeee', as her kids know her, nods along casually. "I think the nature of this world and the immediacy of the struggle to survive disincentivizes people to think about the future or the nebulous because it's all they can do to deal with putting food on the table tonight. They don't have time or energy to worry about far-away concepts like tomorrow or who's holding their chains." The corner of her mouth quirks minutely to the side in a ghost of a wry smirk. "Or maybe I'm just projecting."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince considers and smiles. "No, I do believe you have touched on very valid points. It is my hope to try and show others that it is possible to live in the present day and yet still look to the future, to help contribute to the making of a better world. Humanity has achieved amazing things when they have chosen to come together with like mind. Yet without such a cause, differences and resentments divide what was once united. It is easy to be disheartened. Perhaps I am an idealist. I choose to be encouraged because of the past successes. One day, I truly believe, that humanity will forge a successful, peaceful future that does not require a war or coup to achieve. The United Nations is a part of that. Just.. communicating. Sharing ideas and thoughts. Those are a wonderful start. Those are the things your children, all children and adults can begin with. It just takes someone to make the first step."
Vampirella has posed:
Vampirella listens to all that, and wonders aloud, "So is that the one you serve? Not a person, but idealism?"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles, her eyes sparkle as if she wants to burst into laugher. Not at Ella but at the observation. Because it isn't wrong. Out of the mouths of babes as they say.

"Not.. entirely." She offers a soft laugh. "In reality? I am the Princess of Themyscira, daughter of the Queen - and a daughter of Zeus. It could easily be said that I serve them. The truth? Is always more complicated than it first might seem."

"Yes, clearly, I am an idealist. I serve my sisters and mother foremost as their Ambassador. But part of my mission, as well, was given me by the goddess Aphrodite. That being to spread the message of peace and harmony. So that is why I am passionate about sharing. How does one deny the will of the gods and their queen?"

She offers a smile at the end.
Vampirella has posed:
At the end of that speech, that declaration of self, Ella's eyes dilate just a bit and perhaps even soften. The hint of a smile teases her lips, and her gaze flickers over Diana, lightning-fast but appreciative. It's even possible a bit of color rises in her cheeks, but maybe that's the effort of standing up straight away from the wall she'd been leaning against to saunter a step or two closer as she banters back in her very foreign accent, "I suppose it depends on the gods and the queen in question. But if you're happy in what you do, what's the point of sharing tips on how to be a blasphemer and an anarchist, right?"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Never let it be said that Diana is not honest, nor that she is ashamed of who she is. It is a life that comes with its own burdens but she has long made peace with her life's calling if ever she needed to.

She smiles genuinely at Ella. "I have no desire to spread dischord. There is enough blasphemy and anarchy in the world already." No thanks to Ares among others.

Tucking away the remaining handouts from the class, she takes her briefcase. "It was a pleasure to meet you Ms. Normandy. You have an amazing job. The chance to make a positive impression on the leaders of tomorrow. I admire you" she offers genuinely. "Though I have taken enough of your time considering the bell has already rung. I hope that you have a wonderful evening."
Vampirella has posed:
Never let it be said that Vampirella is ashamed of who she is, either. "Wait," she suggests, still halfway across the classroom, one hand resting atop a student's desk, just leaning a little on it. "I think it's my place to decide if you've taken enough of my time. I wouldn't mind giving you more time, if you want it." Her eye contact is steady and fearless. "For example, I have a surplus of time around 8pm Friday that I could let you have, if you just brought over something to carry it home in." She's definitely smiling now, though still very restrained, very subtle.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince pauses as she is asked to wait. She smiles. "It is true. But I am the guest speaker. Your principal was very specific that I was to be on my way once classes ended for the day so that I was not a distraction." Her smile reaches her eyes as Ella speaks further.

"I am truly flattered, Ella." She considers for a moment. "I believe that I, too, have some free time around then." Walking over, she offers a business card. "I will need to confirm with my staff that I haven't forgotten some event or other that I would need to attend but I can reach out to you in a few hours to confirm if that would be alright?"
Vampirella has posed:
Vampirella's smile--reserved, genuine, and secret, a gift only for Diana--is perhaps all the answer needed.

But just in case it's not, she allows the tips of her fingers to softly brush against the inside of Diana's wrist as she takes the card.