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Vampirella (Scenesys ID: 1304)
Full Name: Vampirella
Gender: Female
Species: Alien (Vampiri)
Theme: Other (FC)
Occupation: Substitute Teacher
Citizenship: Hell
Residence: New York City
Education: Infernal
Status: Approved
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age: 100
Date of Birth 17 August 1931 Actor: Addison Rae
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 52 kg (114 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Centuries Ago" by Hayley Westenra & Debbie Wiseman


Vampirella has had a lot of origins, all of them contradictory. That happens when you make chaos gods angry enough at you. She's a survivor of the dying world Drakulon, a place where the native population drinks blood to survive. This world has plenty of what she needs to drink, but most of it is inconveniently bound up in people who mostly deserve to keep the red stuff inside where it belongs. She's made way more enemies than friends, and is looking to extend the latter list by shortening the former via the application of extreme violence.

Current Player Approved: September 11, 2023



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There's something alien about Vampirella's features, a uniquely vulpine quality to the cast of her jade eyes and the shape of her scarlet lips that makes her ancestry difficult to guess. Her creamy complexion seems Caucasian, but her long, flowing hair is the kind of singularly shining black you find more in eastern Asia. She's tall and very slender, moving with grace and self-assurance, which she'd need in an outfit like that: a red sling that shines like silk, decorated with a gold O-ring that connects it to a white collar, and a golden bat emblem embossed over her pelvis, matching the gold armlet and bracelets she wears. Her knee-high boots are skintight patent leather. Her nails are crimson, short, and ever so slightly pointed.


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Vampirella has too many histories to choose from. Every so often (doesn't seem to happen more than once ever five years or so), her memories change. This time, she's a survivor of the planet Drakulon, a world that exists in a parallel dimension, where she was princess and her mother was the Blood Queen who offended some powerful demon or another and lost her firstborn child because of it: her mother then had Vampirella as a miniature clone of herself as she'd been when young, innocent and unspoiled by power, to offer as a sacrifice to get her ""true"" daughter back. Her mother's efforts offended the chaos gods who'd stolen Vampirella's sister, so they cursed mother and daughter both to wander realities, never finding what was sought, beginning with Vampirella getting drawn to Earth by a government experiment to pierce dimensional boundaries, drawing her to Earth in 1969, leaving her to have to learn the language and customs from these people who are full of the liquid she needs to drink in order to live.

From there, things get weird, as you'd expect from someone whose life is infected with chaos. She met a magician, joined the circus with him, fought Dracula a couple of times, fought some monsters who haven't entered the public domain and thus are much less famous, joined up with a group of Navy Seals-slash-nuns who hunt monsters and demons, had a falling out with them over her romantic affiliations, went on the run, settled down into an assumed identity, and now is quietly doing her thing while on the run.

That's the story this time. It's been other things. Vampirella remembers most of them. She's decided they don't matter. The chaos gods can't change who she is; or maybe they can but have decided not to because the curse wouldn't make much sense as a punishment if she didn't have a core of self to suffer at the changes inflicted on her. Either way, she is who she is, and she's nothing if not pragmatic.


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Vampirella is passionate. Her emotions are powerful, and she's unashamed of them. She controls them when it's useful and conceals them when it seems appropriate to do so even though she hates it: her feelings are intense enough to (metaphorically) burn, and keeping them inside only hurts. Her primary emotion these days is loneliness. She's been on this planet for more than half a century--many times longer, if you count the aborted timelines--where the only people to talk to are all potential food for her, and she has seen all her friends and allies even among this species of bacon die or leave her.

Despite her need to feed on the creatures of this world, Vampirella is generally compassionate and empathetic. She was genetically programmed to be that way by her mother. She does her best not to hurt humans, or to leave that to the humans who quote-unquote deserve it, but she remembers all of her victims. Every one of them.


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No Vampiric Weaknesses:
Vampirella is a vampire-like alien from another dimension, not a true vampire. Religious icons don't ward or harm her, nor is she subject to folklore weaknesses like an inability to enter a home or cross running water, a need to sleep in daylight, or an aversion to garlic. She is also alive, not undead, and her bite does not transmit her vampirism.

Vampiric Powers:

Vampirella has super-strength, -stamina, and -speed. She possesses senses far beyond human ranges, including a sense of smell keen enough to tell a person's emotions by their aroma, the ability to see in total darkness, and hearing beyond human perceptible ranges. She does not age, heals physical wounds with visible rapidity, and is immune to Earth's diseases and poisons. She has minor shapeshifting abilities, allowing her to grow or conceal fangs, talons, and wings. She's a skilled mesmerist, able to hypnotize someone whose gaze she meets and who can hear her voice. This last is explicitly based on player consent.


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Vampirella has been trained for decades in hand-to-hand combat. She relies on her claws and fangs, but is competently trained with melee weapons and firearms. She has been trained in affairs of state by her mother's guards when it was believed Vampirella would inherit the throne.

On Earth, her skills have grown to include multilingualism, speaking English and Russian.

Vampirella and is a skilled occultist across two different worlds. She considers her familiarity with Earth religions part of her training in the occult, though most religious people would probably take offense at that description, a fact she finds very funny.

She's become proficient with the technology of this world's time, at least to the degree any end user would be expected to be.


She has some ability as a tracker and hunter, though her training is minimal compared to her inborn senses.


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Vampirella has some contacts in the occult community, and a fearsome reputation among monsters.


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Vampirella has contacts but almost no friends. She turns friends to enemies faster than the characters in a wrestling pay-per-view.

Vampirella also has a miles-long enemy list. The gods and demons of the chaos realm are the biggest but most distant and are rare occasions helpful as they try to seduce her over to their side. Monsters of every kind, her family, and the secret Inquisition are much more present and much more interested in traditional violence. Then there's the unaffiliated rest of humanity, who probably would take issue with her needing to drink blood if they ever found out that's what she does.

Heightened Senses:
Vampirella is not burned by sunlight, but it's extremely unpleasant, overloading her enhanced senses.


Since she's not a vampire, she doesn't need special execution methods like a stake through the heart: any sufficient amount of physical violence will do the trick.


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