15642/To All The Awful Exes

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To All The Awful Exes
Date of Scene: 28 September 2023
Location: Hellfire Club - Manhattan
Synopsis: Emma runs into Harley. They talk. They drink. They may plot in the future.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Harley Quinn

Emma Frost has posed:
While much of the Hellfire Club is private and restricted to it's extremely rich, extremely powerful members only, there are small sections that are open to the general public. At least at certain times. The club does not always see a full crowd afterall and there can be a number of benefits of allowing those that might not otherwise get in a little access. A chance to pick up information. A chance to run little plots with unfamiliar faces.

Or just a chance to mingle as one grabs a drink.

Emma Frost does not necessarily get into town quite as much as she might like. Her duties out in Westchester keep her fairly busy. And in truth, she has somehow -- as impossible as it might seem -- come to find that rowdy mansion a sort of home. And home is not something that Emma has often had.

But since she was in town anyways picking up a few necessary things -- she will not go clothes shopping in Salem center. Eeew. She did decide to stop by the lounge. Which is where she is now, casually reclining in a rather plush seat, watching the pretty things come and go as she casually sips her drink.
Harley Quinn has posed:
While it's not often, it does happen. from time to time, Harley doesn't wanna do the gutter.. sometimes, she doesn't wanna have to get into a brawl or get groped or any other assortment of things that slumming it does..

     Sometimes she wants to be pretty, even sometimes she doesn't wear her normal combat outfit and actually slips into a dress.. that shows off her pale pale white skin and two-colored hair. Today is Red and black, it seems, with a cute red dress. She even wore *GASP* heels!

     She moves up to the bar and slaps the top of it. " BARKEEP.. something to knock mama's boots off! " well, you can take the girl out in a dress, but she is still Harley.

Emma Frost has posed:
Of course the lounge is suitably decadent, all the little decorations of the finest craftsmanship and finest materials and more then a few scantily clad, attractive young men and woman circulate amongst the clientel that are patronizing the bar.

The service is also apparently top notch, because Harley has barely sidled up to the bar before a young man is there in front of her with a smile, dipping his head at her request. "I think you'll find this suitable," he offers, pouring out some deep, amber liquid into a shot glass for her.

The barked request does draw Emma's attention as well, and she takes another sip of her drink and arches a brow in the direction of the bar, that pale skin and two-toned hair a pretty good clue to just who is frequenting her bar today.

At least she doesn't look like she's dressed for trouble. At least not of the destructive kind.

Then again, appearances can be deceiving.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn It's harley who knows what that girl is up to .. although he does grab a cute girl and tugs her into the chair next to her " Sit with me I'm loney," she says firmly.. before she sighs and lays her head on the girl's shoulder.. "

     " Why does nobody trust me.. I mean It's not like I try and destroy shit " she pauses " Well, sometimes.. but sometimes I'm not you know! " She says as she sips her drink..

"Sometimes I'm trying to be good and help.. but all people do is start a fight .. then I gotta defend myself.. and limbs get ripped off " .

     She looks at the scared girl." And now they mad at me cause I fed it to Lou! " .
Emma Frost has posed:
While Emma did come to the city for a relaxing sort of day, away from any student whining or troublesome requests, she catches enough snatches of the crazy clown-girl's woes that she can't help but smirk a little, gracefully rising from her seat and starting over towards where one of the hired pretties looks increasingly nervous.

Talking about ripping off limbs and feeding them to pet hyenas can do that to one. Especially when there hasn't been any actual clarification of just who 'Lou' might be and why he's eating human limbs. Understandably a little concerning.

"You cna go Miri," Emma says casually as she nears before she settles herself on the arm of Harley's chair, squirming just a little as she makes herself comfortable. "It sounds like you're having something of a rough day."
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Blinks and looks at Emma for a moment before she recognizes her " Oh hey, your that sparkle girl." She says " This your place? " She asks, looking around .. before she sighs " Yeah, horrible day.. abusive ex wants me.. after I broke up with the love of my life.. yeah, bad day," she says and stretches a bit. " But I did a good deed so I'm in a goodish mood.. I think "

     she will look over Emma, though, she a very pretty lady after all.
Emma Frost has posed:
The smile on Emma's lips quirks ever so slightly and she dips her head towards the other woman in acknowledgement. She has known a few abusive exes over the years. Of course, she can always mentally rewire them which is something of an advantage for her.

And something she won't hesitate to take advantage of either, should they really deserve it.

She may have changed her stripes -- or is that spots? -- but there are still a few things that remain.

"You have my symapthies. And I have a certain... stake in this place, yes," the cultured blonde agrees. "You may consider your drinks comped for the duration of your visit with us today. Consider it my way of... helping you to get over your relationship problems," she offers with a faint smile.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn In Harley style, she beams a huge, pretty smile and Wraps her arms around Emma in a big hug, and kisses her cheek " Thank you so much.. i had jokers card but wasn't sure how much more was on it. " She beams " And Mama wants to drink " .

     " This is another reason while i love women.. they are sexy.. soft .. tasty and so nice," She says honestly as she sighs " What about you .. anything troubling your fantastic butt? "
Emma Frost has posed:
It was seem Emma is not quite as much about the big outburst, but the finely coiffed woman does slip an arm around the pale beauty with a smile, returning that hug. "Mmmmm, us misunderstood sorts do have to stick together sometimes and watch out for one another," she agrees with a low laugh.

Lifting a glass to Harley words, the blonde smirks faintly and takes a lingering sip from that glass. "They do have a great deal going for them, that much is true. Certainly a big step up from your ex," she comments drily. Oh yes, she might not live in Gotham but she is well tied in to the comings and goings in the superhero -- and supervillain -- set. And of course telepathy helps.

A lot.

"On the whole things are going rather well, I would say. Small inconveniences of course. I teach at a private school upstate, so this is something of a little getaway for me from teenagers," she says with a mock shudder.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Blinks. " wow, you must be hit on badly so much," She say and pats her leg softly in pitty. "Sometimes being pretty is a curse," she says "At least that's what ivy used to say alot " .

     She thinks for a moment." so you went teacher.. si that why you're not in the game no more? "she asks. " Cause last i heard you were one of the movers and shakers, You must need a really strong drink " . She doesn't make alot of sense but Harleys brain goes on speed 1000 not 1 , like adhd but on crack
Emma Frost has posed:
"All things considered, I prefer it to the alternative," Emma points out archly. A curse? Oh no no no, dahling. Beauty is another weapon in the arsenal, at least as far as the blonde is concerned.

And besides, one never knows just when it might lead to a suitably hot encounter.

"I'm sure it is a problem that you are familiar with. At least amongst those that you don't utterly terrorize," she points out with a little smirk before shrugging those slender shoulders gracefully, shifting to make herself a little more comfortable on that chair arm. "I wouldn't say that I'm not in the game any longer. I'm just choosing to... play it a different way," she suggests idly, giving a little shrug of her shoulders and a small smile. Lifting her glass once more, she winks at Harley. "Oh trust me, I definitely have something suitable."
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn thinks " yeah, normal men saying the same shit as the teens is just cringe," she says softly as she thinks to abut it .. Harley sometimes remembers she's pretty and other times she doesn't.. depending on her level of violence and mood.

     She blinks " I guess, everybody I've hooked up with tried to kill me at least once.. or beat me up pretty bad .. but I was trying to kill batsy " She thinks, " Wait, nooo yeah, Nightwing beat me up... Yeah" She nods " I have terrible track record " .

     " So what game are you playing, and can I join.. cause honestly, I'm bored " .
Emma Frost has posed:
Of course, Emma on the other hand never forgets just how attractive she is. While she might occasionally be reminded that she is not necessarily the be all and end all -- living in a mansion-full of hot women can do that sometimes -- she certainly never lacks for confidence on that particular front.

"Mmmmm, it sounds like you are hanging with the wrong sort of people my dear," the blonde comments archly. "I might not know you well, but no one should have to look at their love life and see that," she asserts, taking another lingering sip from her drink.

Of course that is easy to say, but for the most part Emma does not immediately resort to violence anyway. She has all sorts of other options.

"Mmmmm, my main game is concerned with mutant rights and freedom. But I'm certain that we could find some interesting endeavor we could pursue together," she says confidently.