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From Student to Teacher
Date of Scene: 28 September 2023
Location: Jean's Office - Xavier's School
Synopsis: What was just submitting receipts turns into a wellness check for both Tabitha and Jean! Boom-Boom needs to go back to psychic defense classes though.
Cast of Characters: Boom-Boom, Phoenix

Boom-Boom has posed:
Another school day mostly finished. Which meant the kids are all back in free range mode for at least a while. And the adjustment to being a teacher along side being an X-Man still progressing gradually.

Having to wear clothes that don't show off her midriff might have been the real struggle as she knocks on the door to Jean's office. A dark blue work shirt left open and a yellow tanktop with the school's name on the front. Each tucked in to the belted waistband of some very snug fitting jeans, their own cuffs pulled into some shin high work boots laced up closely.

The blonde wearing some yellow tinted cat eye glasses while she undoes the bun atop her head, letting it fall back down in a loose ponytail down the middle of her back.

"This a good time? I got like a bunch of receipts for like perishable parts for some of the kids' projects for the yeah. Fluids, lubes, belts, sparkplugs. The stuff you don't want to scrounge for when rebuilding engines."

Tabitha had resurrected an old project that had been a thing when she was a kid. Restoring old motorcycles. She had also give the kids an option for something else. Electric powered go-karts. Via recycled parts and batteries fixed up by herself and Lorna back during the summer break.
Phoenix has posed:
Jean is a very difficult person to sneak up on.

Perhaps three or four people could do it if she weren't absolutely distracted. Especially while at the School. It behooves her to be aware. Who knows what any student may be visiting to ask of her. It's something she remembers from when she was one of the original students; how Charles always seemed to know when they were coming to his office, but more than that, what they were coming to talk about.

In this case, she wasn't paying attention.

But people come to her office so often that it would be exhausting to just 'know' 'all the time'. So she centers herself, on herself. On whatever she's working on.. which in this case is going over new student files. One of the many different hats she's been gifted by Charles going AWOL. "Sure, come in."

And even though there's about nine thousand less hours in the day than she needs to complete everything that she has to do... Jean never seems to crack. Setting aside her files with a smile on her face when she sees Tabitha, waving her forward and motioning at one of the chairs around her. Where she's sitting on the couch rather than behind her desk. "I thought Scott took care of the auto shop budget? Don't tell me he's been skimping on important parts?"
Boom-Boom has posed:
"There's always need for more stuff. When you got kids learning how to gap plugs, properly connect hoses and leads. Sometimes gotta go grab more stuff. Add the occasional wonky power. Budgets go so far. Plus some of those were out of pocket on my end." Tabby points out as she swivels her head to see where the redhead is parked on the sofa.

There's a quick double check of her clothes, at least making sure that any stains from working on cars aren't going to transfer from backside to upholstery.

Once she's sure she's at least smudge proof she takes a seat and slumps back. "How the hell you haven't decided to blow up the sun dealing with kids I dunno. Swear you could do with a drink. And probably a smoke too. Or somethin g to explode? Think the danger room is still in use so probably need a different outlet." she considers as possible means to alleviate stress.
Phoenix has posed:
"Leave the receipts on my desk and I'll make sure you're reemberced on your next check." Jean doesn't know a great deal about cars, that's always been Scott's passtime, but she knows enough to know that it's not cheap. "I appreciate you taking care of it, but you should have let me know. I could have cut you a check to make sure you have what you need." She pushes her glasses up with fingers lining the outter rim of the red frame around the left lense.

Grinning and flopping her hand outward from her temple when Tabitha says she should have a drink, "Oh it's really not that bad. I learned to compartmentalize parts of my brain off in partitions back when I was still a student. I can actually handle several thousand things at once, so long as they're not incredibly time consuming.. maybe not a thousand.. certainly enough to keep me from losing my mind over the needs of a few children, mm?" The grin plays out a little wider watching Tabitha do her little self inspection before taking a seat.

"You're doing a wonderful job, by the way. Not everyone is suited for teaching, but the students seem to be doing well. I'm glad you decided to take on the job."
Boom-Boom has posed:
The blonde keeps an easy smile on her lips. "Some things just come up on the fly. Luckily I remembered some of the receipts. And you can totally scan my brain to make sure it's not a con! Just warn me so I can make sure I can tidy up in the nugget!" she taps her temple and chuckles.

Teaching auto shop was more of a where can we put Tabby to work deal. Thankfully it panned out okay. And she at least is finally getting an idea of what she put her teachers through as a kid. Even if one of them is the woman Tabby is chatting with.

"Several thousand things multitasked? I struggle enough trying to focus on one thing!" she'd spit take but thankfully she didn't bring a drink. Her own ADHD buried in her old records.

As for handling kids. "Don't forget the stress of managing a bunch of young and young-ish adults. At least dealing with kids is kinda easy for me. Just treat it like improv. 'Yes and'. And if it goes somewhere it shouldn't, it's not that difficult to steer them back. No I haven't yet bombed a kid. Well not since the Xenu thing, but they were mind controlled!"
Phoenix has posed:
"I trust you enough to shape a young mind, I think I trust you enough to hand me receipts, Tabbi." Jean says quietly, with an even quieter smile. One leg comes up and cross the other, both hands laid on her thigh just below her bent knee. Her hair is pulled back in a very neat bun and she's wearing something professional, but comfortable for the weather. An off the shoulder wool sweater and slacks. In her office, she's barefoot, but who wastes such a lush carpet walking around with shoes?

"Maybe a little exageration." She muses teasingly, waving one hand up and off absently, "But certainly several things at once. It's like a computer, just put resources to other tasks." It certainly doesn't hurt that she's one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet, no doubt.

Or that whole Phoenix thing.


"I have the utmost faith that you wont blow anyone up. You managed several years worth of high school with only minor property damage, I doubt you will suddenly regress so sharply as an adult." One perfectly groomed brow perks teasingly, "Unless you're telling me you'd let a bunch of children out wit you? You... who was the bane of so many of your teaching peers day? No... I don't think so."
Boom-Boom has posed:
"Legit receipts too!" Last thing Tabby needs is things getting squiffy on anything that might skirt legality. Like her lack of teaching qualifications and certifications. That might need some work with Kitty to mess with the board of education.

Plus flying under the radar is kind of handy when you're an ex-BlackOps type with a burn notice out in the wild.

The compartmentalization gets more nods. "I really have trouble doing that. My last job kinda turned a lot of things up. And turned a lot of things down. I blew up a lot of stuff since I graduated. Minor became major but they were still bad guys. Spy Stuff. Though we were kinda duped about." she scrunches her feature sup as she tries to not dwell on her life between school and school.

"And only doing wild party stuff with adults. The kids can sort themselves out. They just gotta learn to be sneakier if they're smuggling booze or weed about the place." she points out. "Can't yell at them really. Not like even you were miss perfect growing up here!" she points out.
Phoenix has posed:
These are all things that Jean is aware of, if not intimately familiar with, about Tabitha's time betwixt graduation and employment. She nods her understanding, as if it's of little concern to her what Tabbi did. "This place has always been a sanctuary for those who have done things that they may not be proud of... and I'm not saying you should have any shame. You're entitled to feel however you want about your actions. Those feelings are yours, whatever they are, to deal with. Between you and whatever higher power you prefer." Nondenominational here.

There's still a tone of empathy, even if what she says seems outwardly dismissive. "Logan was no Saint." That's putting it mildly. "Remy either. Both of them are ... well they're welcome." Logan, at least, is a teacher, even. And someone she trusts explicitly.

"Nor am I concerned with matters of credentials and certifications." She hadn't meant to read her thoughts, of course. Sometimes it happens without her even realizing it. She knows she's done it, of course, and looks apologetic... "We're a school, yes, but we're privately owned and nontraditional. With no government funding. So they have no oversight into who we do or do not hire." Besides which, they have some of the best IT on the planet. Katherine Pryde and Hank McCoy.

Spooks want to go digging into their records?

The grin on her face practically screams good luck.

"No, I certainly was not." Voice quieter. While there are likely rumors, it's not ones she wants to harbor amongst the students. "I am aware that some of the students smoke and drink... and while I've never had a very aggressive policy against marajuana, I do not abide alcohol... and I would hope that if you 'did' catch them, that you 'will' repremand them. Or at the very least, tell them to be more discreet and responsible... I'd much rather if they're GOING to smoke and drink, that they do so here, where someone responsible can keep an eye on them. Rather than out there..." motioning vaguely, that uh'wayish, ".. where they'll be arrested, hurt, or both."
Boom-Boom has posed:
"Considering last time I saw Remy before I left, he was supposed to have died in front of us. I hope someone game him a slap upside his nugget!" Tabitha grins and sweeps her hand in a dope slap motion against air. "And if Logan had an inkling of what I ended up doing. That might have ended even worse." she admits.

If anyone needed a three day bender it would be Boom-Boom.

"Well I ain't going to look into the back end of running a school. Ugh, that'd be like sooo frustrating. The sanctuary thing. Yeah, you know how much I appreciate this. Just hope people have earplugs at night in case I make too much of a racket." there's a definite worry about somnambulist explosions.

Or snoring.

"If I catch the kids I'll just confiscate things. Or trip sit if they already lit. At least it's legal for me now. But that just sucks the fun out of it really." she pouts and then chuckles at her own expense. "Bummer though cause it's good sleep for me. Quiet."
Phoenix has posed:
"I think you would be surprised how good Logan would be to talk to about the things you've done." Jean offers with a gentle nod. She has her own cross to bare, certainly. Things she'd done when she first returned by the power of the Phoenix. Things she dreams about. Concerns she harbors for what she could do in the future if she ever lost control. But as empathetic as she is and nonjudgemental as her ear, she is rarely the one people would go to with such deep traumas as those Tabitha is speaking.

"Once you get past the 'grow up, kids', he's a great deal of support in those matters." It's almost unfair to tease him when he's not there to listen to it. Still, she grins and rolls her eyes.

Whether at her own teasing of Logan or Boomer speaking of ear plugs, "You think that's bad, you should hear what some of them think. Never mind what they're doing in their rooms... I have gone to great lengths not to pry into peoples minds, both because it's impolite and because it's a cesspool... young adults have filthy flithy thoughts."

Laughing, quietly.

But staring at her pointedly.

Not accusatory, but not not accusatory.
Boom-Boom has posed:
There's rumors that some of the other X-Men have been considering going into the BlackOps for mutant survival route. So far Tabitha hasn't been asked about that... Yet. But she'd probably go along with it. If just to make sure no one who hasn't gone down that life goes down it.

Clearly it's the sort of thing that never works but the work needs doing quietly.

"Maybe one day I'll ask how Logan deals but then I've seen his beer intake and his healing factor so maaaaybe not that good a deal. Also if I get that trashed with Logan, I'd probably have to watch for Rogue wanting to hit me. I'd rather she hit on me instead though." she admits.

"And I can imagine." admittedly she's imagining now. The nibble of her lower lip and an otherwise awkward goofy expression. "The psychic defense classes are supposed it like kinda reduce that. I might have maybe had mine messed with a dinged up. My last employer was a really messed up telepath." she admits.

The look Jean giving her getting her pouting. "I'm trying not to! Really!"