15650/It Wasn't My Fault!

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It Wasn't My Fault!
Date of Scene: 29 September 2023
Location: Cobble Hill, Old Gotham
Synopsis: The Bats Extract the Facts
Cast of Characters: Nightwing, Batgirl (Cain), Oracle

Nightwing has posed:
    In the depths of the Tempus Electronics facility, down in the sub-basement just beneath the loading docks, Willy McCain was sweating bullets.
    It wasn't just that his long time life of crime was about to come to the end. It wasn't just that he was surrounded by three vigilantes who had in the past caused him to be locked up no less than three times. And it wasn't just because he was tied to a chair with an elaborate series of cords, cabling, and chicken-wire.
    It was because of the two hundred pounds of explosive and the triggering device that was tied to his chair as well.
    "Can you freaks hurry up and get me out of here!" He shrieked exasperatedly struggling again with the ties to his hands and feet, causing that rickety chair to clack and creak back and forth.
    The taller of the vigilantes, who was kneeling beside the chair, apparently knee-deep in electronics and wires said sidelong. "Don't rock the chair too much, Willy. Penguin might've set a gyro or equilibrium trigger in here."
    "For fuck's sake!"
    "Language, there are ladies present, man."
    "Fuck them too!" But these last words were more petulant. "You gotta get me outta here right? You guys?" He looks between them, "It's like... like part of your hero code or some shit?"
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
Cassandra was watching but this was out of her pay grade. Not that she got paid. But she was still learning about electronics and the like. Bomb defusing was on her list though she hadn't dedicated nearly as much time to it as she probably should have.

Thus her position was to stand there looking intimidating while the two brains worked on the bomb. She might glance at what they were doing from time to time. Then she would go back to glaring at Willy. Because Willy deserved all the glares. He kept putting himself in these situations by working with the criminals yet here he was whining they should save him.

Around villains, she rarely spoke. Keeping to that scary visage she used instead. A moment to glance at the stuff Nightwing was wrist deep in with the wiring and all that then she said three words. "Eenie. Meenie. Miney."

Apparently her version of defusing would be by chance. Though in truth, it was more to scare the hell out of Willy.
Oracle has posed:
There had been no gyro trigger. Nor an equilibrium trigger. In fact Barbara had been sorely disappointed in the explosive device that had been set to blow up Willy, lacking all the panache that Penguin is known to have where it comes to explosives. Alas, maybe Willy just wasn't worth of more? Yet he might have info they need.

"Willy, Willy, Willy..." Barbara has her arms folded and is looking over as Dick works on the bomb. Like a mean supervisor. Sometimes she pointed something out like 'Careful with that wire' and 'Ooops' which really, you never say Ooops if you want to keep someone calm in a bomb threat situation. But there she was.

"This is getting a bit hard, we may indeed have to resort to guessing the right wires..." She lets out a sigh, "We may have to leave him ..., specially as we still have to find out where those hostages are. It's going to take time..." tone resigned. It's all so unfortunate, but sacrifices need to be made.
Nightwing has posed:
    They had played off of each other so well in the past, and that casual synergy between them came to the fore as Nightwing worked well off of the Batgirls. Cass maintained that dark visage, giving that element of chaos that let Willy know that no matter how much he thought he knew about the Bats, he didn't know everything about them. And Barbara was taking point on pushing him, getting him to give that needed intel. While Dick... well he was busy.
    Yet he played his part, "I don't know, BG. This is simulataneously more complicated, complex, and yet slipshod. It's like..." He suddenly pauses and hisses through his teeth. A pregnant pause hangs between them...
    Then he suddenly exhales softly, "Wow that was close."
    Which is too much for Willy in that moment as he shakes the chair and stamps a foot. "WHAT?! WHAT WAS CLOSE!?"
    To which the former Robin answered, "Quiet man, I have to concentrate." There was the sound of clicking and tapping as he continued to 'defuse' the bomb.
    Willy groaned, "Oh come on, you can't do that... you can't leave me here! I don't know anything! Like he'd tell me shit!"
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
When he said another bad word, Scary Batgirl (trademark pending) reached out her hand, index finger poised upon thumb. Then BOOP, the finger snapped free and thumped him on the tip of the nose. "Language."

Then she fell silent again and let the other two work their magic.

He had already been warned. Now that warning had been reinforced painlessly. Yet, it also gave the impression that escalation was not just possible but likely.
Oracle has posed:
So close. But Willy is proving to be hard to get. "He found the gyro.." the lower end of her face which isn't covered by the mask twists into a grimace, "This isn't good. How long do you think it's going to take?" she finally squats down to take a better look at what Dick is doing under all those wires, "Good news is that at least there isn't a timer?" not YET, that is.

"We are going to need you to hold still. But this next part is going to be real hard ..., any regrets?" she asks. She makes it sound almost like a priest, listening to a man's dying words.

"We know Penguin told you things. Maybe that's why you are strapped to this chair right now. Doesn't seem like the type of guy that you should owe loyalty to."
Nightwing has posed:
    "Aww for..." He shoots a glance at ScaryBat and then self-edits, "Freak's sake, I can't tell you shit or he'll..." He stops when he realizes what he's about to say, Willy's expression severe and his face slick with the sweat of a man who knows he's going to die. "He won't even bother with a bomb next time, he'll just shoot me! This is him laughing at me, wanting to make me go through... this... stuff with you caped freaks. I tell you stuff he'll really cap me."
    Which is the moment there's a faint *PING* and then there's the tink-tink-tink as something metal falls _out_ of the bomb and starts bouncing across the floor. Which is the time that Nightwing sells it when he says...
    And suddenly Willy's at his wit's end, "Oh god, oh no, fuck fuck fuck! He took them to the harbor, White Tail Yacht Club, he's got some beef with the owner. Guy made a comment about his choice in tailors or some shit! Get me outta here!"
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
That was a whole lot of bad words. Though, if she were in his seat, Cassandra admittedly probably would be in the same state. Without the language but the same state of panic and fear. He was certainly exhibiting that in spades now.

But though she had that threat hanging in the air, he was starting to spill secrets thus she simply remained quiet, since sometimes listening was the best tool of all.

Though she did do one thing. She took a slow step backwards. As though starting to distance herself from the man. Or more importantly, from the bomb.
Oracle has posed:
The tink-tink-tink is followed by silence out of Batgirl. Well, one of them. Or in this case the TWO of them. Eyes just trail after the metal piece as it clanks along happily, heralding a not-so-glorious ending to one Willy McCain. And that's just enough for him to spill!

Barbara taptaps on her wristpad, drones already being launched to do a fly over at the Yacht Club. She nods at the two of them in that concerted manner of theirs. Talking without actually saying anything. It was time to go.

And then she also takes a step back from Willy. Are they really just going to leave him stranded here?
Nightwing has posed:
    Nightwing gets to his feet and he gives a nod back to them both, gesturing silently with two fingers toward the Northern exit. He then turns and says, "Thanks Willy, you saved their lives. Gotham's Bomb Squad is on its way, sit tight." He turns and starts into that half-jog that is seen when people are getting set to run, though he spins to trot backwards as he calls to the career criminaly, "Sit tight, disabled the gyro, but any quick movement could set it off. But here, souvenir."
    As he says that he tosses one of the screws from the bomb across the distance into his lap, then turns to break into a run.
    "Oh c'mon, you guys can'r fu--freakin' leave me here! Those malookas don't know how to disarm sh--stuff!" He calls out, but he does know enough about the bat family that they didn't leave him there in deathly peril... probably.
    So he eases down a little. Even as the Bats make their departure.