15655/Up in Flames, not Down and Out.

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Up in Flames, not Down and Out.
Date of Scene: 30 September 2023
Location: Main Foyer - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Tabitha comes inside after helping a kid with flame powers had a stress moment. She and Emma discuss the perils of being a teacher, a telepath, and a mutant teacher. At the expense of Tabitha's clothes. Unstable Molecules are expensive.
Cast of Characters: Boom-Boom, Emma Frost

Boom-Boom has posed:
While as close to a standard education as the Xavier School tries to provide. A large part of any student's time will be spent honing control of their powers.

Being kids, that control does not always come easy to them. So sometimes accidents happen.

And loudly. A rather audible boom heard out in the backyard a few minutes ago. Not a new sound for anyone really. A younger boy slinking in and making a dash up the stairs to the dorms, his clothes a little scorched but being a training uniform is largely intact due to the unstable molecules built in.

What follows though is a blonde that's had a lot more damage owing to her clothes being more normal. Some faded jeans which might have been blue, covered in soot and a few holes and burn marks leaving a lot of her lower half visible. An XAVIER'S hoodie in yellow even worse off with some holes still smoking and smoldering. Leaving skin visible and a few hints of a sports bra. Thankfully that seems to have the unstable molecule treatment.

"Look I'm fine! You'll be fine, just go wash up, then head for the kitchen and grab something as junkfoody Copycat will let you have. Tell her Boom-Boom will bribe her later!" she suggests with a grin that gets mirrored on the student as they disappear upstairs.
Emma Frost has posed:
Ahhh, life at the mansion.

It is one of the realities of living with a large assortment of teenaged mutants that are still learning about and to control their powers. There will be any number of accidents, disturbances and little incidents. Pretty much every single day. And if one gets all excited or disturbed about such things, one just won't get anything done.

While she might present herself otherwise, Emma actually has a great deal of patience for her students. She can press them, occasionally be sarcastic to them, but she usually manages to moderate some of her more acerbic tendancies when she is interacting with them.

Others don't always get the same treatment.

So when the ever stylish woman emerges from her office, catching the last of the conversation, she turns her gaze over towards Tabitha, a faint smirk curving over her lips as she does so. "Trying out a new look, darling?" she asks, one of those finely sculpted brows arched over one eye. "I suppose it is attention getting in a post-apocalyptic sort of way."
Boom-Boom has posed:
Catching Emma in the lobby as the blonde Austoshop teacher is making sure the kid does head for the showers upstairs. Well as much as she does not following him, blue eyes are aimed at the other teacher and a playful smile going along with it.

The 'outfit' even getting shown off with a mock model pose that would be more often seen at the end of the runway before turning back, though she only gets a few steps before turning again to face Emma with hand on tilted hip.

Then chuckling.

"Nah, good as it might look, it's too hot! May bust it out for a Savage Land trip sometime." she states and pats down one of the sources of wispy smoke on her arm.

"Kid still adjusting to life away from the folks. Has flame powers, kinds had a stress out. Luckily I am fine with fire. My jeans, not so much. But kid needed a cooldown hug." she explains of the situation.

"Now I gotta add new 'old' jeans to the shopping list." she adds and chuckles. "At least if my clothes were gonna set any kids off, it would have happened to you already. Probably would have if you were teaching here when I was a kid." she adds and snaps her fingers with a little pop of a small bomb going off.
Emma Frost has posed:
Teenaged emotions and mutant powers can make for a mess combination at times.

Of course even regular teenaged emotions can make things messy now and then, and having a house full of them -- even a large one like this -- does make the drama all the more intense at times.

Especially for a telepath. As much as Emma appreciates here telepathic abilities, there are days when she feels like walking around as a living diamond just to shout everyone up. And damn how it looks. Which is admittedly easier for her to say given that she generally looks good in pretty much anything.

The smirk curves up a little more and the blonde teacher inclines her head towards Tabitha with a low, rich laugh at her customary antics. "Fortunate that you were there then. And yes, no matter how flattering it might be sometimes a degree of comfort counts too," she agrees.

"It has happened a time or two to me as well. I suppose all of us go through it eventually, teenaged hormones being what they are," she admits.

And that's with her in day to day wear. It is probably a good thing that she doesn't wear some of the outfits she chooses to go dressed up in -- or is that undressed up in -- at the Club.
Boom-Boom has posed:
There have been times when even Tabby's thoughts wander. Maybe a little more than they should. But then when she had come back to the school, her own mental defenses meant to keep those stray thoughts to herself had been severely compromised.

To the point she might be sneaking herself into some of the classes.

Though it's also lead to fun as well.

"Telepathic soothing is one thing. But sometimes., nothing just beats a hug. Good old fashioned physicality." she agrees with the sentiment. Something neither woman really had from their own actual parents.

The foibles of hormones gets another playful chuckle as well. "Least so far no one ever blew the roof of the dining hall when they got that kind of tingle." that was how Tabitha found out she was a mutant.

Then got tackled like an active shooter.

"At least most of us only have to worry about stray thoughts in one direction. You still get it in both, heh heh. And the empathy bits too." she commiserates as best she can.
Emma Frost has posed:
Stray thoughts can be a troublesome thing in a mansion with a number of telepaths.

Of course, generally telepaths either develop fairly extensive mental shields to block out all the stray thoughts that are directed their way. Or else have the sort of personality that simply stops taking those sorts of things too seriously. In Emma's case, she has both. She has quite a few years to get used to little uncontrollable thoughts of all sorts directed her way.

Really, she probably enjoys it more often then not. When she doesn't have some haughty, superior expression on her face there does seem to be that faint smile, as if she is perpetually laughing at a joke that no one else can hear.

There is always that third alternative, of course. To simply let it all in, let it overwhelm one's self. To go mad. Not a particularly nice alternative that.

"Fair," the statuesque blonde allows with a small shrug rippling acoss her shoulders in apparent concession. "You are a little closer to their age and a little more approachable," she agrees. Everyone has their strengths afterall, and Emma is well aware of hers.

"I, however, prefer not to get tears and mucous on my clothes."

So warm. So nurturing. That's Emma.
Boom-Boom has posed:
There's an argument that Tabitha might have done the going mad thing without the telepathy. A hand combing some of her hair out of the way of her eyes, glasses ganging from the belt looped through scorched denim, mostly plates of brass hinged together.

"To most of those kids I'm probably as much an old lady as anyone else. But I'll settle for cool aunt of I have to be anything." she admits and chuckles while hair is hooked behind a slightly pointed ear. "We get to be the fun bad influences. Or at least counter influence. We be us, but they shouldn't be us either!" she states with an index finger pointing to the ceiling.

There is a quick check of her top for other stains beside soot. Lifting the hem, amazingly not cropped for a change where those blue eyes can see. "I think if there was, it's burnt off. Now I'm gonna be paranoid about it till I hit the shower." she states and chuckles.

"Thaaaaaanks!" she adds with some playfully drawn out sarcasm.
Emma Frost has posed:
Teenagers can admittedly be fickle in that particular fashion.

It doesn't take much of an age gap for one to suddenly fall into the 'old' category and being any sort of an authority figure, even the 'fun' sort generally gets one relegated there a little faster. Emma tips her head Tabitha's way at the observation, that soft smirk still curved over those frosted lips. "Mmmmm, fair. I admittedly like to have a more... authoritative role," she conceeds.

Yes, she can be bossy.

"Still, it is probably good to have all of us have slightly different approaches. Each student does tend to respond a little better to diverse styles," she admits. Which might be as close as Emma will ever come to conceeds that her personal approach towards teaching is not the very best and that everyone else could probably learn something from her. Even that would probably have been beyond her at one point.

Maybe she has grown in her time at the mansion, in some respects.

"It's what I do, darling," Emma offers back with an entirely false note of sugary sweetness in her voice. "Spending extensive time in the shower is no bad thing."
Boom-Boom has posed:
It's still an adjustment for Tabitha to be an authority figure. Being regularly referred to as Ms Smith still a new thing. Usually when she heard that or Miss Smith, it meant she was in trouble. Of some sort at least.

"Sometimes that Authoritarian air works very much like a charm." that gets a wink sent Emma's way. Even Boom-Boom long learned that sometimes doing what she's told can have a very good pay off. And even she can't be a brat all the time.

Eyes go looking at a nearby chir and with a scrunched up look of though seems to be pondering sitting down. Though she seems to continue standing. Last thing she wants to deal with is complaints about getting soot stains on the furniture.

"True, as an ex homeless girl, the benefits of hot and cold running water are a treasure. Any more enjoyable and it would be time in a jacuzzi. Double if there's help reaching all the awkward spots!" she adds and mimics trying to scrub her own back. Naturally never quite reaching the middle from above or below.
Emma Frost has posed:
Some people can simply make the authoritarian thing work for them. Others manage being a brat with a certain aplomb that simply cannot be matched.

The real trick is being able to pull off both, depending on the circumstances.

"I certainly like to think so," Emma says archly, smiling briefly, arching an eyebrow towards a pair of students that peer at Tabitha curiously, sending them scurrying on their way with nothing but that look. It can take time to build that sort of reputation, and most teachers here probably wouldn't find it particularly desirable. Preferring to be liked by their students. To be their friends.

On the other hand, Emma has seen up close just how harsh the world can be -- especially for mutants -- and sometimes building in that instinctive respect for authority can be a lifesaver.

Even if so much else of their lives seem to be designed to be lived as outsiders. As rebels.

"Mmmmm, I personally prefer the jacuzzi. Long, bubbly soaks. Being able to stretch out with a glass filled with something suitable nearby," the sometimes White Queen admits with a smile. "But showers do have their place too. Certainly they are at least roomier," she conceeds, that small smirk sliding over her features once more. "And sometimes beggers can't be choosers."

"Come on. We should best get you cleaned up."
Boom-Boom has posed:
There's a quick look to the stairs up, thankfully there's not so much traffic while people are either out playing or downstairs training while classes are over. So Tabby doesn't have to sneak about in case the wrong angle lets people see something they shouldn't.

Of course with Emma offering help on the cleaning thing Tabby grins and licks her thumb and uses it on her eyebrows. Benefits of being flameproof. She might only need a pair of tweezers to make sure her eyebrow game is back on point.

Sadly the same can't be said for her fingernails, always burning polish away when she needs to Boom.

"Alright, but but be easy on the firehose. This ain't county jail!" she jokes and starts on upstairs herself after Emma's offer and urging.