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Park stroll distraction
Date of Scene: 10 October 2023
Location: Central Park, Manhattan
Synopsis: A chance, mostly friendly, encounter between Angelica and the Juggernaut. He learned a little more about what ticks inside the red head.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Juggernaut

Firestar has posed:
Angelica is in the park by herself tonight. Might seem dumb to many people, but she doesn't seem terribly concerned. That doesn't mean she isn't mindful of her surroundings, just means she is confident in her alone time.

She ignores the buzzing phone, probably to remain mindful of things. She notes a pair that look like they might be up to something, but she meets their gaze, making sure they know she sees them. For now they move along.
Juggernaut has posed:
It could be her gaze that causes them to move along.

It could be something else.

"Long time no see red." rumbles a familiar gravelly voice. A deep bass almost lazy bored rumble that vibrates into her from just behind her.

A turn would reveal the presence of Cain Marko in all his brutish bullish glory. The massive man a few paces away, hands in his pockets and a smarmy grin on his face as he inclines his head looking down at her. It's amazing how he manages to 'sneak up' on people despite his startling size. Truly an earned skill set.

"Between you and Jean, I need a rollodex to sort out my nicknames...." he quips.
Firestar has posed:
She watches them leave and turns towards the voice behind her. She meets the gaze of Cain and she smirks just a little,"You know. I always think I should talk to ninja sorts to learn how to walk quietly, then I see you. Maybe I should talk to you."

The smirk falters a little and she nods,"You can probably call us both that. Probably going to be a while before we are in the same place very much. So, how are you anyway?" Tries the subject change play.
Juggernaut has posed:
"Fine. Plannin' a trip to Cairo soon. Then back t'Madripoor then back here again. Waitin' for a contact to give me the go ahead to grab a package he stashed. Y'know. The usual..."

His smirk remains, not seeming to mind spilling the business as it's not of particular import to him and...he probably feels it wouldn't matter if she wanted to impede him anyway. Typical Cain.

"I never did make it north to go huntin' for your Wendigo. Still gotta put that on the docket but I gotta say...based on what I learned, sounds like he'd be a feather weight t'me. Not that I don't mind throwin' my weight around... It's fun..."
Firestar has posed:
"Sounds like you are going to be busy." she admits and nods,"I have heard Madripoor in an interesting place. Not my crowd I was told, but people tend to take the Angel name a little too literal."

A smirk reaches her features again, realizing Cain is being Cain and she understands that a little better now,"I hope if you go looking for it, that is what you find. Not what Jimmy and I found a few weeks ago. That was..." she shudders a little,"...the definition of nightmare fuel. We tore that thing apart and it would not die. It tried to eat both of us and a friend of mine. It did eat part of some hikers that we found."
Juggernaut has posed:
This seems to get his interest. Cain's bit of smugness fades slightly and he frowns abit. He was in part joking, just acting big, as usual. But the idea that something serious might have actually happened causes him to take a few mental steps backwards and he looks at Angelica thoughtfully.

"Huh. You found it? The Wendigo? That what you mean? Or something else?"

There's a pause as he pulls his hands from his pockets and rests them on his waist, "Whose Jimmy? I dont' know 'im..."
Firestar has posed:
"Not the Wendigo we spoke of." she replies with a shake of her head,"This one was a Native American legend come to life. It is known as wendigo as well, but decidedly different. Emaciated, eternal hunger for human flesh, usually wears a mask made from a deer skull. Raw strength won't stop it."

"Jimmy would be my ex. Most people call him Warpath. I watched him hit, cut, break bones, and hamstring the thing and it still kept coming. Something unnatural and unsettling to say the least."
Juggernaut has posed:
The giant red head considers that for a second, pondering over both the given codename and also the horror Angelica has described. He seems to be deep in thought. Though for all intents nad purposes a brute...his experience with the supernatural and magick is...well..understandable given what he is. Some knowledge of the occult is part and partial to his very existence and he's not ignorant to these matters despite how he may act.

"Warpath doesn't ring a bell.." he finally concludes. "As to the rest... yeah... Lots of things running around out there best left unseen. Maybe something like that if you pull it apart enough it might delay its return but you'd have to track down whatever was sourcing its curse and correct it. Magic is....well...could be anything. But you're standing here and not in its gullet so I take it you all did what you had to do."
Firestar has posed:
Angelica leaves things for him to suss out. In the time since last they spoke she has gotten far more familiar with his story, if not him in person. She also knows that this is a lot to take in.

"He's not as well known as others. Probably smart on his part." she admits. A nod when he mentions things best left unseen,"No arguement here. I could have lived the rest of my life without knowing about those things. I can't imagine there is only one." She considers his words and tactics with a nod,"Hard to kill what you can't reach." she replies,"I could fly. It could not. Jimmy knocked it down long enough for me to bisect it from the top of its head to its crotch. When my maser beam passed through its heart, it made a scream like nothing I have ever heard and then it ceased. I don't doubt you could tear one apart. Maybe if you buried the parts away from each other or something it would stop it too?"
Juggernaut has posed:
"Maybe..." muses Cain. "It's hard to say with magic.."

HIs voice trails off, expression turning into a soft sneer. It may be his source of power and very nature but it doesn't mean he enoys the trickery it brings.

"I migh have made the sitaution worse. Or maybe I'd hit it hard enough to register an mag eight earthquake. Or maybe rip its hear tout and throw it into orbit. Maybe none of that would matter. The supernatural defies logic. Reason. I should know.." Cause -he- defies logic and reason.

"Anyway. Glad you solved it red. I'd be all shook up if I heard that you wound up as someones dinner."

There's a pause and then...he swings back to the beginning. No dodging this question after all it seems. "So what happened? Rent too high at the mansion?"
Firestar has posed:
"I will have to take your word on things where magic are concerned. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me, as in not at all." she admits,"I understand it exists and some people are made of it and others can harness it. Just not me. I think I am disasterous enough as is."

She lets the smirk spread a little more and she admits,"Things were crazy in a hurry. I don't know if you would have made it worse. I would admit I'd like to see a throw that reaches orbit. It would burn up coming back down and likely kill the thing."

"I wasn't real crazy about being it's dinner either. It was...something that follows me some nights." she admits. The mention of the mansion gets a little hint of a grimace,"Red heads don't always get along." she admits and shrugs,"I was made an offer, it upset Jean, some less than friendly words were spoken, and I took my leave of the place. I don't hold a grudge really and I hope she doesn't either, but I haven't really had time to go back and talk to her."
Juggernaut has posed:
"What kinda offers...." prods Cain, voice low and eyes narrowing though he does maintain his smirk. His arms are folded and one hand is raised to have a finger curled against his chin.

"Red heads having fiery tempers seems to be a stereotype but maybe it wouldnt be if so many of us didn't make a habit of blowin' up over small things yeah? Anyway...they tolerate a lot there. That hairball runt has a rap sheet and a history to him that'd make you cringe...but he sticks around. So what'd you do? Go sign up for membership with the Hellfire Club or something?"
Firestar has posed:
"I was invited by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman to join the Justice League." she replies, sending a capricious smirk at him again. Sure she knows he could have been going any number of directions, so she just puts it out there.

She listens to the rest and then tells him,"I have tried my hand with the Hellfire Club. It will be a cold day in Hell before I entertain the notion of joining with that place and I am willing to help keep the heat going down there to prevent that again."
Juggernaut has posed:
"I was -joking-.." notes Cain, "Seems I touched a nerve there, eh Red? I'll have to keep that little bit of info in mind.."

Cain grins a little bit. He doesn't seem to show too much of an overt reaction at mention of the League. At first. He holds her gaze and then slowly smirks a bit.

"I met Supergirl once. In here actually. I was harassing Thor and threw a punch at 'im. She saw us squabbling and got in the way of my punch and actually stopped it."

So he -can- be stopped? He lets that linger for a moment and then adds, as if an caveat, "...Don't go thinking that means I'm not unstoppable. She caught me by surprise but the fact that she was able to do what she did says a lot. So that's super super big leagues. Congratulations. I'd say you did the right thing. I'll have to be careful not to annoy you so much so you dnt' go calling in the big guns when I'm not ready for 'em."

AA beeping sound goes off and he raises an eyebrow, "That's my cue. See ya around, Red. Sooner rather then later, I hope..."
Firestar has posed:
She has never been one to make the Hellfire Club distaste a secret and for fun she lets a truth loose,"So the new school they have was a result of a fire that burned down the original school." She lets her right eye slowly close in a deliberate wink,"I'm the reason the first school burned."

The idea of Supergirl catching his punch gets an eyebrow raise,"I haven't met her yet. I have met one of the other Kryptonians. I knew they were strong, but even if it was a fluke catching you, that's damn impressive."

She offers him a polite nod and tells her,"Take care Cain. Always a pleasure. I'd tell you to be safe, but you are one of the few I don't have to worry about in that regard. I'd tell you to play nice, but let's be real." She goes back to her walk again and before doing so makes sure the two thugs aren't waiting on her after she parts with the big man. Nope, they are gone. She walks towards the far end of the park to get some excercise before taking to the night sky and a flight over the ocean.