15706/Blond Power!

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Blond Power!
Date of Scene: 13 October 2023
Location: Hellfire Club - Manhattan
Synopsis: They went for candy (drugs)
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Harley Quinn

Emma Frost has posed:
The public face of the Club is certainly hopping tonight, a wide variety of people filling the dance floor, or crowding around the bar. Music throbs from the strategically placed speakers, filling the room with a primal beat and the alcohol flows freely.

It is not often that Emma Frost is about during peak hours, and more often then not she is back in the more private parts of the club. No doubt many here think this is a great, vice-filled evening. The White Queen of the Hellfire Club would argue they know little about sin.

Either way, she lounges in her comfy chair, drink in hand, watching all the pretty people party, an amused smile on her face.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Somebody who knows ALOT about every kind of sin is a certain clown girl who is right now tearing up the dance floor! Is she dancing between a couple yes she is! But she's clearly having a blast so nobody has been stupid enough to stop her!

     Harley tends to stick out after all not that many people have white skin.. or two tone hair.. well maybe not alot of people! But She moves off the dance floor, bouncing towards the bar to get a drink!
Emma Frost has posed:
Even in the Club, with the flashing lights and multicolored spectrums seeming to move and rotate all over the place Harley sticks out a little. From her almost throne like perch, it isn't hard for Emma to pick her out of the crowd, a wry smile curving over her lips.

She watches the other woman dance for a bit, imposing herself on whomever she chooses, and Emma downs the last of her drink before slipping over towards the bar herself, sliding up beside the clowngirl and leaning close enough to be heard. "If it isn't my second favorite blonde. After myself of course," she teases lightly.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Blinks and looks over before she beams a huge smile " Heya sexy," she giggles and gives a big hug " I had a feeling I'd see your sexy butt if I came back .. ah was right " . She clearly enjoys being called second fav as she leans against the other woman. " That and the drinks here aren't watered down, always a huge plus "

     she looks around " It's also full of cute people ta play with. " she gives a evil smirk.
Emma Frost has posed:
That draws a low laugh from Emma, slipping an arm around the other woman and draws her close for a moment. "I'm not here as much as I used to be, but chances are that if I'm in the city you can find me here before long," the blonde telepath admits with a laugh, motioning towards the bartender to fetch them more drinks as she sets her empty glass down on the table. The pretty young woman hastens to obey. Definitely top notch service.

"Our drinks are certainly one of the appeals of this place," she agrees wryly, glancing around. "Those the clientel can be another," she conceeds with an answering smirk. "Just don't play too rough."
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Pouts and swings side to side like a little girl talking to a parent " awww but if I don't play rough, I can't hear the music they make " She says yep .. screw loose on this one! Then again, her brain is working on like 10 things at once.. it's like trying to listen to Deadpool but smarter.

     She grabs her drink and downs half of it before she grins " Yep .. that's the nice taste.. pitty ah can't really get drunk anymore " .
Emma Frost has posed:
The drinks are delivered promptly and Emma nods approvingly at the service, a little shiver seeming to run through the bartender as she does. Plucking up the drink from the bartop, the blonde takes a sip from it, lips curved into a patient smile for Harley, seemingly not too terribly concerned with the hint of crazy that shines on through. "I know darling, but we all have to make sacrifices from time to time," she soothes.

The last draws a small laugh from Emma and she gives a shrug. "Mmmmm, if you miss it that much chances are I can give you a near-identical experience by pumping your head full of the clouded sensations of all the others who have over-embibbed here tonight," she offers with a faint smirk.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Gives a short cackle of her own that's rather hard to miss " Why would I want that when something like this is sooo much better " She grabs your backside, squeezing Emma's butt " Wow you work out.. cause your backside is almost as good at ivy's and that's high praise " she smirks " Ivy's butt rivals black canary " .

     Of course, she doesn't grab for long before she's back to having a drink. " Do you have any good drugs in this place? " . her brian moving onto something else.
Emma Frost has posed:
Under almost any circumstances, Emma appears to be the graceful, refined woman she presents to the world. And remarkably she manages to do so even when that suitably curved backside is being groped. But then she is rather proud of her body, and not exactly filled with shame about showing it off, so perhaps that is no surprise.

"Why thank you. High praise indeed," she agrees with a faint smirk, reaching over and giving the clowngirl a friendly fondle as well, seeming to have little difficulty in following Harley's train of thought, even as it shifts and lurches about. "Mmmmm, not out here in our public facing venue. But I'm sure that we can rustle you up something to your tastes in the back," she promises.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn gives that " HUZZAH CANDY " She shout before she rubs her hands together " Lets goooo " she giggles grabbing your hand and starting to skip along before she stops " What direction? " She asks looking sheepish she dosn't know where to go !