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Unsettling dream
Date of Scene: 16 October 2023
Location: Cassie's room
Synopsis: Dreams seem to be catching around the area. The result is another person seeing the monster critters and finding Harry Dresden's name and address.
Cast of Characters: Harry Dresden, Wonder Girl

Harry Dresden has posed:
Late in the night, a dream comes to light in Cassie's mind. In her dream she sees herself in a more arid climate area than she is used to. There are small homes, a farming community dotting the landscape.

In the distance, there is a herd of smallish animals and a few juveniles watching over the flock. It is night time and the would be shepherds look nervous.
Wonder Girl has posed:
Even if she sometimes appear to have boundless energy as befitting a demigoddess. Cassie Sandsmark, the current holder of the name Wonder Girl still needs sleep on occasion.

And yes, despite being divine, she susceptible to all the foibles of most mortals.

She snores, she dreams. Oh dear god she can snore.

The dream though being less perceptible has her moving about casually, grinning and giving one of closer animals to a nearby fence a pat and scritch behind the ears. The warmer weather not much of a bother to her but it can make for a nice night when you don't have to worry about it.
Harry Dresden has posed:
In the distance, near the kids, there is the sound of barking dogs. They are a little more than warning something, rather preparing to stand off with something. Of course, the kids are instantly more on edge.

The community is pretty close, presenting almost a town like atmosphere, but none the less she can see close to a dozen sets of eyes looking over the herds. By the look of them, the creatures with the eyes aren't terribly big, but they are fast and they descend on the herd of animals, attacking several. The sounds of goat cries makes it clear what the herd consists of.

For their part, the young protectors throw any projectiles they can find and make a lot of noise, but the creatures mostly ignore them, starting to drag four of the goats away, while a few seem to be drinking at the neck of two others.
Wonder Girl has posed:
When the dogs get barking, the sort that is totally warning and nit just dogs being playfull and happy. Cassie turns and follows the sound, taking off at a quick jog jumping a fence between herself and the creatures attacking the livestock.

It feels weird, but then the woman has seen a lot of weird since she started down the life as a heroine and sister to Wonder Woman.

The creatures feeding then and there are bypassed for the moment as Cassy tries to barrel through those taking and dragging goats. Hopefully forcing the creatures to release the livestock. It might already be too late for the one's being used as juice boxes. But the people here rely on the goats. Enough they risk themselves.

Cassie can't exactly just let them fight when she can do what she can.
Harry Dresden has posed:
The creatures start to drag the dead goats away, the dogs making lunges at them now. However the creatures aren't afraid of the dogs and a few hold them off as the rest drag the bodies. Cassie's arrival does mess up their plans though, a few drop to run before she can hit them, others try to run away.

The small creatures suddenly stop as, in the distance against the light of one of the farms two massive, shadow bodies stand, glowing red eyes at a level making them easily nine feet tall whatever they are. The smaller creatures run away as they see the bigger ones. Goats forgotten.

Then, the red eyes move from the goats and they lock on...Cassie. They start to move in a lumbering, almost human like way. They never cross enough light for a clean look at them. All the kids and dogs have ran towards the houses again, leaving Cassie and the two big monsters in the field with the dead goats. The creatures growls something akin to a dog or wolf, only much deeper and louder.
Wonder Girl has posed:
The blonde manages to get the living goats free, it's a small win as she waves the kids and anyone else to get away. She should be able to handle these creatures on her own.

At least that's her instinct. The dream still feels a little off, things blip and change. Even her clothes flicker as she dreams herself as often in just her red tank and jeans, or the black muscle top and red leather pants that she had actually faceplanted in her bed.

Left alone with the creatures, Cassie doesn't take any swings yet, her brain trying to size the opposition up while maintaining a defensive stance.

That sound they make getting her squinting as she picks out the weird lupine sounds.

Maybe distracting her a little.
Harry Dresden has posed:
Though the dogs have fled, they still bark from a distance. The two big creatures ignore them completely and continue towards Cassie. Then, from beind her, another dog barks. This dog's bark fills the valley in a way that a lion's roar breaks the night. Passing her on her right side, a massive dog, Tibetan Mastiff by appearance settles between her and the two large creatures.

The dog has a deep growl that rattles her bones nearly. Around him, the air begins to glow, a powerful aura around the dog as he stares down the two larger creatures without any fear. The two bigger creatures pause, heads turning from one side to the other. They seem like they might, but the dog barks again, mystical energy blasting from his body at the creatures and they finally turn and run. She might notice when the energy flashes that their features are less lupine, almost canine in their appearance.

The big dog watches them flee and the energy around him fades. There is a chuffing sound like a parting insult, then he starts panting like any normal dog, a little drooly. He looks back at Cassie with a not so bright look on his face despite the fact he just did what he did.
Wonder Girl has posed:
In one moment, Cassie is ready to throwdown. Even defensively, she just wanted the creatures to stop attacking goats. It could just be wild creatures preying like predators do. Or something way more nefarious. Context can come later.

The fight however, never really starts as that massive mastiff looking doggo comes in barking.

And blasting. The big loud and resonant barks go through her as if she was standing too close to a large bore firearm. In her bones and in her chest as much as her ear drums. Thankfully it's a dream so those enhanced senses of hers don't have her clutching her ears.

Instead when the predatory critters are gone and Cassie is alone with the giant dog, the blonde seems maybe like she's about to squee.

"Oh wow, you are an awesome good doggo!" she says softly and very happily, hands patting herself down as if trying to find a treat.
Harry Dresden has posed:
The big dog is pretty much a sucker for scitches and scratches, so he leans against her leg and he is heavy against her leg. Finally he sits and just lets her pet him for a time if she will.

If she looks down at his collar she will see three pieces of infomation: 1. Mouse 2. Address and 3. Harry Dresden. Slowly the dream starts to fade out and she is able to wake or settle into an easy sleep again as she desires. If she wakes she will find her hand is still sticky, damp with slobber. Another puzzle for her.
Wonder Girl has posed:
So there's details she actually remembers. Confused about but remembers a she wakes up with a slobbery hand, a wondering if Mouse was the doggo, the address, and a guy named Dresden. Blue eyes groggily opening to look at her drool covered hand. A sniff and flare of her nostrils checking and discovering it's dog. And not Gar's, or her own.

"Okay, if that's a psychic thing. Better bring real treats." she says softly and lets herself flop back down and go right back to sleep.