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Triple B's
Date of Scene: 21 October 2023
Location: Big Belly Burger - Sunnydale
Synopsis: Willow comes back home for fast food, but why...
Cast of Characters: Spike, Willow Rosenberg

Spike has posed:
The door to the men's room swung inwards, and out stepped the man in black, no, not Johnny Cash, the other man in black. This was Spike, who wore a black t-shirt, black duster, black belt, black jeans, black socks, black boots, and in all likelihood, black underwear too, not that it would be on display. Even if it weren't for the duster, he tucked his t-shirt into his jeans.

Emerging from the hallway, which had doors for the men's and women's bathrooms, the employees only door, and a maintenance room, he glanced about the Big Belly Burger dining room.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Willow was busy with the first set of exams. First years. And they had been knocking on her office continually. Even with the extra hours she still found herself taking in student after her extended hours were gone. And the thing was, this wasn't a trend that will lessen after the initial exam period was done.

Then there would be the students who had failed. Or almost failed. Peop!e who realised that maybe they should brush up on their skills. People who had questions. People who asked for extra credit.. And so on, and so forth.

Not to mention her own degree!

So tonight to thank Buffy for taking a week's worth of her shifts, Willow ordered the biggest greasiest burger that she could find for Buffy. And a vegetarian burger for herself. Needless to say, all the sides that they usually ordered, plus deep fried pickles on the side.

(Willow had just discovered them, and she was hooked!)

Waiting for her order to be ready, she looked around. Curiously.
Spike has posed:
Having just popped into make use of the bathroom, not so much because he had to use the facilities, although vampires did have functional plumbing. They could and did eat, and that which wasn't absorbed by the body, used as energy, had to go somewhere. But no, this was more to clean himself up. He had gotten some demon grime on himself, grass, dirt, the usual, from a tussle. And so he came to clean himself up.

He may not have been as obvious about it as Angel, but Spike cared about his appearance too. So when he came out to see Willow Rosenberg waiting for her order, his neutral face turned into a sly grin.

Moving towards her, he exclaimed, "Willow, how've you been. It's been too long." Then to the cashier, he asked, "how about we add a coke and some onion rings," then to Willow, "what do you say red?" Was he trying to get free food out of her? And put her in a socially awkward situation to say no? Did he forget how strong willed she could be? But then again, he was Spike and he had saved her way more times than he had risked her life. Or maybe his calculations were off. But Willow was great at those things.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"Onion rings and coke. Nothing else?"

It wasn't that Willow did not trust Spike.. But she didn't trust Spike.

"Onion rings and a coke. Put them on my bill, but put them in separate bags." She smiled at the waitress, then turned around to face Spike. "Were you following me?"
Spike has posed:
"I'll take a Dr. Pepper if you don't have Coke, but not a Pepsi," Spike said, apparently having standards, or pretending to for the shits and giggles.

He trusted Willow, he liked her, but perhaps she might never fully trust him. "No," a pause as the cashier went to grab some food, he took her aside, a step away, and whispered, "had a run in with," he rolled his eyes, "a purple polka dot monster. Really, don't give me that look. All slobbering and the like. Took it out for you and the rest of the Scoobies, and slipped in here to wash up."
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Listening to him, Willow nodded her head. "You mean, for Buffy." Everybody who knew the two of them knew Spike was besotted with Buffy. Willow wasn't sure if the feeling was mutual, but she had her suspicions about the whole thing - even if Buffy would deny it.

"That's okay. I just finished my TA hours. Thank goodness the exam is on Mondays, and I am in no obligation the hold TA hours on the weekend!"

Which doesn't mean she hasn't had some on the weekend before finals. But, hey! This is only the midterms, from first year to boot. She refused to be guilty about faking soms time for herseld..

(She did feel guilty. Ooops ?)
Spike has posed:
Looking up at the ceiling, which had a hole in the rectangular pieces of insulation, near the corner, some water damage from long ago, and then down, where the floor was recently cleaned. He could smell the solution on it, before back to Willow. "This isn't really the place for that kind of discussion, but, someone or something comes for you, I'm not just going to sit idly by and watch. I'm going to do something. Whether or not she is around."

Spike never had to study quite like they do now, and he went to school a long time ago. Still, he had a keen mind, even if he didn't always heed his own advice. Sometimes he acted on impulse, so full of emotions this one. When the food arrived, he took his drink and bag in one hand, and picked up a heftier bag for her. "So, where are we headed? Who knows what creepy crawlies are out there tonight?"
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken my icky mood out on you."

Picking up her bags, Willow left the waitress a tip. "I'm going home. Give Buffy her treat. And study for my test. It's been a big week."
Spike has posed:
Willow could be so incredibly cute when she wanted to be. How many grown women would say they were in an 'icky' mood. Never change, Willow, he thought to himself, smiling, "your home here in Sunnydale?" He asked, since he wasn't sure, but thought she had moved out to Gotham. "Or you spending some time with yer mum and dad? Be nice for them to see you." He didn't know what they were like, so made the assumption they were as nice as she was. "Did you drive here?" Not that he was fishing for information, but mostly, where to carry her bag to.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"Nope. In Gotham. I haven't lived here for years."

As for her own mother and father, the simplest way to describe them would be 'it's complicated'. And leave it that way. They were polite, and always treated Willow's friends with the utmost politeness. But..

It was the "but" where they fell apart.

"I've got to go. As it is, they'll be cold when I get home." The thought counts? "Enjoy your onion rings!"