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More Ninja than Arrows
Date of Scene: 22 October 2023
Location: Hell's Kitchen, out back of the Chikara Dojo
Synopsis: Kate gets mistaked for the other Hawkeye, tracks ninjas into Colleen's turf like mud on wood flooring. The Ninjas were just clever enough to run.
Cast of Characters: Hawkeye (Bishop), Colleen Wing

Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
There are some fun things one must deal with when sharing a code name. Well it's not so much fun as it is a hazard.

In this example, Kate Bishop, the much more talented archer and better looking Hawkeye is running on foot uptown along 10th Avenue, a rather frantic look on her features as she looks back towards Midtown West's direction as she runs through Hell's Kitchen. Her quiver empty with bow still in while along the roof tops in chase.

"Stupid ass Ninja. Wrong Hawkeye!" she yells but clearly they aren't listening.

Clint probably put an arrow in some Oyabun. Things escalate.

The odd returning arrow shot back at her while she dodges and weaves between cars and stoops. Hard enough to make sure regular people aren't caught up, and she might have used up her supply of arrows several blocks away.

Clearly these guys aren't Hand. They'd know better than to cross into this turf.

A few turns and weaving into side streets and alleys. And unfortunately the brunette seems to be cornered.

Behind what sounds like a dojo.

Rather out of breath. Kate hefts her bow like a club. "Oooookay, that's enough cardio for... this year!" she pants as she gets ready to fight.

A half dozen ninja drawing weapons. Might be some trouble. "Can I at least have a moment... to throw up. I liked that pizza too!"
Colleen Wing has posed:
A figure in white appears out of the gloom behind the ninjas, moving with such silence that they don't note its presence as they focus on their prey.

"Send our regards to your master ... IN HELL!" says the leader of the crowd, Ricky by name. Yes. Ricky the Ninja. Not the Hand. Definitely. Though at this point Kate doesn't know that name. Yet. (In the trade this is known as "foreshadowing" and is considered a sign of quality writing. Ask your entertainer if "foreshadowing" is right for you!)

As the white figure gets closer, it turns more into a figure in grey. Grey yoga pants with casual (and slightly ragged) slippers. The kind of slippers people keep wearing because of irrational attachment, frequently excused as being "comfortable" but in reality it's sloth preventing the purchase of a new pair until the current pair is just untenable. A tight crop top over which a zip-up hoodie shields the wearer partially from the autumnal cold of New York City. She's carrying a trash bin.

Oh great. Some civvie is dumping her garbage in the midst of a ninja strike. As if Kate didn't have *enough* pressure.

The figure stares a moment and then tosses aside the bin. Rather than a prelude to flight, however, this is a prelude to ...

Wait, are those shuriken that just sprouted in between her fingers? No, that's the left hand. The right hand has sprouted kunai.

Left hand waves and three shuriken fly out between the ninja, alerting them to her presence. In unison they do the amateur thing. They turn together to see where the shuriken came from.

That's when the brace of kunai, four of them this time, each one launched by an individual finger, guided in flight by skilled thumb work to fly in deadly straight lines.

One hits a ninja in the shoulder, penetrating deep enough to interfere with its operation. The feminine squeal of pain from this one heralds Cindy. The Ninja. (This is not foreshadowing this time because Kate will not ever know the name of Cindy the Ninja.) Two more fly into the gut of one, causing a grunt of pain. (That's Otis.) Not particularly effective, however, on Otis because he's a smart ninja. He wears padded armour with leather overlay. It hurts, but it's not lethal.

The soporific on the points will cause him some trouble in about thirty seconds, however.

But the final one. That goes straight into the neck of the leader. Ricky. The ninja Kate is about to learn the name of.

"RICKY!" the feminine squeaker (Cindy the Ninja) screams out in horror as the kunai enters Ricky's neck, severing not the artery, but the vein in the neck, before getting lodged tip-first into the windpipe.

And now the foreshadowing has been delivered on. Kate knows the name of Ricky the Ninja.

Ricky's ability to communicate has been reduced to a) gurgling grunts of pain, and b) almost comical distortions of face as he processes shock, surprise, pain, fear, and that impending sense of doom.

"I told you Hand fuckers to stay away!" Colleen shouts.
Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
The scream of Cindy the Ninja could really do a number on ear drums. Thankfully Kate learned from her, she doesn't want to say Master, Clint will never let her hear the end of it, but partner, and roommate probbaly counts.

Business partner, hero stuff, canine co-parent.

Anyway, she has ear protection in case of explosions.

More yelps from drugged kunai darts hitting their mark are heard and Kate actually seems to catch her breath when everyone looks over to see Colleen getting up into hero mode for some random chick running down an alley.

It was kind of a dumb idea really.

"We are not Hand, we are Saiha!" Breaking Wave. Clearly they're just trying to sound cool.

It's probably not as effective as they'd like as the tranquilizer Otis was doped with is about to come in handy and a two hundred and fifty pound draw bow is swung and clunks hard upside his head.

The brunette collecting his straight single edge sword. What Hollywood might call a Ninjato, clearly hinting the McNinja background of the group.

"Ricky, you so fine you blow my mind! hey Ricky!" she taunts as she gets herself into a stance that is way more Fencing than the weapon might warrant.

"The funny thing about New York. There's heroes every second block in this town whether you know it or not!" case in point the woman that just pulled Kate out of the fire.
Colleen Wing has posed:
"Kudakeru nami?! Mushiro kaze o kiru yona monodesu!" Colleen scoffs. Breaking wave?! More like breaking wind! "And I'm not a hero," she continues, in response to Kate. "I'm the worst nightmare of scum like this."

Colleen steps aside, arm waving to the mouth of the alleyway. "One and only chance, Breaking Wind. Leave, dragging your trash out with you, or you're never leaving this alley except in a body bag." Something in her voice suggests to Kate that she's actually perfectly willing to end all six just for daring to be in her neighbourhood. "I don't even need to call the Iron Fist out to deal with you lot."

And ... that's a heavy name to drop...

"You've got five seconds to decide. Five... Four... Three..."

One of the three unwounded thus far, Clive by name--*sigh* Clive the Ninja--has more brains than his colleagues and takes Colleen up on her more than fair offer of not being terminated tonight. The two remaining unwounded, plus Cindy the Ninja, who demonstrates more paint tolerance and courage than brains, go back to back to back to keep Kate and Colleen both in at least two people's sight at any point.

Colleen looks Kate in the eye. "Are they always this stupid for you? 'Cause these McNinja types always seem to be this stupid for me."

Clive is going to survive unscathed. The rest... not so much, as Colleen takes a stance that blocks the only exit.
Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
"I just ran like a quarter of the island. I think there were more but I kind of lost count when I ran out of Arrows and had to bail. But I'm not dead, you made that happen. Hero, totally counts! Own that stuff lady! Nothing stopping you being both" Kate's in the business.

She knows hero when she sees one.

The Ninja, being McNinja and not really trained in ancient actual traditions kind of stumped when the taunt about breaking wind. Do any of them speak Nihongo? Unlikely even if they are just excessive weebs. Trained but clearly minions.

Clive at least isn't too dumb and as Otis falls over after wobbling uneasily, he starts hoisting him and bailing. "Screw this, screw you, I don't care if they take pinkies! Too rich for my blood!" she mutters as he awkwardly makes his escape.

Ricky, finds himself having a bad time as well.

Kate's second wind lets her put some of that olympic level fencing to work. Just with maybe the wrong blade. But it's enough as she shimmies in close enough with a flick of the blade's point, cutting the belt and drawstrings of his Gi pants.

Which drops down to his ankles, his jockstrap left to cover his modesty.

"Good thing you wore a cup. This thing is really sharp!" she states playfully and as she backs up she feints a threat to cut around that hidden protective plastic as well.
Colleen Wing has posed:
Colleen, unlike Kate, isn't being playful. She instead has a look of lethality in her eyes.

Though as a telling sign, she lets Clive and Otis both get out before closing the gap.

She does snort in disgusted amusement at the ineptness of the band.

"What, these are the dregs you left behind after cutting out the cream?" she asks.

Then she does the brutality thing.

A foot lashes out with speed that's too quick to follow. The kunai in Cindy the Ninja's shoulder gets shoved in deeper, severing tendons and nicking an artery. Her screams apparently demoralize the other two--something about the screams of feminine agony making tough guys feel helpless--and they put up their arms (and, one, still, his trousers).

"Please don't kill us!" one of them blubs.

"You gotta be kidding!" The disgust in her voice positively floods the alley as it drips like venom from ehr mouth. "You're ... you're not even worth killing!"

She sounds annoyed.

Making a disgusted noise in her throat, she stands aside. "Just ... take ... Ricky..." Scoffing noise at the name. "...and get the fuck out of here. Get him to hospital in ten minutes or so and he'll live. Probably won't talk ever again, but live."

Cementing the fact she's letting them go, she brushes past them to stand next to Kate.

"Just ... leave. Before I forget what mercy is."
Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
If anything living may ultimately prove worse in the long run, but that is something they can deal with. They have clan mates strewn about the length of 10th avenue to collect already and some of them might just be as badly wounded as they are.

"Fine, aaaah, we'll leave!" Cindy screams in an agonized tone." the men able to move more freely move to help Cindy and their pantsless friend before she collapses and passes out. Whomever is going to be dealing with all their injuries.

Which after a badly dropped smoke bomb. It's the rules, you escape, you smoke bomb even if your ability to stealth is compromised, they're gone.

Which leaves the archer with now arrows along with the martial arts master that eschews the obvious heroism. Kate keeping the sword and sliding it into her quiver, the magnets in the base keeping the blade in place much like the arrows.

"So, umm, thanks! I think I owe you a beer, and Hawkeye a yelling at till he explains why those idiots mistook him for me. Tracksuits are bad enough with their tacky Adidas and machine guns." she mutters.

"But beer must give way to finding my car, and then having a shower. Gimme a call if you need anything!" that gets Colleen a business card.

The brunette's contact deets for her PI business. "And if you need work, and people found, you made the pro bono list!"