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Colleen Wing (Scenesys ID: 72)
"You see...part of me is samurai...and that part kills."
Full Name: Colleen Wing
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Chikara Dojo (Lower East Side, Manhattan)
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Dropped
Groups: Martial Arts-OOC, Street Level-OOC, Defenders
Other Information
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth 19 November 1999 Actor: Jessica Henwick
Height: 168 cm (5'6") Weight: 56 kg (123 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Circus" by Britney Spears


Something of an enigma wrapped in simplicity, Colleen has a way all her own that some (most) may not agree with. She's killed, more than once, and will do so again if she must. She's not above illegal fighting for money. Breaking and entering to gather needed evidence. Whatever she must to protect her city and those she cares about. The ends justify the means. She's not a 'villain' but she's certainly no 'hero' either.

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Of average height for a woman, at 168 cm (approx. 5'5") tall, Colleen is a young Japanese woman in her mid-twenties. Her long, black hair falls to midway down her back. Her eyes are brown. Her features pleasing. As a master martial artist, she's athletic and toned, tending towards the slender side. She is usually found dressed in clothing that allows for comfort and ease of movement, often finding herself needing to fight at a moment's notice. Sometimes stern, mostly serious, still her smile is quick and easy.


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Born in Honshu Japan, Colleen lost her mother at a very young age. Her father was absent, busy with a life of his own in New York City, and unwilling and unable to take on the care of a young child. It was her grandfather who stepped up, taking in a young Colleen and raising her himself. From the time she was young, until the time she left him to seek out her father in New York, he taught her in the ways of the samurai, the ninja, and the bushido code. It was from him that she received her katana, perhaps her most prized possession.

Colleen's decision to find her father did not go as well as planned though, and through a series of unfortunate events, she found herself stranded in New York, and on The Hand's radar. She would be recruited and trained by Bakuto, a former student in the ways of martial arts taught in K'un Lun, and in turn would turn into an efficient recruiter and trainer for The Hand herself. A good student and a quick study, Colleen quickly became a master of Kenjutsu, and other styles, teaching at her own dojo: Chikara Dojo.

It was due to the help that The Hand gave her, and her belief in what she understood their mission to be, that Colleen became a loyal member of their following. Believing herself to be doing good, she worked as an active recruiter for them, taking kids off the street and showing them that there could be a better life. It was through The Hand that she first met Danny Rand, when she was assigned to meet him, befriend him, and bring him into their fold and as an ally to the organization.

Her dojo in Manhattan provided the perfect opportunity for Colleen to get close to Danny, and show him what she thought The Hand to be, working to win his friendship - all without revealing that she, herself was a member.

Things didn't go exactly as planned, though.

Her membership in the organization was found out by Danny, and for a time he didn't trust her. It did work to show the true colours of The Hand, though, as they sought to destroy him, and slowly Colleen's eyes were opened to what they really were. In a move that would alienate her from The Hand, Colleen helped Danny escape, a decision that would eventually allow her win back his trust, his friendship, and finally, earn his love.

Her days as a member of the organization are behind her now, and she works with Danny, and the other Defenders to bring The Hand down, by whatever means are necessary.


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At times Colleen may seem to be cool and detached, often stern. This is the result of years of training, and learning to be aware of and temper her own emotions in the belief that letting your heart rule your head often leads to unwanted results, and could quite possibly get a person killed. It is a discipline she passes on to her students, and while it may not always seem like it, it is because she cares deeply about them. Under her cool, detached exterior, Colleen is a woman who cares deeply and passionately about things, striving to do better in the world. It is this caring that leads her to take action and right what wrongs she can - now more than ever as she seeks to destroy The Hand. She protects what she believes are hers. There is a wealth of warmth and caring within her that she rarely gets to show outside a small circle, but those who do see it understand what an honour it is to be allowed to see the softer, truer side of her.


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Minor Chi:

While certainly not at Danny's level by any stretch of the imagination, Colleen does have the ability to focus her Chi somewhat to give her a small boost in strength or speed if necessary. She can also enter a Zen trance to help speed along any healing she needs, resists extreme temperatures a tiny bit longer and help slow down poisons in her system.


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Colleen leads an extremely active lifestyle - when she isn't teaching at her dojo, she is most often found training in some form or another. Her regime of daily teaching and training has left her with a superb reaction time, as well as agile, lithe, acrobatic, and able to perform feats that many of the best trained martial artists aren't able to.

Fighting Styles:
Trained first by her grandfather in the ways of the samurai, the ninja, and the Bushido code, Colleen's training was later taken up and continued by Bukato, and The Hand, where she learned not only those, but the ways of K'un Lun. She is a master of several types of martial arts, including, but not limited to: Jujutsu, Naginatajutsu, Kyudo, and Karate. Her mastery extends to the use of her katana, and through Kenjutsu, to the knowledge and use of pressure points to debilitate and disarm opponents. Skilled, she is able to stand up to those who are much stronger and heavier than herself, as well as handle multiple opponents with ease.

Colleen is fluent in both English and Japanese. As well, she is proficient in Mandarin, but prefers one of the other two.


Colleen is a skilled teacher, one who cares about, and for her students. She has an easy rapport with others, especially youth, and of those, most especially disenfranchised youth. She's easy to talk to. As a recruiter, and a teacher, she's learned how to deal with many sorts of personalities, putting others at ease, and to show confidence in the face of overwhelming odds, unknown situations, and in the


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Danny Rand:
Danny and Colleen have formed a bond of friendship that has surpassed that and carried over into a more personal relationship. And while Colleen is very careful not to rely on his money, it can't be denied that Danny has a lot of it. As well, when the Iron Fist is your lover, there are certain perks that go along with it. Between her own skills, and his, not many openly mess with Colleen, unless they're looking for trouble.

While Danny Rand may own the building, the Chikara Dojo and her students belong to Colleen, and she is the sensei there. The dojo is not only her business, but it has served as her home, and a place of refuge for herself and her friends. Colleen is generous and open with both her time and her space, and while the dojo is always in need of more students to make it profitable, she reaps many other rewards from its ownership.

Once a prized possession of her grandfather's, Colleen is now the bearer of a 600 year old katana that she carries with both pride and respect. It has served her well in more than one battle. It is her preferred weapon in a fight, but she is more than capable of fighting with another if necessary.

Students, Past and Present:

Colleen has helped more than her fair share of youth off the streets and into better prospects for life and living, and while much of that was under the guise of recruiting for The Hand, not every student went that way, and many who did still remember her kindnesses. Between those, and current students from various walks of life, Colleen has a decent array of connections here and there that she can often call upon for small favours, or unexpected help.


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Broken Oaths:
In taking up with Danny Rand, Colleen turned her back upon The Hand, an organization not known for letting their own merely walk away unscathed, and even less so when that person has betrayed them. And Colleen betrayed them highly by not only helping Danny to escape their clutches, but by then throwing her lot in with Danny and actively seeking to destroy them. Not many of The Hand would regard her kindly, and any number of which would like to see her dead or brought to some sort of retributive justice.

While this can be a good thing, where Colleen is concerned, it can often be detrimental as well. She can be extremely focused and determined to the point of shortsightedness, sticking with something long past the point it is wise to do so. Colleen has been known to be willing to go to any lengths to do what she feels is right and necessary, or to protect those she loves or deems under her protection, whether that be illegal fighting to keep her dojo open, or, as she has in the past, killing someone. Once Colleen has made up her mind about something, there is often very little that can be done to change it, unless she wants it to be changed, and even then, there's no guarantee that she'll listen to reason.

Colleen struggles with a dark side. While she is always willing to do what she deems necessary and right, her past has proven that she is not always right, and that sometimes the things she must choose to do are wrong. Her time with The Hand is proof of that, as is the fact that she has killed in the past. She considers herself somewhat tainted by this - even if her reasons were sound - feeling the weight of some of her decisions quite heavily. Her guilt over some of these actions has caused her to be more rash than she might otherwise have been in an effort to make up for them, and is certainly a thing that could be used to exploit or break her in the future.


Colleen's honour code might not be the one many would follow, but it's where her heart is. There are those things and people that she would do anything for, or die for, and this often leads her into trouble. Of particular note are her dojo, her students, and most importantly, Danny.


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