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Walking in a questionable park..
Date of Scene: 22 October 2023
Location: Trillium Park, Central Heights
Synopsis: A walk in the park ends in a dust up against a few thugs. Firestar got to make the brief accquaintance of Catwoman along the way.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Catwoman

Firestar has posed:
It's not the best of areas to be walking in, but Angelica is seeing a new park. She isn't familiar with it, but she does like new places. She is very wary of her surroundings as she can tell the place has a rough feel to it. She isn't bullet proof, but coming at her could be a rough night.
Catwoman has posed:
Gotham is not the friendliest places, nor is it the safest, not even in broad daylight. At night it's downright deadly, and parks are the best places to pick off unsuspecting travellers.

As Angelica passes through, three shadowy figures trail her from the surrounding forest, kept hidden by the shadows and thick foliage.

For now they make no move, just following her, waiting..
Firestar has posed:
A soft sigh as Angelica continues to walk. Is she just enjoying her walk or did she notice picking up the new tail? It is difficult to be sure. She has been getting training of late from one of the best after all.

Looking towards the next light, she checks the trash can lid under it. Nice polished aluminum can lid that is good for checking behind you without looking. If they aren't close she won't see them, but that is just behavior of a woman living alone in New York now and being aware of Gotham's reputation.
Catwoman has posed:
As she pauses by the trash can, that is when they launch their assault. Suddenly they surround her, five of them, hoodlums in ski masks, armed with an assortment of weapons from chains to axes to baseball bats.

"Alright lady, give us all your money and jewelry and we'll let you go with your life. If not..." the leader grins wickedly, approaching her.
f"We might just have a little fun with you.."
Firestar has posed:
Some people have all the luck and it seems like Angelica is in line for it. She looks around herself, pressing against he trash can,"Well boys. I am an orphan college student with no income. As you can see though, I don't have much in the way of jewelry either."

She considers her options and then lets her purse drop at their feet. She seems ready to give up, but she waits to see if they blink or look at it.
Catwoman has posed:
The men leer at her, one of them reaching for her purse as she drops it. The leader laughs as he steps towards her.
"Good girl...Of course, we might still have fun with her, won't we boys?" he's about to swing his chain and wrap it around her neck when another shadowy figure appears behind him, grabbing his arm, holding it back.

"I don't think so, fool.."

The rest of the the men snarl, some approaching the shadowy figure, others advancing on Angelica, weapons raised to attack.
Firestar has posed:
In time past, these guys would at least be scary. Now that she has faced some of the most unnatural villains in the world, not so much. As they draw closer, she sighs,"Ok boys. You asked for it."

Selina is the perfect distraction and in an instant there is a fast rise in temperature and a bright blast of light. What it does is burn her clothes off and buys her a second to put her mask on her face. Where Angelica was, Firestar stands.
Catwoman has posed:
"Woah, what the help is this chick,? she some kinda mute?! Kill her!" Two of them rush at her from opposite directions in a puncher attack, one swinging a bat, the other a n axe.

Catwoman steps out, still grabbing the chain weilder's arm, spinning it around him to choke him before knowing him out.

"Behind you!"'she warns the fiery woman before spinning to engage thug no.4.
Firestar has posed:
No time for showing off her more recent karate training, Angelica shoots straight into the air and turns back towards them,"Some kind." she replies and each hand tracks the weapons as they pass. The masers from her palms cook through the wood like the proverbial hot knife through butter. She doesn't look, but does reply,"Thank you." towards her new back up.
Catwoman has posed:
Well, the men weren't expecting that, so she's got the element of surprise. They shriek in pain dropping their weapons hastily as they burn in a flash. And whip out their legs, attempting to kick her to the ground instead.
Firestar has posed:
A smile as she rises higher and swoops around them. From behind them, she looks amused and sets their backsides on fire. She isn't trying to be overly punishing, but certainly wants to make sure they think this over better. Nothing like flash fried fat to get her point across.

She does glance towards the other figure in the night, making sure she isn't in immediate peril of life. THen back to her mess.
Catwoman has posed:
Well, they sure are making fools of themselves and when she sets their butts on fire they shriek and run off into the night.

The other woman however, is far more subtle having knocked out her two attackers quickly and quietly, and is now tying them to a pole before searching their pockets for money.

She's dressed in a black leather catsuit, complete with cat ears and a mask, whip tied at her hip. Provably not the first cat themed criminal Firestar has met..
Firestar has posed:
When she makes sure the others are on the run, Firestar looks to her shadowy savior. She flies over and then lowers to just above the ground.

"Thanks for the save. There were a few more than I anticipated." she admits,"I am tempted to chase them down and take their money to replace the clothes I had to burn off."
Catwoman has posed:
Catwoman laughs, inspecting the mens' wallets, pulling out the cash, leaving the rest. "Pity, all that work for just a hundred bucks.." she smirks, "But entertainment is always fun..You sure showed assholes didn't you.."

She smirks, tilting her head as she gives her the once over. "You're not from around here, are you?"
Firestar has posed:
Firestar watches the woman pilfer through the wallets and shrugs at the idea,"You would think they would be better at what they are doing." she agrees with a snort.

"I am from New York originally." she replies,"I was just passing through on a visit and made a less that wise choice in my walking option. I'm Firestar by the way." She offers a hand, but it doesn't look like it is steaming or anthing the like.
Catwoman has posed:
Catwoman smirks, slipping the cash in her hidden pocket, turning to face the fiery woman. "New York hmm? Welk, welcome to Gotham, it's a lit bit more dangerous than New York, but you clearly know how to take care of yourself.."

She practically purrs as she says that, eyeing the other woman's hand as if considering, then takes it in her own, careful not to scratch her with those claws of hers and gives her a firm handshake.

"Firestar, it suits you, hmm. The name is Catwoman.."
Firestar has posed:
"I am getting that impression." Firestar replies and smirks a little more,"Thanks for the welcome though. I think I will be heading back to New York in the morning." She pauses and looks at her outfit,"I guess I will be going back tonight. It might be a little tricky getting into a hotel tonight."

She chuckles softly, her own grip is business like and a fwe pumps of the arms and then ready to release,"Thanks." She pauses and considers,"Catwoman...I have heard the name before."
Catwoman has posed:
Catwoman nods and chuckles, "Not the friendliest of places but someone like you could thrive here if you wanted.." she shrugs.

"I know a few good places that'd hardly blink at a superhero, but I'd stay away from the iceberg, that's supervillain central, just let me know any time you're in town.."

When she recognizes the name, Catwoman smirks. "Is tat so? All good things I hope?"
Firestar has posed:
"Definately not the friendliest." she agrees,"I might get by OK. My power is a little more dangerous than it looks." she explains. She nods at the suggestion,"Avoid the Iceberg. I don't need to visit supervillain central for sure."

She nods and replies,"I will let you know sure." she agrees,"As for the stories...mostly good with a smattering of a few crimes of your own." she admits,"All things considered I have mostly given up on the idea of totally black or white. Even the best of us seem to have some grey in us."
Catwoman has posed:
Catwoman smiles, "Yeah, you seem pretty lethal, I'd be a fool to cross your path, but then I'm not exactly a villain myself, glad to hear you get that life ain't all black and white either. It's been fun tonight, we should hang out again some time soon."

She smirks, glancing at the unconscious thugs, hearing the wail of sirens getting nearer, "Well that's my cue, I'd better leave before the cops get here" she grins and salutes Firestar. "See you around, Firestar."