15774/Trouble at the Boathouse

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Trouble at the Boathouse
Date of Scene: 05 November 2023
Location: Boathouse - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Lorna checks on the boathouse after the recent display of nearby lightning
Cast of Characters: Polaris, Gambit

Polaris has posed:\<br\>There was a small altercation not far from the boathouse last night, involving a new, rather high strung mutant who sent bolts of lightning across the lake - perhaps a reckless move that might have endangered any one swimming in the lake or living in the nearby boathouse had it connected.\<br\>\<br\>Lorna just happened to be out and about when she spied the lightning flashing up the sky only to come across a rather irate young mutant. However, it seemed Logan had it under control, and not being a big people person, she decided to leave it to him as she wandered around the lake, ending up a bit closer to the boathouse than she intended.\<br\>\<br\>At the moment she seems lost in her thoughts as she stares into the calm, hypnotizing waves of the lake.
Gambit has posed:\<br\>Remy LeBeau is one of the...quietest is not quite the right word. Stillest? ...stillest men in the mansion. He has a way of seeming not to just fade into the background, but be as overlooked as a piece of the furnature. So his presence is not given away by his motions but by a small orange glow glowing faintly brighter. A tiny whisp of smoke, scented with both tobacco and something slightly stronger passes through the air, and then a slight "'Ell of a light show, ehh princess?"
Polaris has posed:\<br\>Lorna Dane blinks as she smells an unusual scent in the air. She is so lost in her thoughts that he could probably get pretty close before she notices, much less reacts. The voice is familiar although she's never been particularly close or well acquainted with Remy. As with most people, even fellow Xmen she does tend to keep mostly to herself.\<br\>\<br\>"Remy..Where did you come from?" she frowns softly, turning around to face him then smirks, "Oh that's right, you live there, do t you? Good thing. that erratic young mutant last night didn't accidently hit your boathouse.l"
Gambit has posed:\<br\>Remy LeBeau nods glancing back at the boat house, a slight smirk on his lips. "Oui, dat would be a shame. Ah mean it's where Ah keep all my stuff..." Which is pretty sound logic by any account. "Ah saw some of it out mah window, but it look like Logan 'ad t'ings in hand which mean dat adding mahself ta de situation jus' make it one Remy too many." He's never been one to press on someone else either
Polaris has posed:\<br\>Lorna Dane sighs and nods, "Well, that's good, no harm, no foul..Had a bit of an attitude, that one..I'm glad that I am not a teacher at this school. This new generation is so much harder to understand than when we were growing up at this school.." she shrugs, stepping away from the water's edge, "Well, I came here looking for something else, and as everything seems to be under control, I should probably head out..Sorry to bother you."
Gambit has posed:\<br\>Remy LeBeau shakes his head slightly, "No bot'er chere. What yah be lookin' foh. Maybe Gambit can 'elp, non?" He offers her the marijuanna laced ciggerette. "Been bangin' mah 'ead agienst de wall on mah own problems, so maybe 'elping someone else wit' dares let mah mind relax."
Polaris has posed:\<br\>Lorna Dane frowns softly, hands clenched into light fists, "Oh, it's nothing really..Was trying to figure out what Magneto was up to, with the rumours of him disturbing graves in search of Apocalypse. At Jean's request, I followed a lead to Egypt where some members of the Xmen assisted him in opening a trap room to a tomb, which held one of many puzzle pieces to Apocalypse's tomb.." she sighs, "I was hoping to stay out of this mess, after Magneto claimed he was trying to prevent Apocalypse from being raised by a separate group of people..But then he ran off with the first key, arrogantly mentioning how he didn't need our help Afterall..Makes me just a little more suspicious of his true motives.."
Gambit has posed:\<br\>Remy LeBeau raises an eyebrow at that. "'Ow is it dat Ah always miss de good stuff at dis school?" He asks rhetorically shaking his head. "Ah nevah try ta pretend ta undahstand what going on in Magneto's 'ead. Don' figure even de Professor undahstand de man dat well an' dey been friends foh longer den eit'er of us been alive." He takes another drag, then glances to her as if to offer it to her one more time, without being pushy about it. "Dat said Ah can' imagine a world where yah pappa likely ta try an' bring back Apocalypse. C'n yah?"
Polaris has posed:\<br\>Lorna Dane shakes her head at the offer, holding up a hand. "Thanks but no.." she shrugs, "He is unpredictable, dangerous and his motives are unclear at best, that is true. But he is my father and ruler of Genosha. I know Alex wants me to stay out of this mess and I really should, just hoped I might get an update on what he's been up to since that raiding, but doesn't seem anyone has seen or heard of him since. My priorities are keeping Mutant Town and Genosha safe. Perhaps I should focus more on those and hope for the best.."
Gambit has posed:\<br\>Remy LeBeau nods at her refusal, taking one last drag and flicking the remainder of the ciggie out towards the lake. It explodes in a tiny "POP" before it ever touches the water. "well from what Ah know about de man, he not gonna do anyt'ing dat gonna bring risk ta Genosha. Not sure if dat 'elp or not, but it true." He smirks a little bit, "Funny t'ing about people wit' de surname Summers? Every one of dem feel de need ta protect people from de whole world."
Polaris has posed:\<br\>Lorna Dane frowns softly, considering, "That is true, Genosha is the most important thing to him, perhaps more than his own family.." she laughs nervously at that..Really, there's no love lost between her and her father. It's no secret that they are not particularly close, at least of late. \<br\>\<br\>"However, he is prone to bouts of insanity and irrational thinking from time to time..I just hope he doesn't believe that Apocalypse somehow deserves to be revived due to his sometimes twisted thinking, or perhaps I am not giving him enough credit?"
Gambit has posed:\<br\>Remy LeBeau nods, "Ah don' disagree, but even at 'is most twisted, Ah can' imagine 'im doing somet'ing dat insane. An' ah know 'ow it feel ta 'ave a pappa who care more about 'is people den 'os own child. It somet'ing we very much 'ave in common. Dats why Ah know he nevah do anyt'ing ta risk Genosha. Risk 'imself? Absolutely. Risk yah? Probibly. But risk dat island? No chance in Hell."
Polaris has posed:\<br\>Lorna Dane nods, smiling faintly, "Of course, you must be right..I am probably overthinking things." she seems relieved at the logic behind that, "I'm sure you are right..Still I wonder if I should assist him or just leave well enough alone.." she seems to be pondering g aloud to herself as much as to him. "I sure have a messed up family." Lorna admits with a sad smile.
Gambit has posed:\<br\>Remy LeBeau smirks slightly, "Did yah get abandoned in a bus station, adopted by de man yah tried ta pick pocket, marry yah childhood sweet'eart, kill yah brand new brother in law ina duel because he was in love wit' 'er, get taken by yah fat'er-in-law, tortured foh 24 hours, den exiled from de only home or family yah evah known?" He asks in a tone that somehow remains almost playful as he says it.
Polaris has posed:\<br\>Lorna Dane smirks a bit, "Okay, guess you got me there, but still, half my family is or were villains, I suspect Magneto hopes I will rejoin the Brotherhood as well..However, I really should get going, thanks for the chat, Remy.." she smiles and waves to him before walking away from the boathouse.