4435/Can't Sleep

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Can't Sleep
Date of Scene: 12 May 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Cyclops, Rift

Cyclops has posed:
The weather today in New York City was cool and rainy, and so there's no reason for that to change now. Standing up on the tower, Scott is looking out over the grounds. Arms folded over his chest, he's got on a simple pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, a hooded type, that allows him to not completely be soaked. That said, it's not raining too hard and the patio furniture also has those large umbrellas and other type of canopies that allow students to be up here in most weather. He's just pulling out a chair, to get a little more out of the drizzle, as he settles down, lifting his feet up slightly, resting the sole of one on the edge of one of the chairs, while the other rests flat on the ground. A slight sigh is heard as he reaches into the sweatshirt pocket and pulls out a Yoohoo of all things, shaking up the glass bottle.

Rift has posed:
Rift's powers are rather flashy and showy - she glows when using her abilities. But at night, she's even MORE eye-catching. Above the shcool, a red line of light forms, tearing open into a portal, and the glowing figure of Rift flies out of it. Her body, clothes and all, glow a dull red, with brighter lines of light visible insdie her arms, legs, chest, and head; with a brither glow on her eyes too. She starts to head towards her room... then stops suddenly, seeing a light on at the top of the tower. She changes course to see who's up there, curious, and lands on the tower. "Oh, hello, Mr. Summers."

Cyclops has posed:
"Good evening," he says with a tight smile. Of course, that's because someone interrupted his sneaking his little guilty pleasure for the evening. He doesn't usually have them, a drink like that, so it's with a tight lipped expression that he smiles before uncorking the top of the bottle, and he then takes a sip after having shaken it very well. "You caught me," he says, a little smile, that grin offered to you as he asks, "Where are you coming back from? Or are yo ujust bouncing around parts of the estate and ended up here on the roof? After hours? In the rain?" He isn't -really- grilling you because if he was you know he'd hve stood up. "Or is sneaking up onto the roof in the middle of the rain storm your normal way of preparing to sleep and I've just missed it this whole time you've been here?" Yes, it's hard to tell with Scott where the sarcasm is serious versus where he's teasing

Rift has posed:
Rift smiles. "I was just... thinking. I was visiting that lake a mile that-a-way," she states, pointing. "Considering my future. With high school graduation right around the corner... I have much to consider." She ponders. "I know we've been doing our trianing off and on... but I'm about to graduate and... my resolve has not wavered. I want to be an X-Man. If... if I can."

Cyclops has posed:
"It's possible," he says sincerely. He doesn't commit, one never commits to allowing someone to join the team without a few conversations and some testing. "It's a pretty rigorous life. I mean it may seem all fancy mansions and all you can drink YooHoo but it is not an easy lifestyle for anyone. It takes time, work...physicality..." he thinks. "Make no mistake. I'm not saying no...just rmeinding you that if it is what you want after you graduate, it's going to take a little bit of time and more than a little bit of hard work. Though you'll have to prepare your brain too. We are assuredly going to have a lot of questions about why you wan tto do this."

Rift has posed:
Rift nods. "I would wish to be tested of course. It's possible I'm not cut out for it. But for the last six years I've heard about the heroism of the X-Men. I want to join them. Join you. I think I have a unique skillset that can serve you proud."