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Leviathan: The Rescue
Date of Scene: 26 May 2018
Location: China
Synopsis: Lag is rescued by hacker, a superspy, a super-soldier, a demon, and a guy with a bow and arrow.
Cast of Characters: Hawkeye (Barton), Quake, Hellboy, Black Widow (Romanoff), Jill Valentine, Lag
Tinyplot: Leviathan

Hawkeye (Barton) has posed:
Hydra Base, Chinese Mainland

The The base had been disguised as a factory under construction. It looks like a working factory too by the machines, as evening feel, the workers load onto busses to be driven back to their barracks like homes, while another bus, rumbled towards the camp with the cleaning crew, mostly women from the nearby town looking for work. It proved to be an easy in, the overseer was already taking bribes to pick who would get to work, so a little extra saw that some new faces got on the bus tonight. "New girls," he says to the four new women on the bus in Cantonese, "You work hard, you'll get picked again, if you don't no more work," he instructs as the bus rolls through the gate towards the main factory building.

On a nearby hill, near one of the hidden entrances to the base, with the back-up team, Clint Barton watched the bus roll in through a pair of night vision binoculars. He focuses on the bus windows as it makes a wide turn towards the main building, he can see Skye. Heart beating quickly, he radios, "Confirming spotter two, both our ladies are in the compound. Keep your eyes open guys, when we go in, we're counting on you." Clint lowers the binoculars, looking back over by the door and the pair of Hydra guards left unconscious and bound on the ground. "So, Jill, can the access pad be bypassed, or does Big Red here need to knock the door down?" he asks with a nod to Hellboy. The demon was a subtle addition to the team, but, he doubted Hydra was ready for him. Even Jill had a few surprises from what he saw during the Rising Tide raid.

Inside, the day's work is done and the 'borrowed' members of the Rising Tide drag themselves back to their rooms for entertainment and sleep. Not Lag though as usual he's sent off to his own chambers, with guards stripped of their radios and other electronics. Though, one does have wind-up watch he checks as they wait for a line of other workers to pass by; the twelve hours was almost up. The door they have to pass through is electronic, and cameras watch the hall the last ones before the part of the base modified for Lag. They hadn't planned on capturing a technopath, it was just a bonus but one they were struggling to keep up with.

Quake has posed:
It was all about deference, May had said. You go in, head kept low, profile kept lower, and you did your job. Of course their job in this was to infiltrate, find Lag, and get him out, but the advice still worked.. The further inside they got without being noticed, the better.

Not speaking the language, Skye lets Nat front the two of them as part of the 'new girls' working team. She wasn't sure how they'd pulled it off and gotten on that bus, with legit credentials, but she wasn't questioning May's work. Her goal was to get access once inside and pinpoint their target.

Hellboy has posed:
When he shifted and stretched out his wrist and fingers, the slight sound of stone moving across stone could be heard, even as faint yellow glyphs and runes could be seen across the limb every now and then. In that hand was a "revolver" that might have been the very definition of excessive, if not for its wielder. Even then, how much stopping power did a guy need, when he was that tough and that strong?

Those are great questions, but Hellboy wasn't gonna answer them today. No, he was just busy loading four big, fat rubber bullets into that gun with the aid of a speed loader, hearing the machine click as he locked everything into place. With a nod and a twirl of that gun the big guy looked back at the bowman and the heartbreaker next to him, giving a nod even as that ugly, impassive face of his was as unreadable as ever. With the mouth slightly open, the red man's underbite was especially noticeable.

"Hey, I'm here to do what you want me to do. As long as we find this kid, right?"

As he spoke he gave a glance around, his glowing yellow eyes regarding the environment.

"You know you'd think this place would change more since the '70s, but no it's like the Twilight Zone, being back here and seeing so much that's familiar."

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
There was no visual hint of who Natasha truly was. The holomask worked perfectly, molding to her face and giving her the Chinese features needed to pass as a local. A black wig completed the look. Throw in the proper dress and she fit the role. She kept her head down, eyes on the ground, making sure not to look directly at those taking them inside. Bad guys didn't like having people look at them too closely, even in a culture that wasn't big on roles. She wasn't taking any chances.

She waits until they are allowed off the bus then rises but only once a few others had walked past. Then she steps into the line, watching her steps even as she snuck a few peripheral glances. That gave her a lay of the land as well as number of people they might have to deal with should things go badly. They had to get inside then the work would begin. But it all hinged on them making it to the interior.

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Bioterror specialist or not, Jill's presence as part of S.T.A.R.S. to retrieve Jag is covered under the whole blanket of Special Tactics and Rescue. Not the squad part so much, but that's because Barry's off with the family somewhere, and Chris is probably punching boulders in the UK. This leaves her- again- to participate in a SHIELD operation as the singular representative of S.T.A.R.S.- again. She'll submit the requisite forms when she returns to headquarters, but for now, she is just content doing the job.

    "That depends on the lock. Biometrics can be fooled, and we can use some intricate devices to replicate electrical signals, probably. It's not really my forte, but if it's a lock, I can probably get it open. The question is, if we're going in there, are we concerned with or interested in keeping things quiet?"

    Her response to Clint is quick and poignant- options first, opine second. It's pragmatic, to say the least. Idly, she slips the deep-blue-beret under one arm so as to keep her head cool while they wait for the signal.

Lag has posed:
Lag notices the time on the guard's watch and does his best to look away, not to look again. It was almost time.

He sat down at the table near his cot. A small box held his evening meal, tepid at best now; they did not even trust him with a microwave. His  stomachwas in knots as he started to eat, but he needed to be ready.

Even more, he needed to hope Skye really was coming.

Hawkeye (Barton) has posed:
"Not sure how much of a kid this guy is," he says, "But then, I've heard rumours you've been around awhile," Clint says to Hellboy as he moves back to keeping an eye on the yard.

The bus is unloaded, Nat can spot plenty of cameras, which pivot and follow the cleaning crew as they walk, studying them closely. Besides the cameras there are about a half-dozen guards dressed as civilian security on the outside. Pretty light as things go, the base though is another matter, once lead down the darkened stairs and through the thick metal door, the guards in the corridors are dressed in Hydra green and yellow, with submachine guns. Patrols are light, but each of the cleaners is issued a bracelet, which likely tracks their movements. However, beyond that once they've been given their cleaning equipment and their assignments they're left to do their work. In this case they're assigned to an office section of the base, near the dorms, a half-dozen computer work stations are set up, and a guard lingers by the open door, half-keeping an eye on them and half on the corridor.

Clint looks back at Jill, "See if we can get around it, might help if they don't know we're here, I'd like to keep that option open, if not, well, we have breaching charges and we have Hellboy."

Inside the base by Lag's cell the evening shift is settling in. While in the control center, one of the guards runs the cleaning crew's faces through facial recognition, while the commander of the base looks over his shoulder, a dozen men in tactical gear, mill around behind them, all of them having gas masks in place.

Hellboy has posed:
The Good Samaritan was loaded and prepared, so Hellboy quickly holstered it before adjusting his trenchcoat and absentmindedly scooped a few pebbles out from the bottom of his hooves, tossing them aside as they hid and waited.

"Let me put it this way, if I had gone to prom, it woulda taken a good long while."

As they waited, the big red bruiser looked over and the unconscious Hydra guards, scrunching his face and snorting in derision.

"Always gotta be Nazis. How can a small handful of guys be such sore losers, huh?"

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
Once they are inside, Natasha gets to work on the floor. Dusting she leaves to her partner, that way she can get closer to the computers without looking suspicious. As she sweeps, she keeps an eye on the guard at the door. So many cameras make her uncomfortable. They will be able to work around them and get their information but it makes things much trickier. The desk in the farthest corner is about the only one that might not be caught on camera should Skye plug in the drive they can use to hack the system. It will allow them to hopefully find where this Lag fellow is being held. The old fashioned way would work but that would put them in more danger.

They would prefer to stick with other methods. She works her way around the room, reaching back to scratch her side and palming a jamming device that had been stitched into a hidden pocket. Hopefully it would allow them to cut the video feeds when the time came.

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Setting one arm around her beret, to keep it safe, the other hooks its thumb into the front of her belt, behind the buckle. Her attention remains firmly locked on where it needs to be, and she proves to be the quiet one of the three secondary team members. She waits in silence until a point where it almost seems awkward, before responding.

    "I can try a patch on it when we get the signal. Thumbs up or down, won't take much longer than that."

Quake has posed:
Skye might not be the most savvy of infiltrators, coming late to that side of SHIELD work, and only recently promoted into it, but she knows how to get at information unnoticed, and that includes things like picking the computer that's least likely to be in the surveillance sweep. Nat's subtle acknowledgement of that corner console is met with a slight nod of Skye's own, Skye swipping at desks and making a point of touching keyboards and the like as she goes - all under the guise of 'dusting' and cleaning up -- she doesn't want that corner computer to be the first she pays this kind of attention to.

*That* kind of unprecedented attention got noticed, and they were still cleaners at this point.

Eventually, provided nothing trips them up before she gets to it, Skye is dealing with that computer.. and a conveniently located container of writing implements just happens to tumble across the keyboard, desk, and onto the floor. Funny how those things happen and you have to pick things up and moves things around.

Lag has posed:
Lag fairly chokes down half his food then pokes at it with his fork before giving up. He chucks the container in the garbage and flops down on his cot. Beside the bed on a small metal table are a couple of books; technical manuals on the servers they were setting up. He thumbs one for a bit and then grunts, rolling over and pretending to sleep.

He lets his mind wander, feeling for the chattering telltale signs of cellphones on the guards and finds nothing. There is just the quiet presence of the lock and steadfast hum of the camera down the hall.

Hawkeye (Barton) has posed:
Damn pencils. The guard looks over when he hears them fall but when Skye ducks down to clean them up, he goes back to watching the corridor. Thanks to data on Hydra and the Benefactor's systems from Hammerfall and Tidepool the device does it's work and gets them access to the system from that computer. No alerts seem to have been tripped.

Clint stops watching the base and shimmies down towards the door, grabbing his bow. "Right, it's 2026, figured we'd be done with these guys by now, but, I guess bad ideas and people dumb enough to follow them, is never in short supply."

Jill gets a thumbs up. "Do it," Clint said.

In the command centre, the facial recognition software gets a ping and a name comes up: Skye Johnson. The wheels get going from there, the commander grins to himself, glancing back over his shoulder at his men. "Get ready," he instructs. He walks over to a console and taps in a command. The locking mechanisms on the doors both front and back slam shut their keypads going dark, and all throughout the complex, a green gas begins wafting from the vents filling the complex with a light green haze, knockout gas. The Command Centre is spared, and the commander picks up the phone reporting. "They're here, I've activated the protocol as discussed, send the reinforcements, we'll secure the prisoners."

A look is given to the men armed men, "Get the technopath, and locate the SHIELD agents."

In the base guards struggle to pull on masks, outside it's clear things have gone wrong when the door stops listening to commands.

Clint swallows his panic and says, "Okay, time to go loud."

Hellboy has posed:
"Going loud? Alright then, let's show you how we do spywork down in the Bureau."

The big red man rose to his feet relatively quickly, taking a few jogging steps away from the door as his hooves clacked along the ground. He rolled his neck, snorted and stretched his shoulders...then spun on a time and ran as fast as his skinny legs would carry him. Finally he leapt through the air, aiming an almost picture perfect 'superman punch' with that big stone hand aimed at the door in front of him. The impact was...deafening, and anything that wasn't bolted down would definitely feel the shockwaves.

If that didn't tear it down, then Hellboy would start to throw hammerfist after hammerfist, big overhead swings that would hit harder than any sledgehammer on planet earth. This door was a wall, and Hellboy was Mr. Gorbachev.

Ok it wasn't and he wasn't, but you get the idea.

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
As the gas starts the fill the room, Natasha glances up at the ceiling and then over to the guard. He's putting hastily putting on a gas mask. A moment later, she's charging him. She leaps onto a rolling chair, kicking off and sending it spinning in his direction even as she vaults over a desk, handspringing into the air. The chair slams into his legs since he is trying to keep an eye on her. She flips into the air, coming feet first into his chest and sending him toppling over the chair. She follows him down, perched on his chest. The gas mask is ripped off his face. She then steps off him and kicks him in the head, sending him off to night-night land.

"Catch!" she yells out to Skye as she throws the mask. The other woman is the key. She has to be able to get the information on where Lag is hidden. And anything else she might find in the process. The gas is already starting to make Natasha cough and she reaches down for another hidden pocket. Her hand then comes up to her face, covering her mouth as she coughs more...then collapses in a heap next to the guard, right in front of the door.

Quake has posed:
When the gas first starts filling the room, Skye isn't on the ball with what's up. She's pressing keeys under the guise of 'cleaning' up the pencils, and pulling up data on occupants of the facility.

That's the easy part.

What's not so easy is the sluggishnness that the gas starts to produce almost immediately. And while she tries to draw up details on how to get to Lag, things start to be a little less pleasant. Unpleasant enough that Skye is grateful for the gas mask, pulling it on over her face in the time honoured 'your mask first!' fashion drilled into flight sims -- you can't save anyone if you're dying.

The gig is obviously up, but she can do a thing or two, still, to slow the Hydra teams down. It's a simple, but nasty, trick: A full system Reboot. Complete with firus scane and updates. It's not only time consuming (give or take what needs to be done), but it can't be stopped. Even if it's only five minutes, that's five minutes Hydra won't have any leads on them... And Skye and Nat will have working data.

It's not quite a Haily Mary, but she knows it won't buy them much time. Just enough time, she hopes.

Reboot in three... two... one...

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Jill gets to work the moment Clint gives the order, setting a few contacts in place on the inside of the lock after removing an access panel. She's actually making good headway, but partway into the attempt, it actually stops accepting commands- which means they're on to the heavy machinery.

    Admittedly said machinery has a name, and it is Hellboy, but it's still a fitting description. The resulting fist-slam comes after Jill snap turns away from the door. Without hesitation, Jill slips the beret on, its front emblazoned with a faded S.T.A.R.S. logo. It's been through... A lot.

    Hellboy is the breach, and whatever it takes him to get through the door is indeed noted. Jill will follow, pulling from her thigh something moderately strange for the occasion- a human sized, if fancy-looking handgun, with a grip set in with the same S.T.A.R.S. logo. It too looks worn- but well-maintained. She follows on Clint's order.

Lag has posed:
Lag feels the distant pulse of signals to the camera stop and blinks, then starts to cough. He jerks upright and opens his eyes, seeing green gas falling from the overhead HVAC.

"Oh hell no," he says, seeing his guards scrambling to put on gas masks. Lag closes his eyes and reaches up until he finds it, very nearby. The nearest fan accelerates sharply then there is the sound of screeching metal and it dies.

He hopes that will slow the gas long enough for... For what?

The guards start yelling at him in Cantonese and bad English, but Lag has a hard time understanding it, coughing and starting to feel woozy. He does the first thing that comes to mind and drops to the floor and plays unconscious.

Hawkeye (Barton) has posed:
Loud is right. Hellboy's entrance resounds through the base and the handful of guards on the other side make a fighting retreat calling for back up. Or begin to before a Taser arrow drops their leader. Clint slips in behind Hellboy bow at the ready, he grimaces at the gas and pulls his SHIELD issued rebreather from his belt, sticking it in place. He breathes, then yanks it clear to give orders, "Hellboy, take point, and Jill watch his back, we're advancing until we find our team." he takes another breath as he turns to the assault team. "You two, join us, the rest, hold this door."

Breather back in he starts down the hall, ducking and covering picking off Hydra goons as they pop up to shoot at him.

In the office, Skye's monitor displays the reboot has launched, and she can all but hear the anguished screams as terminals all around the base begin shutting down. They've got five minutes of time where the systems are down.

The Guards already sent by the commander though, they choose now to make their appearance, four of them, marching down the hall, moving in slowly, warily towards the office door. The knocked-out Hydra guard and cleaning woman get no more than a passing glance. One of them lifts a flashbang grenade to throw into the office, reaching for the pin.

In Lag's cell, four more of the commander's guards join the four keeping him under watch, "Open the door," one says muffled by the gasmask. The door is opened and with another command, two of Lag's guards grab him up under the arms and begin to drag him from the cell. "Don't worry, this is all part of the plan, come with us, reinforcements are on their way to collect us and the prisoners."

If he doesn't resist, Lag is dragged out of his cell and into the base proper, as the sounds of battle echo through the halls.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy clacked into the compound loudly, immediately starting to cough when surrounded by that billowing green stuff in the air. Unlike Hawkeye he didn't have access to any fancy rebreathers, and the gasmasks these guys were wearing wouldn't even come close to fitting around a face like his. So he employed another strategy: Fanning his hand.

Normally that would be absurd, but the sheer size and weight of that stone-like Right Hand Of Doom meant that as Big Red pivoted his elbow around quickly and rapidly, it quickly created a small bit of relatively safe air around him, enough that he wasn't going to succumb and take a nap immediately. It wasn't ideal, he was still coughing here and there and he definitely had a time limit where before he didn't. But as quick fixes went, it was pretty good.

Not as good was the greenclad Hydra goon leaping out around a corner, submachine gun aimed right at the smart allec archer, the trigger squeezed and an unruly riot of bullets were flying forth. Good thing, then, that Hawkeye had a guardian angel in the form of a big red demon. Hellboy quickly stepped forth, the bullets flying across his torso and chest before a big hoof-kick to the chest sent that goon flying across the room, and hitting the wall hard enough to crack the paint and cause a bit of plaster to fall from the roof. Grimacing, he looked down at the array of flesh wounds(but with blood still trickling down), before looking backward at Clint and Jill.

"Hey, they got guns in exchange for their brains. Be careful."

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
A foot lashes out at the knee of the man with the flashbang. There is the loud crack as bone gives way. The grenade falls into the hand of the cleaning woman. She flings it back down the hall they had come from, hopefully far enough that the effects will not be felt. As for the four men, they should've made sure she was out. Now they are within easy reach of the Widow, the rebreather between her lips having saved her from the gas. Flipping back to her hands, Natasha springs upward, wrapping her legs around the neck of a man and using him as a fulcrum to spin her body up and around. He is taken down by the movement and weight even as she is sent airborne. Her foot impacts one man square in the face, sending him sprawling. Her upper body impacts the other in the torso. Immediately she grabs hold, swinging her body around in an impossible move and her feet slam into the only other man who was still standing. Her grip on her new fulcrum has him staggering and she brings up a fist, punching him hard once. Twice. He goes down as she springs clear, landing in a three point crouch on the floor before looking to Skye. She draws out the rebreather to speak as she stands. "Got him spotted?" She doesn't say they need to move fast. Skye already knows that. Nat slips the rebreather back into place to draw in clean air to her lungs.

Quake has posed:
Skye has all she needs, and with Nat as her personal backup.. she doesn't actually have to engage herself. It leaves her time to pinpoint where they are in relation to where they want to go. "We have about five minutes. We can get there easiest if we follow this corridor.." Skye doesn't actually show Nat on her device, but gestures, "Not saying getting out is going to be this easy, but there we've got down pat."

She's already heading that way, pulling the very small gun she had hidden on her person. Gogo SHIELD gadget team.

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Jill Valentine has been on a number of missions for SHIELD. Investigating a forest that has had several civilian disappearances. Investigate the mansion inside said forest. Investigate the Secret Underground Laboratory inside said mansion. Escape from a quarantined city infested with a plague that was raising the dead. In a tube top.

    She's raided various Hydra facilities. She's basically a super soldier. She has -never- been asked not to kill everyone from point A to point B before today. It's just never come up.

    That is why today, she had been loaded for bear, even in the comparatively small firearm she was packing. The rounds aren't exactly armor piercing, but they're overloaded on propellant- intended to be a new form of nonlethal that pushes more kinetic energy through armor without killing the person under that armor- unless you pepper them incessantly with rounds- while also being rather effective on soft targets... If the need arises.

    Jill bursts in behind Hellboy, and dives straight into the gas. For her, it's a smoke screen- and she uses it to great effect, leaping from its cover to land knife-first onto the nearest Hydra guard. What follows is more acrobatic than a soldier should ever be allowed to be- each movement purposeful and pragmatic. Either her pistol is poised to fire at the hard armor covering a joint or the center mass, or the blade that had been in the rim of her boot is driven into softer flesh between plates, to cut open areas that move often but aren't vital organs or blood vessels.

    Behind her is a mild trail of still living bodies, and it might be forgiven for one not to notice that she never put on a rebreather- her metabolism is perhaps a touch too fast, and liver too powerful a tool nowadays to let it properly take root.

Lag has posed:
Lags senses crackle with the presence of the new guards. Simple machines; guns, grenades. More complex ones; tasers, and ah... There. Radios.

Lag feels the world swimming as the gas takes hold, but he can see the radio on the hip of the guard in front of him.

Inside the radio, bits flip, contacts close, and an ear-splitting high-volume screech is transmitted to every radio on the channel. More bits flip, the radio will broadcast until smashed or turned off. Which is a good thing, because the gas takes it toll and Lag passes out.

Hawkeye (Barton) has posed:
The high pitched squeal of the radios across the base adds to the chaos. The hydra goons guarding the corridor from the rear entrance stagger their way ahead of Hellboy, Jill and Hawkeye and on towards Nat and Skye as the groups link up.

Clint drops two of the goons as they yank out their radios. The remaining eight, are caught in the middle of the two groups, trying to sort out what to do. Unable to call for back up, and with command and control stuck watching their computers reboot.

Meanwhile down the corridor Skye pointed out to Nat, Lag is being dragged along as his cadre of guards yank out their earpieces and curse their equipment. One savvy enough to guess what might have happened, gives Lag a kick.

Hellboy has posed:
Not normally a runner, Hellboy kept up a healthy half-jog just to close the distance with the approaching goons. His right hand, his 'main weapon' as it were was essentially unavailable given its current use in fanning the gase away from the red-skinned bruiser, but honestly it would have been overkill against guys like this anyway. Nazi or not, these guys didn't deserve that kind of misery. And so when Red got close enough he'd throw a weak-wristed, 'gentle' backhand at one goon(Gentle here was still a big deal from a bruiser like him), before he reached out to grab the gasmask of another, ripping it off of the thug's face and throwing it across the room. Coughing occasionally as those knockout fumes were still seeping into his airways little by little, Hellboy called out.

"Hey, ladies. Come here *kaff koff* come here often?"

The attempt at a quip was a bit ruined by his voice straining and the tears from coughing pouring down his face, but at least an attempt was made.

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
As they head down the corridor, Natasha is keeping an eye on the surroundings. She doesn't try to see Skye's screen. She doesn't need to. There is no doubt in her mind that Skye has it under control. Rounding a corner, she finds that is exactly what's going on. Eight bad guys. Throw in two dragging off a guy which is right in the area they were heading for.
    This is going to hurt.

She flicks her wrist and two small disks are thrown in the direction of the men holding Lag. They cling to the men's clothes then release a burst of electricity through their bodies. It should be enough to knock them out. Then she turns and is going for one of the eight left.

Quake has posed:
Nice trick Nat has up her sleeve... literally. Of course, it leaves Lag free to be rescued. At least Skye is pretty sure he's alive. Though there's that small matter of his antidote.. Timing, though, is everything, and getting him out might be the better part of valor. The folks at SHIELD can wrap him up on ice and try to figure one out on their own. Of course, that's what Fitz and Simmons are for, right?

Skye makes her way to retrieve Lag, or at least ascertain they didn't already kill him - fairly certain that they didn't, else why drag him along with them? (unless *that* was the trap?)

Jill Valentine has posed:
    There are thugs remaining when Hellboy and Natasha are through- Four, to be exact. Jill did not linger long behind Hellboy to regroup with the infiltration team. In hand to hand, she was rather startling. Relying much less on tech and more on strength and speed, Jill's assault is swift and brutal in its own right.

    She is in the air after a moment, and as part of that, she brings one foot down on the inside of a Hydra grunt's knee, simultaneously slipping her knife into the area beneath his shoulderblade, through the plates of his armor. The second receives the treatment of her firearm as she twists herself around the falling grunt, using him as cover while she unleashes bullet-hell onto the armored soldier. Weaving through them, the extent of what her exposure to the Virus did to her body is made readily apparent...

    As she dispatches the last couple of grunts in a single motion. Going up and over grunt two as he's falling, she swoops low, the pistol and knife suddenly slipped back into their respective holsters. Grabbing the ankle of the third grunt, she performs a light spin and downright hits one dude with another dude.

    The worst, though, happens after. Clint, Skye, Nat, and Hellboy are all agents or agent-adjacent-entities... But the only person here fully deputized as law enforcement- and therefore legally allowed to make arrests- is the person whose unit works with the police. Specifically, one Jill Valentine.

    "Yeah, I'll... Get the zip ties." she states, getting to work on properly arresting- or at least getting into arrest-posture- all of the Hydra agents. She doesn't expect a response. She is aware that others might be having trouble with the gas.

    Since it's her job alone, she'll be... At it a while. She sure does love her protocol.

Hawkeye (Barton) has posed:
The remaining eight Hydra goons are laid out, Clint ducks down to rip a gas mask off one of their faces and put it on his own. It muffles his voice but he can talk better than with a rebreather on. "Nat, Keyboard, fancy meeting you here," he says, his eyes smiling above the mask as he surveys the damage. "He alive?" he calls to Skye, keeping an eye out for any more badguys coming that way. "Red, you want to help us get him up and out of here?" Even if he was dead he wasn't going to leave his body with these guys.

As he says that he gets comms from the group at the door, << Reinforcements coming in hot >> anyone with SHIELD comms on hears the same. He taps comms, "Call in the Quinjet," he says before saying to the rest. "Time to get out of here," he says, as another guard rounds the corner behind where Lag is laid out and he drops him with an arrow to the knee.

Hellboy has posed:
Amidst the confusion, one goon in green was shakily getting to his feet behind the group of operatives. Looking around, he saw the technopath on the floor, and was preparing to give one last farewell gift to the unconscious prisoner, when an annoyed voice called out.


The gun was being aimed before Hellboy had a chance to process, the hammer pulled back...and a gunshot rang through the entire base, like God was spiking a football straight into Hell. If the sound was deafening and clench-inducing, then the 'dummy' round flying through the air and crashing into the poor bastard's chest was something else entirely. Designed to be nonlethal, it was still a 20 mm round. Rubber or not, that was one Hydra goon who had months of twelve broken ribs and a shattered sternum to enjoy, and that was BEFORE he went flying back to crumple against the far wall. Smoke rising from the nuzzle, Hellboy gave a blow before twirling and holstering that crazy, crazy weapon. Only then did he turn to Hawkeye and give a nod.


that done, Lag was hoised up over his shoulder, and taken to the rest of the team waiting at the front.