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Hellboy (Scenesys ID: 204)
"I'm not a very good shot...but the Samaritan here uses really big bullets."
Full Name: Anung un Rama
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Theme: Dark Horse (FC)
Occupation: Paranormal Investigator
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Gotham City
Education: Homeschooled
Status: Dropped
Groups: Gotham-OOC, Justice League, SHIELD, Mystic Arts-OOC, JL Dark
Other Information
Apparent Age: 84 Actual Age: 84
Date of Birth 23 December 1944 Actor: Ron Perlman
Height: 203 cm (6'8") Weight: 180 kg (396 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: "'Till The Money Runs Out", by Tom Waits https://youtu.be/C3elbKuH_Tc


The world's greatest paranormal investigator, if you believe the hype. Hellboy has been an agent of the B.P.R.D. since 1952, and has developed a reputation in mystical circles for being very effective, if you don't mind a few broken buildings. He's also the central figure in a lot of prophecies about Ragna Rok, the Apocalypse, or whatever people are calling The End of the World these days.

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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A pair of circular nubs protrude from this creature's forehead. Red, like the rest of him, they seem to have been filed as close to the skin as possible, making it look almost as if he has a pair of goggles perched above his head. The bony discs are super obvious, mostly because there isn't really much hair up there to cover them up with. His long black hair practically nonexistant near the top of his head, either a sign of male pattern baldness or some unique demonic hairline.

Despite not having much hair on top of his head, he's got quite a lot of it just about everywhere else. Mutton chop sideburns extend nearly down to his chin, and there's a fairly large patch of hair on his chin. It's tough to tell if it grows like that naturally, or if it's some sort of attempt at grooming. But he honestly doesn't really look like the 'grooming' type.

At roughly six and a half feet tall, and with a body like a gorilla, the big red guy takes up quite a bit of space. Over his massive frame, he's haphazardly thrown an old military-style trench coat. Khaki in color, it looks fairly well worn but otherwise unremarkable. On the sleeves, just below the shoulders, is a large circular patch with a graphic that portrays a hand holding a sword with the letters 'B.P.R.D.' emblazoned below it. Out of the back of the coat, a long, thick tail hangs, shifting reflexively whenever the creature moves.

The coat seems a bit oversized, even considering the creature's size, but this is probably due to is special physiological requirements. Indeed, he needs his sleeves to be quite a bit wider than his arms, because his right hand is about... three or four times the size of the other one. It almost appears to be some sort of crude artificial limb, and apparently made of dark red stone.

Apart from the coat, he doesn't wear much else. A pair of black spandexy 'Thing Shorts' seem to be all he wears that counts as clothing, while a very large utility belt is wrapped around his waist. In addition to lots and lots of oversized pouches, there's also an oversized holster hanging from the belt with an oversized pistol resting in it. A pair of black boots is all that breaks up the outline of his hairy red legs, but the boots are odd enough to be noteworthy: Split down the middle, the boots appear to have been custom built for someone with cloven feet.


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Dec 23, 1944: A gateway to the hell dimensions is opened by Grigori Rasputin. A small, red, apelike creature emerges from it. Discovered by a group of soldiers, the creature is called 'Hellboy' and adopted by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, an occult investigator.

Dec 29, 1944: The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense is officially founded by Professor Bruttenholm.

Sep 3, 1946: Hellboy is taken to an Air Force Base in New Mexico. He is already larger than most teenagers.

Jul 13, 1947: Hellboy is first introduced to pancakes. Despite his initial aversion, he decides he loves them. The hordes of hell despair.

Apr 6, 1952: Already nearly grown, despite being only 8, Hellboy is inducted into the B.P.R.D. as an agent.

Nov 6, 1952: After completing a classified mission, Hellboy is granted 'Honorary Human' status by the United Nations.

Aug 4, 1954: Hellboy slays the Saint Leonard Worm at the behest of The Osiris Club.

Apr 17, 1959: While investigating the disappearance of a baby in Ireland, Hellboy undertakes the arduous task of bearing a corpse to a proper burial site. It takes longer than he planned.

Feb 25, 1963: Hellboy becomes a United States citizen.

Oct 7, 1967: While in Kyoto, Japan, Hellboy stays the night in a mysterious house filled with bizarre monsters capable of separating their heads from their bodies. He manages to survive by tying the bodies together and dumping them into a lake until the heads die.

Jan 2, 1979: Hellboy investigates a report that a formerly famous medium named 'The Amazing Tod' had unleashed some type of ectoplasmic monster. The monster didn't survive the encounter, but neither did Mister Tod.

Mar 31, 1982: A legendary vampire named Ilona Kakosy manages to put some mystical illusion whammy on Hellboy, causing him to hallucinate a vision of an enormous vampire capable of eating the Sun and Moon. Countess Kakosy gets staked when Hellboy snaps out of it.

May 1, 1991: An encounter with the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra causes Hellboy to be sent back in time to the year 1902. There, he is forced to fight a chimpanzee that's been exposed to some of Hellboy's demonic blood.

Jun 20, 1994: Hellboy investigates the vicious murders that claimed the lives of an entire village in the Balkans. He manages to destroy a family of werewolf ghosts.

Nov 5, 1998: An encounter in Spain led Hellboy to discover that his giant stone hand was somehow integral to triggering The Apocalypse. Or AN Apocalypse, anyway.

Dec 19, 2005: Encountering Abraham Sapien for the first time, Hellboy decides to free the aquatic humanoid from B.P.R.D. scientists, deeming the experiments they were running on him inhumane.

May 7, 2019: Professor Bruttenholm is murdered at the ripe old age of 103 by a frog-like monster. The murder investigation leads the B.P.R.D. to Cavendish Hall, where they encounter the immortal Grigori Rasputin. The mission ends with Rasputin being impaled by Abe, beaten and shot by Hellboy, and burned to ashes. Cavendish Hall is completely destroyed, along with the frog monsters who lived there.

Oct 3, 2020: The B.P.R.D. defeat the recently reanimated vampire Vladimir Giurescu. Hellboy encounters the ghost of Rasputin, who offers him more interesting tidbits regarding his 'destiny.' The Team discovers an ancient Homunculus that Hellboy later names 'Roger.'

Apr 4, 2021: Hellboy returns to the church in England where he first entered our world. While there, he has a vision that sheds light on where he came from. He doesn't like to talk about what he saw.

Jan 28, 2022: A demon named Ualac attempted to steal the invisible crown which rests on Hellboy's head, and the 'Right Hand of Doom.' It doesn't work out well for him.

Jun 19, 2022: Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. encounter the ghost of Lobster Johnson while on a seemingly unrelated mission.

Sep 30, 2025: Hellboy purchases some property in Gotham, while making retirement plans.


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It probably comes as no surprise that the large, gruff-looking demon has a gruff, laconic personality. Hellboy isn't the biggest fan of talking, but when he does he tends to come across as simultaneously bemused, annoyed, and curious. He has a general desire to do 'the right thing', the way Professor Bruttenholm raised him to behave. For him, 'the right thing' is probably quite a bit more violent than the definition that other people are operating by, but most of the things that he kills are monsters or dudes who really suck.

Lots of Nazis, too.

Hellboy is used to being alone, and is pretty comfortable that way. When he goes out in public, people always stare, which makes him very uncomfortable. That doesn't mean he's a recluse though, he just picks the people he hangs out with pretty carefully, and they tend to be freaks like himself.

Despite being a paranormal investigator who always wants to get to the bottom of a mystery, Hellboy is suspiciously less than curious about his own origins. At this point, he's pretty sure he was put here on Earth to do something bad, and would rather not learn any more about it.


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Only Hellboy's right hand would really be considered 'invulnerable', but the rest of him is pretty durable. He can be shot and stabbed, but it's rare for any of these injuries to be more harmful to him than a minor flesh wound. He's especially good at taking a beating, and has been known to get back into the fight after being bashed in the head many many times with a pair of iron tongs, or hit by a truck, or shot in the face with a shotgun, or blown up with explosives. He's even been subjected to 'enough voltage to light up Hamburg' by evil Nazi scientists, all it did was cause him blinding pain.

There's no way to know for sure, but Hellboy doesn't really seemed to have aged at all ever since he reached physical maturity (very rapidly) in the late 40s. It's possible that he simply won't age, or at such a slow rate that he could live for hundreds of years. At this rate, it looks like he'll be killed off by the hordes of Hell or the hosts of Heaven long before he has a chance to get old.

Immunity: Fire:
As a creature of Hell, Hellboy is functionally immune to heat and fire-based attacks. The same holds true for most types of 'mystical flame.'

Inherent Magic:
Hellboy will never be able to create storms, or control time, or do any of the things that Dr. Fate or Dr. Strange or any of the wizards or sorcerers or witches of the world can do, but he does have a pool of ability within him. His Right Hand Of Doom occasionally glows with yellow runes and symbols, and if pressed in a fight, Hellboy has discovered that he can actually activate these on purpose, causing the hand to count as a lightsource, and it can cause a feeling of painful eldritch heat upon touch.

Additionally, while he himself cannot cause or create magic, the same abilities within him allows him to potentially use magical items that normal humans or citizens might not be able to. Spell tomes, magical rings or amulets, he can utilize these the way a normal person can utilize a laptop or smartphone, even if they've never used that particular one before.

Right Hand of Doom:
The enormous stone hand on Hellboy's right arm has always been a source of mystery. It's big, heavy, and seemingly indestructible, which makes it very useful for delivering sledgehammer strikes against Hellboy's sturdier foes. It also seems to be especially effective against mystical enemies, both for dispelling their attacks and destroying their physical forms. Surprisingly though, it's actually fairly dextrous. Too large to use on your average keyboard or pistol trigger, but the hand moves nimbly enough to snatch a fly out of the air.

Fairly recently, Hellboy has discovered that his hand wasn't originally meant for the crude purposes that he subjects it to. It's actually The Right Hand of Doom, an object at the center of several prophecies, and a key to awaking the dragon Ogdru Jahad and unlocking the gates of Hell. Suffice it to say, Hellboy doesn't really want to do either of those things.

Signs of Divinity:
Hellboy comes from infernal origins, there's no denying that. But despite this, there are subtle indicators that there may be more to this story than first realized. When his blood mixes with soil, lilies grow as an old sign of sainthood. He can enter consecrated or 'holy' places that might normally deter a demon or demonic entity. These things don't mean that he is absolutely one hundred percent a saint or something like that, but they're interesting to those in the know of these things.


One would expect a guy who is built like a gorilla to be pretty strong, but Hellboy's strength exceeds that and ascends comfortably into the 'superhuman' region. He is able to send cars flying by punching them. He can uproot large trees and throw them like spears. He frequently wrestles with enormous monsters many times his size, and somehow always manages to hold his own.


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With just under eighty years of experience and training, Hellboy is an expert hand to hand combatant. His formal training was mostly in the arts favored by the Army during the forties: Boxing, Wrestling, and the WWII Combatives system favored by instructors like Rex Applegate and William Fairbairn. The rest of his 'training' has largely consisted of fighting men and monsters up close and personal since the early fifties.

Hellboy never intended to become a detective, but has built up a reputation as the world's greatest paranormal investigator despite himself. He'd rather skip straight ahead to the punching, but cases tend to have a habit of unfolding at their own pace, and clues are required to get from Point A to Point Punching.

So he's learned to be methodical, search an area carefully, and ask the right questions from witness and experts. To this day, however, he tends to rely very heavily on his gut feelings, and usually can tell when something is off about a person's behavior before they ultimately reveal themselves to have been the monster all along.

And they almost always do that...

Hellboy was taught Old Lemurian as a boy by Trevor Bruutenholm as sort of a 'secret language' the two shared. In reality, the Professor was priming Hellboy to enjoy a lifetime of learning. He's had to study Latin, Ancient Atlantean, Hyperborean, Enochian, and uh... English. Interestingly though, he seems to have a natural ability to speak the languages of Hell, perhaps because he had learned some of it before he was reborn on Earth?

Magic Literacy:
Hellboy can read magical tomes, scrolls, and is able to speak the language of spellcasting, if something is put in front of him to read. He cannot 'improvise' magic the way someone like Zatanna can do, but prewritten spells, rituals, exorcisms and other ancient methods, he can read and perform these rites and rituals just fine.

The Torch of Liberty claimed that Hellboy was the worst shot that he'd ever tried to train. Hellboy has been practicing with firearms for about eighty years now, and he's still never really gotten past 'basic proficiency' with any of them. Fortunately, the guns he favors tend to fire very large bullets.

Occult Lore:

Having had access to one of the world's most exhaustive occult libraries since before he could read, and being the adopted son of one of the world's greatest paranormal investigators, Hellboy has a pretty thorough database of occult lore rattling around in his giant red noggin.

True, there are agents with the B.P.R.D. who are better at the whole 'book thing', and things tend to work better when they do the cross-referencing and feed Hellboy the tidbits of information he needs for an individual mission. But if he were suddenly left to his own devices (which happens frequently), he'd still be able to recall the best way to kill a Penanggalan, or disenchant a Hand of Glory. He could even (perish the thought) do his own research.


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The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense was founded by Hellboy's adopted father, Trevor Bruttenholm (pronounced 'Broom') in 1944. Inducted as a full agent in 1952, Hellboy is one of the Bureau's oldest and most senior living operatives. He has never been considered as a possible candidate to assume the role of 'Director', however, due to his... temperament.

As a senior agent, Hellboy has access to all of the B.P.R.D.'s resources, including their vast occult library, their highly classified mission files, and a first rate collection of mystical relics. He also has the ability to requisition vehicles for missions, and can select his own teams for assignments. He can even induct new operatives without needing approval.

The greatest asset the B.P.R.D. has, by far, is the wealth of talent working in the field and behind the scenes. Hellboy can count on experts in many obscure (possibly made-up...) fields of academia, and can get backup from trained paramilitary security forces. Most of all, he gets to work with other freaks like himself, each with their own unique gifts to go along with their own unique freakishness.

Hellboy has a number of comm devices now, one for the Justice League, and one for SHIELD. Sometimes it is difficult to keep all this straight.

Over the past eighty years, Hellboy has met most people who matter in mystical circles. He's a frequent guest at the Oblivion Bar, he knows the members of The Osiris Club, and he keeps open lines of correspondence with all of the world's weirdest professors. If he runs into a mystery that's a bit outside his expertise, he probably has a guy he can call. Usually that guy is dead, and that's a clue.

The sword of Roland, the legendary paladin of King Charlemagne. This blade was said to be mighty enough to cleave boulders in two and was said to be completely unbreakable. In actual fact, it isn't quite so powerful though it is true that it is extremely durable and does not seem to rust or lose its sharpness. If looked upon by the undead, the average example will end up weeping and trying to flee the area where it is, though of course stronger examples (like most player characters) can resist this urge.

(Also player note, I list the sword as being 'extremely durable', but please don't break the sword, or attempt to. We don't want to ruin this important historical relic, right?)

Fox Shotgun:
The personal shotgun of former president Theodore Roosevelt, this double-barreled weapon has been slightly modified and consecrated to help its new crimson-skinned owner. This isn't used as often as the Samaritan, it's a larger weapon and more cumbersome, but it can be loaded and packed with consecrated salt, which when fired into the face of the average ghost or other unholy specimen, is about as painful and traumatic as being drowned in acid would be for a regular person. And it's a good spread!

Good Samaritan:
Originally given to him by The Torch of Liberty, The Good Samaritan is a completely custom 4-chambered revolver that fires 20 mm rounds. That's friggin' huge. By comparison, that's larger than a 10 gauge shotgun shell. This gives Hellboy a lot of flexibility with load plans, as he can fill the Samaritan with giant slug rounds, or some of his own customized shells. Personal favorites include 'Whopper' rounds (White Oak, Holy Water, Garlic, Silver Shavings), and tracking rounds that leak flourescent fluid all over the place after they hit a target.

Essentially, the Good Samaritan is a shotgun in pistol form. Very few people are capable of firing it. Hellboy wouldn't admit it, but sometimes it even hurts HIS hand.

The pistol was forged from steel that consisted of old church bells, crucifixes, blessed silver, and a few mystic metals that Hellboy hasn't been able to verify. The wooden handgrip is carved from the wood of the actual Cross. On top of that, whe weapon has been blessed with protection spells that make it practically immune to damage, or the wear and tear that comes from firing ridiculously oversized rounds for nearly a century.

Recently, Hellboy has dipped into his savings to buy a piece of property in the Bad Part of Gotham. Maybe the presence of a demon won't exactly help with the gentrification, but he can't cause property values to go any lower, can he?

Samaritan Ammo:
As mentioned in the Good Samaritan entry, Hellboy has a number of different ammunition loadouts for different jobs. He has the 'Whopper Rounds', which are giant bullets that are loaded with a number of standard irritants against demons and undead (holy water, garlic, silver shavings), but he also has incendiary rounds and tracer rounds for tracking particularly flighty enemies. He also has specialized rubber bullets developed by some clever people at SHIELD, for those occasions where Hellboy is shooting purely human opponents. These are nonlethal but can very easily break a few ribs.

Utility Belt:

The belt that Hellboy always wears on missions is covered in comically oversized pouches. Each of these pouches is filled with Very Useful Things, like spare ammunition for the Good Samaritan, various charms and mystic relics, and a few grenades.


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Chosen One:
Over the past eighty years, Hellboy has been reminded many times that he's some sort of special 'Chosen One', but he's not exactly sure what it is he's been chosen for. In fact, he seems to have been chosen for lots of things.

Is his destiny to use The Right Hand of Doom to unlock the gates of Hell and bring The Old Gods back to Earth, destroying all human life in the process? There's a cult who thinks that's exactly what he should be doing with his time.

Is he meant to be a central figure in the upcoming Ragna Rok? There are some extremely well-preserved Nazis who don't understand why he doesn't drop everything and help kick off the event.

Is his destiny to wield Excalibur and lead the legions of England's dead to reclaim his rightful place on the throne? Strangely enough, there's a cult who is extremely unhappy that he hasn't done it yet.

There are many prophecies that allegedly refer to Hellboy in some way or another, and there are just as many nutjobs who'd like to try to make him fulfill 'his destiny.' For his part, Hellboy only believes the prophecies that come with convincing pictures, and he would rather just hang out with his cats and eat pancakes than get involved with any of it.

But the nutjobs keep coming...

Demonic Appearance:
Even with his horns filed down, Hellboy looks like a demon. Or possibly a red gorrila, depending on your cultural exposure. Either way, he clearly doesn't fit in. The appearance of aliens and mutants have lessened the need to keep his existence a carefully-guarded secret, but he still tends to draw gasps wherever he goes.

His intimidating hulking appearance, as well as his status as an outwardly obvious demonic entity, makes it harder to gain the trust of others. Especially religious folks, who always seem to be the ones he needs information from. He will probably always be viewed with a certain amount of fear and distrust, even when the entire planet is populated by freaks.

Demonic Heritage:
Despite everything, Hellboy still has the blood of a Demon running through his veins, and that side of him is so dominant that it caused him to look the way that he does. Some things that effect Demons might not effect him, but other things such as weapons specially made to fight them, will probably work on him just as well as it works on a normal fiend or denizen of Hell.

Hit List:
From the forces of Hell, to the witches of England, to the machinations of Rasputin, to the Nazi remnants of Hydra and any other former SS still alive, even to the forces of Light who see him as a harbinger of destruction, Hellboy's made a lot of enemies, a LOT of enemies. For some, he is 'kill on sight'. For others, he is something to be tailed and monitored. At any given moment, any number of forces of the world can make his life extremely difficult.

Secret Name:
Hellboy has only learned his 'real name' fairly recently, and has kept it as secret as he possibly can. Unfortunately, there always seem to be creepy mystics who know more about Hellboy than he does about himself. it's well known in magic circles that uttering the true name of a demon can give great powers over that demon. Any sufficiently powerful sorceror who is able to learn the name 'Anung Un Rama' would be able to use that name to bind Hellboy in 'chains of ice and tongues of fire', or possibly even command him to do things against his will.

Coupled with the appropriate demonic spells, one could possibly even cause Hellboy to go 'full demon' and reveal his invisible crown. Or, you know, trigger the Apocalypse.

For a variety of reasons, Hellboy has a habit of having... outbursts. This is especially troublesome from someone with his size and strength. It's part of the reason that he doesn't spend much time out among the rest of civilization, and generally prefers to stay away from situations where he's likely to get angry.

Ugly Brawler:

Hellboy's style gets the job done, but it ain't pretty and it ain't very technical. His reaction time is slower than the average joe and his bigger attacks up close can't help but be telegraphed a little. Opponents with any degree of fighting knowledge or martial arts mastery can slip in and out of his guard, or land any sneak attack, sucker punch or combination they want.

Of course, Hellboy is damn tough and these attacks don't exactly put him down for the count. But it doesn't matter how big or tough you are, damage adds up. This means that while in a one-on-one fight HB is extremely dangerous, in a group or big 'team battle' situation he might really start running ragged, or even reach limits he didn't previously know he had.


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The Open Door: The Neverending Night April 20th, 2021 A rare sighting of a solar eclipse is prelude to an army of vampires attacking the park, in search of something important..
The Shield and the Box April 20th, 2021 The shield is finally found and brought to the Magic Box.
The Shield: Hellboy gets briefed April 19th, 2021 Justice League Dark is heading to New Jersey.
Club Lux Grand Re-Opening April 18th, 2021 Club Lux's grand re-opening goes off with a rousing success! Despite all the anti-heroes and villains within it's walls!
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Post Derby Date Debriefing March 24th, 2019 A post Roller Derby date party at Luke's becomes increasingly more surreal. Including a near battle royale between Hellboy and Castiel that takes no less than Agent May, Steve Rogers, and Bucky to break it up. Castiel's people skills are improving. Somewhat.
The Darkness March 19th, 2019 Age of Despair Pt 2: The Darkness. Tune in next week to see if our heroes, having pierced the veil will remember their vows of righteousness! Can they save their beloved friend without becoming what they fear? Will there be casualities? Who will survive: Apokalypse!
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Everyone's wearing sunglasses.

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