5049/Germination: Mexican Murmurs

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Germination: Mexican Murmurs
Date of Scene: 29 July 2018
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Kal meets Rogue, and passes on some information and a request for the X-Men.
Cast of Characters: Superman, Rogue
Tinyplot: Germination

Superman has posed:
Kal made the trip from Metropolis to New York quickly. The miles slipped by in a blur until his destination came to view. He slows to reasonable speeds well above the city and makes his way down toward the Avengers Mansion in the Upper East Side. Kal lands lightly out front of the building, pausing to let security catch up with the fact of his arrival. He walks up into the foyer to a rather surprised looking woman at the security desk.

"Is Rogue here?" he asks.

Rogue has posed:
As it so happens, Rogue IS here on a Sunday afternoon no less. She'd been at an Avengers publicity event in midtown and had come back about twenty minutes ago after the event had ended. Photo shoot, questions from the audience and even a meet'n'greet. So when Superman arrives, the security officer is certainly surprised to see him, even stammering a bit that she'll send for the young southern Avenger.

And it only takes about 60 seconds after the summon is sent out before she appears at the top of the grand staircase and quickly floats down it to the foot of it! Rogue's wearing her green and white Avengers costume, with the white scarf around her neck and long green gloves up just past her elbows.

Once at the foot of the staircase she drops down to her wedge-heeled boots and starts to walk hurriedly over to where she sees him. A big smile crosses over the 19 year old's red hued lips. "Well hey there, tall'n handsome." She says to him with that southern girl charm lacing her voice, extending a gloved hand to Kal.

Superman has posed:
Kal thanks the security guard, and walks in to meet Rogue as she comes down from the second floor. He reaches out to shake Rogue's hand, giving her a warm smile as his cape settles around him.

"Pleased to meet you, Rogue," he says. "Sorry to drop in on you like this. I hoped you had a couple of minutes to talk."

Rogue has posed:
After the handshake, Rogue's hands both go to her hips where she clutches her waistline and just smiles right back up at the taller man. "Not a bit'a reason you should be apologizin' t'me, Superman." She says up to him. "T'be quite honest, its a bit nerve wrackin' t'meet ya. I mean, you're 'the one' that we're tryin' t'emulate, right?" Her smile turns into a sly grin and Rogue's left hand comes up and she motions to the east.

"Want a drink? Can chat in the Game Room if ya'd like, its got a little kitchen area for fine beverages of all manners'n flavors."

Superman has posed:
Kal laughs, colouring just a little. "We're all doing our part, me the same as anyone else. I'm just trying to keep up with people like you. You've been making quite a name for yourself," he says.

He moves to join Rogue walking toward the Game Room. "Just water is fine for me, thanks."

Kal looks around as they walk. "I have never been in here. How long have you been with the Avengers now?" he asks.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leads him down the hallway to a set of double doors that are already open and she passes on into them, glancing back at him. "If you've heard'a me, and you're not here t'throw me inta some kinda prison, then I'm honored and hope ya've heard nothin' but the best parts." She says with a big grin. Once inside the game room, Kal'll find it to be a pretty expansive area with sofas and chairs, pool tables and other gaming tables.

Walking over to the kitchen area, Rogue gets them both a couple glasses of ice water. "I've been with'em since last Fall. Spent a little time on their initiate roster, but... gal like me? She don't last long on those, what with the kind heavy hittin' I can do."

Rogue offers him the glass of ice water and a smile before she sips from her own.

Superman has posed:
Kal smiles. "I have only heard good things, I promise," he says and raises the glass to Rogue in thanks after he accepts it. He nods when she explains how long she had been with the team and sets his glass down on the counter.

"I can imagine. You would be wasted playing in the little leagues from what I've heard. The reason I wanted to talk to you today though was not about the Avengers. It's about the X-Men. I am hoping you are still in touch with them, because I need their help."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sets her glass of water down on the granite countertop of the kitchen area's island and she then plants her hands down on the edge of the counter and just stares at him with a little smile while he talks. She nods her head softly once to his words. "I'm still in touch with'em and help'em where I can. Ya clearly know how secretive they are, and for good reason... They got a lot t'lose if their enemies push at'em and get too close."

But with that said, Rogue's head tilts a little toward her right shoulder and her green gaze is sent to Superman with a curiosity falling over her. "What ya need their help with? I can let'em know. Happy t'help ya."

Superman has posed:
"I can appreciate that," Kal says sincerely. "Everyone has people close to them they need to protect."

Kal picks his glass up and sips his water again before setting it down once more. He considers the charming young Avenger for a moment, and nods. "I need a psychic who will come with me to Mexico, and I don't know anyone with more skilled psychics than the X-Men," he starts to explain. "Some information was brought to the Justice League that a massive oomycetan... mind... entered the Astral Plane and then left a few days ago. The person who brought us the information traced the creature to Mexico, which was interesting because I met someone who could control oomycetan stalks in Mexico not long ago. I would like to go investigate and find this creature, but... I don't pretend to understand anything about the Astral Plane or psychic phenomena," Kal says with a hint of a lopsided smile. "I need an expert."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's head stops tilting to the side as Superman starts to explain his desire and she just stares on to his pretty face while he does so. When its all laid out there, she gently dips her pointed chin in a pair of little and quick nods. "Ahhh, I see." She says to him before flashing a quick and little smile. "X-Men do have a fair share'a bodacious babes who can look inta other's minds." She grins a little then and her gloved fingers wrap against the granite countertop in a wave-like motion on either sideso fher hips.

"I can send the message t'them. See if any'a of'em fall outta the trees and offer t'come and help ya out with this." She says then. "But if that doesn't work... I know a telepath down in mutant town who swindles folks outta money. A real scum bag. So if push comes t'shove, I can go down there and borrow his power for a little while, and you can use me instead." She grins then (because she's encourageable like that).

"But I imagine thats probably a bit on the 'emergency only' side'a things for a upstandin' man such as yourself." She sighs softly there. "So, let me know how I can get the X-ers in contact with ya, should any volunteer."

Superman has posed:
Kal listens attentively. He clears his throat and shakes his head just slightly, looking amused if mildly uncomfortable, when Rogue mentions stealing powers and being used.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that," Kal says with a smile. "But when it comes time to go, you're welcome to come with us. These oomycetans are never easy to handle and I have feeling if we go poking around this particular one, it's going to poke back. It would be good to have you with us if it turns into a fight."

Kal fishes a small communicator from his belt and slides it across the counter top to Rogue. "You can get a hold of me any time with this, or Stark knows how to contact us at the Hall of Justice. I really appreciate your help with this, Rogue. I wouldn't have known who else to contact."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue likes to tease, and she loves making people uncomfortable in specific ways, its like a game for her and she does it for a lot of reasons-- she's silly, is the main one though. "Got it." Rogue tells the super famous Superman.

Her hand reaches out and she accepts the comm-unit, then turns it over in her fihgers to look at it for a second before her eyes raise up and she smiles at him. "I'll use it responsibly. I promise not t'use it just t'ask ya for all your favorite cookin' recipes. Or secrets on how ya take care of your hair so well." And she's grinning again then.

"And I'll let ya know soon as I hear back from one'a the telepaths." She extends her gloved right hand again to him then. "I'm sure you're busy though and ain't gonna stick around t'let me flirt awkwardly at ya."

Superman has posed:
Kal shakes his head again with a smile. "The world never stops spinning," he agrees. He shakes Rogue's hand firmly. "Thank you for your help, I appreciate it. My cooking is terrible, but if you do need help with something else, feel free to use it," Kal says with a nod to the communicator. "It was pleasure meeting you, Rogue."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just shows the man a nice big smile and she nods again once at him. "Glad t'help ya out, Miste'ah." She says to him and then offers to walk him out and will lead him back ato the front doors in the foyer. "Stay safe out there too." She'll say to him before he goes!