7930/Sentinels: Chaos Spreads

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Sentinels: Chaos Spreads
Date of Scene: 17 June 2019
Location: Port-Lee's Road Stop, Port Newark
Synopsis: Spiderwoman shows up unexpectedly at a Sentinel disaster. Frank nearly has a heart attack. Spiderwoman heads into the mix do what the emergency services personnel can't.
Cast of Characters: Frank Quaid, Spider-Woman (Drew)
Tinyplot: Sentinels

Frank Quaid has posed:
Newark is official a madhouse. Not long ago, Sentinels touched down in Port Newark and some kind of fight broke out. Before anyone even had a grasp on what was happening, more Sentinels showed up and the Sentinels started fighting each other. It is night, dark, but for the street lights and the blue, red and white strobes of dozens of emergency services vehicles. A NYPD command trailer is set up in the gravel parking lot of Port-Lee's Road Stop. A NYPD Fire Department trailer is there as well. Paramedics have shown up, but they only wish their service was funded well enough for command trailers.

Frank walks out of the NYPD command trailer with Lieutenant Jamie Caruthers.

"You're a gold commander, you can handle this," Frank tells Caruthers. "Lock it down and wait for the fight to be over. We're not taking on Sentinels. The Commissioner is trying to get Trask on the phone to shut these damn things down. You need anything, you call me."

"Got it, sir," the lieutenant says. He runs a hand through his hair and then makes his way into the NYPD Fire Deparment trailer.

Frank walks aside from the madness to let his commander work. This is what Critical Response Command did, but he felt tense whenever he put one of his people in charge of a big response. He taps away at his Blackberry sending messages up the chain. The light over the doorway of the seedy motel and bar flickers over him in the neon blue and pink of the dancing girl on the sign. It glints off the nose bridge he wears, but it is dark enough the black eyes are not too obvious until one gets close.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
From the shadows, a pale green glow emits from two seemingly identical sources. It isn't menacing, exactly. But it is definitely out of place in an area full of flashing emergency lights in red and blue, and white strobes. A woman's voice, steadfast and calm, emanates from the shadows as well, nearby Frank Quaid. "I came to see if you needed backup, but it looks like backup comes in the most unlikely of forms, these days, doesn't it?" the woman asks, still shrouded in darkness.

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank startles enough to drop his phone and his head snaps up when he hears the voice. His expression turns dark and there is a slight twitch of his right cheek. Frank drops a hand to his firearm and he backs away from the pale green glow.

"Come out where I can see you," he orders.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Oh shit, sorry!" comes the woman's voice, and the green glows both rise, about shoulder-height, and a shoulder's width apart, as she steps out of the shadows. Spider-Woman is dressed in her midnight blue suit, a gradient from dark to light, with a silver spider gleaming on her chest. She's not masked, although she has the mask draped over her arm. The same midnight blue, with white eye lenses. The green glow seems to be emanating from her empty hands. "I didn't mean to frighten you. Jessica Drew. Avenger and Agent of SHIELD. I'm very familiar with the sentinel situation. I came to see if I could help."

Frank Quaid has posed:
"God /damn/ you people," Frank swears, as much in relief as frustration. He puts his hands on his hips and takes a breath.

"Captain..." someone shouts from toward the command trailers. Two uniformed officers are running toward Frank and Jessica. Frank waves them off. They stop, look suspiciously at Jessica for a moment, then one whispers to the other. The other looks more closely and then her eyes widen in recognition. They both wave to Frank, back off and then walk away.

"Don't you people have cars? Even flying cars would be better than that trick. How the hell did you do that?" Frank says, regaining his composure and his heart rate. He exhales and takes a step toward Jessica with a hand out. "Captain Frank Quaid. We haven't met, but you saved a lot of my people serious hurt. So, pleasure to meet you... except for the heart attack," he adds dryly.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I have a car," she replies. "But I figured a giant car-sized spider might just compound the panic." She grins mischievously, clearly joking. The glow around her hands dissipates completely as she extends one and shakes Quaid's hand. "But you're right. I apologize. The heart attacks are better reserved for the villains." She flicks a look toward the chaos. "Y'know, if they had hearts...So sentinels showed up to fight...the sentinels?"

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank shakes Jessica's hand firmly and snorts at her comment.

"You have no idea how sick I am of having heart attacks right now," he comments. Then he turns to look toward the port. A flying Sentinel is pinned by two Sentinel beams from the ground and falls flaming from the sky. There is the sound of other shots and port alarms.

"It's insane," Frank starts to explain. "We don't even know how many are in there yet. What we're hearing is some Sentinels showed up and then some kind of fight broke out. Then more Sentinels arrived just before you did and started fighting the first ones. And nobody knows anything about who even called them here, it's like Bushwick all over again. They're out of control."

Frank looks back to Jessica. "You didn't bring some super secret SHIELD access codes or super weapons did you? Or have Trask locked up in your office downtown? We can't find the bastard or get a hold of the military commanders who are supposed to control these things."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica shakes her head slowly, thoughtfully. "Trask isn't going to be found unless he wants to be. And /I/ have powers that are effective against them. I also have tech that can keep me invisible to the sentinels if I pass among them. But once I start unleashing anything, the unleashee is going to notice. And then it's a pretty good contest to see who melts whom down first."

Frank Quaid has posed:
"Hey, if you're going to Avenger and shut them down, get in there! We've got a ton of people at risk, and I can't send my people in yet. You shut those damn things down and we'll all be thanking you."

There is a resounding boom. In the distance, a Sentinel head goes careening off another Sentinel, which falls in the direction of a container ship that lurches. Another huge boom after a Sentinel topples and third looks like a nuke went off inside its chest. Yet another Sentinel seems to be blasting off, just starting to rise above the container stacks. Frank and everyone else flinch a bit at the crashes and even at this distance the ground trembles just a bit. When he straightens up, Frank looks at Jessica expectantly.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I'll step in and do whatever I can, if you're good with me treadin' on your turf," Jessica replies, looking back over to the cacophony caused by the careening and crashing sentinels. "Right now they seem to be more intent on hurting each other. Can you tell me which are the ones that came for trouble, and which came to stop the trouble?"

Frank Quaid has posed:
"Just get in there, get the civilians out. SHIELD can go to hell but you can have pass for being Avengers. Just /go/!" he says urgently and with no small annoyance. It is a warzone in that port and there are no doubt people in a lot of trouble. If he knows the difference between any Sentinels he does not share it, but given his reaction and likely priorities, he has no clue and does not care at the moment.

Frank opens his mouth to urge Jessica to get going again but is cut off by a massive explosion in between some container rows in the port. A sphere of incandescent white gives way to a fireball and shockwave that topples containers and shakes the ground.

"Holy shit," Frank breathes. All the emergency services personnel freeze in disbelief. Then the yelling and the running and the shouting of directions begin. Frank reaches up to rub his face, but catches himself before he touches the nose brace and bandage. "This has to stop. These /things/ have to stop. This is insane," he says disbelievingly.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica nods, and slipping her mask into place, she joins the chaos to steer civilians out of harm's way, and join the fighting among the sentinels.

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank exhales in relief as he watches Jessica swing off toward the port proper, with no small amount of envy.

"Thank God for the Avengers," he says to himself with a shake of the head. "At least someone can get in there."

With that he walks back in toward the command trailers. He trusts his lieutenant but this situation just got a whole lot messier and it was the man's first major scene as gold commander. It would not hurt to be nearby.