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Frank Quaid (Scenesys ID: 7620)
"You think the Hulk is a menace, recruit? Good for you. Next time aliens come down 3rd Avenue, you're first in line."
Full Name: Frank Quaid
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Occupation: NYPD Captain
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Queens, New York City
Education: Sociology (BA)
Status: Dropped
Groups: Street Level-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 44 Actual Age: 44
Date of Birth 19 January 1983 Actor: Dennis Haysbert
Height: 182 cm (6'0") Weight: 72 kg (158 lbs.)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Good Man" by Raphael Saadiq


Captain Quaid thought he had seen it all, but then superheroes and villains really came out of the woodwork in New York. Now his job of keeping people safe in New York, and making them feel safe, has gotten a whole lot more complicated. But that's just another day at the office at the NYPD.

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Square-jawed, clean-shaven, tall and fit, Captain Quaid just looks like he would be a cop. He is wide at the shoulders and through the trunk, making him look like he could be a decent football player. His dark complexion has a few pock marks on the cheeks. His hair is black, close-cropped and his hairline is receding. The grey shows a bit over the ears. Unless he is at the gym, Captain Quaid is invariably found dressed in his NYPD uniform or a dark suit. He wears a modest silver coloured watch and no wedding ring. He wears black thin-framed glasses with ballistic lenses.


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Frank grew up in College Point, Queens, with hard-working, upstanding Baptist parents. They taught him how to stay straight, put in work and respect himself. Frank was a middling student but a solid football player through high school. When he graduated, he went to Brooklyn College to study sociology. He continued to play football and volunteer in his neighbourhood. When he graduated with his degree, Frank applied for his dream career; a police officer with the NYPD.

Frank's proudest moment was graduating and becoming an officer. He was excited to hit patrol and learned fast. Frank's idealism was quickly tempered by the realities of police work in New York. He learned when to push, when to hold back and when to look the other way, all while staying off the take. Frank worked in several precincts and was promoted. He took a single tour with the Emergency Services Unit, then moved over to the Counterterrorism Bureau. Frank served as a team leader in Critical Response Command, was promoted while working in the Counterterrorism Division. He was promoted again while working in the Joint Terrorist Task Force. Finally, Frank was promoted to Captain serving under the Chief of the Counterterrorism Bureau. He was given charge of the primary operational units; Critical Response Command, Joint Terrorist Task Force, and the new Special Crimes Unit. This last is a new unit championed by Frank to work directly on superhuman and non-Human crimes and to quietly work with various superheroes to keep New York actually and seemingly safe.

During his career, Frank ended up at several crime scenes where criminals, often superpowered or mutated, were stopped by superheroes. Opinion on superheroes is sharply divided in the NYPD, but Frank has always been a pragmatic supporter. His interactions with superheroes and seeing the effects of supervillains led Frank to propose, push and ultimately create the Special Crimes Unit.

Frank has had several significant relationships over the years, always with other cops, but they have always fallen apart under the weight of his career aspirations. When he is not working, Frank can be found working out, playing basketball at Chisholm's (MacNeil Park, College Park, Queens) or enjoying the music at Birdland in Hell's Kitchen. He has been such a fixture at Birdland over the years that the staff can almost always find him a spot. Frank's parents are retired and still live in their small house near 127th Street and 11th Avenue in College Point.


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Frank is an extremely (over) committed NYPD careerist whose life revolves around the high pace of the job. He wants to believe in a world where the good guys win and the bad guys get what's coming to them, but has seen far too much to believe in fairy tales. Instead, he tries to move the needle a little toward good where he can and hope it will be enough. Part of his career success and ability not to alienate certain politically powerful but ethically dubious superiors has been a live and let live approach to many things. Frank is not the kind to arrest someone for a single joint or dig into NYPD's dark corners unless it's blatant and cannot be ignored. He has never taken a bribe himself and tries to keep his units clean, but what happens outside his turf is not his business. He is a demanding and particular leader who expects the best from his people. He is also very protective of his people, and treats injuries or losses in units like injuries or losses in his family.

Frank's drive has always left whatever relationships that landed in his lap to take a far distant second place in his life. He is not an emotional man and gets exasperated by strong shows of emotion in others.

Unsurprisingly, Frank has a very us versus them view of the world where there are cops, bad guys, and people who aren't bad guys yet. He also has a very pragmatic approach to law and order. He is not above letting or helping natural justice run its course when it is more effective than the system. The gray zone is where decisions get made that keep people safe and the world turning over. Similarly, he has a very pragmatic view of using force; it is a tool. Sometimes it is the right tool, and sometimes it is not. He has no compunctions about using any force necessary to protect his people and the people of New York. Frank has used lethal force several times in his career.

When not working, Frank is usually biding his time to get back to work while chewing over new plans and ideas. His phone is always close at hand and buzzes constantly with emails and text messages from his people. His one sacred space is Birdland. While he is there he keeps his phone off. On Sundays he is almost always at Queens Baptist Church in the morning. He has always been less committed than his parents, and Frank's time with the NYPD has not increased his faith in Humanity or much else. But push come to shove, he is a man of faith who counts on the Lord to save his hide day in, day out.


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Frank has spent the latter half of his career in positions with an increasing scope of command. He has led teams, squads and precincts. He is on the large and ever-shifting list of potential Assistant Chiefs. Practically, Frank knows how to take charge of police operations, assess situations, direct personnel and coordinate with other agencies. His particular area of expertise is counterterrorist tactical and investigative operations command.

Frank is a life long jazz, soul and R&B fan. He has spent countless hours listening to his favourite music, live and recorded. Chances are, if it's recorded he has heard it, and if they played in New York, he has seen them. A few notes is all he needs to pick out a song's name and artist.

Frank is a skilled and seasoned criminal investigator. He has been a detective at the precinct level and then in counterterrorism. He can build, manage and present major investigations and investigative teams, recruit and manage informants, take statements and do interrogations, write warrant applications and more.

Frank is an experienced patrol officer who spent most of his patrol years in Hell's Kitchen. He is familiar with the streets, its movements and people. He can respond and manage to any patrol level incidents, understands how to approach and work with people, and has the tactical skills and physical fitness to carry out the duties.


Frank was a team leader with Critical Incident Response (i.e. SWAT). He trained as an assaulter and cross-trained as a sniper. In his current position, Frank is responsible for managing and where necessary, personally directing, high-end tactical responses to major incidents. As such, he is a skilled marksman and reasonable hand-to-hand combatant. He has experience in close-quarters, urban counterterror and criminal tactical operations. He is comfortable using the equipment and armour from these units.


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Frank's family has been in College Point for a long time. He grew up there and still lives there. His friends, school teachers, pastors, football teammates and extend family are all within the neighbourhood. The area is home and Frank can rely on a lot of people there for a helping hand. Granted, they expect the same from him, but what are friends for?

Over the years, Frank has recruited, groomed and maintained a number of informants. These people can provide information about what is happening in the underworld that would be hard to get otherwise. These people cannot be trusted, may not have accurate information and are always looking out for themselves first, but they are still very useful.


Frank is an NYPD officer and a Captain in one of its bureaus. Within the scope of his duties, he can call in and direct resources, start and influence investigations, obtain warrants and even conduct arrests personally. He also has a certain level of protection in that people know if you kill an NYPD officer, you will have just made a lot of enemies.


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Frank has bosses. At his rank, he has bosses who are Important People. They do not want to see super-battles on the front pages of the newspapers. They do not want bodies in the streets. They do not want people to terrified to walk the streets in case the villain of the week shows up with mega ultra super death rays. And most of all, they do not want to be embarrassed. Frank needs to do his job, keep his units running and get results without upsetting the apple cart. Failing to do so is a Very Bad Thing (tm) for his career, and potentially his life. NYPD looks after its own... One way or another.

College Point is Frank's home. His friends and family are there. He is important to many of them, and they are important to him. In a world of ruthless criminals and villains, this is vulnerability that can hurt badly. Because Frank is a good guy, but he will do anything to protect his family.

In a world of superheroes and villains, Frank is just another guy. Throw him across an alley into a wall and he will probably end up in hospital. Punch him with that 10-ton strength? Frank ends up in a grave. You are psychic? Well, that sucks for Frank. It is an increasingly dangerous world out there for normal people who poke around the edges of the world of heroes.


Frank is a senior police officer. His livelihood depends on staying within the law. Even judicious stretches can put him at risk of suspension or termination. Whether he wants to follow the rules or not, he has a lot at stake and his bosses do not smile on officers who get caught breaking the law.


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Title Date Scene Summary
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Hook, Line, and Sink Her September 2nd, 2019 Frank meets The Harlequin, and she finally gets an answer. He gets a few answers, too. So maybe the Lady can go back to work.
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City Fall: Left for Dead August 30th, 2019 Punisher manages to escape a police manhunt by the skin of his teeth
A Minute and a Half August 29th, 2019 Frank comes by for lunch at Jessica's house.
A Cruise Around The Harbor August 20th, 2019 Josh and Wanda go for an evening cruise, a chance to unwind and just spend time together
Undercurrents: Broadway Blast August 19th, 2019 Spider-Woman and Captain Quaid are ambushed by assassins after a Broadway show. Spider-Woman causes a stir, and then causes a stir.
Sentinels: Fishing August 18th, 2019 Jubilee meets with Captain Quaid at Xavier's School. Jubilee agrees to help find information. Captain Quaid conveniently unhears a few things.
Special Occasion August 16th, 2019 Spider-Woman and Captain Quaid go out for dinner, carch up and disappoint some young hopefuls.
Sentinels: Interviewing the Good Doctor August 15th, 2019 Dr. Pym gives an interview about Trask to Captain Quaid. Dr. Pym drops several bombshells. The case against Trask widens.
Undercurrents: Red is Dead. August 14th, 2019 Frank and Elaina descend into the Queens subway, and right on down the rabbit hole.
By The Light of Day August 13th, 2019 Spider-Woman and Captain Quaid wake up hungry, happy and complicated.
Undercurrents: So, Heard of Hook August 12th, 2019 Captain Quaid visits Spider-Woman to tell her they both have a price on their heads. Chinese food stops the damage good Scotch could have done.
Undercurrents: Pinging on the Radar August 12th, 2019 Spider-Woman and Captain Quaid come across a hit on a Hook stash house. Spider-Woman takes out the bad guys in 94 seconds. She turns Captain Quaid bright red in 2.
Sentinels: Quiet Investigation August 10th, 2019 Summary needed
The First Day Of The Rest Of Josh's Life August 9th, 2019 Josh and Wanda need downtime after his death and resurrection, and they decide to renew their bond
The Meeting is aFoot August 9th, 2019 In which Darcy tries to get Frank in on a possible JTTF something, only to once again say the wrong thing the wrong way at the wrong time in front of the NYPD Captain. Or This is why Darcy is sometimes the worst person for these sorts of things.
NYPD Shake Down at the Rink August 6th, 2019 In which Darcy takes Frank out onna date.
Sounds Like Work, To Me August 3rd, 2019 Jess meets with Frank to let him know that she's not dead yet.
SHIELD Liason to NYPD August 2nd, 2019 In which Darcy delivers her new assignment as SHIELD Liason to NYPD directly to Captain Quaid himself. Or Everyone should now be afraid that Darcy Lewis can arrest people.
Undercurrents: Dangerous Dealers July 30th, 2019 Selene tells Captain Quaid that lycans are dealing and using Hook.
Sentinels: What's the Word July 30th, 2019 Agent Lewis visits Captain Quaid during the search of Trask Industries' Bergen County facility. Agent Lewis provides amazing potstickers and offers to set Captain Quaid up with a date. Captain Quaid is boring and just gives her new information about Trask and the Sentinels.
Cyborgs July 27th, 2019 Beast, Jubilee and Captain Quaid talk about recent anti-mutant incidents. Captain Quaid promises to follow up on the bus attack. Beast and Jubilee get an address for people responsible for bringing two Xavier students into drug prostitution.
Clearly Sentinels July 27th, 2019 Spider Woman tells Captain Quaid about Sebastion's end game. With the end of the world nigh, they eat pizza.
Undercurrents: Revenge July 22nd, 2019 Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Beast and Nightcrawler exact revenge on the gang bangers who shot Cypher. (meant to be 7/22/19)
Undercurrents: Hidden Treasure July 21st, 2019 A drug mule is ambushed at Mercy's Garage. Mercy calls in the police and Kid defends them. Some Hook was seized.
Undercurrents: K Crew Caught July 17th, 2019 Shredder finds out why K Crew had a shootout with MD12 and sends a message.
Nothing Like a Long Nap July 13th, 2019 Spider Woman visits Captain Quaid in hospital. Captain Quaid comes out of his coma and shares what happened to him.
The Keys to Success July 10th, 2019 Jessica brings Frank his keys, surprise news and some help with investigating Trask.
Quaid's Unexpected Bedside Guest July 4th, 2019 In which Darcy visits Frank in the hospital, OR Why do we allow Darcy to talk to anyone outside her own department again?
Wolves, Wine and Other Weirdness July 3rd, 2019 Vanessa meets with Frank to tell him about werewolves. He learns more than he bargained for.
Sentinels: Sharing Info, Making Friends July 3rd, 2019 Professor Zoom takes Frank Quaid to the Sahara and demands information. Frank gets more pain than he knew existed. Professor Zoom gets everything he wanted.
Sentinels: Tread Slowly July 3rd, 2019 SHIELD and the NYPD try to figure out who gets to keep the Sentinel.
Sentinels: Last Gasp July 2nd, 2019 Frank Quaid is more civil with Sebastion, and gets better results in an interview.
Sentinels: Understanding July 2nd, 2019 Phil Coulson gets a briefing about Sebastion from Frank Quaid.
Witches and Walgreens, Oh my! July 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Speaking On Behalf of Jean June 30th, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels: NYPD v. Sentinel June 29th, 2019 Frank Quaid and the NYPD attempt to break Sebastion down.
Grease, GSR and good food June 25th, 2019 Chris Redfield goes to get lunch on his way home. Robbery happens. Cap'n Quaid gets shot and Oz goes wolf.
Terror Talk June 24th, 2019 June gets an offer after she is arrested. Frank is crafty. June makes the best of a bad situation.
Mutant Inquiries June 24th, 2019 Sean and Frank catch up on old cop stories, and plan new ones.
Sentinels: Sebastion surfaces June 23rd, 2019 Sebastion is found, though he may not be in good shape, physically or mentally.
Of Vampires and Werewolves June 22nd, 2019 Daniel talks to Frank about vampires and werewolves. Daniel gets a steak dinner instead of a mental health arrest.
City Fall: A Few Questions June 22nd, 2019 Frank arrests Oroku Karai, right in front of the Shredder himself.
Random Encounters June 22nd, 2019 Elektra surprises Frank at Josie's and they have a drink. Nobody gets offended!
Retaliation: Not Quite As Planned June 22nd, 2019 Fiona thinks she's coming to visit June and be of help. Frank, however, decides that's not happening.
City Fall: Hunting the Hunter June 21st, 2019 Karai attacks the Punisher, and it makes a really big mess.
Sentinels: Strange Gathering June 20th, 2019 Hulk, Stardust, Danger and Nyx stop an entire flight of Sentinels from joining the fight at the NYPD building vigil.
Sentinels: Mall Aftermath June 20th, 2019 Mila, J'onn and Frank meet to talk about how to handle Mila's accident at the mall. Mila is assured she will not be arrested but warned to learn to control her powers.
Lullaby in Birdland June 19th, 2019 Jess and Frank enjoy some jazz, company and understanding.
Interrogation: Another interview for Harley June 18th, 2019 Summary needed
We Meet Again! June 18th, 2019 Selene pays a visit to Frank. This time she gives him information instead of a broken nose.
Sentinels: Robot Wrangling June 18th, 2019 Quaid asks Reed Richards for helping dealing with Sentinels. Richards gets two Sentinels for his trouble.
Sentinels: Cargo Crush June 17th, 2019 Sentinels attack mutants at Port Newark and each other. Joseph Miller and Kid jump in to save port workers. Chato jumps in to settle a score.
Sentinels: Chaos Spreads June 17th, 2019 Spiderwoman shows up unexpectedly at a Sentinel disaster. Frank nearly has a heart attack. Spiderwoman heads into the mix do what the emergency services personnel can't.
Poking Around June 17th, 2019 The police show up to ask some questions at Xavier's.
Uninvited Guest June 17th, 2019 The Punisher drops by Captain Quaid's apartment. The Punisher gives the captain information and a splitting headache.
Inter-Agency Cooperation June 16th, 2019 Summary needed
Dead as a Dog June 15th, 2019 NYPD investigates a vampire-lycan fight only to get more of both. And Harley! And Punisher!
That's the Third Time This Week June 7th, 2019 Summary needed
City Fall: Dangling Conversations June 5th, 2019 Summary needed
City Fall: Evolution of a Neighborhood February 13th, 2019 Frank investigates some missing lowlifes, and he and Jubilee find out about an upcoming Mutant hiring fair.
Massacre Gangland Blues: Massacre Debrief February 12th, 2019 Captain Quaid gets a briefing about the Punisher's return to New York; mercenary massacre included.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Sentinels: Nightmare File June 29th, 2019 Summary needed


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