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Clearly Sentinels
Date of Scene: 27 July 2019
Location: Angelo's Pizza
Synopsis: Spider Woman tells Captain Quaid about Sebastion's end game. With the end of the world nigh, they eat pizza.
Cast of Characters: Frank Quaid, Spider-Woman (Drew)
Tinyplot: Sentinels

Frank Quaid has posed:
When Frank Quaid got a text from Jessica Drew asking to meet up, he was surprised. They had not spoken since the streets of New York took a proper nose dive. Anything from back then seemed like a lifetime away right now. But he suggested Angelo's Pizza and it was time go.

"Elaina, I'm gonna get a bite," he says to his partner. They are ensconced in the makeshift command centre for the New Hope Street gang situation; Briefing Room 1, Precinct 11.

"Good idea," Elaina says and starts to get up.

"Gotta meet a contact, just me," Frank says. He picks his black suit jacket off the back of his chair and shrugs it on. "More SHIELD shit."

"Sure," Elaina says with an inscrutable look. She had been giving Frank a lot of those lately and he had neither the time nor the energy to find out why. "Bring me something back. And coffee."

"Done," Frank assures her. Before long he pulls up in front of Angelo's and parks the SUV. He climbs out and heads inside to order a large pepperoni pizza to share and chat about the Mets with Angelo's cousin, Marty. Once done, Frank picks a table and takes a seat to wait, tapping away on his Blackberry.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica arrives at Angelo's and slips inside, hoping Frank is already there. And she finds him. She is off her usual game. This time in an older grey hoodie and jeans with sneakers. She looks tired. Her hair is hastily thrown up into a twist and clipped there.

"Frank! Thank God....Thank you for meeting me," she gushes as Frank stands up and Jess just...hugs him. Right there. "Thank you."

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank stands and is caught halfway to a handshake by Jessica's hug. Marty raises an eyebrow at Frank and he makes an unknowning face. A second or more too late to hide his surprise, Frank puts his arms around Jess's shoulders. He is prepared for what comes over him quickly this time, but it is no less effective. Just understood.

"You're not okay," he says quietly with a concerned frown. He gently pushes back from Jessica, keeping hold of her shoulders so he can look her in the face. The bandage on his nose is gone, which is an improvement, but Frank's nose has still clearly been broken, which is clearly not except for boxing fans. The dark complexion does a have decent job of hiding the bags under eyes

"What's going on? Are you in trouble?"

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica shakes her head. She isn't visibly emotional at this point. She is, however, freshly showered. Her hair is still damp. "I'm not in trouble," she replies. I just....those sentinels, last night. The one, and the..." She is, however, near hyperventilation.

"I was there."

Frank Quaid has posed:
"Sure," Frank says. He lets go of Jess and gestures toward the booth. After a moment's hesitation, Frank sits down beside her instead of across from her.

"Glad you're not hurt," says the veteran cop. "The explosion was mind-boggling, people are scared... And you are?"

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I don't even know," Jess admits to Frank. "I was in that jet that led the other 50 to a field in Jersey," she says softly. I'm just...I'm not even sure what I believe anymore. I needed to talk to you about Sebastion..."

Frank Quaid has posed:
"A jet?" Frank asks. He looks over to Marty and holds up two fingers. "The heck were you doing in a jet leading Sentinels? Look, back up a couple steps, tell me what happened last night and with Sebastion."

Marty comes over and drops off a couple of beers. He gives Jess a concerned look then glances at Frank. "Pizza will be out soon," Marty assures them.

"Thanks, Marty," Frank says. Marty heads back to the counter with a last concerned look at Jess.

"Marty's a good guy, volunteers at a Salvation Army youth shelter. Probably thinks you're one of the lost kids," Frank says dryly.

"Have a drink, take it slow," he suggests sitting close but not touching, and looking instead of over to Jess. A strange mix of intimacy and privacy and the smell of pizza.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"SHIELD..has Sebastion. Last night when that super massive one took flight and the 50 others with it, the giant one was downed, but those other 50, they were still massive. Sebastion knew and said he had to get them off course, to save lives. He had to get closer, so...we got him closer. He got em, and they escorted us to that field. They're dormant at the moment. Under his control. He made us tell him what to do with them."

Jess takes a breath and exhales slowly. "But today..." She shakes her head and she takes a long pull from her beer.

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank makes a face and drinks some of his beer at the same time as Jessica does hers. He takes a moment before he speaks.

"Today what?" he prompts, finally looking in Jessica's direction again. He studies her face while she answers.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"We talked, today." Jess inhales deeply and tries just to get through it. "I helped him remove the....organic parts that he had used. They are in a biohazard container at the site. He said to contact you about what should be done with them now."

Frank Quaid has posed:
"Parts he used," Frank grunts and purses his lips. There is no hiding his feelings about what he thinks of Sebastion's 'use'. "I'll get them back to the body for the family. He had you help him?" Frank asks with a frown. "That's awful. Sounds like a horror movie."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"He showed remorse. Not that it means a whole lot at this point," Jess adds. "But he needed help to return them. I would not begrudge the family that. Nor would I turn my back when he is making some sort of moral decision. It...was a horror movie," she finally confesses.

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank nods and turns back to his beer to take another pull. "Same when I had him. Swore it was the Sentinels that killed the guy, look ashamed. But...." Frank purses his lips and tilts head for a moment. "I've heard that before. They always 'feel bad' after. Like that makes it better."

Frank is quiet for a long time before he speaks again. "I'm sorry you had to see that. Nobody should have to see that stuff."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I was my duty if it was anyone's. He is still here because of me." Jessica is staring at her beer. Or through it. Or way beyond it. Maybe into the future, at this point. "I'm scared, Frank." It's the first time she has uttered those words since she was a child. "I'm in over my head, but I can't back out now."

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank reaches over and grips Jess' far shoulder. A brotherly gesture for someone in the trenches.

"You don't strike me as the scared type, Jess. Not even after a horror show like that," Frank says.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jess' stare is broken, and she looks at Frank. "I saw his plan today. I know what he hopes to accomplish. And it's....it's well-intentioned, but so very misled. He wants to protect everyone. But taking out the sentinels isn't in his scope. He wants to use them. All of them. To protect the world. The whole world. He wants to keep producing them. He wants to use /all/ of them," she repeats.

Frank Quaid has posed:
"Jesus," Frank whispers, tensing. He brings his arm back around so he can hold his beer mug in both hands. "That's insane. Can the Avengers stop him? SHIELD?"

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica shakes her head. "If either of them stop him, it'll just be by killing him. They could. But I have to try. I have to show him that isn't the way. He doesn't understand what he is asking for. If he understood, maybe..." She trails off. Then takes another drink of her beer.

"Oh maybe he'll kill me because I figured him out."

Frank Quaid has posed:
"Jess... You ever stop and ask if you're wrong about him? He was built and programmed to be a certain way, tested for it in Trask's labs. You're asking a lawnmower to wash dishes," Frank says. "When I had him in cells, I had armed guards on him 24/7, with orders to kill him if he twitched. When I interviewed him he was completely inflexible."

Marty comes back with a pizza, two plates and a pitcher of beer. Frank thanks him and looks at the pizza, not as hungry anymore.

"You've caught bank robbers, muggers, murderers, rapists, gang members fighting in the port. Didn't blink an eye about sending them away forever."

"This guy is threatening /billions/. He desecrates bodies for parts. His Sentinels have killed tens of innocent people. He escaped your own people and /killed/ an Avenger. He sees every mutant as /evil/ and is willing to wipe them out. His own words."

Frank drains his beer and tops up Jessica's and his own..

"He's not a good guy, Jess. Not even close. He's the next Hitler or Pol Pot," he says and looks over to Jess. "I don't get why you have to try. Why you have to do anything other than put him down as fast as possible."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica looks up at Frank. Her expression is haunted. "He believes I'm a mutant. And I am his most trusted friend. He believes in me. He does understand that those scans are what make him think someone is bad or good. And he is trying to overcome it. But if he believes that I'm a mutant, because of my powers... then there's hope. Isn't there?"

Frank Quaid has posed:
"No, there isn't. And if it was anyone else you'd see that. I don't know what he did but he got to you. And played you," Frank says sadly.

"He doesn't believe in you. Every mutant is /evil/ to him. Not bad, not wrong, not misguided. Evil. To be killed without thought. Or used without guilt. /Think/ about it. I like you, Jess, a lot. Pheromone things or not. I wish I was ten years younger and had superpowers just so I could try and win you over. But even I don't think you're /so/ special that he's abandoned his mission or beliefs for an instant. You're being used."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica blinks a few times, then shakes her head again. Her expression betrays some level of clarity. "I saw that today. I have a very hard time believing it. But I saw it. And I understand now. But now...well, there are fifty gigantic sentinels under his control. You've seen what happens when they are under his control and then suddenly lose that connection. That's when the casualties start. He bought himself a ticket out, and the bargaining chip of a lifetime last night."

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank considers Jessica for a time. "If you were one of my people I'd suspend you. I'd have suspended you a long time ago. Not just to protect the case but for your own good," Frank says. "Because trying desperately to fix what went wrong before is just as big a mistake as what already happened."

Frank finally reaches over and serves up a slice of pizza. He puts it in front of Jess and gets himself one.

"I'm glad you see it for what it is. Now I hope you can let it be. Let the others finish it. And after go mend the fences you knocked down along the way. I'm guessing there's a few."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I think you overestimate the number of people in my life, Frank. The only fences I've ever had were to keep people out, and they've worked well. I didn't have anyone to give up. So I am just minus one huge headache, if you're not gonna count him as a person." Jess lifts the slice of pizza to her lips, and discovers she might be more hungry than she has ever been in her life. She's lost track of the last time she ate. She devours the pizza with the enthusiasm of a high school offensive lineman.

Frank Quaid has posed:
"I guess so, you're sitting in a hole in the wall pizza joint telling an old cop about the end of the world," Frank says wryly around a mouthful of pizza. "That's the /real/ tragedy here. Think of all your fans who've given up hope because you're not in the tabloids with the rockstar of the week. Selfish, really," he quips.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica laughs, and levels her gaze on Frank. "You wanna give the tabloids some real fodder? Come to a high profile event with me. And just watch the tabloids scramble put you on the front page." She quirks a brow. "We gotta get our kicks somehow, after all. Right?"

Frank Quaid has posed:
"Right," Frank barks out in a laugh. "Cause everyone'd believe that! Just what I need. Show up my bosses and have my guys competing for the best way to rib me about it."

Frank chuckles and shakes his head. "You've got a nasty sense of humour," he says with a half-grin. "I'll just watch for you and your boy toy and cheer you on for getting out and about."