9162/Hammerhead meets a Krytonian

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Hammerhead meets a Krytonian
Date of Scene: 12 September 2019
Location: Greenwich Village, Manhattan
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Hammerhead, Power Girl

Hammerhead has posed:
It was nighttime in GreenWich Village and the sounds of loud music filled the air. This music was coming from the old Howsley home, home of the wealthy Howsley family, a family who own oil wells in 5 countries. Their only son, Jehtro, was a lieutenant in the Tornado street gang, one of the gangs under Hammerhead's control and one of the wealthiest. Hammerhead, who recently returned to Metropolis after striking a deal with Lex Luthor, decided to throw a party to celebrate, and decided to use the old Howsley estate as the location of the party. The Tornadoes, ever eager to get on Hammerhead's good side, agreed.
     The inside of the Howsley home was trashed. Blue sweater-clad members of the Tornadoes mingled with pin-stripped suit wearing members of Hammerhead's syndicate. Beer bottles and cigar smoke filled the air as laughter, conversation, and loud rock music filled the air. Hammerhead himself was sitting down at a big red couch smoking a cigar, putting his feet up on a coffee table. While Hammerhead himself was here to party, he was also here to do business. He was contacted by a gang in Bensonhurst calling themselves Charon's Bastards. Hammerhead himself hasn't seen this gang, but he has heard of their reputation as creepy, unrelenting, and some may say, evil bastards. Hammerhead was contacted by the gang, who asked to join up with his ever-growing "confederation" of street gangs. Hammerhead agreed and invited their delegates to the party, unaware that their actions before contacting Hammerhead had drawn the attention of a certain Kryptonian.

Power Girl has posed:
Sometimes criminals attract heroes almost deliberately. Hostage crisis, nuclear missile hijackings, zombie hordes and other mischief. Other times? It's by pure chance. Such had it been for tonight with a certain Kryptonian whom had been simply flying by, making her way through the sky because she was simply enjoying herself in taking a way homewards...

Then her sense of hearing had simply caught the speech of a particularly boisterous criminal who'd been bragging about plans, mischief and just what they might achieve. So far unseen? The woman hovers in the sky and peers downwards and looking down onto the estate.

Hammerhead has posed:
Power Girl's hearing wil pick up the sounds of loud techno music, shattering glasses, drunk,slurred voices, and other sounds of a party. Suddenly, you hear a deep, gravely voice say," Where da hell are those undead-lookin bastards. They said they would be here by now!"
     This was coming from the same boisterous criminal from before, Hammerhead. Hammerhead was losing patience, The Bastards said they would arrive other an hour ago but they were late, and Hammerhead hated being kept waiting, especialloy by "small-timers." Five pairs of footsteps were suddenly heard going up the pathway to the house's front entrance. If Power Girl were to look down, she would see five men wearing black torn clothing and black-and white facepaint approaching the door. If she had even been to Bensonhurst, she would know this gang as CHaron's Bastards, either through reputation or through encounters with them. The lead Bastard, a tall, skinny one with a tatoo on his face walked up to the door and knocked on it. The door suddenly opened and the gang members walked in.

Power Girl has posed:
Technically speaking, PG could have watched this entire party from the safety of the sky....but that's not the choice she makes. Instead? The Kryptonian herself touches down at the rooftop of the estate before she kneels down. Stealth was more of the 'Bat's thing than one of the House of El, but it would serve for just long enough. Instead she calmly reaches up to touch the link in her earring-comm, activating the voice command.

"Begin call, Law Enforcement signal, SWAT recommended." A soft tone signals the command sent, a prerecorded message headed to the law enforcement in the area thanks to some handy Starr-tech. That took care of one thing...but even now, she didn't -really- want cops stumbling into the mix outgunned.

Straightening up, the blonde woman frowns and rests her hand against her chin.

Hammerhead has posed:
You hear the five pairs of footsteps walk through the loud party and come to a stop in a more quieter room. You suddenly hear Hammerhead's boisterious voice say," Finally, took ya mugs long enough ta show up! Now, let's get down ta business shall we? So, ya mugs want ta join up with me eh? What do ya got fer me?"
     You hear one of the five footsteps approach Hammerhead's postion and say in a creepily monotone voice," Graveyard dust, made it ourselves. Darius told us to give you a sample."
     Hammerhead suddenly snaps his fingers and you hear another pair of footsteps running in. Hammerhead then says," Rooney, yer the druggie 'ere, you try it." The next few moments are silent, but you suddenly hear a raspy voice say," Dat is some good shit." Hammerhead then says," Alright, i will let ya mugs in. Tell Darius ta meet me at-?" Hammerhead is cut off by a voice with a faux-Transatlantic accent saying," You motherfucker, you are wearing a wire!" You suddenly hear Hammerhead rush towards the source of the voice and let out a growl of anger. He then says to the Bastards," If ya guys really wanta get in. Do in dis rat." You hear the five Bastards approaching and the next thing you hear is the sounds of horrid screaming and sadistic laughter.

Power Girl has posed:
Well...seems she wasn't really going to have time to wait. She didn't know about the wire, even Kryptonians didn't tend to go peering through people's clothing after all. A wire, an informant...and now someone was in some real trouble. There's actually time for the blonde to sigh...then there's a sudden explosion of debris and the floating figure comes down through the roofing above the gathering of the criminals.

"Alright, guys the party is over." Already she's peering over the crowd, trying to pick the 'dangers' and faces alike. It's not just beating thugs down after all, she -does- want them to end up arrested rather than just in hospital.

Hammerhead has posed:
The goons all stare in unison as Power Girl breaks through the ceiling of the house and hovers above them. The five bastards look up from the now bleeding and unconcious man, who appears to be a member of The Tornadoes stand up, blank expressions on their faces. One of them pulls out a knife and, with a creepy grin on his face, starts to cut the top of his head, letting blood flow down. As the rest of the gangster looked on in horror, Hammerhead, who happned to be in the corner of the room when PG busted through, attempts to sneak out of the room and out of the house. Suddenly, one of the Tornadoes pulls out a pistol and shoots at PG.