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Power Girl (Scenesys ID: 32)
"What's everyone looking at me for? How am I supposed to distract... oh."
Full Name: Karen Starr
Gender: Female
Species: Kryptonian
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Scientist
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Upper East Side, New York City
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Dropped
Groups: Superman Family, Justice League, Space-OOC, GIRL
Other Information
Apparent Age: 9 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 1 April 2022 Actor: Alyssa Loughran
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 91 kg (200 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Bad Ass Bitch" by Lunachicks


Karen Starr is one of the many scientists at Star Labs, willing to look at xenomorphic technology and study it, to aid mankind, or eradicate it, in case it becomes a danger. However, she is secretly Power Girl, one of the Kryptonian defenders of the planet from many things evil and generally bad, even natural disasters. Despite her rather sketchy beginnings, she was one of the earthen defenders that fought against the Furies of Apokolips, and even Darkseid himself. There is no doubt that Power Girl fights for truth and justice.

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Standing 180 cm tall (or 5'11"), this Amazon-esque woman has short blonde hair that caps her face, and what a lovely face. Bright blue eyes framed by blonde eyebrows and high cheekbones only accent those lovely eyes, as well as make her dazzling smile even bigger than it is. Those cheeks give her face a heart shaped appearance, even when she's not smiling, and make her red lips stand out along with that big bright smile, when she smiles.

She has smooth and lovely skin over her body, and what a body it is. This woman's curves start with the swell of her attention grabbing bosom. While large, her bosom doesn't seem to get in her way, and only seem to flatter her feminine figure rather than look ridiculous. Starting at her neck though, is the uniform she wears. An off-white unitard covers her body, and even covers her neck. The suit has long sleeves that reach down to her forearms, where the blue of her gloves seem to begin, and those gloves her dainty and dexterous hands. Upon her left shoulder is a golden pauldron that stays upon her shoulder with a golden cord that also seems to allow her freedom of movement, but the main purpose of the pauldron is to allow the red half-cape at her shoulder to be there. It occasionally wraps around her left arm, but it doesn't bother her. Being rather snug upon her body, little is left to the imagination, even the fact that she has six pack abs. However, at her chest area, there is a "window" showing a generous amount of cleavage.

The uniform is cut high on the hips, giving her legs freedom of movement, but covers her modesty. She has thick, toned legs, lovely rounded hips and a heart-shaped backside. Around her hips is a red ribbon that is held in place by a rather featureless golden buckle. Her legs are completely on display down to her calves, which are covered by a pair of blue boots that cover her lower legs and have a 2.5 cm or 1 inch heel.


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During a 'routine' check-up, a cell sample was taken from Kara Zor-el and taken to a secret Cadmus lab. There, a new Kryptonian was created to combat the possible threat of the Kryptonians going rogue. It was there Galatea was born and grown to her physical peak, an older version of Supergirl. She was then trained in fighting styles to combat the Kryptonians at their own level, and any time she rebelled, she was exposed to the radiation of Kryptonite. So she followed her orders....and learned over time that Superman and the justice league were the bad guys, and how they held the planet under an iron fist. No matter how much information she was given, she started to find other ways to find the truth out. usually by hacking into an outside line and getting information from the internet, all under her 'keepers' noses.

By the time Cadmus and Argus started to let her out of her 'cage', Galatea had found out about Superman, and the Justice League, but she played along because she wanted to know the truth. Eventually, Galatea was sent out to 'deal' with Superman, and fight him. However, during the fight, they both had landed blows that easily caused collateral damage around Metropolis. They fought each other to a standstill, mostly because every time one of them hit a building, Superman would stop attacking to make sure other people were safe, while her own commanders were screaming into an earpiece to finish him. When she argued, they mentioned 'acceptable losses'. That was unacceptable to Galatea, and began to assist Superman in helping people. Once it was done, she took out the earpiece and melted it with her heat vision.

After a few more months, thanks to Superman's help as Clark Kent, the identity of Karen Starr was created for her...as well as a job of Xenobiology in Starr Labs, as well as the name of 'Power Girl' for her alter ego. So Karen owes a lot to Superman, but she also has a kinship with Supergirl.


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Kind hearted, and fun loving, Karen Starr is a techie who likes to look at problems and enjoys figuring them out using her keen intellect.. She loves jokes, especially 'dad' jokes, and likes to laugh. She holds her friends close to her heart and protects them as best she can.

As Power Girl, she tends to be very brash and aggressive, but tries to protect people as best she can, using her intellect more than her strength, if possible.


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Alien Physiology:
With her alien heritage, Karen has several advantages when exposed to yellow solar radiation. Her body absorbs the radiation, acting as a battery for all of her powers. Also, she heals and recovers quickly with exposure to yellow solar radiation. While she can't regenerate lost limbs or organs, minor and even serious wounds heal about a dozen times faster than the equivalent level of trauma would on a human.

Enhanced Hearing:
Like her vision, Power Girl's hearing is magnitudes of times greater than human. She can hear a pin drop 15 kilometres away, or listen to a normal conversation from low Earth orbit. She can also focus in on a sound to determine its location, like the source of a scream in a busy city. She can also hear ultra-sonic and sub-sonic waves, like radio frequencies.

Enhanced Vision:
Karen's vision allows her to see things 150 kilometres away as if they were 5 metres away from her. She can also focus her vision to view objects and events that are on the nanometre scale. Finally, she can also see through objects, from stone that's dozens of feet thick to clothing. She can control this x-ray vision to see through layers and detect things buried inside a wall or weapons concealed under clothing. Her x-ray vision is blocked by lead.

Power Girl can fly at speeds that shatter the sound barrier. She is capable of escape velocity and can fly from Earth to the moon in about 30 minutes. While in the atmosphere, she tries to keep her speed under Mach 3 unless it's an emergency. Through the use of orbital trajectories and flight, Karen can be anywhere on the planet within one minute.

Heat Vision:
An additional effect of her x-ray vision, Power Girl can emit beams of concentrated energy from her eyes, capable of cutting through or welding steel and armour plating. She can control the temperature effect so that she can heat up or melt firearms in the hands of opponents without harming them. Usually, though, she uses this ability to repair damaged metal like train rails, bridges, and ruptured hulls. Or, quickly heat up a Hot Pocket from the freezer.

Power Girl also has near invulnerability thanks to her physiology. She can survive anything up to a tactical missile with little or no damage. Bullets and artillery shells just bounce off her or knock her back. Energy blasts tend to be more effective, with power equivalent to a bolt of lightning having some effect. She can still be stunned or shaken, and concentrated explosions or energy blasts will start to have an effect on her. Karen can also survive in high pressure, heat, cold, or radiation environments without effect and can survive space without protection. When in an environment where an atmosphere is not present, Karen can hold her breath for up to 5 hours.

Perfect Memory:
Like all Kryptonians, Karen has a perfect memory. Anything she sees, reads, or hears, she can recall with perfect clarity. Combined with her super-speed, Karen can learn information at an astonishing rate, letting her do things like learn a new language in a day or two.

Super Breath:
While it might seem comical, Karen's ability to exhale mighty gusts of air comes in handy from time to time. She can use it to extinguish fires up to a square block in size, create a hurricane force wind, or chill an opponent or object and encase them in ice.

Super Speed:
Karen is able to move at incredible velocities. She's able to run around the world in about a minute, her speed letting her run across water and up vertical surfaces. She can read books in a matter of seconds, War and Peace clocking in at around 3 seconds. She can complete any physical task at similar speeds, from housecleaning to typing.

Super Strength:

Karen's Kryptonian physiology gives her tremendous strength on Earth and other yellow solar environments. While not as strong as her cousin, she can still perform feats of strength such as lifting a fully loaded tanker or cargo ship, tearing through steel that is several feet thick, or holding up a damaged bridge while repairs are made. Combined with her other powers, she can do things like tunnel through solid rock or construct a skyscraper in a matter of days.


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Combat Training:
Power Girl was trained to be a weapon, and she has extensive tactical training in how to use her powers. She can be downright vicious about them in the right circumstances.


Karen's Kryptonian IQ combined with her upbringing in a laboratory predispose her toward physical sciences, particularly chemistry. She's particularly interested in theoretical applications. Her lack of experience prevents her from being a leading authority in the field, though.


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S.T.A.R. Labs:

As an employee of S.T.A.R. Labs, she has a good amount of resources available to her from S.T.A.R. Labs.


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As an artificially aged clone, Karen lacks a lot of life experience, and this creates certain psychological vulnerabilities due to a lack of a grounded identity.

The name 'Galatea' is a particular sore spot for Power Girl. She no longer keeps that name and has distanced herself from the name completely. To Power Girl, that name is the name of an object, a tool to be used and discarded. So it holds a very very large hotbed of danger inside of Power Girl's mind. Anyone that calls her by that name will be met with immediate anger and hostility. She is no longer that person, and to Power Girl, anyone that mentions that name only wishes to make her a tool again. The answer is an emphatic 'NO!'.

Radioactive pieces of Krypton travelled through the hyperspace wake of Kal and Kara's rockets, landing on Earth. These green fragments emit a radiation that is deadly to Kryptonians yet harmless to humans (although long term constant exposure can cause radiation poisoning in humans). Just being within 5 meters of the presence of kryptonite will drain all superhuman abilities from Power Girl. Her strength will plummet to being equal to a human invalid and she will start to sicken. If the kryptonite is not removed from her presence or blocked with lead within 15 minutes, Karen will die from the exposure. Once the kryptonite is removed or blocked, Karen will return to full strength and ability in a few seconds.

For some reason, Kryptonian Invulnerability doesn't fully extend to magical weapons or attacks. Karen can be injured by magical attacks; although she takes about half of the normal damage such attacks would do, be they in weapon or spell form.

Psychic Attacks:
Kryptonians are physically impervious to most harm, but have no particular inherent defense against psychic attacks, except in rare cases where a Kryptonian brain is incompatible with a particular kind of telepathy due to neurological differences.

Solar Radiation:

Power Girl's powers are dependent on yellow solar radiation. Without a yellow sun, Karen's powers slowly fade away, although they return to her once she bathes in yellow sun radiation again. Outside of a yellow solar system, she would be reduced to human physical levels and lose all her powers in a week. The process is accelerated by the presence of red solar radiation, draining Karen of her powers and abilities in about a day.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Cousins Catching Up April 1st, 2024 Two cousins get some much needed catching done.
A Powerful addition to the GIRL roster! March 8th, 2024 Summary needed
Entirely Necessary Roughing February 8th, 2024 The Mammoths game is interrupted by a dimensional rift spilling out beastmen. Oddly, none of them appeared to be Mammoth-related. America and Karen treat them to the traditional Philadelphia sports experience. But in Metropolis. ...They punch them. They punch them a lot.
Dinner and a Movie February 7th, 2024 Lois invites Karen over for a meal! They share good conversation, good food, good desserts, and a horrible movie together.
Super Family Gathering February 2nd, 2024 Over good drinks and food, a family is drawn closer. And not so much as a peep about asteroids, invaders from Apokolips, or whatever crazy stuff Luthor is up to can stop it.
A juncture of Jills at a Jacuzzi October 23rd, 2023 A rather remarkable assortment of individuals find their way to a seculed Spa to put their feet up and feel the bubbles. It's also notable in the fact that nothing nefarious seems to have occurred or ruined their relaxation. Some tips, facts and opinions are floated.
At the Hall October 5th, 2023 Karen runs into Angelica for the first time since the redhead became part of the Justice League.
Ocean flyby June 23rd, 2023 Angelica went out for a flight and crossed paths with Power Girl.
It was the Best Intentions... June 1st, 2023 Power Girl stops a rogue Mega Mouser which was hunting Rock Soldiers.
Return from Space May 23rd, 2023 Superman and Power Girl have another catch up. Superman tells her of some of his latest adventures and an old friend she should seek out.
Tea and cookies May 16th, 2023 Nice chat was had.. current events spoken about!
Their Past, Our Future April 25th, 2023 Superman and Power Girl talk about a particular group from the Future. Well, a future. Time gets compmlicated.
Adaptation Part 2 April 22nd, 2023 Summary needed
Tony in the city April 20th, 2023 The suit is de-faced, but it all ends with a push of a button thanks to Stark Tech!
Clone Problem April 11th, 2023 Summary Needed
Rumble in the Mesa March 26th, 2023 Juggernaut and Power Girl In: How to Take A Punch
Cancelled! March 17th, 2023 Livewire blasts up Times Square. People are generally mad about it.
Super Girl comes home! March 15th, 2023 girl go for a sun bath and hotdogs!
High Noods March 14th, 2023 Power Girl comes across X23 eating lunch on top of a skyscraper. The two have a chat and discover they've got something relatively unique in common! Noods: Chicken Cup Noodle
Pg and Lois meeting! March 13th, 2023 Off to the land of animals on the Next eps!
Yet Another Rule of Fight Club March 8th, 2023 A boring night at a gambling hall and fight club turns out to be more then was initially bargained for.
An (Un)Lucky Day In Mutant Town March 6th, 2023 A failed search for donuts leads to Juggernaut being put on the spot and challenged to..be nice.
Power Girl needs magic! March 4th, 2023 Demon box taken care of and Zee not a popcicle
Care for a Comment, Cousin March 2nd, 2023 A brief meeting between cousins with a hint of what could be in their future.
Power Girl and Cap .. Beach Day! February 11th, 2023 Seteve and Karen go out drinking in PArt 2
Power girl Catches a Bad Cat January 28th, 2023 Summary needed
At work but off the clock. January 10th, 2023 Summary needed
Powerful Times December 20th, 2022 Dick and Karen meet at a club and bold statements are made.
Unstoppable: Declaration of War December 7th, 2022 Summary needed
Twas The Day Of Thanksgiving November 24th, 2022 Thanksgiving dinner at New Hope Shelter ends with a bang and a peeved off Kryptonian
Thanksgiving Leftovers November 24th, 2022 Skye and Power Girl go to class to find out what the hell is going on with Nick.
Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving November 23rd, 2022 Freezer troubles puts the New Hope Shelter Thanksgiving Dinner at risk. Power Girl swoops in for the rescue and catches vague hints to some background drama between the volunteers
Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving November 23rd, 2022 Freezer troubles puts the New Hope Shelter Thanksgiving Dinner at risk. Power Girl swoops in for the rescue and catches vague hints to some background drama between the volunteers
Double undercover action! November 22nd, 2022 Double team to meet later and sppill info!
Spooky Scary Cultists October 17th, 2022 Power Girl investigates with her fists instead of her brains. The start of spooky happenings!
Fred's gone fancy?! September 22nd, 2022 A slightly unreal experience at Fred's diner as an Aardwolf and a Kryptonian walk into a diner staffed by an undercover Bucky.

Status: Finished

Log 14524 August 26th, 2022 Summary needed
The Birth of Champions July 30th, 2022 Summary needed
Back to Harry's August 25th, 2021 Harry and Karen meet again to chat
That's A Surprise July 15th, 2021 Thor and Karen sharing time.
The end of the Artisan's time. June 30th, 2021 The month in Asgard is coming to an end. Karen and Thor have dinner which leads a draw in arm wrestling followed by a kiss.
Orbital Aftermath June 12th, 2021 Thor and Power Girl talk after the space battle.
I Need a Drink May 23rd, 2021 Karen gets some sound advice from a stranger.
Tech Brainstorm! May 6th, 2021 The Artisans of Asgard offer to share some of their knowledge.
Cheesecake in the Park May 5th, 2021 Power Girl catches up with Thor after the Avengers dealt with trolls in Central Park. She heads home with cheesecake.
Chatting with Royalty April 16th, 2021 Power Girl and Thor's visit after the misunderstanding ends. It was a lovely meeting.
But I Thought You Said March 31st, 2021 Power Girl learns it wasn't Thor who asked her out to dinner. This may be the start of a friendship though!
It came from the Deep February 22nd, 2021 Power Girl and Captain Marvel save a supertanker from becoming an environmental catastrophe, then go get coffee.
Friendly Skies February 4th, 2021 Thor and Power Girl meet, where the former asks the latter out on a date. Surprisingly, things go positively.
Protesting the Cure January 28th, 2021 Summary needed. Incomplete Scene.
Starlight: Grand Opening! December 10th, 2020 The grand opening of Starlight's Free Health Clinic. It almost went smoothly!
It's a Beautiful Morning for Flying November 19th, 2020 Zinda and Power Girl hang out.
The Conqueror Cometh: He Defends August 21st, 2020 Central Park is attacked by hundreds of evil monsters! Lex Luthor, Mercy Graves, Power Girl and Conan save the day!
Drops of Jupiter July 28th, 2020 A broad range of superheroes try to stop strange fungal ooze from taking over Metropolis!
Star Power July 16th, 2020 Koriand'r and Power Girl get to know each other and go out for pizza
Escape to Earth April 27th, 2020 A new arrival comes crashing to Earth.
Kryptonians buying Bao! April 12th, 2020 Meals and meetings!
A meeting with the Woman of Steel March 22nd, 2020 Lois meets with Power Girl and seeks her aid in finding Superman
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Capes and doughnuts! February 27th, 2020 Summary needed
Sharing A Drink Called Loneliness February 11th, 2020 If you drink a drink called loneliness, don't drink it alone.
Surviving Infinity: Rescue January 30th, 2020 Avengers and Friends (and Guardians, sort of) rescue the missing Tony and Steve from Knowhere's bounty hunters.
Bifrosting to the Khandian empire... January 24th, 2020 Thor, Diana, and Karen investigate the missing Cap and Tony. They fight many of the natives, win, and get the info to find the right planet. But by the time they get there, Steve and Tony have already left that planet, apparently.
Thor trains against Power Girl! January 4th, 2020 Thor and Power Girl have a spar. She wins, then they discuss battle tactics.
Love, Hate, And Burgers December 17th, 2019 Another DITL at Halo Burger! A lady is VERY ANGRY about the service. Milkshakes are on the menu.
In the Space Garden December 7th, 2019 Jessica Cruz returns to the Watchtower, only to hear the awful news of Superman from Power Girl.
Fresh and Interesting November 27th, 2019 As Drake kind of fiddles with mahjong and works on costuming ideas, Karen Starr happens by and is full of intrigue. Over the mahjong.
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A day at the museum. September 6th, 2019 9094/ Power Girl and Nadia Pym chat about dinosaurs and cloning.
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Getty Square gets a visitor... August 7th, 2019 And so they went their separate ways.
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mmonitoring is easier with oreos at your side. July 14th, 2019 Summary needed
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Age of Despair Part IV: Assassination May 1st, 2019 AN assault on the JL Watchtower was thwarted by the combined might of the Justice League and her allies, at the cost of losing Superman to the minions of Darkseid. Next target - Apokolips!
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Subway in a subway April 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Age of Despair Pt 3: Apokolips March 26th, 2019 Through tremendous sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears, the Justice League was succesful in rescuing Superman from Apokolips! Although he is near death, there is hope he will recover.
The Darkness March 19th, 2019 Age of Despair Pt 2: The Darkness. Tune in next week to see if our heroes, having pierced the veil will remember their vows of righteousness! Can they save their beloved friend without becoming what they fear? Will there be casualities? Who will survive: Apokalypse!
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High Rise Heist May 22nd, 2018 The Light pull a heist to steal a rare compound chemical. Things get really messy.
Drake and Power Girl talk about confidence. May 10th, 2018 Power Girl and Drake run into each other again. Drake as usual sucks at being confident and gets some tough love from Power Girl. Also Valk, his teammate, has a crush.
Test flight, Cranston One May 10th, 2018 Thanks to a timely intervention by Power Girl, the first test flight of the prototype aircraft goes off without any more than a minor hitch.
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Fright Night April 25th, 2018 A fright fest movie festival is interrupted by Fright! Power Girl intervenes. Red Hood is helpful in a Red Hood way.
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Log 4228 April 8th, 2018 Summary needed
Subway Robbery April 7th, 2018 Summary needed
Rooftop Talks April 4th, 2018 Summary needed
Conflict at the Plaza March 29th, 2018 The Metropolis Plaza (not to be confused with Metropolis Sqare (@tel #22, ala SHMUX) was attacked by Chemo and Equinox. Heroes helped stop the threat. But many were radiated and injured by the collateral damage. Damage was done to the environment, but Damage Control fixed it.
Log 4162 March 28th, 2018 Summary needed
The Big Wakeup March 26th, 2018 The Death of Victor Stone, and the rise of Cyborg!
The Rainbow Inebriation March 18th, 2018 A blond, an Olympian, a redhead, and an Asgardian share a drink in the park. Prince Balder returns to New York to handle matters, meeting Power Girl, Caitlyn Fairchild, and Ares along the way.
Flowers for Cyborg March 18th, 2018 Breath brings flowers to the fallen. Things are dire. So very dire.
A Meteor Shower Like No Other. March 16th, 2018 Summary needed
Team Static comes to Metropolis. March 13th, 2018 Drake and Powr Girl bump into each other and have hotdogs.
Pizza Time March 2nd, 2018 Summary needed
Log 3949 February 23rd, 2018 Summary needed
Doom, Gloom, Glum February 21st, 2018 Summary needed
Rising Tide: Mutant Town Under Siege February 19th, 2018 Mutant Town falls under siege from a weirdly coordinated attack by anti-mutant groups. And they got their hand on a power dampener to boot! But don't worry, not everyone is helpless without their powers.
Attack on Knowhere February 17th, 2018 Vicky is attacked by an army of drones on Knowhere. Fortunately, friends new and old come to her defense.
Coney Island Car Show February 7th, 2018 Just some young people at a car show
Beer and Pretzels February 1st, 2018 Summary needed
Threat from the Stars January 13th, 2018 Alpha Flight and some of Earth's space heroes (and one anti-hero) play live-action Asteroids! New high score!
Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice January 11th, 2018 Superboy, Power Girl, and Mon-El socialize and discuss some of Mon-El's current problems...
Early Morning Pizzas January 1st, 2018 A random meeting in a pizza shop
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Holiday Dreaming December 8th, 2017 Sometimes words are the best gift to give.
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Go home you angry jerks! December 1st, 2017 There is a riot in Gotham. The Bat crew and Power Girl are on scene to deal with it.
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The Rabble is Rousing November 28th, 2017 Rock-throwing mutant haters? Meet Power Girl. Oh, and a police commissioner's redheaded daughter. But mostly Power Girl.
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Apokolips Now: Darkseid's Last Stand September 30th, 2017 The battle continues ... and the heroes rally against the monstrous threat that is Darkseid.
Heroes are recognized! September 25th, 2017 Summary needed
Little Park of Horrors September 13th, 2017 Chaos erupts during the blooming of a 'century sunflower' in a community garden in Queensland Park. Fortunately, several superheroes are on the scene to mitigate damage and injury.
Kindred Bar Spirits August 28th, 2017 Summary needed
Heavy Metallo July 30th, 2017 Power Girl & Grace Choi meet over a fight with Metallo.
A Volcanic Uproar July 24th, 2017 Summary needed
World's Finest Date July 15th, 2017 Summary needed
World's Finest Team July 8th, 2017 Summary needed
Portal Aftermath July 3rd, 2017 Summary needed
Meeting at the Watch Tower June 29th, 2017 Summary needed
Titans Together June 3rd, 2017 Summary needed
Terrorists Strike Metropolis May 24th, 2017 Summary needed
Interviewing Subject: John Henry Irons May 23rd, 2017 Summary needed
Exclusive Interview: Superwoman May 15th, 2017 Summary needed
My Closest Friend--My Greatest Foe! May 8th, 2017 Summary needed
Karen and Kate April 29th, 2017 Summary needed
A New Star of Justice April 15th, 2017 Star Sapphire meets Superman and Power Girl
Above The City of Tomorrow April 14th, 2017 A meeting of Kryptonians
Scientific Method April 12th, 2017 A bit of testing to be sure all is well featuring several members of the Titans.
Meeting over New Troy March 28th, 2017 Power Girl and Star Sapphire meet


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