A Chip Off the Old Block

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A Chip Off the Old Block
Date of Cutscene: 30 May 2018
Location: Sunnydale
Synopsis: Spike gets in a brawl with some unexpected consequences.
Cast of Characters: Spike

There it is. A good night at the Bronze. Some fun, some music, a bit of dancing, and the former poet turned vampire turned pacifist and 'vegan' as it were has actually had a fun night. He'd forgotten what being a bit rough and tumble was like...what it was like to live it up a bit. It was fun. It felt good. Of course, most good things must come to an end and so as he's heading out there's a good little fight waiting.

See, there's a bunch of blokes out there having a bit of a scrape. And they seem to be intent on involving our fair haired friend. Spike, not one to miss a fight, is rather pleased when he realizes that the fact he can take part in this fight. That means these aren't just your run of the mill humans. They look it but in a world with demons and vampires and aliens and super creatures...there's plenty of soulless types wandering the Earth looking for a fight.

And so it begins, some punches, some blows. Someone picks up a metal pipe and there's the sound of metal on skull. Spike, going all fanged out and furrowed brow feels like the old days before he turns around and gets his bell rung. Back his head snaps just as it bounces off of a light pole, sending him forward as quickly before in his descent a punch comes back up, launches him upwards, and in a most beautiful drift that would do just about any high diver proud, his body arcs and lands flat in a crumpled heap not on the grass but on the concrete.

And that's where he lays....for a while. Until his eyes open at the sight of the pre-dawn sky. Sitting up, he wipes his nose, his upper lip, a bit of half-dried blood there. His head hurts, ears ringing...and there's a hunger. A feeling of being...let off a leash, as if a tether that has held him back is no longer in place. As the woman who walks past him on her way to the bus asks if he's alright, Spike feels his fangs come out as he grins and says, "Never better love. Never...better..."