Abe Sapien

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Abe Sapien (Scenesys ID: 1430)
"Remind me why I do this again."
Full Name: Abraham Sapien
Gender: Male
Species: Icthyo Sapien
Theme: Dark Horse (FC)
Occupation: BPRD Agent
Citizenship: {{{Citizenship}}}
Residence: {{{Residence}}}
Education: {{{Education}}}
Status: Dropped
Groups: SHIELD, Dark Universe-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: 230
Date of Birth 15 March 1795 Actor: Doug Jones
Height: 185 cm Weight: 82 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: Metallica, "The Thing That Should Not Be"


To the world at large, Abe Sapien, the "fish man," is a myth that does not truly exist, the stuff of tabloid covers or children's campfire horror stories. To those in the know, Abe is an agent of B.P.R.D., an investigator of strange and occult situations outside the area of expertise of most law enforcement agencies.



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Amphibious=Abe is capable of breathing indefinitely underwater as well as, for extended but not indefinite periods, out of it. His sensory organs provide him with the ability to navigate in unlit or cloudy areas, and his body is capable of withstanding greater pressures than humans can. However, Abe is not entirely immune to significant changes in pressure, and he would experience discomfort, pain, and disorientation if forced to traverse depths below roughly a thousand feet.

Psychic Sensitivity

Abe possesses some minor psychic sensitivity, making him capable of experiencing sensations of strange phenomena. These might be odors, emotional resonances, or even observations of spectral activity. Sometimes, the phenomena are understandable or recognizable; at other times, they may confuse far more than they illuminate. A related consequence of this sensitivity is that Abe can, potentially, become overwhelmed by the sensations he experiences--whether drawn in by them (as part of an instinctive effort to understand them more clearly and fully) or unable to navigate and discern them from the sensations of reality.


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Abe is an expert investigator, having excelled at applying his long-time love of learning and exploration to his work. Thanks to his psychic sensitivity and his difference in physiology from most, Abe is well-attuned to anomalies in the environment and details that might otherwise be overlooked. The nature of his work also allows him to draw connections and develop theories that might seem absurd in a more conventional setting--and, because of his training, Abe is frequently correct in his hypotheses.


Abe is a skilled marksman, having received extensive training and practice with all NATO firearms as part of his work with BPRD. He tends most frequently to use pistols, but he is comfortable using any firearm that a situation may call for.

Occult Knowledge

Since being recovered by BPRD, Abe has spent years educating himself--not only in regards to mundane subjects but also (and perhaps most especially) to occult and arcane lore. He is a well-read scholar on the strange and weird, with his education augmented further by his collaboration with Prof. Bruttenholm, Hellboy, and other top minds among the BPRD.


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As a field agent for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, Abe has access to a range of military- and law enforcement-grade resources. This includes support personnel, travel, vehicles, firearms, and a range of specialized equipment; the specific resources he may be able to expect or otherwise rely on differ as appropriate for each particular mission. In addition, Abe lives on-site at BPRD headquarters; his unique appearance and physiology makes it difficult for him to live peacefully among humans, and so the BPRD provide room and board for him. Most importantly, though, are Abe's closest friends and allies--Hellboy, Liz Sherman, and the other most dedicated BPRD agents--who provide him with something that approaches a sense of family and belonging. Just as Abe feels like he can rely confidently on these individuals, so to does he know he must be there for them.


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While any number of apocalyptic, eldritch, or otherwise "weird" cults are currently operating, there are several of which that are either actively pursuing Abe or see him as a key to their end goal (from bringing forth ancient sea gods to heralding new ages of mankind). Whatever the specifics may be, Abe knows that he will never be just another person, or just another agent; he is enmeshed in the often-depraved activities that the BPRD investigates.


While Abe can survive for days without needing to submerge himself in water, he cannot live indefinitely on land. Accordingly, he tends to seek out missions that involve nearby bodies of water--not only in case he needs to investigate them, but also so that he can rely on access to them for survival if need be.


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Title Date Scene Summary
SHIELD Under Siege October 8th, 2017 Enemy agents infiltrate SHIELD and attempt to abscond with incredibly valuable equipment.
Is Mount Doom in the yellow pages October 8th, 2017 Origami drops off the magical artifact she found for.. disposal.
The Hangover October 2nd, 2017 Three SHIELD agents--Melinda May, Skye Johnson, and Abe Sapien (BPRD)--head to an ancient viking settlement on the Canadian coast to investigate the possibility of Hydra activity. The reality is so much stranger.
The Doom That Came to New Utrecht September 30th, 2017 Several heroes respond to the possibility of a monster lurking in the shadows of New Utrecht during the Apokoliptian invasion.
Return to Sender September 29th, 2017 Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman deal with an unexpected delivery of an even more surprising "gift."


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