After Action Report

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After Action Report
Date of Cutscene: 19 February 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Nuala Duvall

Nuala stumbles into the Sea Song. Her armor is smeared with mud, scorched by a missile blast and blackened. The violet glow of the panels peers through the scarring and filth. A gloved fist punches the access control, and the door shuts behind. She ungraciously trods to the deployment chamber, and gives the command. "Suit extract," she tells the ship in Xandarian. The chamber lights up, and the shell suit disengages, leaving her in the lighter weight slim suit.

Nuala rolls her neck, and deactivates the slim suit, the advanced technology receding back into a carryable form. She places it on the control panel, and makes her way to the shower. She checks her right shoulder, a purple bruise forming where she landed during her fight with the Daxamite.

"Nova Corps report," She tells the computer. "Earth Date February 14, 2026. I made contact with an illegal military ship which entered Earth atmosphere at 21:04 Greenwich Mean Timezone on the outskirts of Metropolis. Assets involved: Slim Suit, Shell Suit, armor, personnel missiles, Sonic Pulse. Halal Class 3 Interceptor, identifier: Sea Song, plasma cannons."

The water comes on, and pours over her face, a soothing feeling after a hard fight.

"Subject ship was heavily damaged. Scans were unclear whether damage was inflicted by weapons or impact. Defense drones were destroyed on interior of the ship..." She goes on, giving a specific account of the encounter, up to the destruction of the subject vessel and the beating she took from the Daxamite, and the rescue by Lar Gand.

Nuala steps out of the shower, and dries off using the automatic drying unit before dressing in her class C uniform. No sooner has she sat down in the cockpit, then a hail comes in. She looks at the incoming call, and cusses. She stares at it for several seconds, and then reluctantly strikes the display to answer the call.

"You engaged a Daxamite alone?"

"Hi Dad," Nuala answers the Astonian that appears. "I told you, I stayed non-threatening. He attacked first."

"I don't care, you could have been killed."

"There was help. Nova Corps protocol says that I need to investigate any - "

"-Sometimes protocol is wrong, and if you do not have the means to safely engage you stand down until you receive further instruction. You don't have anything to prove."

"Yes I do." Nuala clenches her teeth. "How many humans are in Nova Corps? Oh, that's right, one. Me. People think I can't be trusted because I come from Earth. I don't even know anything about this place but I'm supposed to be the expert. They sent me here because it was politically convenient, I just want to go home, dad. I don't belong here."

"That is your home," the Astonian answers solemnly. "It is your real home, not a space ship floating around the galaxy. It's time to come to terms with that. You will always be home here, but it's time that you know your heritage."