After The Bar

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After The Bar
Date of Cutscene: 17 November 2019
Location: After the bar
Synopsis: Nick is losing patience with Wade's BS
Cast of Characters: Phantasm (Drago)
Tinyplot: Nick is losing patience with Wade's BS

======<* Wade Shaw's Condo, Claridge's, Midtown Manhattan *>======

As the cold weather continues on outside, freezing those who are unfortunate to be trekking through the cold winter night, Wade Shaw, the founder of Shaw Studios is enjoying the heat inside the building. Leaning back on the sofa, Wade is taking advantage of having the condo to himself to watch the late night news in peace.

The door slams. "You are full of shit."

Well, so much for peace. The blonde sighs, leaning back as he turns his head, giving a small smile to the roommate and the newly acquired shadow. "What makes you say that, Nick?"

"Now before you start blowing smoke again, let me point out one thing here." The shorter musician lifts up his arms, making a circle before making a dramatic gesture to the agent that's been following him all over town for days now. "THIS! Is not low profile. Now granted, he does give me space which I'm okay with, but I have a guy in a suit. Following me all over the place." He walks over to the agent, who has been AMAZINGLY quiet for the past few days, He gestures to the badge. "And THAT is not the badge of some run of the mill security company."

Wade's weak smile fades, "Ah." He gives a bit of a groan as he starts to get up off of the sofa, " I was wondering when you were going to notice."

Nick's brows raise, "Are you kidding me? The very fact you used 'Low profile' to describe having a suit follow me around 24-7 is tip off enough. But you asked me to just go with it. So I did. " He walks over towards Wade, "I've been patient. But you've got to give me more of an explanation to what the hell is going on that merits the tag along."

Wade moves over to the desk, flipping open his laptop. "Well Nick, I wasn't lying about there being a gig in the works. " He gestures to the agent, "And the added security measure is kind of related so..." He pauses as he leans over to type in a few keys, "I've already checked with your agent and we think that you might like this one. He turns, looking to Nick while gesturing to screen.

Curiousity raised, Nick grows quiet as he moves closer to glance to the screen. Silence fills the room as Wade eventually is able to bring up the email. "'re kidding me."

"No I'm not. There was talk about a possibility before Halloween but it looks like as of today its official. They even have a something in mind for you so you only have to focus on the part, and keeping with the theme."

And how does this tie in with Bob over there?" Nick asks, gesturing to the agent. He has no clue if the guy's name is Bob. But after a few days of no answer, it's better than nothing.

"Bob?" Wade looks over at the suit, "Oh, um."


"You-got-a-fan-letter-that-really-creeped-out-your-booking-agent-and-me-so-we're-having-it-checked-out-and-he's-here-until-they-get-a-better-look-at-the-letter-and-this-band's-gimmick-could-be-useful-in-the-meantime-so-you-can-still-do-what-you-do-and-I'd-appreciate-it-if-you-don't-fight-over-it-with-me-because-like-you-I'd-rather-keep-the-dead-friend-count-to-just-two."The older musician blurts out rapidly.

Nick's head tilts, looking at Wade, eyes widening. "...Oh. Well. Fine." He looks back to the screen, becoming quiet again.

Wade nods curtly, looking to the screen.

"...But can we PLEASE do something about that guy's outfit?"