After The Park

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After The Park
Date of Cutscene: 15 January 2020
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Nick is made an offer he seems to be able to refuse. After a waiting period.
Cast of Characters: Phantasm (Drago)

After a long day, Wade Shaw was relaxing on the sofa, sitting on it sideways with legs propped up and a laptop set upon his legs. The late night news plays on in the background, making the room seem less empty.

The door opens and shuts.

Wade glances up, looking to the younger musician and then to the clock on the computer, "I thought your training finished hours ago."

Nick shrugs, hanging his bag on the frame of the loft bed. "It did. Might end up with an end of semester performance in my schedule. "

The studio founder squints, "You're just seeing a vocal coach, why would you get pulled into the regular student events?"

"Seems it's supposed to be a practice session for the music profession majors. Get them practice working with...'real world' musicians and the person they initially had lined up cancelled on them."

"Such an odd term." Wade comments, looking back to the computer, "What other type of musician is there? Alright. Get me the dates and I'll block it out." He glances up, "On a similar note, I got a call regarding you."

Nick looks over to Wade, "What about?"

"Seems you made an impression, 'Poe'. How'd you like a more permanent position with Five Times Novel?"

Of the expressions Wade was expecting, the grimace was not one of them. And yet there it was on Nick's face. "Oh."

"Oh?" Wade repeats, turning it into a question, "Most people don't go 'Oh' at the prospect of joining a group with a reasonably steady schedule."

The grimace contorts into one of disbelief as Nick glares at Wade, "Aren't YOU the one who said I was doing too much and needed to take a break?"

"That's because you were working more gigs than you probably should have been." Wade snaps back, "There were special circumstances but with those done with, we can cut back on the other gigs to make this happen if you want." He slows his argument as he studies the grumpy looking Nick. "...but you don't. Huh. I thought you got along with them."

"Just because I got along with them doesn't mean I want to spend my whole career running around in a mask." Nick grumbles, climbing up the ladder to his loft bed, flopping onto the bed. "I have other plans."

Wade watches the younger man get settled, frowning, "You wear makeup on stage and in front of the camera. Masks are not a foreign concept."


"Just think about it, okay? You could always leave the group later and until then, that's a reasonably steady gig."

"Fine. I'll CONSIDER it."