After the Bank Robbery

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After the Bank Robbery
Date of Cutscene: 16 December 2019
Location: Wade Shaw's Condo
Synopsis: Nick tries to catch up on sleep after a very tiring morning.

OOC: Language warning

Cast of Characters: Phantasm (Drago)

The condo is quiet this afternoon. The curtains are drawn and Nick is taking advantage of the darkness to catch up on his rest. Oh gosh sweet pillow.  How has he missed thee.

Nick's eyes open wide as the creak of the door opens, alerting him to another entering in, listening closely without rolling around. It isn't until the familiar sound of the throat clearing identifies him to be the roommate that he relaxes, going back to sleepy mode.

"Get your bank card replaced?"

"You know damn well I didn't" Nick grumbles, "You should be at work. "

" I should. "

Nick stares at the wall, still not looking looking to the roommate. "You should go back. I NEED to sleep. I am alive, and as jumpy as you are you'd think they were after me. Random shit happens. Just relax."

"That doesn't make me feel any better." Wade Shaw comments, frowning, "What if the f-"

"Fan letter guy was caught. I'm not the bank. No one is after me. For the love of God let me sleep. I have a small concert and a contractually obligated red eye to China tomorrow. And no one is going to like it if I am too exhausted to work."

"Maybe you should take a break."

"... After the holidays, Wade. After."