Ain't No Sunshine

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Ain't No Sunshine
Date of Cutscene: 06 May 2017
Location: Vandosian Marketplace, Beta
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Star-Lord

Vandosian Marketplace

Beings from all across the galaxy mill about the marketplace. Children are playing. Their parents are spending their hard earned units on everything they could possibly need and anything they absolutely don't need. The Vandosian Marketplace is just that welcoming.

A Tragarian child is having way too much fun playing with her new Thunderball. In her excitement, the Thunderball slips through her flippers and rolls off in the direction of the fountain in the middle of Vandosia Square.

The Thunderball crackles with the lightning that's been trapped inside as the Thunderball rolls towards the fountain. It rolls across the cobblestone bricks and right into a thick-soled black boot that doesn't have any intention of moving.

The lightning inside the Thunderball crackles more wildly as a scaly three-fingered hand reaches down to grab the object. Rising up to its full height, the Being's features are obscured by a large black hooded cloak. The Thunderball is held up in front of the alien's shadowed face.

A piercing scream destroys the moment as the sky darkens. The entire marketplace falls silent for just a moment as everyone looks up towards the sky. What they see sends them into a frightened frenzy. It takes the blurred disappearance of a single patron to make everyone scatter. Some beings take flight but are snatched the moment they hit the air. Some beings are snatched from the ground. The violent snatching of beings in the marketplace leaves little left behind.


As chaos reigns around the hooded figure there's not a moment that the Being doesn't stare at the Thunderball. The crackling of the lightning seems to be almost connected to the chaotic madness around it. As voices and screams are silenced one after another, the Thunderball's activity softens.

The figure's hood is knocked off in the madness and some reptilian features are finally revealed. The reptilian wears a somber expression as the sound of the darkness takes over. It's a deep, insectual buzzing sound.

The reptilian exhibits no fear. No worry. No sadness. Only acceptance.

Her eyes close as the Thunderball is dropped. Her voice is but a hushed whisper as single word is said...


The Thunderball hits the cobblestone and the last bolt of lightning inside sparks out.

Darkness consumes everything as the buzzing grows even louder...