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Andi Benton (Scenesys ID: 9110)

"Whatever that was, /don't/ try it again!"

Full Name: Andrea Benton
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Occupation: Clerk at Hot Topic
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: New York City
Education: High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Spider-Verse
Other Information
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 31 October 2008 Actor:
Height: 157 cm (5'2") Weight: 54 kg (120 lb)
Hair Color: Black, dyed Purple Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Just a high school graduate from Philadelphia, recently moved to New York City with her father, Andrea Benton is a bit of a loner with an attitude who often says what she feels like and has a problem with following orders. Also, may be Mania someday later - now she's just a small fry.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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This young woman looks like she either just walked out of a Hot Topic or works at one, maybe even both. A shade over five feet tall and on the light, thin side, Andi favors dark colors in the form of blacks and purples, sometimes showing more skin, sometimes less. Her hair looks to be black but dyed heavily purple, cut to about ear length on the right side but longer on the left, down toward the shoulder. It's normally kept out of her eyes, also coming to a tapered point in the back just above the neckline. She clearly favors piercings, a bar through the right eyebrow, a stud in the right nostril, and two hoops through the bottom lip. Sometimes she goes with dark lipstick, preferring the same colors. Gothic cross earrings can be seen, often going with a choker for her neck that features a few skulls with bows for hair that doesn't exist. Ironic. Her expression is often one of disinterest, not amused by whatever's around, but her blue eyes - with heavy eyeliner, naturally - are still attentive.

When it comes to her outfits, there can be a wide variety but it all follows the similar themes: gothic and emo, dark and brooding. One common outfit is a shirt, cut short, purple with horizontal black stripes, slung low over one shoulder to show off the dark strap of a tank top beneath. Black shorts leave a lot of leg visible, feet stuffed into high-top Chuck Taylors with the ankles turned down a bit. She accessorizes with a few different bracelets, one leather with spikes, another with some pink balls, and a couple smaller straps and ties. Fingernails, of course, are painted black. She can also be seen at times in a black mesh unitard with long sleeves and leggings, frayed in places, with a purple dress worn over it that ends above the knees. Breasts are modest, but enough to show she's reached an adult level of maturity. The rest of her curves are on the side of less rather than more, which could leave her looking a little tomboyish.


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Andrea Benton, or Andi for short, was born and raised in a mostly single-parent apartment in west Philadelphia. Her father, a handyman and a mechanic, was left alone to raise his daughter after her mother died from cancer when Andi was at a young age. He never remarried, and she spent most of her life without a real maternal figure around. Her father cared for her and did the best he could, but he struggled to connect with her.

While Andi was an intelligent girl, she developed a rebellious streak in her teens while at West Philadelphia High School, mostly showing in a reluctance to listen to authority figures without questioning them first and deciding if their answers were good enough for her. Had she applied herself more she could have been an A student, but she only put in the effort to obtain mostly B grades, almost failing Physical Education because she hated it, found it pointless, and rarely dressed out for it.

Andi immersed herself in music, reading, artwork, things she could do without needing others around. When she did hang out with anyone, it was usually the punk, goth, slacker types. A part-time job at a record store also gave her a little independence and spending money beyond the allowance she'd got before, which she enjoyed well enough.

After receiving her diploma, Andi opted not to attend college, declaring it a waste of time and money. Her father took another job in New York City and moved there with her, where she found a new job at one of her favorite stores: Hot Topic.

(OOC: there are plans for Andi to become Mania, via a plot. Until then, she will be just a normal human with no special abilities. The overall list of what she can do, how she gets the symbiote, and what it precisely is will be subject to staff approval.)


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Andi is a socially reluctant, rebellious young woman who prefers solitude to spending time around others. While she can function normally around others, she tries to keep her emotions bottled up inside while appearing standoffish.

This is, in large part, a front to cover for the mental scars of losing her mother to cancer at a young age. Much as her old man tried, she never let him get through to her enough to really have a strong father/daughter relationship, though she played at things being okay well enough most of the time.

She fell in with the punk/emo/goth crowd in school, relishing the chance to put down whatever they could in the interest of entertainment. She developed a blunt, sarcastic, 'question authority whenever possible' attitude that left her short of having any truly close friends.

At least the jokes and criticism they had for school life and some of the students they were stuck being around provided a coping mechanism and an outlet for some of her problems. While she put in enough effort to get solid grades, it was mainly to keep people off her back. After all, she held no interest in going off to college upon graduation, and if she could get through school with minimal fuss, all the better.

In spite of the 'leave me alone' attitude she often projects, it is often to mask the loss she went through as a child. It helps keep her from getting too close to anyone else, which risks more pain and disappointment. Her enjoyment of more solitary hobbies gives her an excuse to keep to herself when she isn't feeling like talking to someone else.

At her core, Andi does feel bad for her father and wishes there was something she could have done to help her mother beat cancer, even if she knows it was beyond anyone's ability to treat. She's seen him alone and hurting over losing his wife, something he's never fully put behind him.

For now, she is just trying to fit into the societal expectations others have while maintaining her own independence from them. With new things ahead of her in New York City and no more school to worry about, it might be time to write a new chapter in her life.


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Very Normal (See Notes):

At present, Andi is a normal, base human. No special strength, stamina, speed, recuperative abilities, or anything of that nature.

(OOC: while there are plans for her to end up with a symbiote and become Mania, the circumstances surrounding it and even the type of symbiote itself are not set in stone yet, as events here will not occur exactly the same as in the comics. The final result is pending future staff approval beyond the initial Pitch, though the abilities, weaknesses, and more would be much in line with the established ones for Venom pending actual write-ups and clearance. She also does not have the Hell-Mark in this world, which may or may not change.)


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As a child, Andi always loved to color. This progressed into rudimentary drawings that became better over time. Now she keeps a sketchbook she can draw in to her heart's content, with many pages fully inked and colored as well. A secret dream of hers is to become a successful female comic book artist. That would be very cool.

Good With a Wrench, Etc.:
Try as she might to maintain her standoffish ways as a kid, there were times where Andi showed interest in dad working on the car or fixing up some things around the apartment complex they lived in (it got them a break with the rent, too). As a handyman and mechanic, he was more than willing to let her help out, since it gave them a chance to actually have a father/daughter thing once in a while. She can do basic fixer-upper stuff and has a clue when it comes to car engines, and she can swing a wrench if she's ever in trouble and there happens to be one nearby.

Musical Knowledge:
Music has always been one of Andi's great joys. While most people could catch her listening to something hard, metal, and angry, what she won't admit to them is she actually likes a lot of different things ranging from oldies and classics to arena rock, ballads, alternative, rap, and even a little country. While taste is subjective, she understands what makes a good song work. Having worked in a record store, she could also tell someone all about vinyl, record players, and sound quality in general. Retro is cool sometimes.

Street Smarts:

Though it will take some time to get used to things in New York City compared to Philadelphia, Andi lived in a decent part of town but was exposed to some of the seedier, bad areas enough to know to keep her eyes on a swivel or find a different path if it feels like there's danger ahead. Good blocks, bad blocks, drug blocks, and so on - it isn't that different from one big city to the next. Plus, there's always pepper spray or a good knee to the right area.


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Andi's got an Aunt in Jenkintown, a small borough just a little north of Philadelphia itself. At times when her father's been especially busy or had to go out of town without her, she's spent a weekend or longer there. It's not her favorite place to go, as there's very little to do in Jenkintown that suits her, but at least her Aunt makes her feel welcome even if she can be overbearing at times.

Andi has lived with her dad her whole life. In spite of some lean times, he's sacrificed for himself to provide for her, found ways to make ends meet, and kept her off the street except at her own choosing. She's responded to this by being responsible enough to check in with him when she was going to be home late, and for the most part she's followed his rules even if she's used to doing it with a sarcastic word or two. She does owe him something, after all.

For a while Andi got a small allowance from her father, and there was also some Social Security money following the passing of her mother. But, the time came for her to be more responsible and independent, so she got a job working in a local record store. Music was already an interest of hers, and while vinyl went through peaks and valleys, it's seen a resurgence especially among the hipsters out there. She might not care for them, but their money is as green as what she got paid with. Plus, she learned a lot more about music in general. Now in New York City, she's found a new job at Hot Topic, where she can dress as punk, goth, or emo as she wants and actually fit in.


Andi's got a phone, a tablet, a laptop, a music player, and she knows how to use all of them. Growing up as a child connected to the digital world, she is more than comfortable with social media, chat servers, and being able to have conversations with people near or far. While she's not a big fan of most games beyond phone apps, she's even familiar with the concept of roleplay, pretending to be something other than what one is (ironic, that), but that usually applies to things in the bedroom for the most part.


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Completely Normal:
Andi is as normal as humans come. She has no special training, skills, or anything beyond the most basic concept of self-defense to protect her in a dangerous situation. Others may be able to go toe-to-toe with a threat. In Andi's case, not even pepper spray might be as wise as simply running away and calling for help.

(OOC: of course, this will change considerably after Andi bonds with a symbiote. Not only will she gain new abilities, there will be new weaknesses as well. Stay tuned!)

Death In the Family:
When Andi was just a small child, her mother passed away due to cancer. It was found too late for any treatments to be successful and she has memories of her mother with no hair, looking almost like a zombie, just wishing to stop the pain and suffering. Ever since the funeral, Andi shut a part of herself away, burying deeper, raw emotions behind a mask of indifference and sarcasm. Some people seek company and laughter to cope with pain. Others tuck it away and close up. She's become more attached to her father, even if she doesn't usually show it, and the thought of losing him too terrifies her.

Andi prefers peace and quiet to most crowds. Even when she was in school, she tended to eat by herself or with some of the other "freaks" and "burnouts," as the jocks liked to call them. She can handle herself fine in social situations. She just prefers to avoid them in the first place unless there's a good reason to talk to somebody beyond the basics. It's prevented her from making many close friends, and whoever she would have considered one is back in Philadelphia now anyway.

Mouth Writes Checks...:

You know how the saying goes when it comes to another part of the body cashing them? Andi's nearly got herself into a number of fights at school in the past when she went a little too far with some of the biting sarcasm she'd direct toward others. It's taken some quick talking to defuse the situation, but she's never been a fighter and there have been times she's been pushed around first. Around strangers, she needs to be careful lest she find herself in a situation she can't escape from thanks to her outspoken nature. Then, it could be time to pay the piper.


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A Little Trouble in Queens February 10th, 2020 Summary needed
A Winter Wonderland December 23rd, 2019 A winter storm leads to Andi and Vorpal meeting, and a very unexpected encounter with a witchy neighbor.
Subway Troubles December 20th, 2019 Andi encounters trouble on the subway, then perhaps more as Typhoid Mary enters.
Stopover at Port-Lee's December 9th, 2019 Piper meets Eddie and Andi
I Love Your Hair! November 18th, 2019 Andi and Gwen meet over hair coloring.
A Little Customer Service October 30th, 2019 Just a day in the life of Andi working at the local Hot Topic, with Rave looking for something for a Halloween party.
Little Costume Shop 2 October 29th, 2019 Andi discoveres the costume Shop Alice works at and ends up rending the goddang Advanced Enclave Power Armor for a weekend party.


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