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Aphrodite (Scenesys ID: 1312)
Full Name: Aphrodite Ourania
Gender: Female
Species: Olympian
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Goddess of Love
Citizenship: Olympus
Residence: Olympus/Temple of Aphrodite
Education: Extensively self-educated and tutored by the Seasons.
Status: Approved
Groups: Pantheon Assembly
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age: 2031
Date of Birth 1 January 0 Actor: Jane Levy
Height: 168 cm (5'6") Weight: 172 kg (378 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Aphrodite is an Olympian goddess, daughter of Zeus and the oak-goddess Dione, though more colorful mythology says she was born of ocean foam. Whatever the case, she has been the goddess of love for the Grecians since ancient times. Most would presume her concerns of be matters of love and passion, but few realize the degree of influence she's had upon history. Empires have fought over her, and legendary heroes were birthed due to her inducing love between their parents. A consummate schemer who knows well how to play the game, Aphrodite is nevertheless as fickle as love itself, and alliances with her can be tenuous at best. If one doubts that, one can just ask her ex-husbands. Aphrodite has never lost her interest in mankind even as the ages have passed the pantheon by, and she continues to influence the world in her own way, spending more time on Earth than she does in Olympus.

Current Player Approved: November 11, 2023



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A crown of silken hair flows from this woman's head, its striking shade of red but the first among many identifiable traits. She is, in a word, stunning. Such is what history remembers her for. Although she only stands at five foot six, she has a well defined body, muscular without diminishing her feminine assets in the least. Her flesh is fair with just a kiss of a tan, absent of scars and free of blemishes. Her body is artistic in its precise curves, in the balance of beauty and strength, in a way mortals throughout history have seldom rivaled.

It only stands to reason that so lovely a body would be accompanied by an even more beautiful countenance. Everything about her face is perfect in its symmetry, nothing uneven or out of place. Full lips of a deep red hue sit just below a straight nose, the perch for a pair of striking blue eyes. In its neutral state, the woman's face is a work of art to put any other to shame. However, it's also decidedly capable of conveying wrath when and if the emotion should seize her.

Attire for this woman can vary dramatically depending upon the circumstances. However, her neutral garb is that of a white dress fitted to her body, cut from silk smooth as water. She wears a golden girdle about her hips, and upon her feet, sandals with leather straps wrapping their way up her slender shins.


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Aphrodite remembers the good times still... Up in Olympus people shouted her name daily begging her for love, and to help them with their life. While the others played war she did what she could to make sure the humans survived, or at least that is how she viewed it. Outside looking in some found her as fickle, or random as her mood did shift quite quickly at times, but she really never got into the whole fighting thing as did the others.

Then time passed as it always does. The people started not to come to her as much, instead using science, and knowledge to try to 'fake love'. Sure there was still some true love in the hearts of specific people, but even they did not thank her for the gifts she bestowed on them as everything went quiet. A bit upset at being ignored she left the humans to their own devices to instead hide away, and hold on to the power she had left. It was slowly leaving her, and she could feel it, but the humans had snubbed her so she kept her gifts to herself.

Time keeps on passing as it does, and she eventually came to the realization that the humans that had prayed to her have died in wars, or in social pressure of giving up on love, and it became lust to be used as a means to an end. This disgusted her, and though she had only little power left she decided to use it, and return to the human world. There she met humans, set up small cult like religions groups. This helped her regain her power, and after regaining her strength she is returning to the mortal land once again. This time she is going to spread love over the planet, and show these morals why they should never forget about her again!


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Aphrodite is hard to describe since her personality changes so much so fluently. She maybe loving one minute, and mad the next, or even indifferent as there is sometimes no predicting where she is going to go next. Fickle describes it usually, but to her it is just normal to go through all the emotions as that is just the emotions love can bring out in other people. She usually keeps her word if she gives it, but after time even that might not be a hard fast rule! She is not a mean person at heart she cares for the mortals as she would children though sometimes children act up so need to be punished.

She hates fighting others herself as it gets her hands dirty so usually she will manipulate instead of fight, or if she can't manipulate others to fight for her. Tricking children to her is of no harm as long as it is for her benefit in her mind it is what is best for them as well so she will continue to plan, and manipulate until she gets what she wants or loses interest in the people she is messing with.


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Aphrodite has the power to curse other individuals. Usually such a curse revolves around love, or beauty to such an extreme level it is negative to the individual cursed. An example of this is a man who fell in love with his own reflection until he died. She can remove her curse, but not other curses unless they are about those specific topics, as well as powerful magic in some situations. Sometimes a curse given by her can not be broken even by her though this is a rare occurrence. Every once in a while a curse becomes inevitable once it had been cast.

Energy Absorb:
Aphrodite has the power to take in, and manipulate large quantities of energy. This is usually faith energy given to her by her followers, but any energy in high enough amounts would do. Given human energy, such as electricity, does not produce enough energy as belief energy is much stronger. She uses that energy as listed below...

  • Shape Change: She can change herself to look like anyone. She won't gain any abilities, or skills, but she will look and sound just like them. Though she is not restricted to humans, as she sometimes takes animal shapes such as a dolphin. She prefers he own form, but there is no limit to how long she can look like this as once changed there is no upkeep to the change.
  • Teleportation: Aphrodite can also teleport herself to extreme ranges. Earth, Olympia, Space are all within her teleportation reach. She must know where she is going, and with magic can be blocked from entering this way, but range is not an issue.
  • Invisibility: This just makes her unable to be seen with human eye-sight. There maybe other ways to detect her, but at will she can become invisible or not.
  • Branding: This is Aphrodite putting her mark on someone or thing. Once on it she will know where it is no-matter the distance away. This can be removed by her, or like other things strong enough magic though she will know when it is removed if she did not do it herself.
  • Water Scrying: As part of her connection to water she can use this energy to view distant areas through the surface of still water. Waves, and current will make it much harder, and can break the connection so usually she will use some container to hold the water. This can be blocked, or detected through the standard means but it can also be canceled at will.

Inhuman Good Looks:
In her base form Aphrodite's looks are down right magical. Lesser minded people will sometime immediately fall in love, and even those with the discipline to resist could feel the pull of her influence. She can't turn it off as it is just who she is, but if she is in the room then because of who she is it is most likely she is the truly the most lovely one there, as it takes a lot to compare with the beauty of Aphrodite herself.

Mental Powers:
Aphrodite has limited mental powers that she can use at will. Most abilities are local to around her, but in those cases where it isn't will be covered under the power itself below.

  • Telepathy: This isn't reading another's mind, but the ability to her the thoughts of her followers, or people praying to her. The thought has to be to her for her to hear it, but there is no range to this ability.
  • Telekinesis: Aphrodite can use her mind to lift objects, and even throw them in a basic fashion. While it is propelled slightly the power comes in lifting more then throwing. She can lift about three tons in this fashion.

Object Control:
Any object that has a mouth, or eyes can be manipulated by Aphrodite. This is a one way link so any damage done to them are not done to her. She can be banished out of such objects (For example, a bull or a bust of Zeus) as well blocked entry as one would normally block her entry. Listed below is how she can manipulate the object to interact with her surroundings.

  • Imposition: Able to put her image on flat surfaces. For example a painting, which would change the painting to her image other then the one it was before. She can speak, and see through such things as clearly as if she were there though she isn't. As long as it is flat and she knows that surface is there she can appear usually using a scry to see it before she appears on some wall, or door. Even a flat surface that had nothing drawn on it will show her face, though would go back to being empty after she is done.
  • Possession: She can also posses statues, and move them freely as if it were herself. They have the freedom of movement as per the statue allows, and the strength/durability is linked to the statue itself. For example a stone statue would lift, or take less damage then an iron one. Other then movement she gives no special properties to the statue itself.

Olympian Attribute:
As an Olympian Aphrodite has the attributes of an Olympian. These give her strength, speed, stamina, durability, and agility (and/or reflexes). What they are are listed below.

  • Strength: The ability to lift, pull, or manipulate things physically.. She can lift around Twenty five tons.
  • Speed: How fast one can move for her it is flight, land or water. She can move around sixty five miles per hour.
  • Stamina: This is how long one can go for.. She can go for several days at full capacity without getting tired.
  • Durability: The invulnerability given to her as an Olympian is on par with the others. Without using her weakness (Magic) she is unlikely to be damaged with human weapons. It would take Strength at least equal to hers to do any damage.
  • Agility & Reflexes: Her agility is beyond human capacity, as well as the speed of her reaction to things around here. This would include balance, coordination, or as said earlier reaction time.
  • Flight: She can fly at her normal speed and Agility at will. Flight to her is just a normal movement type and requires about as much exertion as walking. Her power is what gives her lift, and movement so things like wind, or no gravity would not effect this flight.
  • Healing Factor: The body of an Olympian has a higher healing rate then a human. They still heal the same way in most cases, though Olympians do it much faster. This means things like scratches can heal almost instantly, but other things like deep cuts, broken bones or things that would take months for a human would just be hours for her. Though she can not heal a lose of limb, as that is her limit, she can return to Olympus for higher magic to do so.
  • AllSpeak: Aphrodite can communicate in any language. Earth, Alien, all languages can be spoke by her unless someone specifically blocks a language from her with magic.
  • Immortality: Aphrodite will never age since she has reached adulthood. This also effects her in giving her immunity to human poisons, diseases, and infections as he body will just 'heal' such things.

Power of Love:
This is her main sphere of influence and is always on in some degree even toned down to the lowest setting. This is portrayed through a few ways (Listed below) at will. Please keep in mind that there is a difference between love, and lust.. You love a family member, and she tries to spread that dedication other the physical connection. Keep in mind everything is bound to OOC permissions before anything else.

  • Bring the Love: She can at will bring the feeling of love to people. This can be to others, themselves, or even an object like an idol. While she already brings the love to every single person she can it is so stretched out that without specific help it is up to that person to see it. Focused in she can cause the same effects on one person in a much higher scale even driving some people into Love-Slaves that will do whatever is asked from their loved one without question, or self-preservation. This is usually temporary, but the longer in effect the harder it is to break even with magic.
  • Weapons of War: The power to turn mans weapons of war to peace is a weird one. Guns turning into roses, or swords into chocolate. Any weapon that is used against her has the chance of being turned into something else, and once changed is now that new item. This does not work on magical items, such as Mjolnir in any fashion.
  • Enchantment: Much like bringing the Love, but when directed to only her. This power can work on Gods, or humans a like to make them view her as beauty, and love her above all others. This does include bending ones will to her way, but it is expressed through love of her. Even Poseidon would have a hard time breaking an enchantment of love that she had placed on someone.

Siren Physiology:
Aphrodite aspect of the siren gives her abilities though many forget about her Siren side. Though used as Siren back in her history it has given her specific Vocal powers. This effect those within hearing range, and can not work on the deaf. Those with higher hearing then others would be specifically effected maybe at further range as it is a sound based effect. Finally keep in mind it needs to be a sentient being, so things like robots may not be effected.

  • Vocal Pathokinesis: This sound, also called the Sirens Song, can manipulate others emotions from hearing her voice. The emotions could vary as well as humans emotions do, and can be amplified or lowered at will. This effect would last only for about a half-hour after she stops. Once heard distance will not bring one to their senses, but time and magic could clear ones mind.
  • Illusions: With her voice she can make others see illusions such as loved ones, or other such romantic ideas. This does not have to be romantic as she can make a father see his family as it is the love that is important not person. These are illusions, and will tell the person what Aphrodite wants them to say. Though it is much stronger, once someone realizes the illusion usually the will fall, as they are meant to manipulate, and trick not hold up to intensive investigation.
    OOC Note: As with all things these are consent based if these are being used at you we have probably already talked about it, and if any the information gathered from it. ;)


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When it comes to sitting two people to talk over things she is really good at getting them to the same table. Since usually they are both head over heels for her she uses that bond to get them talking, and compromising in a way that best suits.. well her usually, but sometimes them too. From doing this she has become a practiced diplomat knowing what to say to get people to think about a common goal, or to cease hostilities.

When it comes to singing Aphrodite is one of the very best. With a mere song she can mesmerize, and hypnotize people into a stupor. Her voice is that of a goddess, and she has thousands of years of experience. As Ares has his skill at fighting her skill at singing so takes great pride in it. She prefers Lounge songs so she can just sing without distractions, but she can do many different types as long as she knows the beat. To her singing is not just an art, but a focus for her powers.


Most people think Aphrodite is dumb given her good looks, and lesser power then the 'big three'! This isn't true, she actually has a very good strategic mind, maybe even enough to challenge Ares on strategy alone. Given she doesn't use it for battle, but to put plans into motion to help the human race sustain, or to mess with things to help her in some form or fashion. She has no interest in using it in a war like scenario, and will refuse to participate pointing to go talk to someone else.


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A girdle given to her by Hephaestus that has the powers of Power of Love. In her hands it just amplifies her powers, but if held by others with her blessing they could use the Power of Love like she can. Her and this object are linked though so just possessing it is not enough as without her blessing it is just a well build piece.

Religion Followers:
Aphrodite has followers all over the world! They take different views of how she appears to them, and what she does for them, but they are out there praising her. It had taken time, and money to set-up the multiple churches around the world quietly. Though the result is a secret cult like groups that from their love it she has connection to them as they give her power to do what she does.

The rules of the cult are simple, love one another in her name. This doesn't mean physically, but to feel love in ones heart that is pure of physical bindings that one would associate with true love. As long as they feel that love in their heart they will be her followers. The breaking of this would also notify her as the connection they have between them would be severed. The identification mark is usually a clear heart somewhere on the body to represent the pureness of the love.


Like most Olympian deities, Aphrodite has existed for so long that she can't help but have amassed a treasure trove. At least one major culture on Earth sacrificed valuables in return for her favor across millennia, and she happily took them (without necessarily answering the prayer, mind you). This 'hard currency' wealth is mostly stored in Olympus, along with a potential mythical item here and there. Who knows when a dig through the pile might come in handy?

On Earth, Aphrodite isn't much more wanting than she is back home. She has a penthouse in New York City and millions in the bank, the latter courtesy some of her past lovers used and abandoned, and her occasional work as an editor at Beauty Magazine.

Required OOC note: No mythical items will be pulled out without staff approval.


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Belief Energy:
Unlike other Greek Gods, Aphrodite gets her power from the people directly. Without them she will eventually lose her powers one by one till she is powerless as a normal human. Though she has never gone that far as it takes a very long time to happen, she has felt the powers leave her so is able to know what is going on if it happened again. If it did happen the last thing she loses is her ability over the heart, and her immortality, as the more physical attributes are first.

Being a fickle person at heart it is hard to keep her interest for long on most things. This doesn't mean she can't hold a grudge, but even that will eventually be below her notice. For this reason she is the riskiest to deal with as things may change quickly when working with her.

She has the weakness all of the Pantheon has to magic. Though in her case such things as summoning, or binding are a bit harder by her very nature. Though this might be true magic can hurt her, as it would any other god as she has no gained immunities other then the ones mentioned.


Aphrodite really only cares about one thing herself. If it doesn't have to do with her most of the time she will stay out of it. She may noise into to other peoples business, but only because she thinks she knows best. This could also mean that dealing with her it is usually best not to insult her especially when it comes to looks, or what she is trying to do well.


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