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Arcee (Scenesys ID: 1721)
"But I know one universal rule - whatever the game, the easiest way to win is to kill all the other players."
Full Name: Arcee of Protihex
Gender: Female
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Warrior
Citizenship: Autobot Commonwealth
Residence: Iacon (Iacon Province, Cybertron)
Education: Ludus Arrius
Status: Retired
Groups: Autobots, Cybertron-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 12 July Actor: Sumalee Montano (voice)
Height: 444 cm (14'7") Weight: 533 kg (1173 lbs)
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "One Woman Army" by Porcelain Black


Arcee is an accomplished, street smart, and powerful, fighter with little patience for those who don't know their way around a battlefield. She may be one of the most skilled fighters among the Autobots. She works constantly to keep her edge, knowing that one mistake could cost her and her teammates everything. Fast, smart, and always ready for a fight. Her blasters might not pack the punch of the bigger Autobots, but her incredible fighting skill more than makes up for anything she lacks in firepower.

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Arcee is a humanoid robot that stands an easy 14 and 1/2 feet. Her color palette is predominantly Silver and Pink. The only other real colors are the glowing blue of her eyes, the red of the autobot symbol on her chest, and often the fiery orange of her dual plasma swords.

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In her Alt Mode (On Earth) she takes the form of a pink lamborghini

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Arcee of the Darklands, came into being with her twin brother Galvitron in an barbaric Era before the rise of the Thirteen Primes. Eventually they were enslaved by Septimus Prime to fight in his gladiatorial arenas in ancient Protihex. Freed by Megatronus and made with her twin the vanguards of the Darklander army.

After the conflict drew three Titans into the mix and started a cascade of events that would unite the Primes there were two million years of peace, on Cybertron. That does not mean Arcee saw two million years of peace though. Onyx Prime declared an expansion and exploration beyond Cybertron to bring the 'light' of Cybertron to the galaxy or as they referred to it, Pax Cybertronia.

Peace on Cybertron for the rest of the galaxy in practical application was closer to a crusade and Arcee was at the front of it with her master Megatronus and the Omega Sentinels. They viewed it as their duty to ?help? the primitive creatures on the planets they encountered. Though in colonizing them the local biospheres were crushed under aggressive Cyberforming.

No where was as brutal as Antilla, a world occupied by technologically advanced aliens who could muster a defense. Which led to a brutal war. A war that lead to the complete genocide of the Antillan race when they set off a doomsday weapon that destroyed their planet and a lot of Omega Sentinels. Arcee has deep lingering guilt and regret for being part of that campaign of genocide even to this day.

The battle for Antilla snowballed back on Cybertron when Arcee and her master returned into a new even more devastating conflict. Prima was enraged blamed Megatronus for the disaster of what he genuinely thought was a benevolent mission. Megatronus struck an alliance with Liege Maximo and betrayed Prima and ended up slaying Solus Prime. This kicked off the First Cybertronian Civil War as the alliance between the Primes collapsed. Arcee was in the middle of it, for a very long time serving Megatronus until both he fled leaving his army without his leadership and her twin struck out on his own crusade. She didn't go with either of them having grown apart from her twin and disillusioned with Megatronus. Of course this war took a million years to settle and in the end her twin had a hand in the end of the war not her.

The Golden Age of peace left Arcee a bit adrift. She had known war, even during the era of peace after the Primes founded a cohesive society for Eras. She found herself on the fringe not really settling into peaceful society. Traveling the cosmos, participating in other people's conflicts, trying to find some sort of purpose for her life.

She was definitely there for the Second Cybertronian Civil War, though it was brief compared to the previous one, and the war to come.

When the Golden Age ended and the Great War began, Arcee was there for that. Skeptical to an extreme at the one calling himself Megatron, so close to her former master Megatronus she drifted towards the side of the emerging Autobots. It was not a smooth transition into their way of doing war though and at one point it ended with Fortress Maximus imprisoning her on Garrus-9 as the only Level-9 Threat Autobot prisoner. This was due to her tactics and bloodthirsty approach to carrying out the war against the Decepticons. She was rebuilt and released when Garrus-9 was attacked, and did not hang around long enough after forcing the Decepticons into retreat to be imprisoned by Maximus again.

Eventually in the millennium of the Great War though Arcee settled into the Autobot banner and as the war got ever more desperate even excelled within the ranks. That may be because things were more desperate and her approach to fighting was more understandable as the years went on, hard to say. She was a useful font of galactic knowledge and military tactics despite, or perhaps because of her checkered past. Which made her useful to Autobot command.

Everything kind of went to hell 200 years ago when a ship that she and several other Autobots including Optimus Prime were on was attacked and damaged severely. It crash landed on a planet called Earth, where it has remained hidden to this day.

Until fate intervened and brought the ship back to life...and those who still were inside it.


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Fearsome (and feared): Arcee of Darklands is one of the most accomplished fighters in Cybertrons history. Her single-minded bloodlust and ruthless focus was legendary from the days before the rise of the Thirteen Primes all the way through to the start of the Great War (Third Cybertronian civil war) often put her at odds with both the Autobots and Decepticons.

Cold and detached: Arcee struggles to form real connections and bonds with others off the battlefield. She has spent millennium fighting and it is hard to let that go. She is most comfortable sharpening her edge even when not engaged in a fight. It is what she knows.

Spark of compassion: Formally joining the autobots and even making friends with them has let her try to turn over a new leaf. For someone who has lived cuontless millions of years this is a change that is still in the early stages. There have been many false starts and even one stint in prison. Still and especially recently she has been making strides towards becoming a more compassionate person which will make her a better ally and defender of the Autobots cause. They trusted her to come on the Ark with Optimus after all.


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Arcee has literally seen Eras (millions of years) of war (and some peace) go by. With the Great War in motion her current form has enhanced Sentio Metallico armor protecting her spark. It is extremely durable to most damage and impacts. She has very little to fear from conventional arms, save heavy military ordinance or higher than conventional technology. Repairs can bring her back to normal conditions.

Cybertronian: Cybertronians are advanced long-lived artificial life-forms. They have several innate traits across their 'species'.

Spark: The Spark is a Cybertronian's soul. These Sparks are essentially eternal with only certain things that can snuff out a Spark. Cybertronians normally keep their Sparks in a special casing in their chests, but certain forms of cryostasis can also preserve them.

Durability: Cybertronians are very durable, made of living metal, and capable of surviving nearly anything so long as their Spark is protected. This makes their race durable against damage. Superficial or even structural damage can be repaired relatively easily. Due to not being organic, oxygen is not needed other than ease of verbal communication so they can survive in space.

Perception: Cybertronians have a large suite of sensory capabilities built into their visual and audio spectrums. They can perceive many things at once, including some that are hard to discern by other beings.

Endurance: Even advanced machines need to rest. Special circuit slabs are used to optimize their rest periods, but they can 'sleep' without their 'beds'. It's just not as restful or efficient.

Energon: Cybertronians require sustenance in the form of Energon. They can make use of other fuel sources (such as fossil fuels) but they get the best results from Energon.

Cybertronians are able to project a holomatter avatar roughly 100 meters from their current position. They use this to interact with organic races while maintaining their cover. The holomatter avatar has substance and can manipulate other objects, but its strength levels are rather low. A larger holo image requires a larger expenditure of energy and concentration.

Mass Displacement:
Like many other Cybertronians, Arcee is capable of limited mass displacement when she transforms from one form to another. This allows some to transform into a smaller form, such as a gun or memory card. Arcee remains around the same size though she is able to utilize this to summon her weapons such as her plasma pistols or plasma swords. Though it is possible for limited mass displacement without transformation, it requires concentration and causes a great amount of discomfort/energy expenditure.

Network Usage:
Arcee is capable of interfacing with almost any computer network and navigate it extremely quickly and effortlessly. She is also capable of circumventing almost any security that is below military-grade, though with something higher it may just take time. Although attempting to break high security will usually not be perceived as a subtle manipulation of the system and more a brute force approach so vulnerable to active countermeasures. Generally she does not have the patience to do these things, preferring to let more inclined Autobots handle it, but that doesn't mean she can't.

Physical Traits:
Arcee is strong, fast, and deadly. She is capable of lifting 20 tons, constrained only by her size not her will or determination but made up for in her legendary speed and extreme agility. On foot running, she can run up to 100 MPH. In alt mode (a lamborghini) she can reach a speed of 220 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds. She may be one of the fastest autobots but even she envies how fast Blurr is (though definitely not the downsides of that speed).

Arcee, along with many Cybertronians, perceives the universe through a variety of sensor filters. They are capable of perceiving through infrared, ultraviolet, thermographic, and an energy sensor array that can detect energy signatures and expenditures. Cybertronians are also aware of high and low frequency sounds, though they perceive them primarily as data which also feeds into their internal comms systems.

Cybertronians also have a other senses. They do have a sense of touch, thus why they feel a feedback sort of 'pain' when injured. They also have a limited sense of smell.

When in a combat situation, Arcee is often mostly surrounded by a level of defensive shielding that helps to absorb and redirect kinetic energy, and energy blasts that strike him. They are capable of absorbing several direct blasts from Cybertronian weaponry before needing to recharge. Also the shield can be coalesced and solidified into a smaller yet stronger shields upon her forearms which when concentrated to that degree can displace extremely high amounts of energy. As a general rule of thumb her generalized shields can take about 20tons of force, while the coalesced small shield can take more.


Being a Cybertronian, Arcee is capable of transforming into an alt mode that has varying benefits, most importantly the ability to fit in with other vehicles native to her surroundings. Her alt mode on Cybertronian was a Cybertronian car built for speed with deadly blades on the front. Upon settling in on Earth, she has taken an alt mode similar to an pink lamborghini going for style and speed.


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Alien Knowledge:
Arcee was the trusted lieutenant of Megatronus alongside her brother Galvatron. When Onyx Prime encouraged the expansion of Cybertronian influence, bringing the light of Cybertron to the Galaxy, Arcee was there with her master. She is very aware of the various empires and aliens in the Galaxy. When one carries out galactic crusades one becomes knowledgeable of your enemies.

Do not be deceived by her size or her ?gender?. Arcee is honestly one of the deadliest fighters, hard to hit and lethal when she hits having honed these traits to a razors edge in the arenas of antiquity and through Eras of war (not just millennium). With her plasma swords, her plasma pistols, or any other weapon she can get her hands on she is deadly in a way that few others are.


Arcee has seen just about everything having lived to see three Cybertronian civil wars and countless other campaigns. While she often prefers to go right for the throat in an all out offensive she is very schooled in the various different ways wars are fought and battles are won. This makes her advice outside times of peace invaluable as long as she can control the desire to just cut the enemy down.


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While she does not command the Autobots she is still a member in good standing. While she may make some of her fellows very nervous at times, they know she is on there side and within reason will help her when she has need. Especially if her mission is sanctioned.

When around Cybertron Arcee?s reputation often precedes her. There are those who despite her being gone for 200 cycles would absolutely still be intimidated her or indebted to her. This can be useful to get weapons, information, energon, and more. Also it is unlikely anyone assumes she is dead, she has proven very hard to remove from the game board.


Arcee has two main sets of weapons she utilizes every chance she gets, one for ranged and the other for close combat. These are a pair of Plasma Swords and a pair of Plasma Pistols. Either can be summoned (drawn) at will (see +abi Matter Displacement).

Her Plasma Pistols are function over form. As with many pieces of Cybertronian weaponry, it uses the wielder's own spark to augment the firepower of the weapon when in use. They are able to fire rapidly and do significant damage, though not as much as her swords. When at lowest power, the pistols will be enough to blow up a car. At the highest setting, it can do notable damage to a Cybertronian who lacks shields (+abi Shields).

Her Plasma Swords as with most melee Cybertronian weapons, are designed mainly to allow for breaking down shields then dismemberment of an opponent. These are her main weapons and her strongest. Few shields can withstand her swords for very long and those without shields will find themselves dismembered or beheaded very quickly.


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Cybertronians have gained the reputation as being a terribly war-like and destructive people. They are viewed as harbingers of woe and are persona non-grata on many... many many civilized planets.

To a surprisingly large degree Arcee has personally contributed to this.

Cybertronians have been at war with themselves for millions of years and Arcee was there for all of it.

Cybertronians also seem to have no likelihood for letting up. Even if peace were declared tomorrow, nobody would /really/ believe it, and they'd just be waiting for the next Cybertronian war to kick off.

Arcee is absolutely infamous. She has been a part of the many wars of Cybertron for so long that her robot form and weapons of choice are almost always instantly recognizable. While this may fill many Decipticons with dread it does make her a trophy and a target for the enemy. Anyone who manages to best her is sure to get a medal from Decepticon High Command.

Energon Dependency:
To function, Arcee must absorb energy. Ideally from Energon though more rough energy sources are possible to be used. She still must imbibe regularly lest her abilities deteriorate and her defenses lower. If she goes for an extended amount of time without energy, she'll revert to stasis lock to maintain life functions but nothing else.

Arcee has seen Eras pass, mostly in war. When one considers that billions have died just in this current Cybertronian civil war, and it is the third, one starts to understand how much death she has seen. She was part of the genocide of the Antillans and that alone was enough to saddle her with a deep regret she hasn't shaken in the years since. She knows no other life than one of war and the weapon she is, but she has deep guilt and regret for all of it now.

Though the actual Sentio Metallico (body/skin) of a Cybertronian is non-ferrous, much of their gear and weaponry are made of lesser materials and so are easily manipulated by magnetic powers or devices.


Amongst a race of fanatical war-makers, Arcee has a reputation. It may not be as bad as someone like Megatron's but it is known. She has carried out wars and conquest on a grand scale over the Eras for her masters. She committed war crimes and was involved in genocide on a grand scale. She has warred against her own people, against others, and even entire races of sentient beings over the millions of years she has been alive. Her presence has caused friction within the Autobots and she served a stint before she was once more needed in the most severe prison they could muster.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Transformers: Awakening! July 2nd, 2019 Megatron awakens the Decepticons and retrieves his fallen soldiers. Unbeknownst to him Arcee has awakened too and will soon help as many of the others as she can. Having left with his Decepticons Megatron is unaware that his enemies will soon be reviving as well.
A Night at the Circle June 6th, 2019 Once upon a time, a long time ago, Cybertron was at peace.


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