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Artemis Crock (Scenesys ID: 1138)
"I'm not THAT rusty."
Full Name: Artemis Crock
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Gotham University student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Gotham
Education: Gotham Academy
Status: Dropped
Groups: Suicide Squad
Other Information
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 7 April 2005 Actor:
Height: 168 cm (5'6") Weight: 73 kg (162 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song: "Enemy Fire" - Bea Miller


Artemis Crock is the daughter of two criminals, and sister to another, and yet managed to stick more or less to the straight and narrow in life, avoiding falling into the same pitfalls as the rest of her family. She became Green Arrow's sidekick after Speedy's departure from that role, and was introduced to a fledgling hero group under the guise of Green Arrow's niece initially, she has grown into a skilled and experienced heroine. Though somewhat trying to step away from the life of the mask, and the risks involved in such, she is still ready to act when called upon to help her friends and save lives.

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At first glance, there's nothing particularly special about Artemis. Of average height and an athletic build, the most that could be said of her is that she looks like she's familiar with the inside of a gym. Those who look closer, however, may notice the the slightly angular cast to deep gray eyes or the olive tone to her skin inherited from her mother, at odds with the blonde of her hair. Her features are sharp, with an angled jaw and pointed chin, her lips more inclined to a smirk than a smile. That she often wears her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail that reaches mid-back does little to disguise those features.

She dresses practically, most often in jeans and t-shirts that look like they've seen better days but are nonetheless well cared for. Sneakers or boots are the norm for footwear, and it takes a special occasion to see her carrying a purse. A gym bag is far more likely, but full of more equipment than most.


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Born and raised in Gotham as the daughter of two villains, Sportsmaster and Paula Crock (who used many names during her criminal career), Artemis did not have the easiest start in life. While she was still a child, her mother was paralyzed in a crime gone wrong, ending up in prison and leaving her in the care of her father. Shortly thereafter, her older sister ran away, leaving her in the sole care of her father.

Life was not great. Her father's criminal enterprises meant that they weren't often completely without resources, but those things came at a price. She trained hard, cruelly, and daily, and there was no one else to take the focus off of her. When her father's focus wasn't on her, it also wasn't on her well-being, so she learned early on how to take care of herself.

By the time her mother was released from prison, Artemis was in her teens. Her mother confronted her father, telling him that she was leaving the criminal life and taking Artemis with her. Life changed. Improved in some ways - her mother's time in prison had reformed her, but a wheelchair-bound former villain had limited job options, even in Gotham, which meant that 'getting by' took a little more creativity.

Artemis worked odd jobs and helped out at home as she could, but she also took to the streets on her own vigilante crusade, trying to reconcile the two parts of her life. She was good at it, but she was a loner, and her temper and history made it look like it would be all too easy for her to slide into a less heroic life.

The Green Arrow took her in instead, picking up her training and sponsoring her entrance into a group of other young heroes. While the integration wasn't perfectly smooth, eventually Artemis began to work as a part of the team. She learned how to put the skills and knowledge she'd gained from her father to use in a way that benefitted the greater good, and learned that there were people she could trust.

After graduating from Gotham Academy, Artemis decided to continue to college. She'd learned from her mother that a life of crime or heroics could end all too quickly and easily. She wasn't going to let herself get stuck with no back-up plan. She didn't completely leave the vigilante life, but she's been on reserves for a while now, trying to focus on school.

Now almost finished with a double-major in history and comparative literature, Artemis has been accepted into law school for next year. She works as many jobs as she can, tending bar or coffees depending on availability to try to cover her expenses. The logical part of her knows she should stay out of things. Let the metas and the rich people handle the vigilante business. But there's a part of her that misses the excitement, the closeness with a team, and the challenge of it all.


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Artemis is prickly. Granted, she's prickly because she's defensive and has learned that being prickly gives her the space she needs to evaluate someone before letting them close, but that's a degree of psychoanalysis most people don't go in for. With strangers and casual acquaintances, she displays a sarcastic indifference to things around herself. Those closer to her, though, can see that the defensiveness comes from a place of deep caring and passion. When she lets herself care about something, she gives herself over to it completely. She feels strongly, leading to the occasional outburst of temper, but she's just as capable of withstanding the storm from someone else, willing to absorb the damage if it means they'll feel better for it afterwards.


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Artemis' primary weapon of choice is a compound bow. While she's skilled and capable with other weapons, the bow gives her a versatility and an ability to maintain her distance and gather information without giving herself away that suits her natural talents. She received early training from her father, then continued and received advanced training from the Green Arrow.

Though she generally prefers to shoot standard arrows at standard targets, she's not incapable of using trick arrows (such as a bola arrow, net arrow, gas arrow, or foam arrow) at need. While she's capable of trick shots as well, she favors a more straightforward application of skill - she's more likely to run to where she can take a straight shot than ricochet an arrow off of three other things before hitting a button.

In general, Artemis is an Olympic-level archer. But where other top-tier archers may go for flash, Artemis is more inclined to take the practical route.

Trained by two supercriminals renowned for their athleticism and gifted with their genetics, Artemis is an athlete in a way that would put many Olympians to shame. Few physical tasks are beyond her skill, though even peak human abilities have their limits. Due to her father's preferences, she's familiar with almost any sport, able to pick up and play or discuss the game.

Artemis has been living a double-life her entire life. That's translated into a certain set of skills. She's a natural liar honed with practice, capable of assuming complex identities and doing the background work to maintain a cover identity.


Much as with her athletics training, Artemis is a martial artist who few can rival. She's trained in a wide variety of ancient weapons, but specializes most in the classic arts of the ninja- stealth, archery, swordsmanship, and hand-to-hand combat. Her style is comprised of quick, devastating strikes made to incapacitate her opponents.


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While she doesn't maintain a full arsenal, Artemis has easy access to those tools which she might most need should her heroic persona come out. Armored costume, sword, crossbow, and a variety of more utilitarian items like smoke bombs and climbing cables.

Heroic Connections:

Artemis was trained in part by the Green Arrow and has worked with other young heroes in the past. While she's been out of the life for the past few years (mostly), she still knows how to contact people and maintains good relationships when she's able to. If she finds herself in trouble (and can bring herself to ask for it), help is there.


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Criminal Upbringing:
Artemis' childhood left something to be desired. A lot of things, actually. Like safety, trust, and love. No matter how hard she tries, Artemis' first instinct is usually a ruthless one. Most of the time she can rein herself in, but there's always the danger of going too far without even realizing it.

Double Life:
Artemis does her best to keep her heroic identity a secret. Lately that's mostly meant staying away from the heroic life, but it also means that when she's in the field, she has to be aware of more than just the fight at hand. She needs to think about what it might tell people about who she is, especially since the knowledge is already out there in the form of her father and sister.

It also means that she has to balance her public life with her private one. She has multiple jobs and classes, so if she's out until 4am fighting crime, she still has a 6am shift at the coffee shop to get to if she wants to be able to pay rent, and needs to be awake for her 5pm class if she wants to graduate. It's a lot to balance on her own.

Family Connections:

Artemis doesn't come from the best family. Her father is the Sportsman, a known criminal. Her mother may no longer be in the life, but people in the criminal world aren't known for their forgive and forget mindset. And her sister...Well, her sister took after her father and decided to exceed him. While Artemis' connections to her sister and her father may make her vulnerable to attempts to discredit her, her mother's physical condition means that she's even more of a target than she would be otherwise. No matter how Artemis may try to distance herself from her family, she can't escape the connection.


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