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Ash Williams (Scenesys ID: 1009)
"Yeah, I remember when I was like you. Young, dumb, full of... conflicting emotions."

"... Reading from it again can't make things any worse. It's kinda like spilling paint on a, painting. It's okay 'cause there's already paint on it." - On re-reading the Necronomicon

Full Name: Ashley "Ash" James Williams
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Dark Horse (AFC)
Occupation: Exorcist, Knight, Slasher, Store Clerk, Time Traveler
Citizenship: US Resident
Residence: Melville, Blüdhaven
Education: B.Eng and A.S.Chem. from Michigan State U.
Status: Dropped
Groups: Street Level-OOC, Scooby Gang
Other Information
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 71
Date of Birth 22 June 1958 Actor: Bruce Campbell (eary 30s)
Height: 184 cm (6'0") Weight: 93 kg (205 lb)
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


"Hail to the king, baby."

Clerk Extraordinaire who tangled with dark magics and was transported along-side his beat up Oldsmobile to the 14th century. He quickly assumed power and united a medieval force against the Army of the Dead. This began an epic and unforgettable journey through space and time that has transformed the King of Retail in to the Chosen One: your Chief Boomstick Operator of the Apocalypse, el Jefe, Ashy Slashy, the S-Mart Slasher...

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Ruggedly handsome, the jaw of a demi-god, the physique of a retired quarterback, magnificent hair, smoldering eyes. Boomstick. Chainsaw. Great musical taste. Often covered in bloody gore or fine ladies. Need I go on?


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  • 1958*
    Ashley "Ash" James Williams was born in Elk Grove, Michigan. It's a rather typical story jerk father, crazy sister Cheryl, wild best buddy Chet, girls. Good music. Heck, Ash even learned to play piano.
    Skip forward just after high school, Ash is good with hardware, his father owned a store, Michigan State and Ash dated a fine looking gal, she him hooked enough he told dreams of moving to Jacksonville, Florida, some day.
    Then someone had the bright idea to go to that godforsaken cabin in the woods. Friends, sister, Linda, they paid a heavy price but Ash likes to think he paid the heaviest, he got to be the survivor of the Naturon Demento it's more prolific name; the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, the Book of the Dead. Now, whether that is the real deal, some version of the Darkhold, it doesn't matter, it's cursed thing that keeps popping back up in Ash's life. Maybe harmless if they hadn't played the tape and released a Kandarian Demon. At least fire works or so Ash thought.
    The joys of Ultimate Evil is you can't just get rid of it. It's like a bad rash, you scratch it spreads, you ignore it, it spreads, you try to do something about it? Well maybe it goes away maybe it doesn't. This was one of those cases where it didn't go away. Night two is all about getting out of Dodge. It literally cost an arm and a leg. Someone elses leg, of course. Evil right? Doesn't want to stay down. Thats another story.
    During all the hip jive fun times, Ash lost his hand. It decided to stage a mutiny. Wicked stub turned in to a villain and made room for one of man's other best friends, the chainsaw. End of this, apparently Ultimate Evil is a fan of Marty McFly. We're talking time travel, maybe they just wanted to get rid of Ash that badly.
    *1300 AD*
    So, Arthur King? King Arthur?, Henry the Red, 'the Pit' which, seriously what sort of entertainment do you people require? THE PIT? Horrible movies are the only thing that comes out of names likethat and dive bars. Can't say the dive bar thing doesn't inspire some good memories but come on? Long story there short... the Chosen One. Thats a pretty big deal. Thats a title worthy of ole' Ash.
    Stupid title, they give you these things just to sucker you in to shenanagins. Wise Man, my ass. Retrieve the Necronomican! Why in... just, so, they give the wrong translation for the tome, some things happen, chainsaw replaced by mechanical prosthetics, Evil Ash born and decides to lead an Army of Darkness, they take Shiela, bad move. Epic Battle, history is Ash's oyster. Lets just say Ash is now the stuff of legends.
    The WiseMan gives Ash a potion, this potion is going to let Ash return to his own time only it doesn't make you jump back through a portal. It puts Ash to sleep for over 700 years. Thats a lot of sleep. Thats where the //now// comes in to play, returning home is not so great. It's not the 1980s anymore its 2000s and shit is a whole lot weirder than Ash remembers. (SEE: Chosen One Entry)
    Ash eventually got around to Elk Grove, learns of now dead father, friends, bunch of nonsense, finds out he was rumored a serial killer called "Ashy Slashy" some odd 40-50 years ago? Nothing to do but settle in and work at S-Mart again. More Deadites, Books from Beyond, new book found, brawls some //Nightmares//. Book secured. East we go.
    Out here in Bludhaven It's not Jacksonville but well got a sweet pad in Mossy Haven Trailer park, steady job at Value stop. Little guy named Pablo who calls him "el Jefe'... not bad at all. This is where the story goes wonky again, you'd think with all the capes and kooky aliens they'd keep the Books of Evil down. Maybe there really is just one guy for the job.


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No nonsense. Regular. Chivalrous Pervert. Sardonic. Flexible. Resilient. Creative. Abrasive. Off-putting. A true survivor. A jerk with a heart of gold. Often sleazy. The upside-down action hero. A man who was never intended to be a hero. The sort of fella who grew up protecting other kids from bullies only to realize he was kind of one himself. This doesn't stop him from still trying to save the day if no one else is willing to step up and do the right thing. He just might need some convincing like any good reluctant champion.
He can often be cynical, irritable and might also be partially insane from the trauma he has experienced in his life.


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Baby Boomer:
"I'm gonna be like a ninja losing his virginity, quick and discreet."

Ash was born in the 1950s but looks to be about 30 current day. He has a record following him that is well over 20 years old, misdemeanors and being key subject in several homicides; none of those ever landed. He did spend about 6 or seven months in Arkham Asylum also and has an extensive mental health file, at least some portion of that survived the big fire or made it to state.

For a man who should be in his 60s or 70s Ash is not. He's a 30 year old who is just about to hit a downswing in his life, he's currently in good physical shape for a man of his height and weight and was once in even better physical condition but that's all progressively going away. Ash can be surprisingly quick when he needs to be but usually takes his time, he's never been a fast runner but he's got a fantastic throw and decent reflexes.
None of this really amounts to much in a world of peak humans, Olympian martial artists and Superman.

Brilliant, But Lazy:
"I may not be a smart man... but I know what killing is."

Brilliant might be stretching it. More often than not Ash can be considered a complete idiot who doesn't always think his actions through. He is quite simply not an outright clever or astute man but he in a pinch can be quite inventive, insightful and surprisingly handy. One of the best descriptions of his intelligence is, "a bad slow thinker but a good fast thinker."

Not to shake a stick at is of course his gadgeteering talents, he can jury-rig up a car in to a deathmobile, put together and maintain a mechanical limb, construct on the fly barricades and random weapon systems off of whats present. These are noting 'fancy' or hi-tech but they get the job done.
It helps he had a full ride football scholarship to Michigan State where he ended up with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and an Associates in Chemistry. These were well applied at S-Mart. Obviousl

True Grit:

"Nothing a little nip and tuck can't take care of, right?"

A combination of insanity, sheer willpower and good old fashioned tough as nails. Ash is by no means a superhuman but he's survived some action hero level scenarios; mental, physical and spiritual.
Ash has been pushed to the point of beyond and shown he can walk it off like a champ. He's chopped off his own arm. Broken free of demonic possession, hypnotic entanglement and overcome intense levels of pain. He's also dealt with the loss of his loved ones over and over again and chugged down an entire torpedo keg by himself.
It is a damned wonder Ash is even still alive.


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"What's that? You can't believe you just got your ass kicked by a one-handed nut job? What's that? Oh, you think I'm your daddy! Listen up, shake and bake, I eat evil for breakfast and danger for dinner, so spread the word. Ash... is back... in business."

As a kid it was the era of Kung Fu craze in America, Ash dabbled a little in a school of jerk faces who wanted nothing but to scream at each other, break things with their faces, pick on other kids and act overtly homophobic while hosting long grappling sessions at weird hours of the night. Ash drank the Kool-Aid long enough to learn some basics. He's by no means a martial artist though. He's learned to throw a guy, knock a guy over, fall down properly when hit by a guy and yell at a guy. Yeah, those guys were really nuts but super dedicated about all the ways to abuse other dudes. Kinda weird, right?

It's more the earned experiences of his adventures that have toughened Ash in to a good fighter. Your average Joe doesn't exactly stand a chance. Maybe even two or three average joes just might. Your tough joe? Well he might stand a chance if he brings a buddy even better chance if that buddy has a great rack.

Ash throws a strong hook, is a great improvised and dirty fighter and has no hesitation in kicking man (or woman) while they're down.

Reckless Savant:
"OK. Let's say some really cool guy read from the book by mistake, and summoned something from way back, and now he just wants to put it back, no harm, no foul?"

Somehow, Ash seems to be quite capable of achieving great things with little in the way of preparation, a bad idea and a metric ton of determination. It's not quite 'dumb luck' that keeps him alive.

Sword and Gun:
"Step right up! Two cans of Whoopass for the price of one!"

More like Chainsaw and Boomstick. Ash is a very skilled weapon fighter, it came natural to him, from swinging baseball bats or golf clubs to firing a Winchester with the grace of a gunslinger in a Spaghetti Western.
He has exceptional skill as a melee combatant, able to easily take on four or five trained killers and come out on top. Combined with this he's a remarkable shot, many hours hunting not just animals but also Deadites and beer cans have honed him to a crack shot. Part of his 'quick thinking and acting' talents he's managed to mix these in to a workable fighting style all his own, a style that mixes in creativity and environmental advantages as well. Ash is quite simply an artist when it comes to murder and mayhem.
His fighting skill is somewhere above Freddy Krueger but below Jason Vorhees.

The Chosen One:

"T'is the one written of in the Necronomicon... He who his prophesied to fall from the heavens, to deliver us from the terror of the Deadites."

Time Tunnels or 'Vortices' Vortex? Whatever. Kings, knights, peasants, vampires, evil gods, werewolves and more Deadites. New hands, replacement hands, sugar here, sugar there. Chasing that damned book through time has given Ash a lot of experience in things he never figured he would learn in this lifetime or the next. He's even been Knighted, married twice now, lost both women, been to Arkham Asylum in the 1940s, met a ton of crazies, bedded some made friends of others, fixed time, wrecked it again, battled the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Dracula...
Whenever he thinks he's done with it, he gets reminded again he is the Chosen One. It holds some rep., for a time he even had a cult but really it gets tiresome real fast.
A perk to this is he has learned horsemanship, swordsmanship and the lingo of horrible old timey English. He also picked up enough basic survival in addition to dad's old sadistic hunting trips to know which plants are safe to wipe your ass with.


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"This is my Boom Stick. It's a twelve gauge, double-barreled Remington, S-Mart's top of the line. This baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It retails for about a hundred ninety-nine, ninety-five. Walnut stock, cobalt blue steel and a hair trigger."

The secondary weapon: The shotguns name is Moe. Yes. Moe. It's sawed off and Ash has a specialized holster just for it. Nothing special about the weapon it is simply the beauty you see.

"My own little Excalibur."

The main weapon: a Red, Homelite XL. It's beautiful, curvy, makes all the right noises, dependable and shockingly it's been used to chop up quite a few exes. It's a typical chained blade, pull-cord, handle, you get the idea. It's got two modifications, one is the rounded hole at the bottom for Ash's stump and the other is a special gas canister, armored and tricked out for greater fuel efficiency.

Kandarian Dagger:
"Some people might say it's wrong to use a supernatural dagger to put butter on their waffles. But some people haven't taped it to a tank shell, blown the asshole of a massive deadite and saved the world - So fuck some people."

The Kandarian Dagger is a large dagger with supernatural properties found by Professor Knowby with the Necronomicon while exploring the ruins of Castle Kandar. Its handle is made from human bone and while looking no different from any other fancy-looking knife at antique stores the dagger's blade itself is able to neutralize/incapacitate/kill Deadites with a single stab (opposed to dismembering the actual body), slashes/gashes/even mere touch made by the said dagger burn deadites' fleshes.

"... Reading from it again can't make things any worse. It's kinda like spilling paint on a, painting. It's okay 'cause there's already paint on it."

Reading from the book of the dead is the source of almost all of Ash's misery. At least in his mind. Evil seems to REALLY want the book back, and he is keeping it... Well, he hasn't really worked out why he is keeping it, but he knows it's significantly better off in his care than allowing Evil to summon Kandar the Destroyer (AGAIN). This is a TP device only, any use of this resource should be outlined to staff in a TP Job and subsequently approved. Until then, it's in the newly bulletproofed Airstream, in a rather odorous sock and underwear drawer, wrapped in chains and towels. It probably doesn't smell great.

The Oldsmobile:
"Ha ha. Manufactured parts. Ha... "

73' Oldsmobile
V-8 452 Super-charger.
Trunk Contents: Lots of rope, gasoline tank, 2 liter bottle of Coca-Cola, red toolbox, Chemistry 101 by Bernard Garnell, a handsaw, a 'water pipe', //Steam Power//, a Fangoria magazine, plenty of shotgun shells, scribbled on vintage porn, Dark Horse Presents 5th Anniversary Special. It's even got a hitch to tow his trailer around.

Universal Mount:

Ash: "Check it out. I'm better, stronger..."
Brock: "Faster? Bullshit. It looks like some piece of shit made in China."

Universal may be the wrong word to describe what has been mounted onto the end of his stump. A strange 'quick release' mechanism that allows any suitably designed gadget, be it an electronic hand, the cheap mahogany hand, his chainsaw or whatever else that has been suitable modified, can be mounted there.


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Bent Twig:
"Am I insane? I wouldn't necessarily say I'm crazy. Simply because I've heard the voices and battled the godless things in the woods. But I *must* be crazy to believe."

Ash is not quite right in the head. He has witnessed too much and become quite unhinged, there are times when he questions his own sanity, hears voices or sees things he just shouldn't. He can have breaks which often result in maniacal laughter or bouts of psycho-mania. Usually he deals with this by legal and illegal means but it isn't a fully contained thing. The one time he got caught out on his mental state he ended up in Arkham Asylum for six months.

Books From Beyond:
"It's a book. Bound in human flesh, bleeding with the powers of darkness."
"It's purpose? To take over the world."
"Turn us all evil and dead."

The Darkhold? Twilight Saga? The Necronomicom? Grimm Fairy Tales? Whatever sort of book it may or may not be Ash has bad luck with these, the Ex Mortis especially as it's got a personal place in it's pages just for him. It 'always' comes back in some form or another, whether it's making an Evil Ash, possessing his pals, opening up Vortices, spitting out monsters, calling nasties to it, whispering evil thoughts... it just doesn't go away if it was a TV remote maybe it would have stayed away but no, it's vile, it returns and it's got siblings in the world. If he finds them, contain or destroy! No option in the middle.

*Books from Beyond is also an occult store.

Doom Magnet:
"To make a long story short, I was sent to Hell and back again. Then again. And again..."

Ash is no stranger to //strange//. The Necronomicon Ex Mortis' language? Learned it. Can't cast all the spells but learned it. Gremlin in your closet? No problem. Ghosts? Who cares. Demons... "Give daddy some, sugar", Vampires? "Sucks to suck sometimes, right?", Werewolves "Not in my car", Warlocks "What's a Harry Potter?"... you name it. Ash has likely dealt with it in some form of another one would think this has turned him in to some amazing Slayer but it hasn't. It's messed him up, he has lost two wives, many friends, family and any sort of pride he's ever established.
Even when Ash is doing something right there is tremendous fallout, go in to a diner to kill one Deadite and come out the only survivor? Not good odds. Ash's sunny disposition can be blamed on this, he's gone from eager for life to sour cynic and is quite the paranoid type.

"Crazy, huh? Brand spankin' new hand. Or, brand new spanking hand?"

Ash's right hand is a prosthetic replacement. He cut it off when it became possessed. He has several attachments, in the past he had a sword, wooden hand, mechanical hand and of course stump ring. These vary often, depending on accessibility and just how lazy he feels or not.

The Sucker:

"You idiot! Stay away from her. She's one of the zombies."
"That's the Enchantress. She's got the mystical ability to seduce any man, make them powerless to her every command, and to see exactly what she wishes to be seen."
"You don't say. In my universe, we call that "beer goggles."

Ash has a low resistance to female persuasion. It doesn't even have to be magical and they don't even have to be incredibly attractive he is just simply lacking any sort of defenses against the wiles of the opposite sex.


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OPERATION HARD RESET, Stage Three: Ill-Met in Tiki Bar October 1st, 2018 The Howling Commandos drink, smoke, and eat trash. They talk strategy, sort of.

Everyone's wearing sunglasses.

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