Avengers Exploration Corps

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Avengers Exploration Corps
Strange new worlds...
Base Info
Plot Scale: Minor
Plot Runner(s): Captain America
Co-Runner(s): {{{Contacts}}}
Groups Involved: Avengers
Target Audience: Any
Rating & Tone: Unknown





Other Information



Title Date Scene Summary
Return to Proxima Centauri B May 12th, 2022 The team investigates the danger pudding and Tony needs time for research so they miss their window and end up spending the night. IN SPACE!
AEC, Team Scene 2.5: In Transition April 29th, 2022 Cap helps people align their core synergies to come up with a new paradigm shift to get their action items in order with only a few takeaways.
The Waiting Game April 26th, 2022 Pepper and Alexander wait nervously (well, Pepper is nervous) for news about the people they love on a very dangerous mission.
AEC, Team Scene 2: Proxima Centauri B April 15th, 2022 The team investigates Proxima B and comes away with interesting intel.
Tweak here, poke there April 6th, 2022 More than just a holographic shoulder was fitted this evening. Room was made for others.
AEC, Part 6, 'Old pals, new horizons.' April 6th, 2022 Cap checks in with Bucky about possibly joining the team.
AEC Group 1, Meet and Greet April 5th, 2022 A meeting is had and the results are hammered out.
AEC, Part 5. 'The Bat takes interest' April 5th, 2022 Batman entrusts Steve with a weighty burden.
AEC: Part 4, Take a look at this. April 1st, 2022 Steve finds Clint and makes him an offer.
AEC, part 3, 'The one where they talk about it, but don't talk about it.' March 31st, 2022 Nat and Alex talk about the upcoming missions. But don't really talk about them.
AEC, Part 2, 'You remember that thing March 30th, 2022 Cap taps Natasha and gets a mebbe.
AEC, Part 1. 'So here's the thing' March 29th, 2022 Cap taps Tony in the first of several meetings.


Title Date Scene Summary
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